Tamed Pt. 03: The Beginning

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Seeing as this will be the first sex scene of this series…why not make it a longer chapter 😉

Disclaimer: This is all a publication of fiction and in no way happened. This may also get a little unrealistic. You have been warned.


After such an unpleasant encounter with Alanah, I had spent the next hours of the day to keep calm and to motivate myself for a day of study. I had managed to take a quick shower without alerting her to my presence, I made sure to keep as silent as possible, to evade her; a skill that I had learned since moving in with the bitch. Even though I was good at it, I still always made that first pensive step out of my room so she couldn’t sneak up on me and completely shoot me down with a usual tirade about something insignificant.

I hated her; I was sure of that by now. That farce to try and get me all worked up so I could admit that I was peeping in on her…and that amazing body…

It was within the hour when I had started to think about Alanah. Imagining the things she would do to fuck boys, but with me instead. With every vivid imaginary image of her between my legs I felt a heavy throb of my now flaccid cock. Every time, I ended up snapping myself out of it by giving myself a sharp pinch on my arm; to focus back on my study session.

It was evening coming on night when I finally called it quits for the day, I was getting tired of slaving away at sorting and writing notes as well as meticulously scouting through pages and pages of meaningless text to scrap together one or two lines that I could use for mine and Hana’s work…Hana.

I hadn’t realised it until now, but I had yet to even picture Hana since this morning. Since Alanah…My heart lurched up. My usual fantasies involving my classmate had been fully substituted for my step-sister. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” I muttered to myself as I massaged my tired eyes. At that moment I heard my stomach grumble.

*Maybe I’m just hungry. I’m sure it’ll be all normal after some snacks…But Alanah might be out there…*

I sighed to myself as I battled with my own mind on wanting to risk alerting the bitch. Eventually though, it became too much; my body needed some nutrition and I was practically moving on autopilot as I marched out of my room and made a beeline for the kitchen space. My bare feet patted on the wooden flooring, the orangy glow of the sinking sun illuminated the high-class apartment perfectly. I moved silently toward the fridge, opening it and leaning deep inside to see if I could scavenge anything to make a half decent sandwich.

What I didn’t know was that my step-sister had been having her own mental battles all day. How was she going to get me to sleep with her? As she laid herself on her bed, she gave herself a mental lecture.

*I can’t just jump on him…I would probably be arrested. And I can’t just act like I want him to admit to something, he’ll just get angry like this morning…He liked my outfit though. He couldn’t pick his jaw up from the floor.*

She sighed, disappointed at the fuckboys she was talking to on her phone. She had hoped that if all else failed she could get laid tonight, maybe leave the door open to show me what I was missing…But now she had a certain high standard. Too small…Too thin…Not veiny enough…She must have received well over twenty nudes and not one of them even gave her a tingle. “He’s fucking ruined men for me.” She grumbled as she turned on her back.

The mental brainstorming did not end. She got dull of matching men, she knew that right now it was my horse dick or nothing. As she saw the sun beginning to set her heart had started to thump quicker on her ribcage, disappointment had settled in her. “Maybe not tonight…I guess I’ll go out with Claire…” She stood from her bed and casually stripped herself of her casual clothes. Letting them drop onto the floor in a messy pile on the floor of her queen-size. She changed into something she would wear on a night out with Claire. Pulling a tight black miniskirt over her large ass she turned to the side as she looked at herself in the mirror. It was perhaps too small…if she bent over without squatting, she would expose the bottom of her ass to anyone behind her. Underneath she had pulled on black lace underwear. “Not like I’m gonna be taking them off.” She huffed disappointedly as she searched her wardrobe for something to put over her impressively crafted upper body.

Ruffling through what seemed like a bottomless drawer, Alanah eventually decided on a tight black crop top, exposing her midriff and wide hips while giving her heavy bust support; not to mention the fantastic cleavage which she was well known for across the club scene. After pulling her silky red hair back into a high, tight ponytail she moved to her makeup desk and began perfecting herself. It seemed like hours, applying the right amount of blush to give a little ataşehir escort colour to her already beautiful features, shadowing her eyes and painting mascara over her lashes…She capped off her look by rubbing a bright pink lipstick across her pouty, glossy lips. She popped them with a loud kissing *MWAH* and smiled to herself.

