Sympathy Sex With Hubby Elder Bro

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Hello friends, my name is Nikita and this is a true story of how I had to share my home with the elder brother of my husband. Apart from sharing my home, I ended up sharing my body with him as well, with the consent of my husband.

I am 5 feet 2″ tall with fair skin, long smooth legs, curved hips, flat stomach with my hair reaching my shoulder level. I have a lovely oval face, full lips and nice 34 C cup well shaped breasts. I keep my pussy and under arms shaved.

I met Vijay in college and after dating for a few years, we decided to get married. We both were not virgins when we met. We were truly compatible in every sense. Vijay had an elder brother Ajay Bhaiyya.

I and Vijay shifted to Mumbai after our marriage and brought our own one bedroom apartment by taking a bank loan. We had only I bathroom. Vijay had a garment showroom in one of the leading shopping malls of Mumbai and life was good for us. We were living alone and there was no one to disturb our privacy.

One day Vijay came to me with a request, to allow his elder brother Ajay Bhaiyya to stay with us for a few days. He stated that Ajay Bhaiyya has a job interview.

I was initially not amenable to such intrusion of our privacy, but then Vijay begged me. Vijay pleaded that Ajay Bhaiyya will not disturb us and would be gone by the next week. After much cajoling, I relented.

Ajay Bhaiyya was to sleep in the hall on the convertible sofa. He was a quiet and shy fellow and always kept to himself. He never bothered us and he even knew how to cook. He had recently divorced bis wife and was single.

Ajay Bhaiyya was a computer engineer and successfully cleared his interview and he had also booked his return tickets.

Just as I was putting up with the presence of a guest in my home, tragedy stuck and the Government imposed a lockdown. This lockdown proved to be damaging to me and my husband particularly. The shopping mall was closed and hence our income stopped. Apart from household expenses, our bank loan was also mounting. Moreover we had a guest in our home.

Vijay then came up with an idea that till the situation normalized, all of us will stay put in this flat.

Since Ajay Bhaiyya had a job in hand, and his office agreed for Work from home, he would foot the household expenses while we would jointly do the house work.

I had no other option but to agree to this scheme as it was a matter of survival.

Few days passed normally but one morning, while using the bathroom, I found wet and sticky stains on my used bra and panty. When I touched the spots to examine them, I realised that they were semen patches! I was surprised. My husband had not fucked me the night before.

My husband was astonished when I told him. Eventually it became clear that Ajay Bhaiyya had masturbated using my bra and panty, and ejaculated his semen on them.

I was furious and beyond reasoning. I created a huge ugly scene and started screaming.

I threw my bra and panty on Ajay Bhaiyya’s face to humiliate him and asked him to leave my home.

I started throwing things around and soon the drawing room was in a mess.

My Husband took me into the bedroom and tried to pacify me.

He reasoned with me that during our time of crisis, none of our friends relatives could come due to the lockdown.

Ajay Bhaiyya did not let us feel the lack of our friend or relatives. He is here, whenever we need him. He provided us his personal, financial and moral help, when we were in dire need.

He said “Ajay Bhaiyya has never made any sexual gesture or gave an indication of his sexual inclination towards you. However, I noticed that he was attracted to you. I had seen him stealing glances at your breasts and ass. He is otherwise harmless. He is my brother, and he would never do anything to hurt me or you. So why don’t you forgive him”

After I had cooled down, I gave the entire matter a through thought. I wan in principal agreeing to my husband’s line of reasoning.

Ajay Bhaiyya had just survived a messy divorce and is emotionally broken. He is young but single. Moreover the Covid and lockdown also have contributed to his pain. Maybe that’s why he must have acted in a childish manner.

As far as Ajay Bhaiyya stealing glances at my breasts were concerned, I asked my husband if I was feeling jealous.

Vijay laughed and said that Ajay Bhaiyya was not the first or the last man kocaeli escort who stared at my breasts. My breasts were too big to be ignored and what was the big deal if he stared at them surreptitiously. After all, Ajay Bhaiyya had just been divorced and if he felt any better, it was ok with him, provided I was comfortable.

I contemplated on my husbands reasoning and largely agreed to his line of reasoning.

Vijay went out and had a word with his brother and Ajay Bhaiyya apologised to me in person and the issue ended there.

However, I noticed that there was a change in behaviour in Ajay Bhaiyya. It was like he was again trying to seek my forgiveness by making things comfortable for me.

Like Ajay Bhaiyya tried to all the cooking cleaning and purchase of groceries in between his work time. He also looked after the finances of the home and saw to it that the bank loan instalment and other expenses were paid on time.

Both me and my husband had very little to do and we just watched TV, smoked, drank and fucked all day. I started to kind of enjoying this and in a way started sympathizing with Ajay Bhaiyya., and why not.

Ajay Bhaiyya was extremely decent to me. I thought that he also had a special liking for me, because they would take extra care of everything related to me, like asking my preference for meals, or movies or beer etc.

Ajay Bhaiyya was going through a tough period in his life, due to his divorce. He was completely shattered and yet he recovered with remarkable strength. I saw a glimpse of desire for me in his eyes. I could see that he was undergoing a great turmoil in his heart. During this period, I also began to look at him differently.

