Tattooing Mom

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My name is Seth. I’m a typical American teenager living in Georgia. By typical, I mean that I’m kind of a nerd. I’m not cool and I don’t have a large circle of friends at school. My parents divorced when I was 7 and I’ve been living with my mom ever since. Her name is Rose and we have always had a very friendly relationship. My mom was the “cool mom” in the neighborhood. All the kids wanted to play at my house cause she made everyone feel like they could let loose a little without judgement. She would laugh and joke with us as we played and when we got older, she would tease and flirt (harmlessly) with the guys.

I have always had hobbies growing up. I built model cars and planes. I did the pine car races. I loved music. But my biggest hobby was drawing and art. I got to be quite good at it and I even sold some of my work at a craft fair or two. Once I hit my late teens, I started to develop an interest in tattoos. I didn’t want to get any. I wanted to be the tattoo artist. I would pore over tattoo magazines and look at designs on the internet.

For my 18th birthday, mom got me a beginner’s tattoo kit. It came with a couple of tattoo machines and some needles and ink. I was thrilled. I thanked her over and over. She just smiled and made me to promise to give her a free tattoo when I was a famous artist. Of course, I agreed.

Let me pause here to describe my mother. At 36 years old, my mom was what most guys would consider a “MILF”. She was very pretty, with shoulder length hair, a slim waist, curvy hips and impressive boobs. I never really looked at her in any way other than as a mom, but we both had a flirty sense of humor. We would often joke around and the double entendres would fly back and forth.

For the first 6 months after I got my tattoo kit, I practiced a lot. I watched internet videos and read all I could find. I practiced on fake skin. I even got some of my friends to let me practice on them. There are a few amateurish tattoos floating around my town, thanks to me. But eventually, I began to develop a style and grew confident in my abilities. I began to move away from the usual tattoo flash and began to draw my own designs. I even got to tattoo one of them on Casey, who was the hottest cheerleader at school. She let me do a small tribal bear on her left butt cheek. Man, I thought that it couldn’t get any better than that!

One night, about 9 months after getting my kit, mom and I were sitting around watching TV. During a commercial break she asked me how the tattooing was going. I told her that I was enjoying the hell out of it and told her about some of my better designs. She wanted to see some of them so I got the photo album of my work out to show her. As we sat next to each and flipped through the pages, she remarked on how much I improved from my earlier work. I thanked her and told her that it was just from practice. After we finished the album, she asked if I would do a tattoo on her. I immediately agreed and asked what she had in mind. She said something small and unobtrusive. I made a few suggestions that I thought she might like and we settled on a cute skull design. I told her I would draw something up and we could do it this coming Saturday. She agreed.

For the next two days I drew and redrew a design for her. When Saturday came I presented it to her for approval. She loved it! I asked her where she wanted it and she said that she wanted it someplace where people wouldn’t see it. She pointed to a spot on her left boob, and said to put it there. I pretended to be shocked and joked that people might think she was a loose woman.

“Well, I never” she replied with mock indignation. I said that she did at least once as I was living proof of that. We laughed and I started setting up my gear.

We sat at the kitchen table and she took off her shirt, leaving her bra on. I told her that she would have to either remove the bra as well, or at least uncover the one breast. She pulled the strap down from her bursa escort left shoulder and exposed a beautiful D cup boob. At this point, I went into “professional tattoo artist mode” and started placing the stencil. I tried to avoid handling her breast as much as possible, but I was going to have to manipulate it to do the actual tattoo.

Mom asked me the usual questions about whether it hurt, how to care for it, and the like. As we chatted about what to expect during and after the tattoo, I kept my attention on what I was doing.

“Here we go. Last chance to change your mind” I said as I picked up my tattoo machine.

“You’ve already seen my saggy boob. I need to get something out this for my embarrassment” She replied.

“Not to worry Mom. I’d stack your boobs up against any that I’ve seen. They’re Playboy magazine quality…without the staples” I joked.

I began to work on the tattoo. I had to move and stretch the skin of her boob as I worked and my hands were in constant contact with her breast and nipple. I worked at a steady, careful pace and soon the outline was done. I switched to a shader and went to grab her boob again. I noticed that her nipple was hard and her breathing had changed a bit. I initially took it to be a reaction to the pain of the tattoo needles, but soon I realized that my mom was becoming aroused. Her thighs were tensing and she started to bite her bottom lip as she watched my hands at work.

