Tabby Enjoys a Visit to the Library

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Tabby entered the library. It was late and dark outside. Inside the building was full of light and quite warm. This was the best time to study, as there were never a lot of people about in the last couple of hours that the library was open. Besides Tabby knew where the quietest places were.

Quickly she walked through the entrance hall, past the issues desk and the stacks of reference books, past the low tables with rows of computers to the lifts. One of doors opened to her command and Tabby was soon on her way to the fourth floor. A penetrating ding indicated her arrival. Tabby walked out and went straight to her chosen spot. It was a secluded alcove with two sets of tables facing a large blank wall. Each table sat four people and a small aisle separated the two tables.

She was a little disappointed to see another person at one of the tables; usually this part of the library was completely empty. But it was just one person; a middle aged male, probably a lecturer. He was surrounded by paper and books and seemed very engrossed in the book he was reading. Tabby sat at the empty table and started to pull out her work.

The man at the other table looked up as her noise obviously irritated him. He seemed to lean back in his chair, waiting for the 19-year-old to settle. Tabby passed him a nervous smile as she organised her books. He returned the smile before resuming his work.

Tabby opened her textbook and leafed through to the section she needed. For some reason she glanced back at the man. He was holding his book in one hand and was leaning back in his chair. His other hand had disappeared under the table. Somehow he had a serene, contented look on his face now. As he watched him Tabby couldn’t help thinking how he had rugged good looks. His skin was tanned and his hair was dark, graying a little at the temples. It was a Mediterranean look she thought without realising it.

For some reason her pencil slipped from her grasp and skidded onto the floor with a sharp crack. The noise startled the man who glanced across at the young girl. Tabby smiled, her face growing red.

“Sorry,” she whispered as she got off the chair. He just smiled back. But his eyes followed her sexy round butt as she crawled under the table to get the pencil. It had rolled right to the back, resting against the wall. Soon she had completely disappeared beneath the table. Her nimble, delicate fingers reached the pencil and she moved her body around to come back out. It was then her eyes fixed on the man. His hand was grasping a huge hard, red cock. He was slowly rubbing it.

Tabby swallowed hard at the sight, both revolted and excited at the same time. The man looked so sexy it was hard to believe. Then she felt herself getting hotter as his hand continued to stroke his meat. Somehow she couldn’t take her eyes off the sight of that big cock being tugged before her.

She could see the mans face, he was smiling to himself, his face red as he pulled on his cock. The sight was getting too much for the young girl. Her panties were feeling damp and her breathing was getting shorter. It seemed like she had been watching him for a long time when she decided to be bold.

Without a word she put the pencil back on the floor and gave it a push toward the other table. It rolled under the table and stopped about a foot from the man.

“Oh, bother,” Tabby said, just loud enough to be heard. Immediately she started off for the troublesome pencil on her hands and knees. It surprised güvenilir bahis her that the man made no effort to cover himself, he just carried on as if he hadn’t heard her.

Quietly she crawled between the tables and reached the pencil, only her hand reached a little higher. It touched his knee, moving along his thigh. The man let out a moan and stopped touching his cock. Tabby grasped the red pulsing meat and began her own rubbing. Gently up and down the hard shaft. Her red nails glinted in the artificial light. The man moved his legs apart to let her go between them.

Again he moaned as her hands moved to caress and massage his hard cock, one of her hands disappearing into his trousers to play with his balls, which she soon exposed. As he continued to groan she lent forward, gently kissing the tip of his red monster. As her soft, moist lips touched the soft skin of his head she used her tongue to lick at it like a lollypop. Then her lips parted, a little at first, then wider, her mouth closing over the hard cock.

The man let his book go with a dull thump as she sucked on his cock gently. She couldn’t get her head to bob very well under the table, but soon she was letting the hard cock slip between her red lips. In and out it pumped, glistening with her saliva.

It was just as well the library was quiet as the noise of her slurping on the cock, and his moans would have attracted attention.

