Taking Charge Pt. 03

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Disclaimer: All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Editing credit: Blind_Justice

Copyright © 2013 redskyes

Author’s note: This is a continuation of a series. You’ll probably enjoy this more if you start with Part 1.

Chapter 8

I won’t bother you with the questions that were asked. They didn’t matter. The only things that mattered were the choices Jake made, how quickly the situation escalated from a naughty yet mostly innocent game to a practical orgy.

First, he dipped a strawberry in Cool Whip and held it in his teeth, crawling over towards Jody like a huge hungry lion. She leaned back, away from him, but he kept coming. He placed the strawberry in her mouth, getting Cool Whip on her lips, then he slanted his wide lips over hers and ate the fruit from her mouth. His broad tongue licked most of the Cool Whip from her lips with a single swipe, and while Jody was frozen and trying not to respond to him, I could see her chest rising and falling rapidly. When Jake licked her lips again, her thighs squeezed together. When he plunged his big tongue right into her mouth, she moaned softly.

Jake kissed her deeply, moving further over her so that Jody had no choice but to lie down on the carpet. His knee slid between her legs and he pressed it into her groin. Jody whimpered but it was swallowed up by his ravaging mouth. Within moments, Jody’s jaw and neck were working as she kissed him back, her hands haltingly coming to rest on his huge chest, her hips thrusting up and down to hump her crotch against his knee.

He broke the kiss, softly smacking his lips against hers, and when he crawled away, she was flushed with arousal from chest to cheeks and her nipples were tight buds straining beneath her shirt. Jake was similarly aroused. The long lump down the leg of his shorts was gone. Instead, it was up and to the side, fully erect and pointing at his hip. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, and neither could the girls.

His next target was Susan. He dipped a strawberry in chocolate and crawled towards her. Like Jody, she leaned back on her arms, only she was grinning at him, totally unafraid. Jake dropped the strawberry right into her cleavage, but some of the syrup spattered on her right breast. Susan giggled and Jake dove in, burrowing his face between her big boobs to get at the strawberry. When he was done, he raised his head and saw the chocolate syrup on her breast.

“Oops. Sorry about that,” he told her with a grin. “I’ll just clean that up.”

Susan grinned back, but her expression changed to one of surprise when Jake grabbed the side of her tank top and hauled it out of his way. Her breast spilled out into the open and he dipped his head, licking the upper slope of her boob with his big tongue. Susan sighed and pushed her chest towards him. When Jake had licked up every drop, he opened his mouth wide and sucked her big tight nipple right in. Susan threw her head back and groaned.

While he sucked and slurped on her boob, long after all the chocolate was gone, I should add, I was surprised to realize that he hadn’t put his knee between Susan’s legs, yet she was thrusting her pelvis up and down regardless. That’s when I noticed his elbow moving, that his hand was between her legs, that he was rubbing her crotch. I had no idea if he was touching her above or beneath her clothes, but it didn’t matter, because Susan grabbed his head and pulled him up to kiss him, shoving her tongue into his mouth. They kissed for a long while, and at one point, Susan gave several short whimpers and her body shivered. I swear to God, whatever Jake was doing, he’d just made her climax.

Next was me, and to my combined relief and disappointment, he merely asked me a question. “Have you ever had a vaginal climax?”

I blinked at him. “Is there any other kind?”

Carole laughed and poked me in the ribs, making me jump. “It’s when you come without having your clit stimulated, goofy.”

“Oh,” I said quietly. “I-I guess not.”

Jake raised an eyebrow at me. “Hm.”

On Carole’s turn, Jake reached for a strawberry, but stopped when she asked, “Do I get to eat it?” He smiled and nodded. Carole let her gaze fall to his shorts before she gave him a sultry smile. “Then let me choose where I eat it from.”

Jake chuckled and waved his hand at the strawberries. “Be my guest.”

He leaned back against the couch with pillows behind his lower back, so that he was reclining with his long powerful legs stretched out in front of him. Carole didn’t grab a strawberry though. She went onto all fours and pushed the platter over to him, leaving it near his hip. I shared a look with Jody and Susan, all of us wondering what she was up to. With a drunken giggle, Carole crawled over his legs and grabbed the sides of his shorts near his hips.

“Ready?” she asked breathily.

Jake merely smirked and lifted his hips. Carole slowly pulled his shorts down. The tip of his cock appeared first, hugely swollen and flushed an angry red, then inch after inch of monstrously thick shaft appeared. When about half bahis firmaları of his cock was out in the open, Carole sighed.

