Taking It to the Next Level

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Hey all:

This will be my first ever publication, so go easy! This is 100% based on one of my kinkier experiences…


At the time, Lee was 24 and in physiotherapy for an injury sustained from a motorcycle crash, he is 6 foot 6 and well built, with short brown hair and piercing blue eyes.

Hillary was his exercise therapist, whose main goal was to see Lee have full function of his leg returned, Hillary was around 5 foot 5, perky c-cup breasts, an ass to die for and a beautiful face to go with it all.

Lee and Hillary got along great, working closely for several months during the rehabilitation program, but things started to change…

The close proximity, the long workouts in the gym… The sexual tension was growing by the minute between the two.

Hillary would wear increasingly tighter bras with an increasing amount of cleavage, while Lee would ensure all upper body workouts happened in close proximity to Hillary.

Things eventually progressed to the inevitable, and Hillary eventually asked Lee to join her for a drink after work, which he was more than happy to.

After seeing her car pull up, Lee quickly entered the vehicle and was met with the most beautiful sight of his life: Hillary was dressed in a black tank top, breasts defying gravity, and a skirt that barely covered her slender legs, as if that wasn’t enough, she smiled seductively and bit her lip like she had just pictured something dirty.

Only a quick “hey” was exchanged, followed by a long silence where Lee was quite sure he was being mentally undressed; his chest and arms were tight in his plain white tee, and he hoped the bulge growing in his jeans would not become noticeable.

After a long pause, Hillary threw the shifter in to gear, and the two drove off.

The evening proceeded as you might expect, alcohol and dim lighting only increased the already palpable sexual tension in the air.

Lee was focused on what it would be like to bury his face between those perfect breasts, meanwhile Hillary was focused on tearing that shirt off, to finally run her hands over his hard abs and take his nipples into her mouth.

The two were feeling quite buzzed, and knew it was time to take things into a more private setting… They walked to her car, laughing like kids on a first date, Hillary asked Lee bahis siteleri to drive, and he obliged, offering to drive her home for the night, she quickly declined and told him to drive back to his place.

The short drive was filled with stealing glances, and nervous laughter, after pulling into the driveway, the two quickly hopped out and moved towards the front door.

Lee was focused on finding the key for the door, when he suddenly fell back and was pinned to the ground.. Hillary had taken him by surprise and was now straddling him in the front lawn, holding his arms down, with her face mere inches away from his…

Things were quite clear now, as she baited his lips with hers, never quite touching – she was in control, and he knew it.

Hillary moved forward and grazed his lips, then quickly got up and moved toward the door, telling him “its cold, lets go inside”, in the most seductive tone possible.

They went inside in complete silence, moving down the stairs until arriving at the hallway outside his bedroom, Lee quickly took control of the moment and pinned Hillary to the wall, pulling her leg up and finally pushing his tongue into her mouth.

She pushed her tongue back feverishly, running her hand up his upper body, and suddenly, she pushed him backwards until he stopped at his bed, and fell backwards…

At this point, Lees cock was straining against his jeans as he laid back, watching Hillary slowly get on top of him, she finally stopped after straddling his chest, her skirt no longer disguising the fact that she had neglected to wear panties.

Hillary knew what she wanted, sitting on her knees above his chest, and without hesitation, he slid her skirt up to her waist, revealing the perfect pussy beneath…

He quickly slid forward, bringing his mouth to her wet lips, sticking his tongue as far as it would go, she moaned in delight as he moved his tongue into her most private area.

Hillary gripped the wall beside the bed, spread her legs slightly and found it difficult to keep herself from cumming all over Lees face, right then and there.

Lee took the movement of her legs as a different sign… Something dirty seemed to awaken in him, his cock was now begging to be touched, his thoughts turned kinky and all inhibitions went out the window…

Hillary was now thrusting canlı bahis siteleri into his mouth, practically begging for the release of her impending orgasm, she moved her legs wider still, and then she felt it, his tongue moved away from her clit, pushed backwards until she felt it touch a place she never thought would be touched.

