Taken In The Shower Ch. 01

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(Obviously you can see this is not finished. If you have any ideas about it, let me know. The stuff in (parenthesis) are just notes. They’re Italian, just so you know. I hope you aren’t too shocked by the context. >.o She’s thought of her brothers ‘that’ way too, for years, but always thought it wrong -which it is- so she really just needed someone to take the initiative. It’s still forced, but… *shrug* Hope you enjoy.)


Dante Scablio was horny as a porcupine. His girlfriend Tracy had just dumped him because she claimed he was an insensitive jerk who cared more about his video games than he did her. What the hell did she know, he thought savagely, tugging off his Pizza Hut apron and throwing it into the closet. He talked to her on the phone all the time and went out to dinner with her at least once a week. He’d bought her things, taken her to places, fucked her until she was numb and begging him “no more!” And now, after six months, she had called up and out of the blue said, “Dante, I’m sorry, but this isn’t working out. I just don’t think you can provide me with what I need.” He’d asked what the hell that was? At his annoyed tone, she’d gotten annoyed too -it had never taken much to set her off, and they’d often had some of their most intense sex while she was raging at him. But, in a bitchy little voice, she said, “You pay more attention to the little people in your video games than you do to me. And I want a man who is devoted to me, not his computer.” He’d told her to go fuck herself, and hung up. And now he was horny and had no one to empty his frustrations into.

Then he glanced out the livingroom window on his way to the bathroom, and caught site of his sister washing the van. She was wearing her new bathingsuit and was singing as she sprayed the hose all over the vehicle. He paused and watched. She tossed the hose down, bent and extracted the rag from a bucket of hot, soapy water, and heaved it at the van. It hit with a liquid slap and stuck. Then she did a booty-shake and grabbed the rag and began to rub the side of the van vigorously. He watched her stretch her body up to get as much of the top as she could. She stood on one foot and reached under the camping rack, stretching, stretching, all the while her hips wiggling to some inner music. Her long legs gleamed, thick with muscle and a little fat. The muscles in her arms bunched as she scrubbed and scrubbed. Then she tossed the rag back into the bucket and picked up the house again. When she bent and her ass thrust into the air, sweat sprang to his palms. She held her thumb over the mouth of the hose so the spray arched in a wide swath and washed off the soap and dirt loosened from her ministrations. Then she wet the rear of the vehicle and washed that too. He turned away as she pressed herself up against the back, again reaching as far onto the top of the van as she could, her breasts mashed into the metal.

He’d always loved her tits. She’d gotten them pretty young, and pretty quickly too, and since she was 13 she’d been a full, perky D cup. By 14 her hips had widened and her ass had filled to a nice round shape that jiggled slightly when she moved. She’d always been lusty, but never sexual. It amazed him that a woman who looked like she did wasn’t beating off the men with sticks. She wasn’t beautiful, and not even conventionally pretty, but she was attractive in her own way. Her nose was a bit too wide, and she had gaps between her front teeth. But her eyes were such a clear shade of blue, and so wide, that when she cried they glistened and shone and turned mens knees to water. Her skin was porcelin, her hair deep red, and freckles covered her entire body. And her body… Oh god, her body was a wet dream, and her voice was arousingly husky. She also had a laugh that could turn a man’s dick from limp to rock-hard in a nano second. But he knew she had no real idea how damn desirable she was.

She lived with her nose in books and spent hours with her camera, wandering around town and into the woods and snapping hundreds of pictures. All her money went towards getting the film developed, and buying more film, and she said she was making a portfolio to show some people when she was ready to strike out on her own.

He knew she never dated, though he knew she wasn’t a virgin. There had been one guy friend, when she was a Junior in High School, who she had finally done the deed with. He’d known pendik escort because her, his older brother, and himself had all gone to the same school, and an old buddy of his had said her guy friend had bragged about how tireless she was. He said once he got his dick in her tight hole -she’d cried like a wimp the first time- he’d fucked her all night long, and she had come back for more. They ‘dated’ until they graduated, and then he moved away to college. And as far as he knew, she hadn’t dated since.

That had been three years earlier, and Dante wondered if she ever missed the sex.

He knew he would, now that his girlfriend had dumped him. Bitch.

He held his dick languidly while he pissed, thinking of his sister pressed against the van, her pussy getting reamed by the water hose. He’d wanted to fuck his sister for years. She never pranced around in skimpy clothing, thank god, but her casual outfits were exotic nontheless. And they hid yet displayed her figure to the best of their ability.

He flushed the toilet and gave his cock a few absent strokes before stuffing himself back in his pants and going into the kitchen. He dug in the fridge for a snack, then went to his room and turned on his computer. He’d play his MMORPG game until his brother Melchiorre came home from work, then Melchiorre would play the game and Dante would probably draw.

A few hours later Melchiorre came home. He tossed his briefcase onto the bed and said, “I’m going to take a shower, then I’m getting on the game, so say your goodbyes and start heading for a save spot. I got something important to do tonight and I don’t want to be late.” He pulled off his shoes and shocks, his shirt, and grabbed his towel. Then he left the room and a couple of seconds later Dante heard the bathroom door shut. Then the water turned on.

