Taken In Ch. 01

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Even though I was 19 years old, I still lived at home with my mom in a geared for income apartment in the south end of Toronto. I was desperate to go away to university, but my mom didn’t have the means to help me.

I spent the majority of my time working at a gas station and saving as much money as possible for school. I was blessed that my best friend Jennifer had talked her father in to giving me a job.

Jennifer and I had been friends since the eighth grade and now she was preparing to go away to university without me. We had been inseparable over the years and the thought of her leaving left me with a lot of mixed emotions.

The dreaded day came and Jennifer’s dad packed her things in the car and drove off with her. As the weeks and months went by, Jennifer’s calls and visits became much less frequent. She was making new friends and school was keeping her busy.

It was a Thursday morning when I arrived for my shift at the gas station. Hal, Jennifer’s father was sitting behind the register with the most forlorn look on his face.

Using my cheeriest voice I greeted him, “Good morning Mr. Lawson.”

“Good morning Laura.” He responded without looking up.

Jennifer’s father was a very typical man and wasn’t really one to show his emotions. It was more than evident that something was troubling him and he couldn’t hide it anymore.

“Is everything alright?” I inquired.

“I thought I would be so happy when Jennifer went to school.” He shook his head side to side. “My house is so empty now. It was always just the two of us and now it is just me.”

I just nodded, unsure what words I could muster to cheer him up.

“How are you Laura? Is your mother working things out?” he asked changing the subject.

Hal was referring to the fact that the city had realized my mother had another adult living with her which was against the rules in a geared to income apartment. A man had come by earlier in the week to deliver a letter that made it very clear that I had to move out or she would be evicted.

I explained the situation to Hal. “I want to move out, but I don’t have enough saved up yet.”

“You should stay with me!” His voice was excited. “You save your money for school.”

I must have had a puzzled look on my face. “You need a place to live and I need someone to keep me company in my empty house.” Hal smiled warmly at me.

“Really? I mean, are you sure?” I was in shock.

“I would like nothing more!” His eyes widened as a smile crossed his face.

I was speechless at his generosity, all I could do was throw my petite arms around him and hold him tightly and thanking him.

Hal hugged me back, “So we are good then?”

I stepped back, “Yes! Yes we are. Thank you so much Mr. Lawson.”

“No more Mr. Lawson!” he said. “You call me Hal from now on. You are not the child I met long ago.”

I smiled at him and whispered his name under my breath. This would take some getting used to for sure.

The next day Hal showed up at my mother’s apartment and we packed my belongings in his car before heading back to his house. I unpacked my belongings in the spare room and sat on the edge of the bed.

Hal popped his head in the room. “All settled in?”

“I think so.” I responded quickly.

“Great! Have a good night sleep and I will see you in the morning.” He closed the door.

I could hear his slippered footsteps making their way down the hall to his bedroom. He gently closed his bedroom door and the light piercing through the edge of the door frame disappeared.

Hal awoke in the morning with renewed energy. Just knowing there was someone else in the house seemed to fill him with a sense of normality.

I awoke expecting to be in my old room and it took a moment or two to come to my senses and realize where I was. I glanced out the window of my room to see Hal in the backyard.

Hal wasn’t wearing a shirt as he made his way through the garden. I couldn’t help but watch his slender body for a few moments. His shirtless body moved gracefully around as he inspected the various vegetables he had grown. It was hard to believe he had just turned 55. In fact, if I hadn’t been at his birthday party, I would have thought he was 40 at the absolute oldest. He had a full head of natural dark hair that swept his brow.

I took the opportunity to continue getting unpacked and organizing my belongings when I was done staring at Hal. The magnificent scent of fresh coffee filled mingled with the unmistakable aroma of sizzling bacon made its way into my room.

A quick tap on the door to my room followed by Hal’s voice, “I made breakfast.” Without waiting for a response, he was heading back down the stairs.

Entering the kitchen I saw Hal sitting at the tiny kitchen table with a small local paper, “Mmm, this smells and looks so delicious Hal!”

“Help yourself. Please make yourself at home.” He waved across the kitchen before returning to read his newspaper.