*At least I can get the satisfaction of his perverted face before I leave…*

She lingered for a while, scrolling through her phone whilst texting with Claire regarding where they were meeting; They eventually decided to meet inside the club, and the last one there had to buy the nights drinks.

She then heard the muffled pitter patter of feet walking across the wooden flooring outside her room. Her excitement grew exponentially. *About fucking time bro… I hoped I didn’t have to wait long.* She shot up from her cushioned chair and grasped two things: A pair of black fabriced high heels and a leather jacket which she hooked under one arm.

My heart sank as I heard the slight creek and whine of her door opening up. I had pretended not to hear; without thinking I took the carton of orange juice and pulled it out of the fridge. With a long gulping swig, I drank from the sweet tasting beverage, perfect for a warm summer’s night like this… Seconds passed and I heard no movement toward the door.

Curiosity overcame my annoyed mood. I looked over at Alanah from the side of my eye. I gasped, which caused me to cough and splutter as juice clogged my throat. She looked stunning. That tight skirt that barely covered her ass, exposing those creamy thighs, that bright red hair that gave a cute edge to an overall suggestive outfit. I tried to hold back the coughs in attempt to hide the embarrassing action, eyes constantly checking her out over and over and over again.

Then the imagery appeared in my mind. Alanah on my bed, on all fours. Arching her back so deep it was a wonder her spine wasn’t broken. My hand was tightly wrapped around her ponytail, pulling her back as I ploughed into her tight cunt at full force, with her thick bubble butt clapping on my pelvis with each manic thrust.

The blood had started to move, draining from by body into the cock which drove her insane. I couldn’t stop it, and before long, it was running down my leg to the point where the left leg of my underwear couldn’t hold its size.

Alanah tried to hold back a smirk, causing the end of her mouth to tilt up she sucked on her thick lip to bite down upon it. She gave me a levelled stare “What’s up bro? Has the juice gone bad?” Her words dripped with sarcasm. I could tell even when trying to clear my pipes of juice with hard coughs. She took a few steps forward, doing a partial runway model strut to help accentuate her hips. She was holding back the glee toward my reaction, if her outfit was causing this much of a reaction, she wondered what would happen if she actually managed to get him into bed with her.

“No. Just drank too much.” I said quickly as I capped the juice carton with my swift and masterful fingers. I coughed a few more times before slamming the carton in the fridge and shutting it firmly. Turning to face her I noticed her sucking on her glossy red lip; the clop of her heels clicking on the wooden floor throughout the quiet apartment. The fabric of my crotch twitched, I liked what I saw.

“So, another day another man? another seven-foot jock?” I said rhetorically with a scoff. There was a hit of jealousy in my voice, I think everyone would be jealous of a guy who gets to have Alanah as arm candy even if it was just a night. “Do any of these guys ever get a second chance with you? Or maybe they don’t come back because you’re all style and no substance…”

In retort, she closed her eyes and breathed heavily though her nose. *Cold bro. If I didn’t want your dick in me right now you would be so far out the fucking door…*

She leaned up against the wall and crossed her arms across her large chest. She made it a point to squeeze her girls together to push them up, dangerously close to reaching the limits of her top. “No. Actually, I’m going out with Claire…” Her eyes went hunting, moving to catch glimpses of my bulging shaft that made her tingle uncontrollably. She was a mess, and hiding it very well.

“I’m insulted bro. They all have a chance! and you would know, Mister ‘I’m too busy to fuck girls'” She giggled as she teased, her old malice was replaced with casual flirting. “Sadly, most guys don’t…measure up to my *huge* standards” She caught another glimpse of my crotch; seeing the bulge starting to form down my left leg. Her body warmed up, her heart racing as blood pumped around her perfect body *Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…Oh boy…Keep calm Alanah, you might actually do this!*

I muttered under my breath so she couldn’t hear, regarding how she was obviously lying about meeting this Claire girl…she was defiantly getting fucked tonight, by some douche kadıköy escort bayan who spent more time at the gym than he did at home. Maybe it was because she was so short it tuned her on, the height difference and how she could probably be thrown about and moved into different positions like a fuck toy.