The realization of what was happening to her caused me to start to become excited as well. I started to get a hardon and prayed that she wouldn’t notice. I don’t know if she saw it or not, but listening to her breathing was making me as hard as I’d ever been.

All too soon, the tattoo was done. I sat back and admired my work. Mom let out a deep breath and looked down at her decorated tit.

“I love it! Thank you honey!” she gushed. I took out my phone and snapped a couple of shots of the tattoo. I also took one that included her face and her entire breast hanging out, but I didn’t show her that one. As mom left to go upstairs and clean up, I took a moment to compose myself and clean up my gear. About 10 minutes after she left the room, I carried my gear upstairs to put it away in my room. As I passed by my mom’s bedroom door, I heard a soft moan come from inside. I paused and listened and heard another moan. Was my mother playing with herself?

I immediately got hard again and quietly made my way to my room. I put my stuff away and sat on my bed. An image of my mom playing with herself sprang into my mind. My hand dropped to my rigid cock and I began to squeeze it through my pants. The sound of my mom’s moans replayed in my mind. I squeezed my cock again and then, without warning, I began to cum in my pants. I moaned aloud as my cock pumped out its sticky fluid.

After that, life went on normally. Mom and I still laughed and joked. I offered to rub lotion on her tattoo and she would laugh and say I should have gotten my fill of her boobs when I was a baby. I continued to practice my tattooing on anyone who would sit still long enough. I even began to charge a small fee for my work in order to pay for supplies.

My 19th birthday came and went. I dated a few girls, but nobody special. My mom dated a few times as well, but she just didn’t find the right guy. A month after my birthday, Mom was getting ready to celebrate hers. I had no idea what I was going to get for her, but one day she solved my dilemma. She came to me and said she had an idea of a present for her. She asked if I would be willing to do another tattoo for her.

“Do you want a skull on the other boob so you have a matched set?” I asked with a smile.

She laughed and said no. She wanted something particular across her abdomen.

“I want something that represents my name. I want some roses near my pubic hair. I want to call it my rosebush.”

I told her that I would design something special and unique bursa escort bayan for her.

A few days later, I showed her my design. It was a couple of roses stretching across her abdomen, facing away from each other. Sort of like a “tramp stamp”, but in the front. The stems would cross just over her pubic hair and then angle down either side towards her vagina. It was elaborate and required a lot of shading, but Mom exclaimed that she loved it. We decided to do the tattoo the next day, which was the day before her birthday.

The next evening, when Mom came home from work, I had everything set up in the living room. Because of the placement of this tattoo, she would have to be laying down for me to do it. Mom looked at my setup and said she would change and she’d be right down.

As I waited, I kept replaying our last tattoo session in my mind. I’m sure I embellished it a bit over the months, but it still had the power to excite me greatly. Mom came down the stairs in loose shorts and a t-shirt. I went over the placement of the design with her and asked her to lower her shorts so that I could make sure that it would fit properly. As she lowered the shorts to her hips, her pubic hair came into view. Oops, I hadn’t counted on that. I told her that she would have to shave before I could place the tattoo. I couldn’t tattoo through her hair. I said it would be like riding a pogo stick through a cornfield. She laughed and said ok. She said to give her 15 minutes and she would be back.

When she returned, her face was a little flushed. It looked like she had taken a quick shower before returning. She certainly smelled fresh and clean. She took her place in front of me, took a deep breath and lowered her shorts. Her mons came into view and I felt my mouth go dry. It was beautiful and perfectly formed.

I must have been staring because she asked me if it was alright.

Beautiful”, I whispered.

Mom blushed and pushed her shorts all the way off. I grabbed the tattoo transfer lotion and squeezed it onto her abdomen. As I spread the lotion across the area, I felt her shudder. I positioned the stencil and smoothed it onto her skin. My fingers moved smoothly over her freshly shaved pubic area and down each side of her vulva. I could feel the heat coming off her in waves. Once the stencil was set, I removed the transfer paper and asked her to take a look.