He was tall and well built. He did not have a belly. I liked his dress sense. He was immaculate in his dresses. The most beautiful part of his personality was his smile. Whenever I saw him smiling, I felt something.

I felt that my husband noticed it too that his brother liked me because he started spending a good deal of time with me, chatting with me wherever I was. If I were in the kitchen, he would stand there and talk. This was the quality, which I liked so much.

I was truthful in narrating to my husband; all details of my interaction with his brothers.

Like one day while having breakfast, Ajay Bhaiyya suddenly started having hiccups. I massaged his back. As he continued to struggle, I just drew him into my arms and with his face buried in my breast, I continued to calm him down. It was several minutes before he became normal and the constant movement of his face against my breasts had made my nipples erect and his cheeks were pressed against my soft globes. His hands were holding me by my waist. When his breathing had become normal, I released him.

Like one evening, when Ajay Bhaiyya had a slight headache, I immediately rushed to get a balm and made him lie in my lap and massaged his head and applied balm. He closed his eyes while I kept on mildly caressing his head and his chest. Sanjay loved my gesture and caught my hand occasionally with affection.

I told my husband that I was excited. After that incident, my sexual urge increased many folds.

Almost during that time, I noticed a look of desire in Ajay Bhaiyya’s eyes. He had divorced his wife and was missing the company of a women in his life. I thought it would be very difficult for a man of his fitness and virility to manage without the love of a woman. I realized that I was also attracted to Ajay Bhaiyya.

I was getting softer by the day. Ajay Bhaiyya even used to get me sanitary pads for my periods and even started discarding the used ones from the bathroom, and I had not even asked him to do so.

I began enjoying the way all Ajay Bhaiyya treated me, like a queen.

After a few days, I once again found cum stains in my bra panty but this time I did not even bring up the topic with my husband.

But the next morning, I felt naughty and said to Ajay Bhaiyya while having breakfast that the cum stains he left on my used bra panty today morning were really thick, so it would be better if the stains are cleaned at the earliest else the stain could become prominent.

He was embarrassed and speechless but when he saw me smile, he also started smiling.

That afternoon, he overheard me complaining to my husband that my red nail polish has gotton over.

And to my surprise, kocaeli escort bayan Ajay Bhaiyya got me red nail polish even in lockdown by that evening.

Apparently, he had a friend who had a cosmetic shop and he managed to convince him to open him for a few minutes and got it. I was overwhelmed and loved this gesture.

That was the first time I hugged him and kissed him on cheeks. Ajay Bhaiyya seemed very happy

He volunteered to put nail polish on my hand and leg nails. I was a bit averse to the idea but he insisted and I finally relented. My husband was busy watching TV.

I was wearing t shirt and shorts. Ajay Bhaiyya took my arm each and applied nail polish. Then he lovingly blew air from mouth to dry it off. Then in a gentlemanly fashion, he kissed my hands and commented that they were so soft and beautiful.

Then he proceeded to the leg.

I was sitting on the sofa and he sat on the ground near me feet. He took one leg each and applied nail polish. Again he lovingly blew air from mouth to dry it off and again in a gentlemanly manner, kissed my feet.

I thanked them by hugging and kissing them on their cheeks. That night I was insatiable and fucked my husband many times.

Now Ajay Bhaiyya got encouraged and bold. From the next morning, when I got up and came out of my room, he would wish me good morning by hugging me. His hands would be on my waist and he would kiss my cheeks.

We started going for post dinner walks on the roof. At that time, there would no one there and we would walk holding hands. Sometimes we would sit on the chair closely and he would play with my hair and run his fingers through them.

I would return back to my flat and fuck my hubby madly.

I loved the attention that Ajay Bhaiyya started giving me and even my husband was happy with the fact that we started getting along really well.

Like if during dinner, I left some food on my plate, Ajay Bhaiyya would gladly take it and finish it.

Soon my birthday was approaching and I got wind that both the brothers were planning a surprise for me. But I naturally had lowered down my expectation as it was lockdown and so it was not possible to even have cake.

However, the boys did the best with whatever was available. It was a warm evening with clear sky.

The table in front of the sofa was laden with samosas, chips along with Tequila.

Ajay Bhaiyya wore a white T-shirt and shorts that accentuated his toned muscles.

I was dressed in a fairly short skirt showing my full legs. I also wore a tight Top that emphasized my breasts. I had tied my hair in a loose ponytail, but unruly strands were loosely falling around my face.

My husband was talking very sweet with me and I was surprised when he asked me to sit in his lap on the small sofa and I did.

We kept talking and drinking for some times. Vijay was always silly and flirty with me and even I giggled and rubbed against him while Ajay Bhaiyya just looked on, sitting next to us.

I said, “Great, it’s just like a little party, company, wine, and a movie.”

Ajay Bhaiyya put on hot movie with steamy scenes on Netflix.

I got a bit red in the face and said that such movie was a bit risqué and not a good movie to be watching together.

“We’re all adults,”, said Vijay, “and it’s supposed to be a fun filled birthday.”

