Taking the Chief to Los Angeles

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Jersey Central Railroad Station, Jersey City, New Jersey, 9:55 Am. on Friday, the 26th of August 1947:

My family and I had arrived at the station on the Leigh Valley’s last morning commuter at 8:59 Am., riding from South Plainfield. I’m Josef von Franz, nineteen years old, graduated Summa cum Laude from Bound Brook High School and an All State Football Running Back. Slightly taller than six feet and three inches, two hundred and twenty pounds, a police blotter might have described me as crew cut, blond and blue. I’d busted my cherry with Kathy Gifford, and hers too, back in April, and since then with two cheer squad girls on the bus to away games, but I wasn’t what you’d qualify as Casanova, I just knew how the parts fit together.

The five of us, Mom, Dad, my seventeen and eighteen year old sisters and I were down from our farm in Neshanic Station so I could catch the Santa Fe Super Chief connected Pullman on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s Train 105, The Royal Blue to Washington where the car would go on the Capital Limited, Train 5 thru to Chicago. It was connecting with the Chief, without changing cars, as thru car service, for Los Angeles and through to San Diego and San Diego State where I had a full academic scholarship and planned to play football. We were gathered at gate seven when they called the train, mom and the sisters were upset because I’d be gone till Christmas, We couldn’t afford more, the one way fare was nearly a hundred and seventy dollars. Dad showed his love with a hug, while grousing about how much he have to pay a laborer to do my share during the upcoming harvest.

They called my train at 9:30 and we had a kiss and cry circle at the gate because the railroad wouldn’t let anyone but passengers aboard the train. The stainless steel Pullman ‘San Joaquin’ a ‘Room’ car was directly behind the gleaming royal blue A-B-A set of EMD F7’s 2,000 horse power diesels, and the three RPO’s, for switching convenience, I’d guess, one of three Pullmans four coaches, and a streamlined observation car.

At the door, an extended step that folded into the car, I met Jeffrey, a sharply uniformed black man who checked my ticket telling me,

“Go down the aisle to
please sir, your traveling companion,” I’d agreed to a companion traveler to save cost, “will be a few minutes late the ferry is just arriving.”

The train rolled out of the station on the advertised, sharply at 1 Pm. That was when I met Miss Margaret “Peggy” Carter as she entered the room, calling,

“Its fine Jeffrey, I’m certain Mr. von Franz is a gentleman.”

“Very well ma’am, I’ll adjust the manifests.”

Of course I stood, courtesy demanded it. Miss Carter was as tall as I in her heels, and beautiful in her blue traveling suit. Eyeing me from top to toes she added, sotto voco,

“I do believe the nest three days will be quite enjoyable.” Adding, “I’m Margaret Carter, my friends call me Peggy, won’t you?”

The compartment was comfortable and I’d removed my suit jacket, Carter smiled, turning and removed her jacket, placing her stylish snap brim fedora on the shelf, then hanging her jacket. Turning to face me her prominent nipples, tenting her blouse, immediately grabbed my nineteen year old attention. Kathy had told me she thought I was, well, large, and my team mates called me ‘Horse’ and I quickly became rigidly erect, blushing fire engine red, stammering,

“I’m sorry Peggy, I can’t help myself.”

She smiled and pressed herself against me, whispering,

“I told you these next three days would be enjoyable!” Then she kissed my cheek and caressed my throbbing boner, sitting to open my belt and unbutton my slacks, unzipping me and pushing my trousers and boxers to my knees. Her caress rolled my foreskin off the corona producing a great dribble of precloital emission. I gasped loudly as she laved my crown, I’d never enjoyed a sensation like it before. Rolling my rigid as pipe rod with her hand she took me in her mouth, stroking and controlling me with both hands as she worked the remaining inches with wanton lips. Like an animal I fucked her face ruthlessly, thrusting as deeply as her hands would allow. Holding deeply as her tongue fluttered around my cod I fired my cum-bullets till the magazine was empty, it was a miracle that I hadn’t blown her head off with that load of cum-bullets. Peggy surprised me, she swallowed it all as Mr. Dick shamefully hid his head, pulling his foreskin over it.

Peggy Carter looked at me smiling, then she whispered, now it’s my turn Josef!” She said, leaning against the compartments’ shaded window, pulling her dress up and pointing to her panties, her wet lady-slot a drooling invitation to a good licking.