Sitting at the kitchen table, I saw him glancing at me as I tied my long brown hair escort kartal up in a bun. I questioned myself as to whether I should have dressed for breakfast instead of just a t-shirt and pajama bottoms; at a bare minimum, I probably should have put a bra on.

When I sat across from Hal, I gave him my best smile. “You didn’t have to make me breakfast. I should be making you breakfast.”

We sat eating breakfast in silence; Hal continued to glance up at me but turned away when I caught his eyes with mine. I was starting to wonder if I had spilled something on my shirt and glanced down as nonchalantly as possible. My nipples were poking through my shirt ever so slightly.

I could see he was making a conscious effort to not stare, but his eyes continued to wander to my chest.

At first I felt self-conscious, but I found a strange comfort in giving him such a simple pleasure. Jennifer’s mother had passed away when Jennifer was born. His only priority was preparing a future for his one and only daughter. He worked hard and ensured she would get the finest education.

Hal and I spent a lot of time together over the following months between home and work. He always made breakfast and I would clean up before we went to work. I always made sure I was braless when I came down for breakfast for him as he was more than deserving of such a simple pleasure. I made a point to not look at him while I ate, knowing that he was enjoying the view without the embarrassment of getting caught.

During dinner, I decided it was time to tell Hal the good news. “I’ve managed to save my rent deposit! You can finally have your home back!” I smiled, believing that he would be happy, but his expression turned somber.

“You know you don’t have to move! You can stay right here as long as you want Laura!” His voice was softer than she had ever heard it.

“Don’t you want your house back Hal?”

“NO! I want you to stay here. Save your money; it would be silly to pay rent somewhere else.” He looked down and took another bite of his meal.

“Are you really sure? I don’t want to over stay my welcome or be a burden.” I stared at him.

“I want nothing more than your company.” A smile overtook his face validating the genuine nature of his offer to stay.

Naturally, I ended up staying and our friendship continued on.

Jennifer came home on all the standard school holidays, but it was a sad reality that we had drifted apart and lost much of our common ground. Jennifer genuinely appreciated that I stayed with her dad to keep him company although she didn’t understand why I would.

On my 20th birthday I returned to my room to find a card on my bed. “Laura, I wish you the Happiest of birthdays. Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you have done for me and your company. I made a reservation for a nice dinner at 6:30 tonight for this special day. Truly yours, Hal”

I was excited to say the least. I had never really been to any type of fancy restaurant. I had no idea what to wear and began destroying my closet trying on everything in it. I settled on a cute little black and grey dress crisscross bandage dress. I found a pair of cute little black open toe shoes in Jennifer’s closet that went perfectly.

When six o’clock came, I was ready to go. I looked myself over one more time before heading downstairs. My nails were painted with glossy dark bourbon polish and my long hair curled slightly as it made its way down to the middle of my back; most importantly, I felt like a grown woman for the first time.

I had dated a few guys in high school, but nothing serious. I wasn’t a virgin, but I wasn’t exactly what you would call experienced in the sex department. This felt like a date; a real grown up date. Excited does not describe how much I was looking forward to it.

As I walked down the stairs I was met with Hal’s gaze. He stood proudly in a charcoal grey suit. Hal’s eyes traced up and down my body from my eyes to my feet taking all of me in before a smile spread across his face.

“You look absolutely stunning my dear.” He held his arm out for me and we headed to the car.

Hal was the perfect gentleman, holding doors and pulling out my chair. It wasn’t long before I found myself enraptured with his conversation. As we talked, it was evident our relationship had just changed. I was hoping that it wasn’t just me, but it did feel different…better.

After dinner we sat in the car for a moment as it warmed up, “Well? What does the birthday girl want to do with the rest of the night?”

Hal clicked his seat belt in place and pretended to be driving somewhere causing me to laugh. He was very charming and knew how to make me smile. “I have no idea what to do. What about going to a movie?”

Rolling his eyes, he laughed. “Going to a movie? You are looking far too beautiful for a movie theater. What about dancing?”

“Sure!” I put my seatbelt on and the car began to move.

As we pulled to a stop in front of the bar, a valet opened my door and let me out. Hal quickly maltepe escort joined me and guided me through the doors of a club called ‘The Sanctuary’. It was dimly lit and about half full. The music was your typical top 100 music. The crowd was mostly people in their forties and I was obviously the youngest person there.