“Oh, that’s gorgeous.”

I couldn’t argue with her. I glanced at the other girls. Susan had a good view, the same as mine from on the other side, and her mouth was open in shock. Jody had to shuffle closer to Susan to get a better look, and when she did, her eyes widened.

“Oh my God,” she breathed, getting her first good look at Jake’s mighty weapon.

Carole pulled Jake’s shorts down to his knees, and when his cock was finally fully freed, it slid over from his hip and pointed straight up, the wide tip hovering just beneath his navel. His smooth balls were truly enormous, resting on the floor like a pair of bagged apples. Carole simply gazed at his endowments, slowly shaking her head back and forth.

“Bigger than you’ve ever had?” Jake asked with a grin, spreading his legs wide.

“Oh, yes,” she replied with a breathy chuckle, settling onto her knees between his legs.

Jake raised his arms and laced his fingers together behind his head. “I’m all yours, Carole.”

All of us watched as Carole, without taking her eyes off that hugely hard cock, reached blindly for a strawberry and drenched it in chocolate, fully submerging it and the tips of her fingers. Plucking it out of the syrup, she held it over his big balls and dripped chocolate onto them, then up along his shaft. That’s when it hit me, what she was doing. Carole was going to lick chocolate syrup off of Jake’s balls and cock. But there was a lot of surface area to work with. She had to dunk the strawberry back in the chocolate syrup two more times to drizzle it onto his wide crown.

With Jake’s monstrous throbbing member and hugely swollen balls drizzled in chocolate, Carole slurped the chocolate from the strawberry then dipped it in the Cool Whip. Jake raised an eyebrow as she moved it towards his crown and spread Cool Whip over it. She had to do it twice to fully cover his tip.

“Well, this should be interesting,” Jake said, smiling smugly.

We watched with breathless anticipation. Jody actually got up to sit down on the other side of Susan, to get a better view.

Was Carole really going to do this?

“I’m ready to eat, Jake,” she purred sexily.

Jake reached out to touch her cheek with his fingertips, stroking them down her jaw and over her chin, then across her lips. “Feel free to gorge yourself,” he smiled, putting his hand behind his head again.

Carole chuckled and shook her ass and chest, then she leaned down and stuck out her tongue as far as she could. She pressed her tongue against his balls and licked, drawing chocolate syrup into her mouth and kissing his huge sack.

“Mmm,” she murmured, licking and kissing his balls again.

“Holy shit,” Jody whispered, as though not to break the spell. “She’s doing it.”

Carole nodded, either in reply to Jody or to herself. She licked, sucked and slurped on Jake’s balls until the smooth skin was shiny and clean, and his powerful dick throbbed and twitched with every lick. She pressed her tongue to the top of his balls and licked a few inches up his huge shaft. Jake sighed and let his head loll back and his arms fall to his sides.

Carole didn’t just lick him clean. She made love to his big beautiful dick with her mouth, licking, kissing, sucking and slurping along his fat veiny shaft, the center, one side, then the other side, before proceeding up, up and oh fucking God so far up. The scale was just unreal. Jake’s cock was so big that it seemed impossible that Carole would be able to take him into her mouth. But I knew she could, because I could. His cock had been there, in my mouth, knocking on the entrance to my throat and threatening to push inside. If I could do it, I knew she could.

She took her time cleaning his shaft with her lips and tongue, leaving every long hard inch of him shining with saliva. When she reached the ridge of his crown, she worked her way back down, dragging her chest along the floor and working her way back up to his crown again, and by then, Jake’s tip was leaking substantial amounts of clear glistening fluid into his navel, forming a shimmering pool there. Jake finally lifted his head to watch her. Carole locked her gaze with his, wrapped her hand around the middle of his shaft as best she could — fuck, he was big! — and she pulled his cock up, away from his chiseled abs. When it was sticking straight up, Carole shuffled forward on her knees. Her short tank top had been pushed high up her torso, so that the very lower slopes of her big boobs were exposed.

“Here we go, Jake,” she said softly, leaning over him, opening her mouth wide, wider, stretching her jaw as much as she could.

Jake reached out and gently cupped the back of her head, and it must have blocked Susan’s and Jody’s view, because both of them quickly shuffled further to the side. I didn’t move. I wasn’t sure that I could open my legs anyway. My thighs were squeezed so tightly together in a desperate attempt to relieve the pressure inside kaçak iddaa me. So I just sat there and watched Carole lower her gaping mouth over the Cool Whip coated head of Jake’s cock, her lips clearing his tip without touching, the clean ridge of his crown brushing her lips. Finally, she closed her mouth around him and her cheeks caved in.

