Teacher’s Descent into Ecstasy

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He strolled into the classroom over twenty minutes late. Again. It was the last class of the week, a study hall for students taking the absolute minimum of classes to graduate. Most of the time he just skipped. He was repeating the Senior Year and at almost twenty years old was at least a year older than the other students.

“Mr. Manhorse, I will see you after class.” the teacher announced as he ambled to his seat in the back row.

“Whatever,” was the laconic reply. Sprawling into his seat, legs jutting out into the aisle, he seemed the very picture of indolent, uncaring youth. The sight just made the teacher even madder.

Probably just what he intended, the teacher thought to herself.

Ms. Catherine Carnale was only a few years older than the students she was supposed to supervise. With her fine, ash blonde hair, flawless porcelain skin and big blue eyes she looked younger than many of her students. She had graduated with an MS in Education just the previous spring. This was her first teaching job. She hated it. The kids had no ambition, she had no control of them and everyone knew it. And Richard Manhorse was the worst of the lot, she knew.

At the end of the period, the last period of the day, the student made as if to leave without stopping at the teacher’s desk as he had been instructed.

“MISTER Manhorse,” she rapped with all the authority she could muster. “I will see you NOW!”

“Okay, teach, whatever.” He approached the side of her desk.

“Today is not the first time that you have been late for this study hall,” she began. “Do you have anything to say?”

“Well, I’ve got an excuse, Ms. Carnale.” He made a point of reading her name plate as if he didn’t know her name.

“Oh, an excuse?” she replied. “Well I’d like to see this excuse.”

“Really? Well, okay.” He gave her a twisted smile as he spoke.

Slowly he reached down and unbuckled his belt. As the teacher gaped in shock, he unfastened his pants and slid his hand into his crotch.

“My God,” she gasped, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m just doing what you told me to. I’m showing you my excuse,” he replied. “Here it is!”

He twisted his wrist and out flopped his penis and testicles. As she stared in confusion and horror he gripped the meaty appendage and stretched it out in front of him. He could barely reach around it in it’s soft state and the head drooped off of his palm as he held it for her to look at.

“This is my excuse, Ms. Carnale. I’ve got the biggest, longest, thickest cock in the whole damn school and the girls won’t leave it alone! Today I got pulled into the janitor’s closet by the head cheerleader and she showed me how she earned her title!” He sneered down at the young teacher.

“Want to see how big it gets, Teach?”

She was too flustered to answer. No one had ever done anything like this before. She had had sex. It had been a sweaty wrestling match in the dark. She had never seen a man’s penis. Her boyfriend had not wanted the lights on when they made love.

She focused on his hands and saw that he was pulling on his penis which was gaining heft and size as she watched.

“NO! I don’t want to see how big it gets!” she declared.

“Oh, come on. Aren’t you just a little curious?” he asked.

As he spoke she put her hands up in front of her to ward off the rapidly hardening dick that was bouncing in front of her.

“Never,” she declared, “Get out of here you disgusting pig! I’ll report you to the Principal.” she threatened.

“Go ahead,” he replied. “She can’t take it all, anyway. Most women can’t. But she tried really, really hard!” His sneering voice held a great deal of pride. He smiled nastily at her while he kept up pulling on his penis.

Whether by accident or design, the head of his penis slapped against both of her palms before he took a half step back and tucked himself away. She could see the bulging tubular shape being held against his thigh by his tight pants before he turned and arrogantly strolled away.

After washing her hands in the Ladies Room she rushed to report what had happened to the Principal. But the older woman had already left the building. She knew Mr. Horseman had been lying when he said that he and the Principal had had carnal relations. The Principal, while in her mid-forties, was a very straight-laced woman. She would never have done anything with a student. No matter how endowed he might be.

Over the weekend she kept recalling the events of that Friday afternoon. Washing her hands repeatedly didn’t help. She could still smell him on her hands.

Over and over the sight ran thru her minds eye. Pulling out the soft but massive penis. ataşehir escort bayan His hand manipulating it, making it grow. And how quickly it had grown! If he truly had just been ‘serviced’ by the Head Cheerleader it had not satisfied him or he had remarkable recovery powers, she concluded.