Tabby was getting hotter and hotter herself as she moved up and down the hard cock. A hand came down under the table to touch her cheek as she sucked harder and harder on the cock. It brushed aside her hair and gently teased her soft skin. It was getting too much for the hot 19-year-old. She stopped sucking, the cock popping from her mouth, and she crawled from beneath the table.

He took over tugging at his hard cock as the tall brunette stood next to him. She didn’t say a word as she tugged at the zipper on her jeans. She placed her thumbs on either side of the blue denim and stripped them off, along with the pretty pink lace panties she was wearing.

Licking her red lips she moved to the table, pushing aside his papers and books. Tabby had long forgotten where she was as she lay back on the bare wooden table. The man got up, his cock clasped in his hand. His other hand outstretched toward the half naked girl.

Quickly he pulled her legs apart, exposing her red swollen pussy with its little mound of trimmed hair. He moved between her legs until his cock head almost touched her entrance. With one hand he started to massage her hard clit, his thumb pressing hard against it. Tabby moaned as he made her squirm with his touch.

Her pussy was so wet that he easily inserted a finger deep in her with one thrust. Satisfied with what he felt he moved further forward, his cock slowly pushing open her lips, stretching her pussy. Once again the young girl moaned, her face now very red. Then he pushed in suddenly. That was all it took to push her over the edge.

“Oh yeah,” she called out. “God, yes.” Her whole body shuddering. “Please fuck me.”

He began pushing his cock as deep as he could. Sliding it into her. In and out he worked it. Her juice flooded out onto the table making it slippery. The two lovers slipped around a little. He had to hold her hips to keep her still. As he continued to plunge in and out of her she pushed her t-shirt up exposing her breasts in a matching pink bra. She began to play with them as he pumped harder and harder into türkçe bahis her.

Then he pulled out of her, stepping back from the table. Tabby looked puzzled.

“On your knees, slut,” the man said. “Go on get on your hands and knees.”

A smile spread on Tabby’s face as she rolled over and pushed herself up on her hands and knees. Her butt was at his head level as he stepped forward again. She quivered as his tongue darted out to her swollen pussy. He licked her a couple of times before climbing on the table.

She felt his cock touching her entrance again. Then it plunged in. Tabby gave a squeak as the cock buried into her, the force sending her forward on the slippery table. Again she could feel his hands on her shapely hips, holding her in place. She moaned as he continued to push his hard cock deep into her hot, wet pussy.

One of his hands reached up under her to touch one of her breasts in its lacy bra. His fingers tweaked at the hard nipple then squeezed the soft breast hard. Then he moved to the other breast, doing the same. Slowly he pulled the lace away from the hard nipple to expose her to the world. All the time his cock worked in and out of her tight hole.

Balancing on one hand, Tabby reached back to his balls. She only just reached the massive sacks hanging outside his trousers. Her fingertips massaged the hairy masses, then touched the base of the wet, hard cock.

Again he stopped fucking her, pulling his cock from her hole. She looked around at him as he pulled away from her.

“On your back again bitch,” he commanded.

Tabby was quick to obey. Soon he was back fucking her on her back. His hard cock throbbing in her tight pussy. She looked down, past the rolled up t-shirt, the lace bra to his giant cock pumping her. Again she felt an orgasm rise in her body. A shudder passed over her as she pushed her hips up to meet him.

Then she felt his body tighten as he pushed hard and deep into her. He let out a long moan as he pumped his hot cum into her.

“God, God, yes,” he said as it spurted deep within her. “Oh yeah.”

His body seemed to go a little limp as his cock slipped from her. A long dribble of cum slipped from her pussy as he moved away, it pooled on the table. Tabby sat up a little. He tucked his balls and cock back into his trousers. Tabby smiled at him as she repositioned her bra and t-shirt.

“Ah, thanks,” he said shyly. “That was great.”

“Um, thank you,” Tabby said, slipping off the table. “I’m Tabby by the way.”

She bent to pull on her panties and jeans. His cum immediately soaking into the panties as she did.