Panic jumped to the front of my mind. Other than some fumbled pussy grabbing and fucking in the back of our Model ‘A’ Ford and one very comforting penetrative lap dance in the back of the team bus while everyone around us slept, I was a new as an uncirculated coin, I’d never even seen one, canlı bahis a girl’s lady parts, that is.

Margaret Carter, God bless her, was both horny and patient.

“Come closer,” she directed, “I’ll show and tell you everything you’ll ever need to keep those little college girls lined up, wet for some of that bodacious dick.”

Leading me by my tie she pulled me in for a soft, insistent, earth-shattering kiss, leading my aggression, Peggy teased me with her tongue, leading me into French Kissing as she opened my shirt and untied my tie. Leading my kisses to her neck, under her ear, to the vee of her blouse, coaxing me to open it, to worship her breasts, to remove her bra. I worshiped her hard nipples, her breasts as she led me lower, to the panty shielded treasure of life.

Her fragrances were wildly erotic, drawing me in, I lapped the wet lace gusset of her panty, leading it aside as I parted her nether lips with my tongue, lapping up Peggy’s sensual drooling till her fingers guided me to the juncture of her slot and the pink nodule buried there in a fleshy case so like a miniature dick. She writhed against my face and I loved it, if it were possible, I’d have crawled back into creation, the hole that is the issue of all men, and the downfall there of. Then magically, her panties were gone.

She pushed me over to my back, the tallest part of me, a burgeoning cock, grasping me, guiding me to life’s center, she slowly lowered herself as the gates of paradise opened to consume me as I was thrust whole into nirvana,

“Fuck me,” she gasped, “I need to feel your big cock driving into me, fucking me.” She moaned as she started slamming her pubis on me, grinding her clitoris on me with every stroke.

It is the defining moment in every boy’s transition to manhood, unfortunately, while most make the sexual transition successfully, the required, coordinated transition of maturity, combined with acceptance of responsibility is not always made. Being raised on a farm by responsible parents assured my recognition of those necessities of life. Recognizing the depths of Peggy’s orgasmic release, I resisted my need and sensing my pending explosion, withdrew my aching cock, laying it on her pubis as a throbbing ejaculation overcame my restraint

to bombard her belly and the lower slopes of her delicious titties.

Then she lifted me up to straddle her torso taking my second, third, and fourth explosive cum-blasts on her beautiful face and guiding my detumescent tip to her lips, suckling on my pussy-cream coated rod to gather the last dregs of ball juice.

I laid beside her, gently kissing her, tasting myself on her erogenous lips as for no good reason began massaging my dick tracks into her torso and breasts. I was starting to lick her face clean when she stopped me, wiping her face with a tissue from the built in dispenser, telling me,

“Make up tastes really nasty.” Then as my cum-massage reached her breasts, teasing my squirts into her nipples feeling them becoming engorged, she added, kissing me,

“If you keep that up we’ll have to do this all over again.”

“My intension exactly,” I responded, pressing my reenergized cock in the opening of her portal, enjoying the sensation of her grasping labia as they pealed the foreskin off my corona, groaning, “yes, oh yes!” As her hairy twat swallowed all that I was.

She whispered, licking my ear, “Cum in me this time, I need to feel your release in me.” Then sensing my acceptance of responsibility for my vagrant cock, added, “I’m safe till next week.”

We spooned on the narrow but comfortable lower berth, fucking, cuming, then nodding off, then waking, fucking, and cuming again, my hard, unrepentant cock stewing in Peggy’s secret juices. We slept through Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, sleeping with a woman was a new, totally revitalizing experience. We only really woke when the steward came through the corridor announcing, the second dinner seating is starting in thirty minutes. Washing up a bit refreshed us a lot before we went to supper.

Dining with this elegant young lady, who I was surprised to find, was just four years older than I, was a delightful experience. We shared a split of a delightfully dry, yet fruity New York Riesling that warmed the heart as it accompanied the Poulet Cordon Blue I’d chosen, while Margaret ordered the pan seared brook trout. Our dinner was as delicious as the highly touted “Royal Blue” expectations promised, and worthy of the additional two hours of traveling time that additionally shortened the in-Chicago delay.

We relaxed for a couple of hours in the dimly lighted, actually darkened Royal Blue Observation Car, sipping Remy-Martin Black Pearl Cognac watching the moonrise over the Potomac River, Peggy thought it was romantic, and though it may have been the company, dumb ole horny teenager that I was, I did too.

It was getting on toward midnight as we returned to our room, as we passed through McKeesport Pennsylvania, bahis siteleri just south of Pittsburg. Peggy locked the door and turned the status sign to ‘Do not disturb.’ Turning to me, kissing me whispering,

“Undress me lover.”

