Taking Ella’s Ass

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DISCLAIMER: Everyone in this story is over 18!


“Just a little more sweetie, show Daddy what a good girl you can be.”

John watched as his daughter, Ella, struggled to take another half inch of his cock into her wide open mouth.

“That’s it sweetheart, Daddy is sooo proud of you right now…”

Ella’s eyes narrowed and started to tear at the corners as she started to gag on the head as it filled her throat, she felt her father’s hand move to the back of her head, holding her in place and preventing her from pulling back.

“Good girl,” he grunted. “That feels… incredible.”

Ella felt the hand behind her exert a slight pressure and felt her father’s meat slip still further still into her tight, young throat… then he pulled her back. Ella gasped for breath as the cock slipped out of her mouth and rested, stickily against her cheek, she looked up at him, wondering what he would want her to do next.

John reached down and slowly stroked his cock right in front of her face. Ella instantly opened her mouth, ready to receive her father’s hot cum, just as she’d been taught. John had lost count of the number of times he’d erupted into her waiting mouth, sometimes holding the tip just inside, sometimes erupting from a little way back, deliberately splattering her pretty, sweet, innocent face with his creamy load. He loved seeing his cum dripping down her cute little face, but he always made sure to feed it to her just the same.

“Daddy’s cum is precious,” he told her. “You should never, ever waste it.”

John had been using Ella’s mouth and pussy for a few months, ever since… well, the details weren’t important, suffice to say that her Mother was long gone and it was just the two of them now. Of course he’d felt guilty to start with, using his only child’s body to satisfy his carnal needs, but it had passed and now he barely gave it a second thought. She was his to use as he pleased, and besides… look at her, kneeling on the floor between his legs, begging for his cum. She loved being Daddy’s special girl and today he was going to take her training to the next level.

“Are you wearing the plug Daddy gave you?” He asked.

Ella nodded, her mouth still gaping open, ready for her father’s load.

“Have you been practising with it like I told you?”

Ella nodded again.

“Well then, stand up and show me.”

Ella scrambled to her feet and turned away, she bent forward at the waist and lifted her skirt to reveal her bare ass, the base of the red silicone butt plug clearly visible between her cheeks. John grabbed them with both hands and pulled them apart, Ella groaned loudly and felt his fingers fumbling with the base of the plug. He pulled on it slightly, stretching her tight hole and then allowed bursa escort the plug to pull itself back inside.

“Are you ready to be a big girl sweetie?”

“I don’t know Daddy…” murmured the girl nervously.

John gave her a gentle slap and then reached down between her legs to finger her dripping wet cunt.

“Good girl, I know you want to do this for your Daddy… even though it’s gonna hurt a little, just to start with.”

Ella murmured a hesitant agreement.

“You have to do this if you want Daddy to love you, if you want Daddy to keep you as his only one… you know that Mummy used to do this don’t you? Mummy was really good at it too, she really loved it, and so will you sweetie, once you get used to it, you know that right?”

“I know Daddy,” whispered Ella. “But I’m still scared…”

“I know sweetie, but Daddy will be gentle.”

‘At least to start with’, he thought to himself. He’d been gentle with Alice to start with, but once he’d broken her in she’d taken to it like a duck to water and somehow John knew Ella would be just the same. She was the spitting image of her mother after all, so it would be a crying shame if she didn’t share her capacity for anal sex.

“Go fetch me the lube sweetie, and be quick about it.”

Elle straightened up and ran to the bedroom where they had been sleeping together for weeks now, she grabbed the bottle of lube from the bedside table and turned to run back only to find John coming towards her, his cock protruding angrily from between his legs.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered.

Ella jumped onto the bed and sat upright, John came closer and leaned forward. He pressed his lips against hers and felt her tremble slightly as kissed her. At the same time his hand moved between her thighs and two fingers slid inside her wetness.

“Please Daddy’, Ella whispered as she kissed him back, her pussy squeezing rhythmically against his touch.

John continued to kiss his daughter, while his fingers worked their magic between her thighs. He brought her close a couple of times before finally pushing her over the edge, he wanted her as relaxed as possible after all.

Ella shook violently as the orgasm tore through her body, while her Father held her tight, kissing her full on the mouth as he enjoyed her pleasure. When she finished cumming John gently laid her down on the bed to recover for a moment. As she lay there breathing heavily, John pulled her skirt down and off her legs, throwing it into the corner of the room. Then he climbed onto the bed and twisted her onto her front.

“Get that ass up in the air sweetie…” he commanded.

Ella nervously complied and felt his fingers fumbling with the plug again. She breathed in sharply as he tugged on it, stretching her virgin hole bursa escort bayan and then leaving her feeling suddenly empty.