He didn’t appear in class on Monday or Tuesday and Teacher was about to forget the whole thing when he arrived on Wednesday. On time!

With an arrogant look on his face he quietly sat in his usual seat in the back of the classroom.

The hour was passing as usual when she had to pass by him to get some papers from the filing cabinet in the back of the room.

Her path, innocently, was down the aisle next to his desk. As she approached she saw that his legs were blocking the aisle. As she slowed, intending to instruct him to sit up straight, she saw that his left hand was occupied stroking and manipulating his crotch and the thick log of his penis as it stretched down his pant leg toward his knee.

‘Eight inches!’ she thought to herself. ‘It’s at least eight inches long!’ She had never heard of such a thing. Never imagined anything like it.

She found that she had stopped and was staring at him. He was smiling placidly up at her, still working himself to harder and longer lengths. Was he staring at her chest? Her legs?

Finally she forced herself to look away and stepped over him to finish her errand. She took a different route to the front of the classroom.

As the students left for the day she saw that his crotch still bulged massively with his erection.

As she went to close the classroom door she heard him being greeted by the Head Cheerleader in the hall.

“Oh, Dick, is this all for me?” she asked teasingly.

“If you think you can handle it all, doll.” he replied.

“I’ll do my best,” she cooed as they walked away.

“Well, lets find an empty closet.” was the last that she heard.

Over the next week the Teacher was appalled to see Mr. Manhorse hook up with a different girl after class each day. And in class his behavior became more and more disgusting. From the front of the class she could see that he was playing with himself. His eyes always locked on her, he made no secret that he was kneading his big hard dick. His hands were busy in his crotch all period long. Each day he would be the last to leave. Often he paused by her desk to let others file out in front of him and allowing her to gaze at how his crotch bulged and throbbed with his erection.

To her shame she found that she was looking. She was watching him play with himself. She was looking at how hard he got and how big he was when he filed out of the classroom.

And later that week, as she walked to the back of the room, she paused by his desk. Without looking him in the eye she gazed at the long hard bulge that throbbed in his left pant leg. It was longer than she remembered. Closer to ten inches, she guessed.

She was focused on that sight so much that she was taken by surprise when he reached out with his ball point pen and flipped open the lapel of her blazer and pressed the pen directly upon her nipple!

A small gasp escaped her lips as she felt him press hard, the pen sinking into her breast. Sinking in thru the blouse and bra that she was wearing! She was so surprised that she didn’t think to step away. She stood stock still as he pushed harder and harder. Almost three inches of the pen was pressed deep into her breast!

He was surprised by how expansive her blouse was, by how well she filled it out. It really was packed!

“Nice,” her heard him say softly. “You are bigger than I thought!”

As embarrassed and ashamed as she felt she could also feel her heartbeat quicken as he continued to probe the minimizer bra that she always wore. Pressing here and there he pushed the pen deep into her breast flesh.

Wrenching herself away from him she stumbled back to her desk and tried to focus on paper work the rest of the period.

And then, at the end of the period he stopped at her desk.

“I think you can’t make up your mind about me. I’ll have to give you a chance to evaluate my abilities,” he told her. “Stay here.”

And he strode from the room.

She kept up on the paper work. She wasn’t waiting for him She had no interest in the arrogant teen with the big dick. Really, she didn’t!

But before she had finished going over the homework assignment for the second time he arrived back in the room. And he had brought someone with him.

“Teach, you know Pricilla, don’t you? Everyone calls her ‘Prissy’ which really isn’t accurate is it Prissy?”

“Oh, you know it isn’t, Dick,” she giggled.

“In fact, Prissy is about the easiest girl in twelfth grade. She’s an exhibitionist for starters. And she’s escort kadıöy got a kick-ass body at go with her easy going attitude.” He started to unbutton her blouse as he spoke and when he was done he flung it open to show the young girls bra. It was an extremely large bra for a young woman. The blouse slid to the floor unnoticed.