“Oh fuck,” Jake groaned, head falling back, hand clenching in Carole’s curly blonde hair.

“Mmm!” she moaned around a mouthful of thick hard dick, pulling her glistening lips up to the very tip of his cock and kissing it before pushing her mouth back down.

She got most of the Cool Whip that first time, but she made sure to clean him thoroughly. Carole slid her wet and widely stretched lips up and down the top two inches of Jake’s thick member, twisting her head as she did so, sucking and slurping noisily.

I glanced at Susan, at Jody, and they looked at me too. It hit us at the same time. Carole was no longer playing the game. She was sucking Jake’s cock, and doing a mighty fine job of it. I felt a twinge of jealously spark through me, because his cock was mine, not hers, but also because she clearly knew how to handle such a monstrous member. She wasn’t timid in the slightest, like I’d been. Carole confidently blew Jake, a real pro, licking and kissing and sucking and slurping his fat fucking rod like there was no tomorrow.

“Fuck!” Jake groaned, snapping me out of my reverie.

Abruptly, he sat up. His chiseled abdomen pressed against the top of Carole’s head. He reached out and grabbed the side of her shorts and pulled. With his cock in her mouth, Carole shuffled on her knees, turning perpendicular to his body so that she was sucking him from the side, but Jake kept pulling.

“Come up here,” he said huskily.

Carole moaned loudly around his huge throbbing member and shuffled further so that her ass was beside his chest. Jake grabbed the top of her shorts with one hand and pulled them right down, baring her naked ass. It took some doing, a little fancy shuffling and leg work, but working together, Jake managed to pull Carole’s shorts clean off of her, throwing them across the room.

I couldn’t believe this was happening, not even when Jake pushed his hand between her thighs and made her spread her legs, then Carole arched her back and pushed her ass towards Jake’s hand, squealing around a mouthful of fat dick. I couldn’t see, neither could Jody or Susan, but we all knew what was happening. Jake was fingering Carole. His arm was pumping back and forth, pushing his fingers in and out of her, and after a few seconds, I could actually hear it, the wet sounds of his digits plunging in and out of her vagina.

“Christ, you’re an amazing cocksucker,” Jake groaned.

Carole moaned appreciatively and flattened her hands on his hips, bobbing her head up and down, twisting it side to side, noisily slurping on his huge cock. I saw Jake staring at her ass, lick his lips, then he was moving her. Carole swung her leg over his broad upper body and Jake grabbed her behind her knee, putting her foot up on the couch cushions. Holding her hips tight, he lifted her lower body with ease. Carole moaned again, realizing what we already had, what he was doing, and she put her other foot up on the couch while she moved her hands to the carpet. She was in a kind of pushup, hovering over Jake’s body with his thick dick in her mouth.

Jake licked his lips again, then he buried his face between her thighs. Carole yanked her mouth off his cock and threw her head back, letting loose a long loud wail. “Oh God!”

Jake growled and shook his head between her legs, his hands clenching hard around her hips. Carole moaned and squealed, dropping her forehead onto his wide shaft as Jake ate her cunny from behind. Apparently, Jake didn’t like the lack of attention. Shuffling down so that he was lying flat on his back on the floor, Jake put Carole’s knees on the floor too, and with his face still buried between her legs, his mouth sucking and slurping noisily, he grabbed Carole’s hair and forced his cock into her mouth. I watched inch after wide inch of his shaft disappear into her mouth. Her eyes went wide and she gagged, and I saw her arms strain, trying to lift off of him.

Suddenly, Carole arched her back and screamed around Jake’s dick. Her hips pumped up and down and she shoved her ass towards Jake, who growled and ate her wildly, big strong hands squeezing her plump ass. Jake began pumping his hips, and soon he was fucking Carole’s mouth. She gagged every time he pushed into her lips, and within moments his exposed shaft was liberally coated with the thick saliva that Carole’s mouth couldn’t contain. Carole screamed again, long and loud, and her eyes rolled back into her head and her lids closed. She was coming, long, loud, and hard.

My insides clenched so powerfully that it hurt, then released and clenched again. My pussy was swollen with arousal. My clit was on fire. My hot tunnel ached to be filled. My fingers were…wet? That’s when I realized that my legs were spread and my hand kaçak bahis was shoved down into my shorts, two fingers stroking over my clit and soaking wet folds. I was masturbating in front of my best friends while one of them had Jake’s cock in her mouth and his mouth on her pussy.