“I see what you mean about the hair. Those stems cross each right in the middle of where it was”, She said. “But that looks really sexy. I may have to keep it shaved”

“Well, I DO offer a shaving service…for a small fee”, I joked. She gave me a strange look and then proceeded to lie on the couch. I got myself ready and leaned over her. I started to do the outline on the side furthest away from me. As I worked, I had to stretch the skin with my fingers. Everything was going smoothly. Mom and I kept up a light banter as I worked. But as I began to outline the stems where then went down over her vulva, Mom fell quiet. I was moving slowly and I couldn’t help putting my fingers all over her pussy. I began to notice an intoxicating smell. My mother was becoming aroused again. I asked her to spread her thighs a bit so that I could work on the furthest part of the stem. She spread her legs and placed one leg on the back of the couch. Now her entire pussy was exposed to my gaze. I could see the wetness beginning to form between her lips.

My mother had a beautiful pussy. Her outer lips were prominent and her inner labia were just peeking out between them. As I moved the skin around, they began to open up like a flower. I continued to work, but found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on what I was doing. Her breathing was also increasing in intensity.

As I was working on the end of the furthest most stem, I pulled the skin with my thumb. As I did, it slipped out and my thumb ended up directly on her clit. My mother gasped and as I lifted the needle off her escort bursa skin, her hips came up in an involuntary thrusting motion. Without thinking about what I was doing, I slid my thumb down over her clit and into the wetness leaking from her pussy. I glanced at Mom’s face and saw that her eyes were closed and she was biting her knuckle to try to stifle her moans.

Then, as if I pressed a button, her body began to shake and she flooded my hand with wetness. A moan escaped her lips as my mother’s orgasm washed over her. She vibrated and jerked as I moved my thumb back up to her clit. For several seconds my mother was trapped in the throes of an intense orgasm. When she came back to earth, she looked at me sheepishly. I’m sure I was blushing bright red.

I bent back to my work and soon finished the outline. I asked if she’d like to take a break and she agreed. I moved out of the way so she could get up from the couch.

When she sat up, she looked directly at the bulge my hardon was creating in my shorts. Then, without a word, she got up and walked upstairs. As soon as she did, I made a beeline for the downstairs bathroom and locked the door. The sight, sound, and smell of my own mother cumming was flooding my head. I freed my cock from my shorts and with only a couple of strokes, I was cumming hard.

I took a few moments to clean myself up and get composed. When I came out of the bathroom, my mom was sitting on the couch.

“How much longer before it’s done?” she asked me. I told her that all that was left was the coloring and shading. It would take about an hour more. She nodded and lay back on the couch again. I took my seat and we continued.

The rest of the session went smoothly. The tension that had been hanging in the air was gone, and we talked and joked as I finished the work. I could see that she was still very wet and aroused, but we kept on going.

Finally, the tattoo was done. I told her to take a look and let me know how she liked it. As she was inspecting my work, I got out the aftercare lotion to spread on it. Mom declared it to be perfect and said that she absolutely loved it. I smiled and applied the lotion. When I was done, Mom said that we should talk. I thought she was going to be mad at me for what happened, and I felt my nervousness rise.

“We should talk about…what just happened”, she began. “I know that you don’t date much. And since your father and I split, I just haven’t found anyone that I connected well with. So, both of us have been feeling a lot of…sexual tension…lately.”

I began to apologize but she cut me off.

“No, what happened didn’t upset me,” she went on. “I just want you to understand that this was an isolated incident. After today, this can’t happen again.”

As I was thinking about what she was saying, she reached out and placed her hand on my cock, which had gotten hard again.

“I want to do this, but I don’t want you to think badly of me,” She stated.

Mom unzipped my shorts and before I could react, she had wrapped her hand around my hard cock and began to stroke me. I groaned loudly and closed my eyes. I felt her shifting around and a moment later, my cock was enveloped in her warm, wet mouth. She began to give me a blowjob like none I had ever experienced before. She was amazing. In only a few minutes I began to feel the familiar sensation in my balls.

“Mom, I’m gonna…” I started to say.

“Shhh,” She replied. “Just let it happen”

She returned to sucking my cock. I leaned back and just let go. My cock got super hard and all my muscles tensed up. Then…explosion! My cum gushed out of my cock into her mouth. Mom held the tip inside and began swallowing. The sensation of cumming in my mother’s mouth was exquisite. My hips jerked involuntarily as the pleasurable sensations overwhelmed me. My head was exploding like a 4th of July firework and my breathing was coming in gasps.

All too soon, it was over. Mom took her mouth off of me and I sat there panting. Mom took a swig of water and handed me the bottle. I shakily raised it to my lips and took a drink. That seemed to settle me a bit and I looked at her.

“Thank you sweetie. I love my tattoo.”

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