“Don’t measure up…Yeah right. You know what I think sis?” I said, moving my hand toward my underwear to pull at it as subtlety as I could; the tightness was getting uncomfortable, and I needed some sort of relief from the cage that was underwear. I step forward toward her, closer and closer while my gaze was fixed on Alanah’s chest, so compressed and thrown up so those huge things were practically spilling out of that low-cut top.

She gave that look of mischief she had across her face this morning. Raising a brow up at me as I spoke, she followed my hand with her eyes. Her lips parted, mouth hanging open. She won. She knew exactly what to do now. Looking up at me with a look of need she curled an alluring grin. I hadn’t seen a person look at me like that before, It was confusing to read.

“I think you’re just lying to me. I bet this ‘Claire’ girl is probably some guys who pay for all your needs before you select one who you think has the biggest dick. You’ll bring him back here and sleep with him…But I know that you’ll need a bigger fix, soon you’ll be known as the campus whore who would have anyone.” I was speaking more than thinking, I was shocked that I was saying such scathing things to her, where the fuck did all this confidence come from?

There was a short pause. Alanah looked up at me with a vacant expression. Her cheeks were blazing red. Then a coo emanated from her. “You’re right bro… I’m a fucking animal, aren’t I?” She slipped her back from the wall, and released her chest from her forearms. Her heels clicked as she took a few paces forward to meet me face to face. Her perfume was amazing, sweet, sexy and alluring all at once, I was frozen, unblinking as her aquamarine eyes put me in a trace like state.

“I guess I’m just looking for a man who can tame this little dick addict…someone who isn’t just going to say yes to me all the time…A man who can take control.” She started to slide her fingers up my bare arms, nibbling softly on her bottom lip as her eyes remained locked onto me. My throat dried up; I didn’t know what she was doing but I knew I wanted more of her touch. I was getting harder and harder, forming that clear thick bulge down my leg.

“Maybe a certain guy with a fucking massive…personality.” She couldn’t take it any longer, one hand made the dive for my left leg, digging her painted red nails into my meaty bulge. Her mind was filled with thousands of thoughts, gliding her hand up and down my pyjama leg in long soft strokes. “Yes…Yes…” An airy voice escaped her lips as her speed slowly increased back and forth on my cock.

Her actions made my mind explode, immediately waves of pleasure shot up my spine like a drug, I let out a moan, such a graceful and well learned act, even though my pyjamas it was amazing. Instincts began to kick in, my hand drifted forward to grasp at my step-sisters hips, softly pulling her into me so close that her chest compressed against mine, throwing those massive tits up against herself. One hand slid past her wide hips onto the smooth fabric of her skirt, that deep horny monster inside me barked orders to follow through, gripping the hem of her short skirt I pulled it up and over her thick ass, My warm hand started to grope her, squeezing it like a stress ball as she sped up her strokes that caused my precum to leak out of me like a broken tap. It felt better than I thought an ass would feel, my monster just showing how much I enjoyed her booty in my hand with a hefty throb that pulsed through the protruding vein over my shaft.

She felt the front of my pyjamas getting wet in her palm, knowing full well just how much cum was being held back inside me. She grinned as she felt my hand on her, letting a “Holy fuck…” out as she couldn’t comprehend my size and how firm I was being with her.

I bit down on my lip to stifle a heavy moan, each pump of her hand felt like heaven, and I didn’t want it to stop for a second. I wanted to say something, tell her how much I wanted it, “Alanah…” I started, staring into each other she quickly cut me off by standing on her tip toes to press her lips onto mine.

For the both of us, that spark of magic struck us like lightning bolts. I had never kissed a girl, and she had never kissed a guy which as much primal need. We moaned in our mouths; exchanging drops of saliva as the sounds of our smacking lips filled the darkening apartment. I tasted her breath on my tongue, then I felt her wriggling muscle push through to explore my mouth; I followed suit, making our tongues dance with each other; she was taking it slow, so my inexperience could keep up with her…

After a escort maltepe few moments she moved higher from my shaft to tug at the waist of my bottoms. She was just as desperate as I was to release my cock. “Don’t say anything bro… just relax, and follow my lead… You’ll be just fucking fine…” She spoke with a tone I had never heard before, a voice that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, fuck I never thought I would be so attracted to her as much as I was at this moment.