“No, no, don’t tell me. I don’t like names,” he said. “It seems to complicate things.”

“Oh, sorry,” Tabby said a little embarrassed. “Um, I’ve never had a cock that big before…I hope you don’t mind me saying that.”

“No. Thank you,” he said gathering his papers together. “Well I better go.”

“Ah, yeah, same here, I don’t think I’m going to get any work done now.”

They both walked out of the library together, leaving a messy, sticky pool of cum on the table. At the car park they smiled at each other, not sure what to say.

“Well, thanks,” Tabby said. “Maybe we can do that again sometime.”

“I don’t think my wife would approve.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“That’s ok.”

“Can I walk with you to your car?” Tabby asked.


They walked in silence. Somehow Tabby didn’t want to let go of this new found lover with the huge cock. As güvenilir bahis siteleri they approached his car she decided to take another chance. He fumbled in his pocket for his keys she lent forward and kissed him on the mouth. As their lips locked together he pulled his hand from his pocket and held her.

The kiss was deep, their tongues wrapped in each other’s. All of a sudden Tabby found herself being propelled toward the bonnet of the car. With one hand he was holding her down against the cold metal, with the other he was tugging at his zipper, all the while still kissing the 19 year old.

Tabby let her shoulder bag slip to the ground as he freed his cock again. It was just as big as the first time. Her hand instinctively grasped it, tugging on it gently as he fumbled with her jeans. They were tight and she had to wiggle a little to help him pull them down. She kicked them over the top of her sandals.

His hand was soon at her crotch, pressing on the soft lace panties, feeling the wet material soaked in his cum. Quickly he pulled the crotch aside as she parted her legs, sliding back onto the car bonnet.

Both were breathing deeply as he entered her wet pussy for the second time.

“Oh God yes,” Tabby called out as he plunged in. “Yes, yes, fuck me again, please.”

Within a few strokes she felt her body tense with another orgasm. Her pussy flooded with juice as she clamped down on his hard cock. Then as she relaxed he continued to pump into her.

“Get your fucken top off,” he yelled at her as he pumped her harder and harder.

Without a word she pulled the t-shirt off. He was fucking her with such fury that she couldn’t reach the bra clip, so she pulled the lace cups down. Her nipples went hard like little rocks in the cold night air as he continued to push into her.

Now his hands were mauling at her breasts, tweaking the nipples, squeezing her firm mounds.

“Oh yes, oh give it to me,” she called to him.

“You little slut. I want to cum all over your tits,” he replied. “Fuck I want you.”

“Yes, yes,” she responded.

He suddenly pulled out of her and grabbed her shoulder. In one motion he pulled her from the car. Tabby found herself on her knees on the hard concrete, his cock waving at her face only inches away.

“Take this you little teen slut,” he said as a spurt of cum flew from his cock and hit her face. A second hit her hair and the third caught her chin. He moved forward as the next lot was weaker, hitting her breasts and belly. Tabby’s reaction was to kneel and take it, every drop. Her hands moved to grasp his cock and milk the last drops of cum onto her slim body.

“Fuck you’re better than my own daughter,” he said as his cock slowly deflated.

She didn’t know what to say after his last comment. It disgusted her. Now she was regretting this meeting.

“Get those sexy panties off,” he ordered, still red in the face. “Do it now!”

Her desire changed to fear quickly. She was shaking a little as she pulled the wet pink lace from her body. He thrust a hand out for them and she passed them to him. Quickly he wiped his cock clean with the unsoiled section of material. His cock was soon tucked back into his trousers and the panties thrust into a pocket.

“I’m going to keep those as a memento,” he smiled. “Thanks again.”

Tabby stood in shock, her near naked body still dripping with his slowly drying cum. Nothing more was said as he got in the car and drove away. As the taillights disappeared from sight Tabby picked up her jeans and covered her wet nakedness. The t-shirt and bra soon soaked the cum from her body. Picking up her bag she left the car park, hoping no one would see her dirty, sticky face and hair.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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