He shook his head. The house was so old, the walls were practically paper thin. The main bathroom was against one wall of their bedroom, so everytime someone took a shower, it sounded like a waterfall. Anybody in the boys room could hear whatever the person in the bathroom was doing if it was loud enough. And loud enough was a sneeze.

Dante finished with the computer, logged off, and decided to take a leisurely shit. Lord knows he had plenty of time now that his brother would be playing the game until midnight and beyond.

He was getting out of the bathroom when he heard the front door open and then slam shut. Next, the sound of heavy footsteps reverberating through the house, and finally the slam of his sister’s bedroom door. He smiled and shook his head. The girl really, truly did not know how to do anything quietly. A quick flash of her, naked beneath a man, climaxing, screaming and flailing, popped into his head. His cock got rock-hard instantly.

Damn Tracy!

He looked at his drawing table, flipped open his sketchbook and turned a few pages. He had several projects in the works, and a couple more he wanted to begin before they faded from his mind. Then he heard the bathroom door slam shut, and the shower turn on five seconds later. His head lifted, and he stared at the wall that seperated bedroom and bathroom. He heard the squeek of the knobs as Rina adjusted the water temperature, and then she began humming.

He glanced at Melchiorre, but the older brother was staring intently at the computer screen and typing rapidly on the keyboard. The sound of the water running changed, and Dante knew his sister had just dunked her head beneath the spray. She began to sing quietly, and Dante’s dick twitched. The water would be running down her lush body, over her pale breasts, down her smooth belly, through her pubic hair, between her long thighs, over her pussy. A wave of heat rushed through him, and he wanted to groan aloud.

God! He must be really horny to be lusting after his sister.

He heard a thud and his sister curse, and knew she had dropped the soap or shampoo bottle and was now bending over to pick it back up. A picture of her round, naked ass thrust out, the ruffly lips of her pussy peeking out from between her thighs, popped into his head. His balls tingled.

He made a decision, and quietly left the room without saying anything to Melchiorre. Once he stood outside the bathroom door, he had a moment of indecision. Maybe she’d object, fight him. If she made any kind of noise, Melchiorre might come in and beat the shit out of him. She might escort pendik tell their parents afterwards even if he got away with it initially. But then he remembered a boy in High School who had bragged that his sister let him fuck her whenever he wanted. At first, he said, she hadn’t liked it. But once she saw how good it was, she’d never denied him again. Any woman could be convinced, he’d said with a grin. If a guy like Lewis, with his small dick, could convince his sister to let him fuck her, then Dante, whose dick was not small, could convince his sister. He rubbed his hands together, took a deep breath to calm his racing heart, and then knocked on the door.

“Yeah!” his sister replied. Her voice was muffled by water.

“Hey Rina! Can I get the fingernail clippers out of the medicine cabinet, please? I got a hangnail, and the little ones are better for getting in small places.”

There was a pause, then, “Yeah ok, sure.”

He wanted to laugh with glee. Instead, he opened the door and slipped inside. He shut and locked it in the same motion, then quickly shucked out of his pants and tugged his shirt over his head. He dropped them to the floor, where his sisters bathingsuit lay in a wet heap, and pushed down his boxers. He opened the medicine cabinet, paused, shut it, and then took a deep breath. He faced the shower, flexed his hands, and then yanked open the curtain.

His sister whirled, her eyes wide, her mouth dropping open in shock. The bar of soap she was holding squirted out of her hand and hit the wall over the toilet. Her gaze dropped to his waist. She gasped, and her eyes met his again. He stepped into the bathtub and gripped her by her arms.

“Wha-?! Dante!” she gasped, and whatever her objections might have been, his lips sealed them in as they laid firmly over her mouth. He let go of her arms, but only to grip her hips. His hands ran down the outside of her smooth thighs, and she gasped against his mouth, ready with another denial. His tongue poked inside, and she mumbled against it. He bent his knees, so his penis was below the cleft of her thighs. Then he pulled her legs open and shoved his pelvis forward. He watched her as her eyes bugged out of her head, and her hands curled into claws and went for his face. He let go of her thighs, certain that his weight wouldn’t let her close them again, and grabbed her hands, raising them above her head and manacling them with his large fingers. She wiggled frantically, but that only succeeded in rubbing his penis against her vaginal folds, and tears leaked out her eyes as she realized she would never escape his hold. He was so much bigger and stronger than she was, even though her height topped 5’10.

She made another unintelligable noise against his mouth, and closed her eyes against the triumph in his eyes. He rotated his hips, seeking her entrance, and slipped right in.

He was huge. She gasped, and her legs wrapped around his waist, tightening in an effort to stop his gradual slide. He simply shoved his hips forward, harder, and pushed in. He groaned as her tight walls stretched around his thick shaft. He could feel the tightness in her body. Taste the salt of her tears as his mouth ravaged hers. He pulled back and pushed forward again, and slipped in more. Rina made a frantic noise against his mouth and twisted her hands in his iron grasp. He undulated his hips at a fast pace, and only stopped when he could go no further. Then he wiggled his hips -which made his sister gasp and arch her back- in an effort to find a more comfortable position. Once he was settled, he began to fuck his sister leisurely. His mouth still ravaged hers, and her legs were still wrapped around his hips. He pulled out as he could, then pushed back in. After the seventh stroke his sister made a purring sound deep in her throat. Dante felt a thrill of excitement race up his spine.