Dick cupped Prissy’s full right breast in his hand as he reached behind and undid the bra’s closures. The young couple was kissing as the bra slowly slid off her breasts and joined the blouse on the floor. Her hands were moving from his chest to his groin as they kept on kissing.

Pulling back for a moment, Dick used both hands to feel Prissy’s large firm titties.

“These are the best titties in school, right Prissy?” He teased her.

“You should know,” she retorted. “You’ve played with almost all of the titties in this school!”

“How big did you tell me they were?” He asked. He was glancing at the dumb struck teacher as he asked the question.

“Double E. Thirty Six Double E.” She shook her shoulders to make the breasts in question dance and shimmy on her chest. “42-26-38.” She was talking to the teacher. And her hands were freeing his rapidly hardening member.

“Are you sure this is okay?” she asked the young man while glancing at Ms. Carnale.

“”Yeah, Ms. Carnale doesn’t’ want to admit it but she’s really into this. She wants to see just how big I can get and how well I can treat a hot slut! And you’re about the hottest slut in school, aint’cha?”

“I am when I get to play with your huge dick, Dick!” She giggled as she finally extracted his growing member from his pants. Working together they managed to get his pants down to the floor.

Panting and moaning they kissed again.

To her horror, Ms. Carnale saw that Prissy was making his dick get bigger and bigger. Prissy sank to her knees and began to run her mouth up and down the fast hardening prick.

“God, I love this huge cock. I’ve never seen anything like it!” She grinned up at the young man before returning her mouth to the head of his dick. She sucked it in, moaning as she did so. Both the onlookers could hear sloppy wet sounds as Prissy showed off her oral skills.

Resting both hands on Prissy’s head, Dick was watching the teacher’s reaction.

“Think you can do better, Teach? Prissy really likes to give head. But there’s one thing she likes even better.” He was pulling the young girl to her feet as he spoke.

Picking her up he kissed her thoroughly before sitting her on the edge of the desk. Standing beside the couple the aghast teacher could see that his erect penis stretched up with it’s head resting between her 42 inch titties.

“Oh, please, please, put it in me,” Prissy moaned as she stretched across the desk.

“Well, now. That might be a problem,” he told the panting girl. “See, I like to play with your big titties. And I don’t have a free hand to put my big dick into you’re tight little pussy.” He looked puzzled for a moment.

“Say,” he declaimed, “I have an idea!” He turned to the teacher. “Why don’t YOU put it in? Just grab hold of that big dick and slide the head into Prissy. Be a doll, teach? Help her out, huh?” He was teasing her! He was mocking her! The arrogant bastard!

With out realizing what she was doing Catherine found herself stepping up to the couple. Reaching out with her left hand she grasped his dick about half way up the shaft.

It was too big for her to reach around. Hot! It was hot to the touch. And hard. Rock hard between her fingers she could feel it pulse and throb. She pressed down. It didn’t move.

Looking up at him in surprise, standing so close to him, she saw the look in his eyes.

“You’ll have to do better than that, Teach! This is a man’s cock. Not some tiny little kiddie dick, ya know!” His pride dripped from his voice.

Putting more effort into it, she was able to bend the shaft down and carefully slipped the dick head into the gushing pussy. She was pressed up tight against him as she looked down at the junction of their bodies. As she watched he shifted his hips, driving the first inch of his shaft into her eager cunt.

Prissy groaned in response. “So big, Dick. You’ve got such a big dick! Fuck me, stud! Make me come!” She was tossing her hips in all directions.

Smiling, Dick pushed his hips forward. Prissy gasped, moaned and begged for more.

Standing next to the arrogant stud, Catherine was still holding his dick in her left hand while pressing herself against his side. She could feel her breasts mashed against him.

Slowly he slid back and then, more quickly, slid back into Prissy who gasped again and again. He was moving faster now. He fed her another inch or two. There was still a lot left, Catherine saw. There were inches between maltepe escort Prissy’s widespread pussy lips and her tightly grasping hand. And there were all the inches that she was holding.