Determined to make it a memorable experience for both of us, I turned on the compartment’s entertainment radio which was playing big band music, I remember hearing Bert Kaempfert’s 1937 hit “Wunderland bei Nacht” as we slow danced a restricted waltz step in the narrow aisle, kissing and caressing each other. As the song ended I unbuttoned and removed her light mauve sweater, hanging it and turning into her embrace. Delighting in the sensation of her aroused nipples pressing on my chest through the light materials of her blouse and the soft cups of her brassiere we kissed again, knowing that she could feel the surging desire that was my engorgement against her thigh.

Peggy sighed, rubbing erotically against my throbbing hardon, sliding her hand between us to touch me as I unbuttoned her blouse, nuzzling against the brassiere enhanced swell of her delicious breasts, removing the blouse, then unclipping her bra to suckle the distended eroticisms that were her nipples. Her gasps and moans were music to my ears as I learned the power of going slowly, concentrating on her pleasure. Kneeling I embraced her nuzzling the juncture of her thighs and torso as I unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt, dropping it, pressing my face into the silky nylon of her slip, detecting the epicurean flavors of her arousal as I slipped the slip off, allowing it to pool atop her skirt at her feet. Seating her on the berth I paused to hang her skirt and fold her slip. Kneeling again I unstrapped her right shoe, and figuring, ‘In for a penny, in for a pound.’ I licked the sole of her foot from her arch to her toes.

“Ooh,” Peggy shuddered, “nobody ever did that to me.” She groaned, her girl creams flowing freely, marking her panties as I carefully rolled her stocking off. The eroticism of her wafting pheromones making my excited cock throb, marking my slacks with an abundance of precloital emissions,

“Take him out,” Peggy moaned, “take him out, I need to see him, to feel him on my skin.” The almost unheard tones of an English Toff coming out in her aroused speech.

Freeing my raging cock, I sucked her toes and kissed my way up the length of her bared right leg, then her thigh to nuzzle the fascia of her saturated panties, pausing to enjoy her erotic fragrances. Peggy tried strenuously to redirect my path toward her vulnerable center. Using the strength of my neck I denied her desires, trailing my laving tongue down her left thigh to the welt of her stocking, freeing her garters and rolling it off, kissing my way to her foot. I watched her taught, wet panty as her pussy pulsed pumped with fresh, fragrant emissions propelled with her excitement I sucked her toes.

Standing between her knees, my trousers and boxers at my feet, my bone-hard cock piercing the air before me like the bowsprit of a mighty clipper ship, in stripped off my shirt and tie. Teaching her waist I unclipped her garterbelt and slipped her soaking panties down her thighs and off her feet.

Reaching down I lifted her astride my hips, notching my cockcannon at her pussy portal and let gravity press her down, the whole hundred and twenty odd pounds of her pressing engorged clit against my cock as the

entire length my shaft rubbed itself against her Grafenburg pad causing Peggy to groan deeply, a guttural growl. In spite of my youth and strength I sank to my knees my cock deep within her, pulsing with my heart beat, with every pulse her grasp of me tightened and released. It felt as though a million fingers gripped me. It was an unconscionably comfortable position.

“Ungh!” Peggy groaned, her third orgasm rattling the windows of her soul, “Its written in the Karma Sutra, you’re linga is pressed in my yoni against my lingam. You’ve answered my want to try this,” she moaned, grasping me tightly as her fourth orgasm ripped through her, “thank you!”

We stayed locked together like that for nearly an hour, and it was good that we collapsed on my shirt and boxers, they could be laundered, and the railroad would have forced me to purchase the ruined carpet. I could not picture myself explaining that to mother.

Companions in Chicago:

It was coming onto dawn, somewhere east of Hibbard Indiana when we woke up, sometime, in the night we’d gotten into the berth, we were a mess, all pussy cream, and dick tracks. Giggling we washed each other and that g ot us going again, so we settled our differences right on B & O’s little sink as Peggy fucked me silly. Cleaning up again, then pausing to put sexually soiled clothes in our travel bags we dressed casually and headed for the twenty-four hour bar in the Observation car in hopes of coffee and an early breakfast. We’d walked back three cars, we were third behind the diesels, transiting the only coach on the bahis şirketleri train. Almost to the Observation Car we found a lissome blonde, somewhere around my age, only five feet, no more, and not more than a hundred pounds. She was huddled against the window, sobbing helplessly. I looked at Margaret, she nodded, and I slipped in along side the girl-woman as Peggy took the other seat facing the girl.

