Tamil Incest Family Ch. 02

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This story is sequel to the Tamil Incest story found in my home page.

Read the part one of the story to understand the scenario. The summary of the previous part is that Vijay Kumar fucked his stepmother, and stepsister and went

to Madras and became a rich man and Nadigar there. Sripriya, Vijaya Kumar’s stepsister stayed in Ban-galore, but without coming to any lime light and

with all her hard work and with the help of her studies, flourished in business and became millionaire women there. Sripriya gave birth to a beautiful boy child.

The father of the child: – None other than our Vijay Kumar. Sripiya named her son, Arun Kumar.

Arun Kumar grew up as a smart and handsome guy. But in spite of the situation he grew up, he had an ill feeling that his mother didn’t publicize his father’s name, not only to him but also even to the society. Sripriya kept Arun’s father’s name secret, but had a feeling of revenge deep inside her. So there is this guy, Arun, grown up as an illegitimate child into a handsome young man. Arun spent half his free time in the gym or in the swimming pool. All his hard work showed up.

At the same time, he noticed his mother was beautiful and sexy. He felt she is no ordinary woman. Apart from being beautiful she has managed to become a powerful women in the society. She looked damn sexy. She had sexy eyes, dark wavy hair that extended till her shoulders and a very curvaceous body. Most of the time she wore dresses that are sexy. She always wore sleeveless blouses and transparent saris. There is always lot of space at the back of her blouse. Her fair skin, which is always shiny with lotions, glittered like polished Japanese granite. She had a rose complexion. Even in the front of her blouse there is ample space for an enormous cleavage show. Her sari would stick to her body and she mostly wore body-fitting clothes. That would even at home and at nights, she wore transparent nightdresses and bathrobes that are glamorous.

Not that, just she dresses sexy but she looked very much young for her age and had a nice body. She had a perfect pair of boobs. They never seem to sag a bit, not even without any bras to hold. They looked even bigger because of the narrow waist she had. But the best part of her body is her butts. She had the sexiest shapely butts that any women would be jealous about. Apart from her juicy body, she had a striking personality. She did things in a damn sexy manner. The way she walks, made her beautiful boobs and butts shake in a wonderful manner.

All these things, made Arun, develop a crush on his own mother. He always wanted to hang around her and started ogling her whenever she is around. He tried to do things to impress her and he would always try to flatter her with his seductive speeches. But most of the time she would cut short his flirting speeches and move away. But, at time, he felt, she herself would dress sexily and would exhibit herself when she is around the house and would start a dialogue about her body beauty. Arun was confused. He couldn’t find what’s in his mothers mind.

He wanted to see more of her but he hadn’t got a bursa escort chance. He waited for such a chance. One day it happened. One fine Sunday day she came to his room in the afternoon, while he was reading a book and checked him out. He told her that he was done with the reading and that he was just going to watch some television in the den. He asked her whether she could join him to watch some movie. She said-

“Ok but let me take her bath first.”

Then she went into her room and he heard the door to the bathroom click shut.

He held his breath for a moment so that he might hear better.To ensure that his mother was in the bathroom before he ventured forth into her bedroom. Satisfied that she was, in fact, in the bathroom he advanced carefully into her bedroom. Scattered on the bed were her clothes, including her panties and bra. That she was now nude behind the door he had no doubt and his manhood reacted with youthful vigor. He picked up her bra and panties to inspect them. They were lacy white and offered forth the aroma of a woman. It slightly dazed him when he realized that he was sniffing his own mother’s underwear that she had just removed…He was that close to her…His pulse raced and his rod pulsated.

He approached the door carefully and in exactly the manner he had rehearsed in his mind. He had removed his shoes so that he would make no noise as he crossed the dark emerald carpet. He cautiously bent down and peered through the keyhole, which he knew was in a direct line from the tub.

He has to admit that he half expected the view to be blocked by his mother having draped a towel over the doorknob. But as he got closer to the keyhole he could see light through it and realized that there was no towel to obstruct his view.

He held his breath so as to not utter a sound. It seemed to him that his mother must be able to hear his heart as it pounded wildly and loudly in his chest. He carefully and discreetly peered through the keyhole and what he saw literally took his breath away. He supposes he wasn’t ready for the impact of seeing any woman, little less his mother, fully nude to his gaze. He remember it completely and fondly…and he remember its force. There was his mother standing completely nude for his eyes to see…slowly brushing her long auburn hair. His eyes went immediately to the dark triangle between her legs…she had a more lavish growth of hair between her legs than anything He had ever seen or imagined. If He thought that she was beautiful, the thickness and beauty of her pubic hair was her crowning jewel. It spread across her lower stomach and formed an almost perfect triangle except that it was slightly bowed at its top.

With difficulty his eyes moved upwards from that beautiful bush and gazed on her stomach, flat and taught. He could see her that her breasts were ample but not overly large. They were shaped like two halves of a watermelon but more beautiful than any melon he had ever seen. Her nipples were a shade of crimson pink and about the size of a quarter.

