Taylor Ch. 02

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Taylor and Chelsea didn’t speak for over 24 hours. Chelsea had come back on Thursday evening and found Taylor asleep on the floor, her jeans and pillow still a little damp. She quietly unlocked Taylor’s closet and left for dinner and to hang out with friends.

Taylor woke up not long after, realized her closet was unlocked, and took a shower and changed into a dry pair of jeans, a tank top that was just a lttle too short to cover her entire midriff, and a cardigan before leaving for the student center. She didn’t really feel like hanging out with anybody, so she just sat alone and watched TV on her phone. She especially didn’t want to see Chelsea after the events of that day, so she stayed there until she thought Chelsea would be in bed before going back to their room.

On Friday morning, Taylor woke up early and got out of there before Chelsea was awake. She came back late in the morning, and figured she would stay there, as awkward as it might be, and face Chelsea whenever she came back. It just so happened that was around 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

“Hi there,” Chelsea said cheerfully as she entered the room. Taylor just looked up and muttered at her.

“So, I was thinking,” Chelsea said “do you want to go to a party with me tonight?” Taylor looked at her, dumbfounded. The two girls weren’t exactly friends. They had different social circles and Chelsea had never even offered to have lunch with Taylor, much less invite her to a party.

“A party? Why would I go to a party with you? After what happened yesterday?” Taylor asked, puzzled.

“Well I just thought – you know – we don’t have to be awkward around each other or anything, you know? It might be fun and we could hang.”

“I mean,” Taylor rephrased, “if you think I’m such a nasty skank, why invite me to a party? And for that matter, why didn’t you – why didn’t you request a new roommate if you think I’m so nasty? Why didn’t you request a new roommate after you caught me the first time?”

“Probably the same reason you didn’t request one,” Chelsea answered with mystifying rhetoric.

“And why would that be?” Taylor asked.

“Well, you tell me why you didn’t do it.”

“I just didn’t want to.”

“Why not, Taylor?”

“I don’t know.”

“I have a theory that – you didn’t request one because in some sick way you enjoy being humiliated and pushed around and such,” Chelsea said finally. “And maybe I like doing it to you in some twisted way. Just a theory, you know.”

“Yeah,” Taylor replied. “That’s exactly what I look for in a roommate – someone to bully me,” she said sarcastically.

“Not like that,” Chelsea said. Slowly, Chelsea started to peel back her layers as if she were an onion. “Back in high school, I was like, the most popular girl. All four years. I got the best looking guys, I went to the best parties, you know. And I’m not trying to brag or anything – I’m just being honest. That’s who I was. And do you know what the problem is with being that girl?” All my ‘friends’, Chelsea said using air quotes, “all of them want to be me.”

“So they are all trying to stab me in the back, to take my place on the top of the pyramid or whatever. And we are in constant competition, for everything. Awards, guys, looks, everything. I guess what I liked – and still like – about having you here is that you’re not somebody I have to compete with.”

Taylor just looked at her. “You mean because I’m broke and you think I’m ugly?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. I just mean that we are always going to want different things. Different guys, different friends. Looks-wise, we are just two different types. Some guys are always going to go for your type and other guys are always going to go for mine. We just aren’t really competing for much, that’s all.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s true.” She was a little bewildered but began to trust Chelsea just enough to give her a chance.

“Anyway,” Chelsea went on. “About this party. Maybe I should sweeten the pot a little. Remember that video I took of you yesterday? That one where you are begging me to piss on your face? The one that I haven’t shown to a single person yet?”

“You haven’t?” Taylor asked, surprised.

“Nope. And I promise not to show it to the whole campus if you do two things for me. First, come to the party tonight. And second, wear that top you were wearing yesterday. You know, the cropped one? I actually went ahead and washed it for you.”

Taylor looked up at Chelsea. “Maybe she’s not all bad,” she thought, “although if that were completely true she wouldn’t be blackmailing me into going to a party dressed like a whore.” Taylor thought about it briefly, but that top would just be too much, she decided.

“Chelsea! I can’t wear that!” Taylor protested. “It’s too -” she began, her voice trailing off.

“Too what?”

“I’m going to look like a total slut!”

“Then why do you even have it? Just so you can sit around and piss yourself in it?” Chelsea began to raise her voice at Taylor, and Taylor returned fire, bursa escort briefly anyway.

“No! I – I got it right before I went to college, thinking I’d have the courage to wear it out, but I guess – I guess the reality of walking down the street with that much flesh exposed – I never – I just couldn’t ever bring myself to do it. Everybody would think I am a total slut!”