“Oh, well then I guess its ok, but you guys had better behave yourselves.” I replied.

I settled into my husband’s lap and rested my head on his shoulder. Holding his drink in one hand, Vijay wrapped his free arm around my waist.

His hand slowly moved on my leg, giving it a few gentle squeezes through. I just lounged back against Vijay, with my ass shifting on his lap a few times.

Vijay eventually had one hand wrapped around my breast while the other lay between my parted legs, squeezing my inner thigh. While trying not to be blatant, he was softly massaging my breast. I was leaning into him, and gave my husband a quick peck on the cheek.

I saw from the corner of my eve that Ajay Bhaiyya sitting alone and lonely and I felt a pang of sympathy for him. My husband also seemed to notice this and without saying anything, he nodded his head.

“Should I cheer up Ajay Bhaiyya?” I whispered.

“Yes, of course.” Vijay answered, his hand gently fondling my boobs.

“You sure?” I pressed.

“Yes, darling. I’m izmit escort fine.” Vijay assured me. “You enjoy the attention, it’s your birthday?”

Pulling back, I stared up into his eyes.

“Are you sure?” I asked again.

“Absolutely,” he grinned.

“With everything?”

“You mean if he starts touching you?”

I nodded, dropping my gaze a little.

“Oh, I think you know how I am,” Vijay replied, adjusting his throbbing cock.

That gesture left me with no doubt. My lips curled into a mischievous grin and as my eyes lit up with a wicked sparkle. My husband wasn’t jealous on seeing me in his brother’s arms. Instead, he was getting aroused.

I was feeling adventurous. My husband also felt a reflexive twinge of excitement as I shifted in the seat next to him. I was now sitting in between my husband and Ajay Bhaiyya.

I slid sideways into Ajay Bhaiyya’s lap, one arm slipping behind his neck. He wrapped a hand around my waist, slowly shifting it up to cup my breast while the other slipped further down onto my inner thigh. Vijay watched as Ajay Bhaiyya moved closer, lifting my legs to put them on his lap. I curled up against him in a tighter, more intimate fashion as Ajay Bhaiyya wrapped his hands around my waist possessively and leaned in and kissed me.

It began as a soft gentle peck, but then Ajay Bhaiyya pulled me into him and his hand drifted down to my lower back. We pressed into each other, and the kiss soon turned more passionate – tongues darting, lips crushed together.

One of my hands moved to the back of his head, pressing him into the kiss harder. Vijay watched as I made out with his elder brother. His cock throbbed.

As we kissed, Ajay Bhaiyya’s hand was inching closer and closer to my breasts. Then he put his full hand one of them and squeezed and fondled it, before I finally jerked away from him and planted myself firmly in the arms of my husband.

Vijay immediately put his mouth on mine and we kissed in the same way I was kissing Ajay Bhaiyya.

Then I noticed that my husband was boldly pushing my top upwards as we kissed till my brassiere-clad breasts were exposed.

The next thing I knew was that my husband slid his hands behind me, caught my brassiere hook, and undid them.

It was all so quick that I squealed and jerked away from him and wound up in Ajay Bhaiyya’s arms again in the process, and he immediately planted his mouth on mine.

I whimpered a little but she soon snuggled in for more smooching.

The scene was way beyond my wildest dreams. I was kissing the elder brother of my husband right in front of him.

Then Vijay began fondling my legs and was easing my skirt higher up my creamy white thighs.

As I kissed Ajay Bhaiyya, my husband Vijay began removing my top and bra and soon my firm breasts were completely exposed. Ajay Bhaiyya stared at my breasts, with erect nipples, completely mesmerized by them — as he reached for my gorgeous breasts, unable to resist copping a feel of my lovely melons. He touched the stiffness of my erect nipples and I moaned in response.

My husband’s hands slowly moved under my skirt till the skirt moved up until my panties were exposed.

Finally with a deep sigh I relaxed back into the sofa. I was shaking with excitement and disbelief. My husband soon pulled my panties down around my ankles,

Both the brothers each took one of my nipples in their mouths and began sucking.

“OOOhhh,” I wailed.

Vijay pulled my shoulders down to the seat of the sofa to lay me down on my back.

He rose and after taking off his clothes, instructed Ajay Bhaiyya to do the same.

Vijay, my husband made me sit in doggy position as he came in front of me and stuffed his dick in my mouth.

Ajay Bhaiyya on the other hand was licking my pussy and making me wet. After I was wet enough, he slowly entered his dick in my pussy. Both the brothers got in to a rhythm and started fucking. It was the first time in my life that I was having 2 dicks at once.

After a couple of minutes, my breathing started to deepen again and I was saying things like, “Oh, Oh, Oh Oh God, this is too much, It feels sooooooo goooood. Oh, How can this feel so good. I’ve never felt this turned on before and its great. I want more! I love you both for showing me what I have been missing.”

Soon we cummed in quick succession and both the boys exploded into me.

When we regain our sense, I rose from the sofa and went to her bedroom.

After that we fucked again. That night we had dinner together and whole night we were fondling, sucking and fucking. We continued this till 2022, until Ajay Bhaiyya remarried.

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