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Taryn arrived right on time and entered the room. Amazing, truly amazing lady! Her smile radiated the room and her gorgeous blue eyes just sparkled. I felt as if I had known this woman all my life. Her hello kiss was soft and sensual along with her warm hug told me I made the right decision to meet this new provider.

I took her coat and sweater to reveal a most amazing set of boobs any guy would adore. They were round and firm and most provocative. She showed an extreme amount of cleavage and the most lovely nipples showing through her very soft, cotton red top. I softly cupped her breasts that produced a small moan from her as we continued to kiss.

It wasn’t long before I just had to uncover her tits. I reached behind her head and pulled the red top over her head to expose her magnificent breasts. Her breasts were very round and stood proud with very large aureole’s, at least 2″- 3″ in diameter and nice erect nipples standing very proud. It was very evident Taryn was proud of her 38D mammaries as she smiled and seem to kiss even more lusciously once I saw them. My hands went immediately to them and palmed them softly. They were luscious and very supple and firm. I would go from a quick lick and suck of them back to kissing her. She seemed to love the attention to her breasts and nipples were getting as small moans continued from her.

I turned her around with her back to me and grasp her breasts again. I began kissing her neck as I palmed and kneaded her tits. She was softly moaning with each neck kiss.

I whispered to her, “Unbutton your jeans and finger yourself.”

She did as instructed and got her jeans opened, slide her right under her thing and began to enter her pussy with her finger. I let her play some with herself and then said,

“Now let me suck your finger.” She listened again as she brought her right hand to my mouth ataşehir escort where I sucked it clean.

” Now play with yourself again.” I instructed her once more. She dropped her hand to her pussy and dropped her hand to her belly where her hand slipped past her red and black thong into her slit. I let her play enough that her pelvis began to move very slightly. I could tell because having my cock was pressed into her backside.

I took her left and guided to my hard manhood where she grabbed it holding it against her butt as her right hand continued to play inside her womanhood. She was moaning a bit more now as I kissed her neck and continued my kneading of her tits and tweaking her nipples from time to time.

She kept fingering herself until I whispered another instruction, “Now lick your finger.”

She followed with raising her hand to her mouth and sucking her finger while she still held my cock as I continued my kissing and licking her neck.

I had to get her naked so I led her to the bed and told her we needed her clothes off. I helped her with her boots and slid her jeans off exposing her red and black thong which I quickly slipped off exposing a very nicely smoothly shaved pussy and love mound.

She lay back and we kissed a little with some soft stroking of her wonderful boobs. I couldn’t resist moving form one nipple to the other and back up again to kiss her. Her soft sensual kissing was mixed with some very nice DFK as I lay on top of her. It was all I could do to keep from covering up and plow into her, but her kisses, soft moans, soft supple body and the way she was moving kept me kissing and playing with her. I wanted this to last and she deserved more than just a quickie and that’s not my style anyway. The passion rose to more movement from both of us as our bodies seemed entwined and me teasing her with kadıköy escort bayan some dry humping.

My curiosity of the rest of her body was calling me as I couldn’t hold myself from exploring her lower body so slowly I inched my way down from her boobs to her tummy and belly button and to her love mound and that favorite folded area between her legs. A very nice sight indeed as my tongue traced her love mound and slid it’s way into that soft, moist and very lovely sweet spot.

Before I got her to worked up, I reached for the wedge love pillow and placed it under her pelvis raising her sweet spot just right for some very good DATY. As I opened her folds and found her clit, her moaning began. She moaned a few times and began to hold her breasts. As I began to suck on her clit more sounds came form her, not so much moans but more like a small yip or yell. I sucked her clit with some intervals of licking her nether region all over. She began to writhe ever slightly and raise her pelvis even more. I push a finger into her wet slit as my mouth devours her clit. Taryn now is raising and lowering her pelvis with each plunge of my finger. Her moaning and yipping continues as her womanhood gets my undivided attention. It isn’t long until I notice her moans and movements are in unison as her body straightens out and her first “O” begins. She shudders a bit as I just keep her devouring her, but not wanting to hurt her, as her sweet spot is super sensitive, so I let up on her and allow her to come down from her “O”.

I remove the wedge and crawl up to cuddle with her. She smiles and her pretty blue eyes sparkle giving me a most wonderful look of satisfaction. I begin kissing her again and softly caressing her. She responds with soft kisses and soft touching, driving me to want her even more. A few minutes pass, well maybe more than just a escort maltepe few, but none the less, our passion continued to rise once more when my libido couldn’t hold off any longer and I reached for a cover, I let her guide my manhood into her now very wet nether region and slowly slid past her folds and into her womanhood. She arched her back as I hit bottom as my nuts hit her bottom. She felt terrific inside as now she pushed up as I drove in and out of her. Our passion rose as the coupling of our bodies began to develop sweat between us making our movements even more erotic. Taking her arms I hold them above her head with one hand as the other palms her right tit. We kiss with more and more fervor as now I have her nipple between my thumb and for finger, still pounding her pussy. We continue to kiss and now exchanging tongues as I bottom out over and over inside her womanhood. Her moans heighten in intensity as her pelvis begins to clamp my shaft. Her eyes close and wraps her legs around mine. Her pushing up, gyrating and holding tight to me, doesn’t last long before I sense that special feel as the seminal fluid begins its trip to through my shaft and just as it exits my bulbous end and into the cover, Taryn shudders, arches her back, moans and yips as another “O” takes over her sensual, sweat covered body.

I slowly lower myself to her and kiss her softly. She was all smiles again. If you could bottle this smile of Taryn’s it would so wonderful. Her smile is so contagious. Her beautiful blue eyes just sparkle.

After some “getting to know you” chat I told her she couldn’t leave without a massage. I had prepared the oil before her arrival and it was a quick interlude before she was feeling a soft and very silky oil being rubbed all over her backside. I knead her skin everywhere and not miss a spot before I turn her over and begin her front side taking my time from her feet to her belly and then to those magnificent breasts of hers. I stayed there giving those beauties some extra attention, all the while continuing small talk between us.

It was a most wonderful time with Taryn and I’m sure I will see her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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