Taboo Ailey

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Chapter One: Ailey.

Mmm. The wine went down smoothly, slowly warming every inch of her body. Ailey sighed noticing the bottle was almost empty. Is this what her life had come to, Getting lost in another cheap bottle of wine? She buried her face into her hands, her tears began dripping onto the photo below her.

It was her favorite picture. Will’s arms hanging around her two adopted sons Nick and Scott. It was taken two years ago, and a lot had changed since then. She took another drink from the bottle, the tears streaming down her face faster than before.

Tears, turned into sobs as Ailey’s mind flashed back to that night. Will was coming home from work, his meeting had run late once again. He was in a rush to get to Nick’s last game of the season, and didn’t even notice when he had ran a red light. The truck killed him instantly, leaving Ailey a widow and the boys fatherless.

Ailey guzzled what was left of the wine and wiped away her tears. The boys would be home, and they didn’t need to see her like this. They knew she was depressed, but not this bad. She smiled softly at the thought of her boys, her sweet boys. Although they weren’t boys anymore, legally they were both men.

The lights from Nick’s car lit up the dining room, as Ailey got rid of the evidence of her drinking spree. The door opened as the boys entered the house. She couldn’t help but soak up the site of them, they were really turning into handsome men. Sexy even.

“Mom, We got pizza.” Scott interrupted her thoughts. She rose quickly and entered the kitchen. “Mom, where you crying.” They both starred at her. Ailey averted her attention to the pizza, avoiding the question completely.

“How was the game?” She asked, Nick jumped at the chance to talk sports and quickly began filling her in on the day’s events. Ailey sat admiring her sons. Nick had just turned 19, and Scott was 18. Both had been adopted after Ailey found out she couldn’t have children of her own.

Will and her went on vacation to India and fell in love with the set of brothers at the orphanage. Ailey had first noticed Nick. He was sitting in the back of the cafeteria watching the room around him. His eyes locked on hers and he grinned. That grin, gets her every time. His brother was sitting beside him reading, Nick tapped his brother and pointed his attention towards her. A soft smile crossed Ailey’s face. From that moment on, they were hers.

“Well, we got school in the morning, gonna head to bed.” Scott kissed her cheek softly and whispered goodnight. Nick stood and walked over to her, his gaze sent a shiver down her spine. When did he become so attractive? Her heart started to quicken. She knew her thoughts were dirty, and so wrong, but she couldn’t help it. She hadn’t been fucked in months, and she could feel the desperation building inside of her. His soft brown skin contrasted against her pale color, as his hand cupped her chin. His dark eyes casted over her, making her squirm in her seat. God, why did he have to have such amazing eyes. The kind of eyes that drew you in, and left you escort ataşehir wanting more. She could feel her lust for him growing stronger, making her feel even more filthy.

“Mom, you need to stop being so sad. It’s okay to move on. Dad wouldn’t want you to be like this. He would want you to find someone to make you feel whole again.” His lips softly kissed her forehead before he vanished into the hallway.

Ailey started to clean up the left overs of dinner. He was right. Will wouldn’t have wanted her to be like this, depressed like this. How could she move on though, and to what?

She couldn’t stop thinking about Nick. The way his clothes had been clingy to his sweaty body. Her pussy began to ache, needing to be touched and explored. It had been so long since a man enjoyed her body, she had almost forgotten what it felt like.

But that one touch from Nick started to awaken those animalistic desires in her. The ones that had laid dormant for so long.


Chapter Two: Nick

Why did she have to be so hot when she cried? Nick’s dick rubbed against his jeans, hardening at the thought of tears running down her pretty face. He quickly got upstairs, and closed his bedroom door behind him.

It had been a few weeks since Nick finally came to grips with his messed up fantasy. He had tried so hard to deny it, but somehow some way, the perverted thoughts crept back into his mind. He knew the way he felt about his mom wasn’t normal, but that didn’t stop it from being true.

As he sat down at his computer, it buzzed to life displaying the collage of busty bimbos he was working on for his blog. He softly rubbed his cock that was straining to be freed. Opening his favorite porn site, Nick was desperate for some kind of release. Soft whimpers began playing from the speakers as he watched the girl being smacked around.

His thoughts flashed to her. Her intense hazel eyes, her sweet innocent face, it was almost too much for him to handle.

Nick knew his twisted fantasy of using and abusing her was wrong on so many levels, but yet every time he imagined it, he came harder than ever. He had corrupted himself, and so badly wanted to corrupt her as well.

A groan escapes his lips as he unbuttoned his pants. The girl moans become louder, making Nick’s cock throb even harder. He wondered if she was a moaner. He had been wondering a lot of things about her lately, about the side of her that he has never got to see.

He stroked faster, imagining his hands all over her body. His name coming out of her mouth. His cock pumping her full of his cum. It sent him over the edge, just like it always does.

“Hey Nick, I for-” Ailey gasped as she stood in his door way.

“Jesus mom, can’t you fucking knock?!” His words came out harsh, harsher than he had meant. Nick quickly shoved his dick back into his pants and turned off his computer.

“I- i’m sorry.” Her eyes quickly darted at the ground. “I just want to talk to you about something.” Her words were soft, quiet. She looked at him through her lashes kadıköy escort bayan as she sat on the bed across from him. Tears started to stain her already reddened face, forcing Nick to fight back the urge to kiss her. “I know you’re 19 now and you’re probably ready to start your own life, but I want you to know that you can stay here for as long as you want.” She got up and disappeared as quickly as she had appeared.