“Are you serious?” Chelsea said with a semi-disgusted look. She wasn’t having any of Taylor’s bullshit explanation.

“Yeah, I mean – we’ll, you saw me – I mean, I look like I’m begging to be raped in that! It’s too revealing!”

“Ok, Taylor. For one thing, it’s 2019! We as women have come way too far in this anti-slut shaming campaign to not wear what we like and what we want and what makes us fee good about ourselves because men think we are sluts. And – by the way, weren’t you planning on wearing that top out somewhere when you bought it? I mean, certainly you didn’t buy it just to lay in bed and piss yourself all day, did you?”

“No – I didn’t. I mean, I wanted to wear it somewhere, that’s – when I bought it, I mean. I like the way I look in it. It makes me feel sexy. It’s a little too revealing to be simply flirty or trendy, you know? But I guess I never got the courage to wear it anywhere.”

“Ok, well, that ends now, Taylor. Think about it – this is the perfect opportunity. A party. And me and my friends will be dressed in clothing that is almost as revealing as that top. And I mean – if you’re going to wear that, it has to be to a party or something – I mean, you aren’t wearing it to class, that’s for sure, right? And – oh, yeah, I won’t show the whole school the video of you begging, and begging for more of my piss on your face. Sound good?”

Taylor knew there was really no way out. She looked down and thought for a moment before she nodded at the floor, then looked up at Chelsea and said “okay.”

“That’s what I thought,” said Chelsea. “We’ll leave at nine. And – how about this – be here at 8:30, and I’ll do your makeup, okay?”

“Makeup?” Asked Taylor. It really wasn’t something she used much of at all.

“Yeah. Like I basically said before, you’d be kind of attractive if you tried. Let’s try just a little, okay?”

“Okay,” Taylor said. She wondered what had come over Chelsea, but clearly she had no idea what Chelsea had in mind for that evening.

Taylor presented herself to Chelsea at precisely 8:30, wearing the top Chelsea had instructed her to wear along with a pair of tight, mid-rise jeans. “Okay, I’m ready, I guess,” she said.

“Not quite – you still need some makeup,” Chelsea said, smiling. As Taylor sat and watched in awe, Chelsea applied foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, lip staiand a small amount of blush.

“Wow,” Taylor said after Chelsea had finished.

“I know! You actually look kind of hot!”

“Yeah, I do,” Taylor admitted. “And I look like a complete cock tease!”

“Welcome to the club,” Chelsea said. It was true – she wasn’t exactly modestly dressed either, wearing a top that was so low cut her bellybutton was almost exposed in the “v” of her top. It had only strings for a back, and she wore tight, low-rise leather pants that left a couple inches of the bottom her stomach and her pelvic bones exposed.

“Yeah, but you’re used to it. I’ve never gone out in anything this slutty.”

“Too late to change your mind now,” Chelsea said. “Besides, remember our deal?”

Taylor sighed. It was true. There was no way she was going to let Chelsea show that video all over campus, and if dressing like a slut for one party would keep her from doing it, she really didn’t have a choice. She picked up her small handbag, crossing her arms so that the bag hung in front of her stomach. It was really the only thing she could do to feel the slightest bit comfortable in that outfit.

Taylor followed Chelsea out the door and outside. There, near a bench, were Chelsea’s friends, waiting for them.

“Chelsea!” One shrieked, and half-ran in her heels to Chelsea and gave her a hug. “Oh my god, you look amazing! Oh, who’s this?” The girl asked.

“Oh, this is my roommate, Taylor. You remember her, right?”

“Not really,” the girl said, turning up her nose.

“Yeah, we put some makeup on her,” Chelsea replied.

“Oh, that girl?” Chelsea’s friend said, surprised. “Yeah, she actually looks decent with makeup. Who knew?” It was as if Taylor wasn’t even standing there.

“Oh, I’m Olivia, by the way,” the girl said.

“Hi, I’m Avery,” said the other friend, obviously the quieter of the two. Nicer too Taylor thought in an instant.

Avery was thin, dark brunette, a little on the tall side, and tan. She probably had B-cup breasts, and they were obscured by a cropped sweater that showed off about six inches of her stomach. Her navel was pierced, whereas Olivia’s was not. Clearly, Avery was dressed to show off the best parts of her body. Her long legs were barely covered by a short black ruffle mini skirt.

Olivia was a little shorter, görükle escort with a balayage curled hairstyle, although nobody really knew what her natural hair color was anymore. She was probably 140 pounds, and she likewise knew what parts of her body to show off. She had a short cropped pink tank top and a pair of high waisted shorts that showed a larger portion of her rear than she should have been comfortable with.