We found a booth close to the dance floor and were promptly met by a waitress. Hal ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir before settling back in his seat. His eyes watched me intently like I was the only person in the club.

“Is this club okay?”

I patted his thick hand with mine, “Its perfect Hal.”

“I wasn’t sure, I heard it was nice but more for my age though.”

I couldn’t help but smile at his concern, “It’s a nice club, I know the music and I am enjoying company.”

When our wine arrived we both took a long sip. “You know Hal, all the guys here are probably thinking you are some kind of stud with such a young date.”

“I sure hope so! I saw lots of them staring at us as we walked in.” His smile turned devilish. “I would bet every guy here would trade places with me in an instant.”

I could feel the heat in my cheeks as I blushed, “Thank you.”

Making our way to the dance floor, we laughed and Hal routinely twirled me around. I was certain he wanted to show his date off. I never took my eyes off him and his never left mine. I wiggled my hips to the music as we danced wildly song after song. When we were both parched, we would return to the table and drink our wine only to return to the dance floor when the next song started.

Like all great things, the night ended with the dreaded words of last call. Hal asked the waitress to call us a taxi and it wasn’t long before we were sitting in the quiet back seat on our way home. Through the corner of my eye I could see his gaze and turned to meet it with a smile.

I placed my hand on his and squeezed it firmly, “Tonight was so much fun.”

“Happy Birthday beautiful.” He squeezed my hand back. Our hands remained locked for the remainder of the ride home.

As the front door closed I put my arms around him, “Thank you again Hal. This has been one of the best birthdays ever.” As I pulled myself back I quickly kissed his lips before releasing him from my embrace. I watched his shocked reaction unable to grasp what was going through his mind.

“I guess I will be going to bed now?” It came out as a question.

Hal smiled at me, “Me too.”

Making my way up the stairs, Hal followed. As I put my hand on my door he paused behind me. “Laura?”

I turned to face him, “Yes?”

He reached out taking my hand in his, “I think you should join me tonight.”

I have to admit I was confused at his meaning at first, but clarity arrived when he held my hand and proceeded down the hall to his bedroom.

Once in his room he closed the door and pulled me close to him. His hands held gently at my hips; his lips inches from mine as he spoke, “I need you.”

Without another word, his lips touched mine. So gently at first as he held them against mine. My heart raced as I draped my arms around his neck. After a series of machine gun kisses our lips embraced and we kissed deeply. He sucked hungrily at my lips and his grip on my hips strengthened. We stood kissing for what seemed like miraculous hours. I had never been kissed like this before. His lips spoke loudly of his hunger, desire and primal need for me. I was euphoric when his arms made their way around me pulling me tightly in to him.

Slowly he walked me backwards with baby steps until my calves pressed against the frame of his bed. I sat and he gently pushed me to my back and straddled me as we kissed. His strong hands moved mine high over my head as he began to kiss my ear; sucking and nibbling at it causing goose bumps over my entire body. As his tongue and lips finished devouring my ear they slowly made their way down my neck towards my collar bone.

His lips didn’t stop and kissed a trace line down the strap of my dress where it covered the top of my breast. When his hands slid down my arms making their way to my breasts it felt like my heart was going to beat clear out of my chest. His grip was firm as he kissed at the top of my breasts while squeezing them through my dress.

Sitting up he ripped his coat and tie off and lay down beside me. With one hand massaging my breast his lips took back their ownership of mine. His tongue gently traced my lips as we kissed. His hand began the slow descent of my body quickly tracing over my mound before arriving at the hem where it grasped the bare flesh of my lower thigh firmly. As he squeezed and massaged my tender flesh it began to creep north again pulling the hem up as it moved.

My body jolted when his hand brushed my panty clad pussy. Pressing his hand firmly against my pussy he kissed me harder pushing his tongue deep in to my mouth. As he explored the deepest regions of my mouth his fingers danced across the flimsy fabric of my panties. He stood up quickly catching me off guard. pendik escort bayan His fingers grasped the sides of my panties he pulled them slowly over my butt and down my legs before dropping them on the floor beside the bed.