Lee knew there was nothing stopping him now, her legs had moved even wider, allowing him full access for what was next… He moved his tongue backwards and pushed up until his tongue had moved completely inside her ass, the taste was electric, mixed with sweat and the taste of her sweet pussy, he began licking her ass in earnest.

Hillary knew it was wrong… nobody had ever touched her ass before, but it was too late, this new feeling pushed her over the edge, and all she could do was scream “YESSSS!!”, and as he slid his tongue in and out of her ass, she came harder than she ever had in her life, spilling her cum onto his waiting mouth.

Without hesitation, Hillary moved off Lees mouth and pulled it to her own, feverishly pushing her tongue inside his mouth, desperate to taste herself on his lips.

The air was electric, after that wet kiss, filled with the taste of her ass and her cum, Hillary ripped lees shirt off, quickly followed by his pants, and finally she saw it… His hard cock stood at full attention, waiting to be touched, and seconds later it was in her mouth.

Lee was having trouble seeing straight, as he laid back, his cock completely immersed in Hillary’s mouth, her skirt still around her waist, her pussy dripping down her legs, it was all too much…

Hillary knew what was coming next, Lee had stirred something inside her and there were no more rules to worry about. She pushed his legs open, kneeling between them, never taking her mouth and swirling tongue off his hard cock, then she moved her free hand between her legs, and pushed two fingers inside her dripping sex.

Lee was completely at her mercy, moaning as her tongue swirled around his head and he thrusted his hips up to push his cock down her throat… But Hillary had other plans…

She took advantage of his thrust upwards, and quickly moved her now soaking fingers from her pussy, straight to Lee and his now exposed ass.

Lee had no idea what was coming, but knew the moment he canlı bahis felt her finger rubbing the outside of his ass – he wanted it inside him, she moved quickly and pushed her finger as deep as it would go, at the same time, she deep-throated his perfect cock, listening to him moan in delight.

Hillary began fingering Lee in earnest, listening to him moan as she fucked his ass and swallowed his cock, but she knew it wasn’t enough, she needed to taste it… She needed to taste his ass.

Lee was quickly approaching the unavoidable, and just as he was about to cum, she took her mouth off his cock, but before he could protest, her tongue was moving its way down, down past his balls and straight into his ass… She was feverishly licking him, pushing her tongue inside, pushing him to the biggest orgasm of his life, and without warning, she moved her mouth back to his cock, pushed two fingers inside his well lubed ass and quickly fucked him as fast as she could.

His heart rate was off the charts, Lee could feel her tongue rubbing the head of his cock, her hand stroking the rest, his ass was being violated. It was wrong, but nothing had ever felt so good, he couldn’t hold back anymore, the words escaped his lips: “fuuck, I’m coming, im coming.. Don’t stop, dont stop”..

Hillary knew it was coming, his moans were getting louder, he was tensing up, and then it came… Her mouth filled with his cum, so much that she could barely swallow enough to keep up, the taste hit her first, sweet and perfect… She knew she needed more… But she had a better idea…

He nearly passed out from the intensity of the orgasm, and he knew he had cum harder than ever before, unleashing a seemingly endless amount of cum into Hillary’s waiting mouth. And just as the last spurt of cum escaped his cock, Hillary moved straight up, slid his cock between her soaking pussy, moved her cum-filled mouth to his, and pushed her tongue in…

The first thing Lee felt was the warm wet feeling of his cock sliding between her pussy lips, and just as he opened his mouth to moan, Hillary pushed a mouthful of his own cum into his own.

He had never tasted his cum before, but it was sweet, and he instantly sent his tongue into her mouth for more… Hillary couldn’t believe he was kissing her back, he hadn’t freaked out at all, but instead was moaning as they kissed, and continued to swallow the cum she gave him.

Lees cock was still rock hard, nestled between Hillary’s soft lips, and when they finally broke their cum-filled kiss, they both knew the night was just starting…

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