The four girls walked off campus and headed north, with Olivia and Chelsea doing most of the talking and Avery chiming in every once in a while. Taylor didn’t say much at all. For one thing, The was nervous – her whole stomach was out and she felt like a cheap slut.

She kept looking around. “That guy is staring at me,” she observed. “Did I just hear someone whistle?” Of course, it wasn’t just her, it was all four of them, but she wasn’t used to any of this.

“So where is this party?” Taylor asked finally during a break in the conversation.

“Well, we – we’re going to Olivia’s place for now,” Chelsea said.

“Oh, okay,” Taylor said, feeling that she was supposed to be satisfied with the answer regardless of the fact that she had no idea where Olivia lived.

“The dumb slut,” Chelsea thought to herself. She has no idea where Olivia lives. She’s too either too stupid or too afraid to ask. Probably afraid.”

Taylor didn’t have to wait long. The four girls arrived there within a couple of minutes, and Olivia let them in. It was a two story white house, and Olivia was renting the first floor. It didn’t appear that she had a roommate; somehow she had a two bedroom apartment all to herself.

“Glass of wine, anyone?” Olivia asked as they sat down on her couch. Taylor occupied a chair off to the side. The other two girls eagerly accepted her offer.

“I, um – no thanks,” Taylor said.

“Come on, Taylor, a little alcohol never hurt anybody!” Chelsea egged her on.

“Yeah, I – maybe – if you have any beer, I could go for a beer,” Taylor responded.

“Oh, sorry,” Olivia said. “I usually don’t keep it around. The guys usually bring it over if they want it.

“How about vodka and cranberry?” Chelsea asked.

“Sure,” Taylor said.

A few minutes later, Olivia emerged with two glasses of wine for Chelsea and Avery, and then two glasses with a dark red beverage for herself and Taylor. She handed a glass to Taylor, and she took a sip.

“Wow, this is a little strong,” she said, laughing. “Thanks.” She sat nervously and sipped her drink, listening to the girls talk about who was dating who and catching up on the college gossip.

“I heard she even took it up the ass!” Olivia said about another friend of hers. “Like, who does that? Anal? Ewww!”

“You can’t say shit like that, Liv!” Chelsea shot back. “You never know who’s sitting here who likes it, and now you’ve just offended them!”

“Who – oh!” Taylor felt Olivia’s gaze as she stared across the room.

“Not Taylor,” Chelsea retorted.

“Who, then, you?” Olivia snapped back.

“Me,” Avery finally spoke up. “I just – yeah, I mean, not constantly, but every once in a while, it’s – nice.”

“Wow, nasty. Sorry, I am never doing that,” Olivia said.

“It’s okay, Avery, I don’t think it’s a big deal,” Chelsea said.

“Not a big deal? Here, why don’t we break the tie. Let’s ask Taylor what she thinks. Oh, shit, Taylor, you need another drink, you’re all out. Then we can ask you.” Olivia quickly disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a drink, which she handed to Taylor. She took a sip.

“Wow, this one is even stronger,” she said.

“Yeah. So anyway, what do you think of anal?”

“I’ve honestly never tried it,” she responded. “But I wouldn’t be grossed out by it or anything. You know, I mean, if a guy wanted to do it, I would try it and see.” The girls looked at Taylor, who took another sip. It really felt nice to be included in the conversation and asked a question like that, the thought.

“You know what is gross, though?” Chelsea piped up again. “Taylor, why don’t you tell the girls what I caught you doing a couple days ago?”

Taylor’s heart leapt into her throat. She couldn’t possibly! How did Chelsea go so quickly from defending one sexual proclivity to bashing another?

“Chelsea! No!” Taylor sipped her drink nervously, standing up and sitting down. “No, no, no,” she thought. Honestly, she thought about just leaving, but then she remembered the deal she had made with Chelsea, and decided to stay.

Chelsea, meanwhile, pulled the belt from a couple days ago out of her bag. She approached Taylor with it. “Get down on your knees,” she ordered.

“Chelsea – Why? Why are you doing this?!”

“Because if you don’t I’m going to show them the video,” Chelsea whispered into Taylor’s ear.

“You promised! You promised not to!” Taylor was dumbfounded – so much so, in fact, that she stood there frozen while Chelsea fastened the belt around her elbows, behind her back. “No, no, no!” Taylor thought escort bayan to herself. Her emotions were swirling. She had to find a way to get out of this mess.

“Do you listen? I only promised not to show the whole school. I didn’t say anything about not showing a couple friends!” Chelsea looked at her prey, smiling a smile that was more evil than innocent.