His strong hands pushed me further on the bed as he climbed up between my legs spreading me widely. Squeezing my breast with one hand he kissed me again holding his tongue out for me to suck which I did eagerly. As his hips moved closer I felt the flesh of his cock against my delicate opening.

Grabbing my hair with his free hand gently holding my hair at the base of the skull making it impossible to move, I felt his cock begin to enter me. My hungry pussy did not resist him and my moist folds devoured all he was willing to give causing me to moan loudly. When his cock hit bottom he held himself there for a moment before slowly working himself in and out of me. The sound of his cock plunging in my wet pussy and the slap of our flesh filled the room. My hips thrust up at him only to be subdued by his deep penetration.

When I reached down to grab his cock I realized he had more to give than I was able to accommodate. He held my legs high in the air and plunged himself in and out of me being careful not to impale me. My pussy gushed and it was evident he was not the only one who needed this so desperately. Although I could barely move in this position, I wiggled myself grinding my clit on his hard cock until an orgasm overtook me by surprise. Hal maintained his rhythm extending my orgasm until I couldn’t take anymore.

Reading my queues, he pulled himself from me and stood to remove his pants. It was my first view of his hard cock. It was longer than anything I had seen but normal thickness. Once he was naked I slipped to the floor in front of him with my mouth close to his cock.

“Laura please.” Reaching down he attempted to pull me back on to the bed.

As I lifted my butt back on the bed I caught his eye, “I want to suck you though.”

“Laura, I’ve never.” He pushed me back on the bed and kneeled on the floor.

My mind raced at his comment. What had he never done? He had never had a blowjob? When Hal’s tongue licked my clitoris all the questions disappeared. Lifting my legs I placed them over his shoulders offering him full access to my womanhood. His tongue took full advantage of my offering by plunging deeply in to me.

“Oh god yes!” My hands grasped at his hair pulling his face in to me. When his mouth covered my magic button and his tongue began its delicate assault I rolled my head back and forth uncontrollably; the guys I had been with had only ever given me a cursory lick or two before expecting to fuck or get head. Hal was focused and it was evident that this was all for me and he was in no hurry for me to finish.

Delicious moans escaped from below muffled by my pussy. I squeezed at my breasts through my dress wishing I was naked to give my breasts the attention they deserved. When Hal pushed his fingers in me my pussy exploded and my hips bucked wildly smashing my pussy all over his face in the process. I had no signs of this orgasm; it went from feeling really good to a mind blowing explosion.

Hal held his mouth over me and stilled his fingers waiting for me to regain my composure. I lay on my back panting and gasping for air. Just when I began to breathe normally he would flick his tongue over me spurring the spasms on until I begged for him to stop.

Standing between my legs, Hal took my hands guiding me to my feet. I could taste and smell my pussy on his lips as we kissed. Spinning me slowly he kissed my neck from behind as he slowly lowered the zipper of my dress; shivers shot over my body in response to his warm kisses behind my ear. My heart began to race again when his hands landed on my shoulder and slowly pushed the straps of my dress over my shoulders; the dress fell quickly over my breasts and he wasted no time guiding it over my hips until it rested on the floor.

I pushed my neck in to his mouth as he rotated between my neck and ear lobe; his hands slowly traced up my stomach before settling on my bare breasts. My mind was drunk with pleasure and my body ached for more as he squeezed my breasts and tugged at my nipples.

It was time so I spun myself around and began to undo the buttons of his shirt. Hal kissed me deeply and massaged my delicate breasts as I opened his shirt and ran my hands over his firm body before pushing it off his shoulders.

After guiding me back on to the bed, Hal pulled my hips putting me on my hands and knees before climbing in behind me. Tormenting my pussy by flipping his hard cock up and down it, he finally pushed himself back in to me until he bottomed out. Slowly Hal slid himself in and out of me as he held my hips and pulled me back on to him.

Picking up speed Hal began to pound me, “Can I cum in you?”

“No.” I shook my head side to side thrashing my long hair across my back. “Let me suck you.”

Hal pounded me harder, “I’m going to cum!”

With one hand he held me steady and the other pumped his cock as it exploded across my back. I was sure it landed in my hair. The next load flooded the small of my back before he ran his cock between my ass cheeks gasping with pleasure. “It’s been so long I almost forgot how good it feels.”

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