She grasped the waist of my bottoms along with my underwear she pulled down, lower and lower and lower as my wild pubic hair brushed on her wrist. Without feeling its rock-hard flesh, she could feel the heat emanating from it, inch after gloriously thick inch felt the cool air of the apartment, the fabric grinded on my deep purple head as she tugged my clothing down its full twelve inches. She yelped cutely as she felt it smack against one of her creamy thighs, the wet precum splashing onto her. Not being able to resist, she broke eye contact with me to look down. Her tiny hand wrapped partially around it, the weight was astounding, she felt she would defiantly feel it if I slapped it over her face. “Fucking hell…” She whispered down at my meat missile, now softly rubbing against her soft pale skin.

A shiver was sent up my body, knees growing weak under her soft and tender touch. “I-is it too small?” I asked with a slight worry in my voice, I was naive…My inexperience showing clearly to the sex addict.

Alanah delicately traced her fingertips up and down my thick dick, touching it like it was a sacred artifact that she was unworthy of holding. She let out a cute giggle as her eyes remained fixed on my leaking cock “No… It’s…well its…Let’s just say I think you belong with horses your so hung baby.” She curled her lips into a wide grin, and with a tight grip she started to pull on it up and down. Pushing and pulling on the tight skin, she felt each heavy pulse through the weight of it. Loud SHLICK noises began, as did the euphoric gasps.

My toes curled tightly, nails digging into the wood. “R-really? I’m huge?” I asked in clarification. She didn’t respond at first, transfixed on the difference of size between her hand and my cock, *How has he not gotten laid with a dick this big…I’ll make a man out of you bro…*

She looked back up to me, behind her pretty eyes were the yearns of her wanting to be played with. I certainly wasn’t good at reading girls, something which she was sure she will teach me, I wasn’t aware for her need to be picked up and tossed all around, pinned down and to be filled with my monster cock. “What did I say about talking stud? Let your big sis handle this…massive problem of yours.” She giggled and gave me a wink. She stepped back, clicking her heels on the floor with her grasp still tight on my cock. She was bringing her A-game with me; even though her mind was getting fuzzy from my smell, my perverted and hungry grip on my ass, and especially that cock!

She turned on her heels and started to lead me like a dog on a lead toward the living area of the apartment. Her ass was still exposed to me, those lace panties being swallowed by her booty as she swayed her hips. From this small moment without having to look at me her face turned from pure excitement to a hint of fear…*this thing could fucking kill me, how am I going to get him inside me? I don’t even have a condom big enough to fit him* She scoffed at herself, as if she was going to use protection…she was on the pill, even if my seed was as fertile as it was thick and volumous, it was worth the risk.

Alanah pushed me down onto the leather sofa, leaving no time to force my legs as far apart as she could. I looked up at her in awe, she was amazing…so commanding yet behind that dominance was a woman who needed to be tamed…as she said before…I was more than willing to tame her needs. My cock was solid and heavy, bending down at a slight angle thanks to its weight, size and width.

She kicked off her shoes and sent them across the room, her confidence was growing; determination ascending to the point where she was going to will herself to take me in her slutty mouth. This was in her element, where she thrived. She sank down onto her knees, eyes on me the entire time. “Don’t be sad if you cum quick…We’re going to have *so* much fun tonight stud.” Her voice was smooth and warm, pleading as she expressed her desire for me. With a small shimmy up closer to me she rested her huge tits on the edge of the sofa, allowing my hairy balls to rest on her cleavage. I was already glazed with a waterfall of precum, the taste was going to be pungent, something I hoped she liked.

Her eyes moved from me to my towering obelisk, from that angle it looked even bigger, her eyes gave a glazed look as her face moved instinctively toward it. Sliding her hands up the inside of my thighs, they both come to wrap around my hair covered base, giving it a firm squeeze that made me groan with pleasure. One slid up its entire twelve-inch length, as if she was milking me of my goo. Once she got to my sensitive, exposed head she pressed her forearm against my length, eyes widening in admiration for me “Oh hell yeah…”

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