As he was watching, she put her brush down and slowly gazed at herself in the mirror while she bursa escort bayan ran her hands over her breast. Her right hand slowly massaged her left breast and fondled that lovely nipple. Her eyes closed and she sighed.

She slowly turned and walked toward the tub and upon reaching it slowly bent over to test the water with her hand. For the second time during this momentous experience his breath was taken from him…He could see that the luxuriant growth of auburn hair continued in its abundant fashion between her legs and all the way around her crack.

His throbbing rod could take no more and begged to be released from the confines of his pants. But he dared not because he knew what would happen if it were rescued from its confinement…he would have a puddle on the floor and a mess on the door…and that he couldn’t risk.

That he would come in my pants he himself didn’t expect…but the overwhelming stimulus of seeing his mother nude coupled with the strength of his long time dreams overcame the lack of physical stimulation and he exploded when his mother raised her right leg and placed it on the edge of the tub thereby giving me a complete and unrestricted view of the center of her womanhood…her pouting lips peered at me through that wild tangle of auburn hair.

It was more than he could contain…and it roared forth with such volcanic force and fury that it dazed me and he stood there convulsing with the aftershocks…He had never experienced an orgasm like that before in my life…and this without touching himself…

At that, he realized that it was time to leave…he had to clean himself up before his mother was finished…so having achieved his dream he slowly withdrew from her bedroom.

Later, as he was lying on the floor watching television he could hear his mother in her bedroom. She came into the den wearing a long bathrobe with her brown hair cascading down onto her shoulders…his thought returned to the auburn hair between her legs and he could feel the initial throbs of an erection…He rolled over onto his stomach to watch the television.

She sat down on the couch and crossed her legs…as she did so her robe fell partially open and I could see the lower part of her thighs.

“Did you like what you saw through the keyhole?” she asked nonchalantly.

He was stunned…how could she have known and if she knew why did she just parade around for me intentionally. Thoughts raced through his head but no answers came to his lips…the casual repartee was years away in his development and on this occasion he was simply speechless.

“I saw your shadow on the floor, under the door”, she said. “So did you like what you saw?”

About the only thing he could do was nod stupidly and mumble something about being sorry.

“Sorry mom, forgive me for that…”

“I know just how you feel,” she soothed, “I am deeply concerned about your sexual feelings exceeding their boundaries. But, well, I guess its to be expected…you’re growing up and are curious…I understand that,” she said, “And I guess I’m a bit flattered that you’d go to all that trouble to see escort bursa me with no clothes.”

He simply continued to nod witlessly.

“You still haven’t answered my question.”

“Uh, yeah…actually I think you are more beautiful than I imagined,” he finally had something to say.” He relaxed a bit then. “Much more beautiful. Beautiful than anything I have seen in this world!”

“Just beautiful?” he crossed her legs in a sexy manner and with a fishy look.

He was stunned again.

“Mom you are sexy even with your clothes on. But without them you look the sexiest.”

“Do you think of me just as an object of sex…”

“No mommy. I swear not. I love you mommy. You should have known how much I love you. I always want to be around you. I want to be in your sight and want to see you all time I could. I want to be loyal to you until I live and would even die if you want to…”

“All right.” She interrupted. “Could you prove your love towards me.”

“By all means mom. In any way you order me to…”

“And there is no return back after this?”

“No mom.” He said with at most confidence. “No turn backs.”

“I know your desires on me. I swear you if you fuck two sexy women and four girls of the famous family of nadigar Vijay Kumar, I will sure let you have me.”

Arun stumbled now. He couldn’t understand what his mother was saying.

What’s the relation between his desire towards his Mom and fucking some women from a family?

“I again assure you mom that I would even die for you if you ask me to mom, but I am afraid if I may ask the reason for it mom. Because, as far as I know, we don’t have any relation ship with nadigar Vijay Kumar or his family.”

“We have my son. We have.” She let a long sigh and continued.

“Arun, my dear boy, Vijay Kumar is my step father, my step brother and your father.”

Arun blinked.

“Is it all confusing?”, she asked.

He nodded.

“Arun, my father had two wives. Vijay Kumar was son of the first wife and myself daughter of the second wife. But this man fucked my mother and seduced me to his bed. Without knowing the relation, I loved him from my full heart. But after I came to know these things, he fled me away leaving you with me with all the wealth that should come to us. You became an illegitimate child because of him.”

“Now as a good son of mine, I want you to do the same thing your father did. I want you to fuck your fathers other wives and your stepsisters now. I assure you they would be the best fuck. Some of them have become celebrities now and some are leading normal married life with some businessmen. So I hope you wont get disappointed with the task.”

“Ok mom. I am not doing for any of those reasons. I am doing it for my mom. I would do this to show my love on you. I would come back to you after I have done the task successfully.”

” I would wait for you my son.”

“One more thing my dear Arun. I want you to take one photograph of each woman you are going to fuck while you are having intercourse with them. I want you to seduce each of them without knowing who you are.”

“Ok mom. Consider it done.”

Then they hugged each other. Before Arun tried to separate from her, she dragged him towards her again, and kissed tenderly on his lips.

“I love you son”

“I love you mom.”

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