“Good girl,” he said. “Your ass looks so good now, nice and stretched and ready for my cock. I know you want my thick cock inside you don’t you sweetie… it’s going to feel amazing.”

John squirted a copious amount of lube between his daughter’s cheeks and then drove two fingers into her tight hole. Her ass felt so hot and his cock throbbed painfully, impatient to feel her warm tightness. He worked his fingers inside her, twisting them and opening them as wide as he could to stretch her hole still further.

“It’s time,” he said as he moved behind her, pressing the head of his cock against her asshole and feeling the familiar initial resistance.

John pressed his cock against his daughter’s ring and felt her move away from him. It was a natural response but he knew he had to nip it in the bud all the same.

“Bad girl!” He barked and brought his hand down hard on her right cheek.

“Owwwww! Sorry Daddy!” wailed his daughter, her ass stinging from the slap he had administered.

“No need to be sorry, just keep still… press back a little if you can.”

Ella tried to press back, but it was counter intuitive. Meanwhile John squirted yet more lube between the girl’s cheeks, making her slipperier than ever and then forced the tip of his cock into her tight little hole.

“So tight,” he groaned as he pressed harder, sliding his meat inch by inch, deeper and deeper inside his daughter.

“Please Daddy… I can’t take it.”

“Shh, baby. Just give it a second. I promise it will get easier, just accept it, don’t fight it… that will only make it hurt more.”

Ella’s breathing was laboured as John started to gently slide in and out of his daughter’s tight, virgin ass. It felt incredible to finally fuck his daughter’s hole and he smiled to himself as he remembered the first time he had fucked Alice in the ass.

She too had been reluctant at first, but after some firm, ‘practical guidance’ and a little ‘persuasive punishment’, she’d often presented her ass for the taking without even being asked. Ah, what a pity their relationship had fallen apart, but still… John was certain Ella had the potential to be just as spectacularly slutty as her mother, given time and a certain kind of encouragement.

John held his daughter’s hips firm as he gently pushed his cock deeper into her tight ass, it had been a long time since he’d felt such tightness and he took deep breaths as he fought to maintain control.

“Sweetie, you’re so fucking tight…”

Ella barely heard her father speak, all she could do was bury her head into the pillow and bite down as his rock hard prick continued to invade her escort bursa asshole.

John pulled his cock almost all the way out and squirted yet more lubricant into her cavity, without it neither of them were going to last much longer.

“That’s it sweetie, try and relax, fighting it just makes it hurt more.”

He pressed his cock forward again, watching as the length of his cock slowly disappeared between her taut little ass cheeks.

“Good girl, you’re doing so good for Daddy…”

Ella grunted into the pillow as her father pushed even deeper.

“Use your fingers on your clit sweetie, bring yourself off while Daddy fucks your ass.”

Ella wasn’t allowed to touch her pussy without her father’s permission, though she secretly often did of course… she reached back between her legs and felt the lube which had dripped down from above, she massaged it into her pussy and soon fell into a rhythm with her father’s slow, deliberate strokes.

The stimulation of her clit certainly provided a welcome distraction and as her ass started to loosen up the initial pain of penetration subsided somewhat. But as John felt her ass ‘give’ he started to stroke a little harder, a little faster and before long he was all the way inside his little girl, right up to his balls.

Ella felt her father’s heavy balls slapping against her pussy lips and increased the speed of her fingers on her clit, she could feel her second orgasm building and hoped she could get past the discomfort in her ass and push herself over the edge.

John knew he couldn’t go much longer, he could feel his daughter was starting to cum but even he was surprised by the violence of her orgasm, she bucked back and upright and her ass tightened sharply around his meat, pushing him clean out of her. The sensation pushed him over the edge too and he grabbed his shaft, jerking it hard and fast and spraying ropes of thick, creamy cum all over his daughter’s perfect ass.

Ella collapsed onto the bed and John slid his cock between her cheeks, the lube still clinging to his cock as he gently milked the last remnants of cum from his balls.

“You did great sweetie,” he whispered softly. “Your Daddy is VERY proud of you.”

He slid his fingers into the creamy mess that covered his daughter’s rump and then offered it to her mouth.

“What do you say sweetie?”

“Please may I taste your precious cum Daddy.”

“Good girl,” he said as he pressed his sticky fingers between her open lips. He felt her tongue slither around his digits, cleaning them eagerly… searching for any last drops she might have missed, then repeated the process until all his cum had gone.

“You are such a good girl sweetie, I think we need take you shopping for some nice things to wear, what do you say we get cleaned up and drive into town, you said you wanted to go to Victoria’s Secret right?”

Ella turned her head and smiled at her Daddy.

“And I think we’re gonna need to get you a bigger plug too…”

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