I pulled her unresisting form against my shoulder, comforting her, an arm around her as Peggy asked,

“What’s the matter honey?”

The girl smiled a bit, trying for a brave face, through her tears, answering,

“I’m so lonely, I’ve never been away from home before, and now I’m going to Los Angeles for College, and the conductor told me I’d have to make my own way to Dearborn to catch my train, and I don’t have any money.”

“When did you have something to eat?” I asked.

“At home before mom put me on the train. We thought it was straight through.”

“Come on, lets get some breakfast.”

“I don’t have any money.”

“I have this nice government warrant,” Peggy injected, “and my boss doesn’t nickel and dime me to death. So let’s go eat, cause I bet you’re famished.”

She accompanied us reluctantly, looking for some kind of trick, she evidently had some experience and was wary. As we sat at a smallish table she asked,

“A Government Warrant? May I see it?”

Peggy took the form from her purse, handing it to her.

“Oh my God!” She gasped, reading it, “Your Agent Carter! I read about you in the Marvel Comics!”

“Well,” Peggy acknowledged, coloring lightly, this was a new side of her I hadn’t seen, ” I doubt that I’ve all that daring do, but I am an Officer for the Office of Strategic Services.”

“Your going to LA for college?”

“No, I’m changing trains there, to San Diego, for San Diego State.”

“I’m Josef von Franz, I’m headed there too.”

After we ate, we took her back to our compartment, asking Jeffrey, our car man to make the changes, slipping him fifty bucks for his trouble. He just nodded, rolling his eyes. In our roomette Peggy and I laid stripped to our underwear as Ariel, our guest and new friend watched, watched, blushing slightly as we laid in the berth, spooned, then shrugging her shoulders, stripped as we passed through Gary Indiana, and climbed over us to spoon against my back.

I was in a new state of arousal, instantly hard as rock and long as a ball bat. My shock got deeper as her dainty hand slipped between Peggy and I, grasping my infamous pleasure tool, sliding my boxers down, she stroked me, slipping Peggy’s panties down, aligning my weapon with Peggy’s delicious purse as I slipped deeply into her.

Peggy rolled me to my back, lying on me, the engine of her destruction buried in her to the hilt as Ariel topped the stack, lapping Peggy’s clitoris as Peggy suckled her pussy. Peggy took my load in her mouth and on her tits as Ariel lapped up her spilling pussy cream.

None of us remembered arriving in Chicago, or being transferred to the Santa Fe Railroad in Dearborn by the Chicago Belt Railroad as the car drew its electricity for the air-conditioning and lights from the Belt Railroad diesel and Dearborn Station.

Our lethargy on waking was almost painful, but our compartment was shaded by the station platform, so the brilliant sun that we could see wasn’t destructive to our vision. Mutual hunger drove us to cleanup and dress, we decided to go out into the station plaza. The Harvey House there had a great reputation. As we dressed the sights of the ladies dressing overwhelmed me, there is something cock hardening to be said for watching two beautiful women dressing. I was so stiffly erect that closing my trousers was impossible, then the ladies neatly masturbated me, my groans echoed as they carefully collected my spend in a water-glass, I almost stiffened again as they laved my corona and peruse clean, sheathing me, then tucking me away and zipping me up.

Ariel’s eyes got big as dinner plates when Peggy took out her Walter PK and put on her shoulder holster under her jacket, commenting,

“Well darlin girl, I am a Federal Officer, and I can’t leave this unsecured in an unsecured rail car in an unsecured train station, can I?”

“No, I guess you can’t.” Ariel replied softly, a gentle understanding of Peggy’s responsibilities becoming clear.

Our luncheon at Harvey House easily maintained their fine reputation.

When we returned to the platform they’d just hooked up the four EMD F7 diesels that would lead us to San Diego, wearing Santa Fe’s vaunted ‘War Bonnet’ paint scheme, our A-B-B-A engine set was nearly two hundred and ten feet long.

Returning to our compartment at a quarter past four we all decided that a nap was in order, in a eight foot by ten foot room, a small but commodious bath occupying one corner, my degree of tiredness was evident in my deflated, trailing dick when presented by two beautiful women as we all stripped. Luckily, they were as tired as I as we all snuggled in the berth. We were so out of it that we missed our, ‘On the advertised!’ departure from Chicago as out train began it’s two day long pursuit of the sun.

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