Nick sprawled across his bed, cursed himself once again for being too much of a pussy. The sexual tension was there, and he knew it. He had known it since the moment when her body melted from his touch.

There was no point in denying the obvious anymore. Now it was time to act on it.


Chapter Three: Ailey.

The image of his manhood wouldn’t leave her mind. Her pussy was soaked at the idea of catching him jerking off. She had to leave before she fucked him. No matter how hard she denied it, Ailey wanted Nick. Right here, and right now. It was so wrong, but yet her pussy was aching for his touch. She took a deep breath, got up and walked the few short steps to her bedroom. The door quietly closed behind her. Her mattress bent around her as she laid down. Why was she having these dirty thoughts!

She groaned imaging Nicks cock deep inside her pussy .Those eyes, that grin. Her hand fumbled with the night stand as she searched for her vibrator. She needed to cum, her desires were too much for her to handle. The vibrator clicked to life with the flick of her thumb. Ailey slowly rubbed her clit through her undies, gently touching the vibrator to her pussy. Her eyes closed and Nick came to mind. A loud moan came from her mouth as she pushed the toy around her sensitive wetness. Her eyes flashed open as she started to peal her underwear off.

There he was.

Staring down at her, slowly rubbing his cock. Before she could make a sound his hand covered her mouth. Her eyes widened as they met his, he stared at her. “I’m going to move my hand, do no yell. Got it?” The corners of his mouth twitched as he licked his lips. His hand smelt like man and lube. She took a deep breath after he let her face go.

She looked at him, speechless. What was he doing in here? He laid down beside her pinning her one hand above her head. Her breathing started to quicken, her juices started to soak into the sheet below her. She gasped has she realized Nicks fingers had found her wetness. His cock pulsed beside her as his face burrowed into her neck.

“Fucking god. You’re so fucking wet.” His words sent chills down her spine making her moan softly. He slowly licked from behind her ear, down her neck, to her collar bone. He bit into her shoving his finger into her soaking wet pussy. Ailey threw her head back, and opened her legs apart. Nick softly breathed into her ear as his finger slowly rubbed her G-spot.

“I have wanted this for so long,” His whispers tickled her ear. “I’m going to fuck you so hard.” His body covered hers as he moved on top of her, his finger keeping the slow stroking motion. Ailey moaned escort bostancı into his chest, and pushed her hips into him, shoving his finger farther in. “You filthy fuck doll, can’t help but want my brown cock.”

“Please,” Ailey pushed her lips to his ear “Fuck me, until my pussy comes.” She could feel his heart beating faster as he pushed his cock onto her twat. She wiggled into him, encouraging him to fuck her. She could feel her orgasm building up, she grabbed a hand full of his ass cheek, shoving hard onto his finger, but then it was gone.

Her eyes flashed into his, his grin crossing from ear to ear. She bit her lip hard, choking back her ragged breath.

“You’re not going to cum, until my dick is balls deep in this” He shoved the tip of his fully erect cock into her. She gasped, realizing how big he actually was.

“You want this huge thick brown cock in that sweet wet pussy don’t you? You know it’s wrong that you want me this bad. But yet you’re begging for it. For me.” Ailey tried pushing him farther into to her, but he pulled back and slapped her pussy. She came, juices ruining down to her ass.

“What did I say!” Nicks voice growled into her breast as he took her nipple into his mouth. She grabbed at his cock, wanting it. Needing it.

“Fuck me Nick!” She panted into his ear. She could feel another orgasm building inside her already quivering parts. Before she could make another move her hands were pinned above her head, Nick used his tongue to slowly push into her mouth. She met his lips hungrily, taking all of him in.

With one quick motion, his cock was inside her, filling her. Ghostbumps covered her pale naked body as he started to slowly thrust inside her. His strong brown hands slowly let go of hers, and slid down her body. She couldn’t handle the slow pace anymore. Ailey needed fucked, fucked hard.

“Faster. please, faster” her requested responded with a low moan from Nick. He grabbed her hips and started to ram her faster. His balls made loud smacking noises against her moist ass. She could feel her body ready itself for another orgasm, the sheets were wet with sweat as she intertwined her finger in them.

His moans got louder, his thrust went deeper. Ailey exploded, shooting squirt all over them.

“Oh, you’re a squirter.” He bit all over her neck, making her squirt even more. She pulled him close, inhaling the smell of their love making.

She could tell he was getting closer to his climax, his eyes washed over her. Taking her in. Then his cock was gone, sending a cold breeze onto her wetness. Then she felt him all at once, and it was to late to object.

His massive cock stretched her tight ass. She tried to move, tried to fight him off but he shoved her down into the bed. His head cocked back in ecstasy as he shot his thick load into her. She could feel his dick pulsing, as he filled her with his cum. He grinned, her favorite grin and kissed her.

“I love you mom, but I must say, I love fucking you even more.” His eyes burned with passion, making her shudder at the thought of this happening again.

“I love you Nick.” She whispered back to him. Nick got up and left the room. Leaving Ailey alone, but for the first time in two years, she didn’t feel alone. As Nick’s cum started to leak out of her she smiled, finally feeling full.

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