Holy fuck.

Jake pumped his huge hard cock in and out of Carole’s mouth for a while, when without warning, he yanked her head off of him and pushed her over. She fell onto her back, chest heaving with deep breaths, thighs spread wide, lewdly. Carole pushed one hand down her tummy and cupped her mound while the other squeezed a large breast and tweaked a nipple. Jake pulled his shorts the rest of the way off and threw them clear across the room. He grabbed her upper arms and hauled her up to her knees. Carole was caught by surprise when he slanted his mouth over hers and kissed her deeply, snaking an arm around her lower back to press her body flush to his, trapping his huge saliva-coated cock between their bellies.

Carole simply lifted her chin and surrendered her mouth and body to Jake’s lips, tongue and hands, where they cupped her ass and lifted her off the floor. Carole wrapped her legs around his waist and mashed her chest against him, feasting on his mouth, licking and biting his thick lips and sucking his wide tongue. Jake’s achingly hard cock thrust between her legs and out the other side. He pumped his hips, sawing his shaft against her bare pussy. Shuffling around on his knees, Jake turned to face the couch, then he set Carole down on her knees and turned her to face the couch too.

Flattening a hand on Carole’s upper back, Jake pushed her down, bending her over. His other hand was resting on top of her ass, but he slid it down, turned it sideways, and two of his fingers disappeared between her legs. Carole threw her head back and groaned out loud, but Jake pushed her upper body back down, pressing her chest and side of her face into the cushions. His arm pumped back and forth a few times, pushing his fingers deep. He drew his hand back and his fingers were thickly coated with Carole’s juice. When he pushed his fingers back into her, adding a third, she mewled with delight.

“Your turn, Jody,” Jake rasped.

When she didn’t say anything, I glanced at her. She was staring at Jake, watching his fingers plunge in and out of our friend.

“Ask a question,” he said, changing hands inside of Carole, spreading her juice all around his cock, using her arousal to jerk himself off.

Without taking her eyes off the action, Jody drained her entire glass and asked, “Are you going to fuck her?”


“Oh God,” Carole mewled, pushing her cunt onto Jake’s hand.

Jake took his fingers out of her and spread more of her thick arousal along his cock, then he pushed her legs apart, shuffled up behind her, and pressed the monstrously huge head of his dick against her slit.

Carole moaned, “Oh God, fuck me.”

With a deep growl, Jake pushed over half of his cock into our friend.

“God!” she screamed, tossing her head back and bowing her spine. Jake pushed her back down and shoved almost the entirety of his cock inside her. Carole whimpered and dropped her head to the couch, “Oh fucking God!”

Pumping his hips, fucking that incredibly big cock of his into Carole once, twice, he said, “Come get your strawberry, Jody.”

Blinking, Jody blindly set down her empty glass on the carpet. It fell over, but she didn’t even notice. She stood up on shaky legs and slowly approached the rutting pair. Jake fucked his huge dick in and out of Carole’s shaking body. She mewled, whimpered, and groaned with every deep thrust. When Jody stopped beside Jake, he messily dunked a strawberry in the chocolate and placed it in his mouth. He turned his upper body to Jody and, still fucking Carole with his huge member, lifted his chin. Jody leaned over him, closing her lips over the strawberry and his mouth.

I couldn’t tell you when she finished eating the strawberry and was just kissing him, her hands on his face and shoulder, but I can tell you with certainty that she was entirely unaware of him pulling her shorts and panties down her legs, at least not until they hit her ankles and she stepped out of them. She was still kissing him when he rubbed his chocolate covered fingers along her glistening pussy, and she jumped at the sensation.

Grabbing her hip, still fucking Carole’s writhing body, who was gripping the cushions tightly and pushing back to meet his powerful thrusts, Jake moved Jody to stand in front of him. She had to spread her legs wide to do it, but it worked perfectly for Jake, because while pumping his dick into Carole, he grabbed Jody’s ass and pulled her pussy into his mouth.

“Fuck!” she hissed, grabbing two fistfuls of Jake’s hair as he licked the chocolate off her cunt.

Jake sucked and slurped between Jody’s legs, kneading her ass with one hand while sliding the other around to her front, pushing it under her shirt. Jody’s mouth fell open and her eyes widened down at Jake, the lump of his hand under her shirt pushing up, covering one of her small breasts, squeezing and caressing. Jody grabbed his hand through her shirt. I thought she was going to pull his hand away, but she pressed it harder into her breast.

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