How big was this monster, she wondered? She had thought that ten inches was as big as he got when she had looked at him lounging in his seat. Now she knew that that could not have been the true extent of his cock. She wasn’t sure how much, how deep he had sunk into his partner but there was at least 8 inches left. Her old boy friend had been about 5 inches long. And skinny in comparison to this leviathan.

This was the largest dick she had ever imagined. And she was still holding it! She couldn’t seem to find the way to let it go. Her fingers wouldn’t let it go! It felt… it was so… her thoughts were confused. All she knew was that she was watching a young girl get the pounding of a life time here on her desk. In her classroom. By the most arrogant stud in school!

And he had the largest, longest, thickest dick. And she was still holding it! In fact, she was stroking it! She couldn’t believe it! Her tightly grasping fist was sliding up and down. Stroking between the root of his dick and the sopping wet pussy lips of the sluttiest girl in school!

He had never let go of Prissy’s boobs. He was still playing with the jiggling, shivering tits that were bouncing on Prissy’s chest. Pinching her nipples, squeezing, kneading the large mounds, he was working them over as hard as he could. And Prissy was loving it, judging by the moans and groans. And the way she kept gasping for “More, harder. Come on stud, fuck me and play with my big titties!”

Looking up at him, Catherine noticed that Dick was starting to sweat. A trickle ran down the side of his face. Without thinking she reached out with a long pointy tongue and lapped it up. Salty, it tasted good.

He had looked at her in surprise when she had licked his face but now he smiled at her.

“Having fun, blondie? he asked.

She didn’t respond, just kept moving her hand on his dick, holding herself tight agains his side while she watched the most exciting thing she’d ever seen. Prissy was gasping now. A flush was rising from her chest, up her neck and into her cheeks. Her eyes were closed while she moaned and gasped in pleasure.

“You like this, don’t you, Dick?” She knew the answer.

“Sure,” he gasped. He was really feeding the meat to Prissy now. There was barely room for her to grasp his dick as it shuttled back and forth. But it didn’t seem that Prissy was able to take any more of the huge pole.

“You like fucking a girl while another woman watches, don’t you, Dick?”

“Yeah, I do!” he told her.

“I like it, too,” she admitted. “I never did anything like this before. It’s exciting!”

She was whispering to him. Her lips close to his ear, he could feel her breath on his skin. Now her tongue flashed out to tease his ear.

“You know,” he remarked, “with you pressing up against me like this, you seem to be pretty well stacked, Teach. I like to feel you sliding yourself against me. I like to feel you running your hand up and down my cock while Prissy gets off on my big hard dick.” He was fucking the girl in front of him. But his attention was on the Teacher next to him.

She hadn’t realized it. But it was true. She was pushing herself against him while he worked. Her bent knee was rubbing against him. One hand was on his dick. The other was fondling his butt and occasionally dipping down to tease his ball sack.

She had no idea what had happened to her. One moment she was a member in good standing in the community. A Teacher. A role model for youth.

Now she was something else. A hot, horny woman who was taking part in a three way. Well, sort of, anyway.

“Mr. Manhorse,” she responded to his comment, “you have no idea how well stacked I am.” She let a little tease in her voice. “I don’t feel it’s right for me to be indiscreet while I’m here in school.”

“So, you’re stacked, huh?” He questioned her.

“Better than this little slut,” she jutted her chin at the oblivious girl who was going thru another orgasm. “I’m bigger than her. Probably bigger than anyone else in school. Believe me!”

“You’ll have to prove it, blondie! But not just now.”

Returning his attention to the climaxing girl on the desk he announced, “I’m going to cum, Prissy! I’m going to cum all over you!”

With a loud groan he pulled himself out of her grasping pussy and began to ejaculate across her body. Catherine kept stroking him, jacking him off, whacking him as fast and as hard as she could. Spurt after spurt shot out. Cum landed on Prissy’s tits, her smiling face and her toned stomach. The last of it drooled out as Catharine used both hands to empty the long thick tube on the bottom of his long shaft.

“That was spectacular,” said Dick as he reached out for Catherine.

“Pull yourself together, Mr. Manhorse,” she stepped away. “Take this cheap floozy and get out!” She turned on her heel and left the room without a glance back.

End of Part One.

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