Taylor froze again. It was perfect timing. Chelsea whispered into Taylor’s ear again.

“Get on your knees if you don’t want them to see it!” Taylor had no choice. Her arms were hooked together behind her back. The other two girls just sat and watched, amused.

“Of course she doesn’t have an issue with anal!” Olivia shouted out. “She likes being tied up!” Avery laughed a little.

“Girls, I have something I want to show you,” Chelsea blurted our. “Believe it or not, Taylor here is a dirty little piss slut.”

“Chelsea!” Taylor shouted. She was mortified. She hung her head in disbelief, unable to even think. Never before had she been humiliated like this. All she wanted was to touch her pussy through a pair of piss-soaked jeans, but now her deepest, darkest, secret was being shared with two girls she had just met.

“It’s true, isn’t it?” Asked Chelsea. “Deny it, and they see the video!”

“Ohhh, there’s a video?” Olivia asked, enticed.

“Chelsea, stop!”

“Yeah, she begs me to piss all over her face.”

“Fuck! Chelsea!” Taylor screamed.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” Chelsea asked. “You were begging for it a couple days ago. You know what? While I have you tied up again I think I just want to see you beg for it again. Since I should go before we go out and all anyway.”

“Chelsea! No! I’m telling you no! I don’t want this!”

“I think you do,” Chelsea said. She forced Taylor to her knees and dragged her across the floor to an open area. Taylor sat with her arms behind her, unable to stand or fight back.

“Tell me you want it. Beg for my piss,” Chelsea went on. Or I’ll show them the video of you begging for it and the second one of you masturbating to it!”

“What?!” Taylor asked.

“I was outside the door. You were fucking yourself begging me to turn you into a piss slut!”


“Taylor. Now. Say please, Chelsea, give me your piss. Show these girls what you are, what you are good for! I know how badly you want this anyway!” She was roughing Taylor a little, squeezing her face with her hand as she demeaned her.

Taylor looked around. Olivia and Avery looked on eagerly. “Do it!” Olivia chimed in. “No, I don’t want this. It was a one-time thing between me and Chelsea!” Taylor thought. “I do not want to be humiliated like this, oh God, why does she think she can treat me like this? Like I like it? I can’t do this!” As Taylor’s mind thought all these things, she looked up at Chelsea. She was lifting up her skirt. Oh, just the thought of her lowering her pantries, showering Taylor in her hot piss, in front of her friends, was – was Taylor actually enjoying this?

“Please, Chelsea, give me your piss,” Taylor said in complete betrayal of her own thoughts. “Why did I just say that?” She wondered. “I can’t possibly want this. Not here, not like this. Can I?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Chelsea said, smiling. “Ladies, watch how much she enjoys this!” Chelsea slid down her skirt and the thong she had underneath, down past her knees, without completely removing them. She pushed Taylor onto her back, turned around, and sat right on top of Taylor’s hips.

“Mmmmm” Chelsea moaned as she started to let go. Her back was turned to Taylor’s face as her warm piss ran down over the front of Taylor’s jeans, into the fabric, onto the skin of her lower abdomen. Olivia and Avery watched in disbelief.

“Okay, Chelsea,” Taylor whispered.

“You love this, don’t you?”

“Yes, piss on me, please, Chelsea!” Taylor was far too sexually awakened to make it stop now. “Chelsea, up higher, please, my face – my face!”

Chelsea turned around, stopping her stream briefly before starting again near Taylor’s breasts. Her feet were out in front of her, up past Taylor’s head now, as she sat as if she was about to start the crab walk and pissed on her roommate.

Taylor watched as Chelsea’s piss soaked her chest, drenching her floral crop top and pooling in between her breasts. Chelsea moved closer to Taylor’s face, and to Chelsea’s surprise, Taylor willingly opened her mouth, accepting a modest amount of the yellow liquid as if it were the tastiest of treats.

“What am I doing?!” Taylor wondered to herself. “Drinking piss in front of these girls!” Her head was so dizzy she could not stop herself. She opened her mouth, allowing Chelsea to piss inside, and swallowed.

“Oh, yes, drink it, you nasty slut!” Chelsea moaned at her roommate. She continued to piss on Taylor’s face, much to Taylor’s delight, soaking her face and her hair before she ran out. Chelsea stood up, wiping her dripping pussy on the bottom of Taylor’s pant leg, before pulling her skirt up.

“Who’s next,” Chelsea said, egging on her friends. “You know, I caught the bitch pissing herself in bed and decided to teach her a lesson,” Chelsea told her friends. “That’s how this all started. And then she couldn’t get enough.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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