She was beginning to enjoy it. Oh man, his sister was a little slut after all!

He sped up the pace, and his sister moaned louder. Pressed so firmly against him, he could feel her heartbeat thudding in her chest. Her breasts felt wonderful -so soft and large. Then her tongue attacked his, and she began kissing him back in earnest. In a few more seconds, he couldn’t believe when he felt her hips push against him as he pushed into her. He stroked in and out a few more times, making sure she really was meeting his every thrust, then he opened his eyes and pendik escort bayan stared down into her face.

Her eyes flickered open, a bit dazed, but they met his and didn’t close again. Instead she watched him as he steadily thrust in and out of her body. She mumbled something against his lips. He pulled back just enough to ask, “Are you going to be quiet?” She nodded. He drew his mouth away from hers.

She gasped, panting, and said breathlessly, “Oh my god Dante, how can you do this? I’m your sister.”

Dante released her hands and gripped her hips. He braced his legs wider, therefore opening her up more, and levered her above his cock. “Because I can,” he said, his voice husky. He pulled out all the way, then rammed his huge cock back up inside her. She cried out, back arching, hands going to his shoulders. Her hips undulated against him. He smiled nastily and bent his head to take a breast into his mouth.

“Oh Dante.” She gasped. “I can’t believe we’re doing this. Why would you? What will Tricia think?” She moaned and licked her lips, her fingernails biting into his shoulders as he thrust faster and deeper.

Dante lifted his head and looked into his sisters dazed, lustful eyes. “Tricia and I are history. And you are so fucking delicious I couldn’t stand another day without tasting you.” He bent his head and took her mouth, thrusting his tongue inside. Her tongue immediately attacked his, and she dug her heels into his buttocks, squeezing him, pulling him deeper into her body. Her chest was heaving, and little whimpers vibrated in her throat. Dante slid his hands down beneath her bottom, gripping the round, smooth flesh, and he squeezed them, then lifted her even higher. He angled their bodies and thrust into her in a more direct way. This drove her crazy.

She tore her mouth from his, let her head fall back to the bathroom wall, and moaned. “Dante. Oh Dante. Deeper. Oh deeper. Harder. Fuck me faster. Jam that huge cock inside my juicy cunt.”

Dante was surprised by her dirty talk, but it turned him on immensely. He obeyed her demand, and pounded her. His face set into hard, stern lines, and he watched her olive skin mottle and turn red, a blush rising up from her breasts. Her pussy was gripping his cock tightly, her hips shoving against his desperately. She moaned and mumbled mindlessly.

“Oh god Dante. Oh god oh god oh god. Yes! Oh fuck yes! Faster. Faster Dante. Faster!” She was wild with lust. He knew their brother could hear everything that was going on, but he didn’t give a damn. He wanted Melchiorre to hear what a little slut their sister was. The thought of Melchiorre sitting there, shocked, maybe even masturbating, was too much for Dante. He groaned his sisters name, and then ground his penis inside her. She climaxed suddenly, her vagina fisting around his huge cock. She screamed out, shouting blasphemies, crying his name in ecstacy. “YES! Oh YES! YES DANTE YES! FUCK ME! OH! OH! OH! OOHWHOAOHOHOHOH!”

Her hips ground back against him, her head thrashing from side to side. The water ran over their heated bodies, slicking their skin. Then Dante came, jerking against her, shooting his cum deep inside her womb. His chest mashed her breasts, his mouth locked onto hers as he thrust into her, emptying his load; her tight, greedy pussy milked him dry. Finally, when their orgasms left them breathless and limp and replete, Dante pulled out of his sister, waited until her legs were firm enough to hold her weight, then winked at her flushed face, pressed a quick, casual kiss to her lips, and slipped from the shower. He quickly toweled off, put on his clothes, and left the bathoom, where he went to watch a show in the livingroom. He grinned as he plopped down on the couch.

He would definitely have to do that again.

~ * ~

On the other side of the bathroom wall, Melchiorre shuddered as his orgasm slackened it’s grip on him. His breath shuddered out and his big hand gave his long cock a few last leisurely strokes. His eyes opened and he looked down at himself. Cum covered and dripped off his hand, and it dribbled down his dark shaft and soaked into his boxer briefs. He pushed his chair back and rose and hobbled to the bathroom to wash himself off. While he did this, he contemplated his face in the mirror.

His brother had just forced sex on their sister, more or less. Even if she had enjoyed it in the end, it had still been a devious manipulation on Dante’s part. Melchiorre could hear every single word said; he could hear Rina’s cries of ecstacy and Dante’s grunts of release. Why that combination had gotten him off, Mel didn’t know. But it was worth exploring.

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