Teacher’s Lessons

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It was the end of the day on a Friday when Skylar Wilson prepared to leave work for the day. She sighed as she hung up her Cell Phone, reading the text Tom had just sent. Her husband would be out of town for an entire month, working with the Finance Company that had hired him last year. Tom was a good man, she supposed, but she hadn’t signed up for this kind of existence. She wanted a husband to come home to, she wanted a lover. She was only 25 and a highly sexual, desirable young woman … she wanted to spend weekends like this in bed, fucking her man, her lover!

Skylar’s mood was bleak as she packed away her things. She supposed Tom needed to work hard to prove he’d earned his promotion, but he hadn’t even consulted her when accepting the job, knowing full well it would involve a lot more travel. It also didn’t help Skylar’s mood when she thought that likely most of her graduating class were likely fucking each other’s brains out while she went without! She was glad summer was almost here; at least she could relax and not worry about teaching for a while.

Summer wasn’t here quite yet, so to the matter at hand. She got in her car and drove to the home of one of her students, Kimberly Phillips. Kimberly was normally an exceptional student, but lately, she had been trying to attract Skylar’s attention in a way that was not appropriate for school. Try as she might to ignore it, the problem would not go away, so she had made a phone call to the girl’s parent, Christina, and asked for this meeting. She learned there was no “Mr. Phillips” so it would just be her and Kimberly’s mother.

She arrived at the apartment Kimberly shared with her mother, not surprised to find it somewhat small, although once Christina invited her in, she was pleased to see how clean and well-appointed it was. Christina was a pretty redhead, like her daughter, although considerably more voluptuous than Kimberly.

“It’s nice to be able to speak to you outside of Parent-Teacher night,” Christie smiled at Skylar. “It’s a warm day; may I offer you something to drink? Coke? Pepsi, Lemonade or perhaps something harder, like a Wine Cooler?”

Tyler smiled. “I don’t have to be anywhere for a while, so why not? A Wine Cooler sounds lovely.” Christina got up and got them each a drink. She handed one to Skylar and then sat down opposite the younger woman, crossing her long legs which were only covered by a tiny skirt. She was nicely dressed in a low-cut black blouse that showed off her big boobs. Skylar, always wishing she could have been a bit bustier, couldn’t help notice as the two of them drank and chatted a bit.

“It’s a warm day, so I dressed for the heat,” Christina grinned, almost anticipating Skylar’s thoughts. “I hope I’m not keeping you from anything, would you like another drink?”

“Yes, I think I would,” Skylar smiled, feeling a bit more relaxed. “No, you’re not keeping me from anything, my husband’s out of town for the entire month. I don’t have to rush home, no one waiting there for me.”

Christina came back into the room with a second drink. “You don’t sound too thrilled about that.”

Skylar sighed. “I’m not; it was not a joint decision. Tom has a very annoying habit of making decisions without consulting me first.”

Christina nodded. “Men … they do have a way of doing things like that. Which is but one of the reasons I remain happily single. Anyway, shall we discuss whatever problem it is you’re having with my daughter? It can’t be her grades, because I monitor those very closely.”

Skylar shook her head and finished her drink. “No, you’re quite right, Kimberly’s grades are exceptional. She’s a hard worker and I think she has a bright future. The problem is more of a … personal nature.”

Christina sat forward, revealing more cleavage. “I’m listening, you have my full, undivided attention.”

Skylar took a breath and said “Your daughter dresses … rather provocatively. At first, I thought she was just emulating some of her friends, it is the style nowadays. But over the past few months, her skirts have gotten quite a bit shorter and she’s taken to wearing very high heels. Yesterday she sat in the front row and I happened to glance at her and saw she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Needless to say, I was caught off guard and I’m sure she noticed.”

Christina nodded. “I see. Well, there’s no time like the present to deal with this. Kimberly!”

From one of the two rooms emerged Kimberly, wearing the same short black leather skirt, low-cut blouse and heels she’d worn in class earlier that day. She entered the living area and sat down on the couch beside her mother. “Hi, Mrs. Wilson, nice to see you.” Skylar acknowledged Kimberly with a nod.

“Mrs. Wilson says you’ve been dressing in a very provocative manner in her class and also not wearing any underwear. Is this true?”

“Yes mother, it’s true.” Skylar gasped as Kimberly stood up and lifted her skirt to show both Skylar and Christina that she was indeed, sans panties.

Christina sighed. “Kimberly, bursa escort what am I supposed to do with you? Why would you do such a thing?”

Without skipping a beat, Kimberly said “Because I want Mrs. Wilson to notice me, mother. I think she’s hot and I wanted her to see what a cute little pussy I have. I wanted her to want me, mother.”

Christina smiled. “You’re truly incorrigible. What makes you think she’d want you?”

Still cool as a cucumber, Kimberly answered “Because deep down mother, I think she’s a lezzie slut. I think she’s queer for girls mother, I can tell.” The girl’s frank language startled Skylar, but Kimberly continued. “Didn’t you tell me a woman can always tell when another woman likes girls?”

Christina grinned. “I did tell you that baby, yes.” Christina sighed and said “Why don’t you come over here and give mother a nice kiss?”

To Skylar’s shock, Kimberly dropped to her knees and lifted Christina’s skirt. The older redhead also wore no underwear and had fiery red fur covering her pussy. Kimberly placed her mouth squarely over Christina’s pussy and began to lick her savagely.

“She’s a good little slut, I trained her well, Mrs. Wilson,” Christina sighed as her daughter ate her out. “You should let her do you next; you’ll cum like you never have before. Men aren’t for women like us, I think my daughter has you pegged … you are a lezzie slut and if she wasn’t eating me, I bet you’d have your face buried in my cunt right now.”

“N-No … I’m not like that, I’m not into women …”

Kimberly lifted her face from her mother’s pussy and turned to Skylar, her face glistening with Christina’s spend. “You might not have ever been with a woman, but watching me do my Mom has got you all turned on. Your fucking nipples are hard. You haven’t even tried to leave; you’ve just sat there watching. You’d like to get out of your clothes and join us, wouldn’t you whore?”

Skylar kept fighting her urges, she was married, she had a husband, but as Kimberly turned around and resumed eating her mother, she was fascinated by their antics.

Christina spoke up. “You’re a lovely woman Skylar; I’d love to do you. Why don’t you get out of those restrictive clothes and join us? Better yet, why don’t we all go into the bedroom, strip down and have ourselves some fun?”

Skylar knew she should leave these two perverted, incestuous women alone and run, so why was she allowing Kimberly to lead her towards the huge bedroom. Why was Christina behind her, undoing her silk blouse and Kimberly tugging her short skirt down her long legs? Why was she so enjoying the little striptease the mother and daughter put on for her as they made themselves fully naked and available?

“She’s wearing stockings mother, how hot. She always wears short skirts and heels, I think she loves to show off her body,” Kimberly sighed.

“She certainly has a nice body. Tonight bitch, it belongs to us. Get your ass on that bed, Kimmie, go eat her cunt like you’ve told me you want to do,” Christina instructed. “I’m going to have her eat mine!” The two women pushed the somewhat-frightened teacher onto the bed.

Skylar almost got up, but Kimberly got between her legs and began to lick. From the first flick of the 18-year old strawberry-blonde’s tongue on her clit, Skylar began to moan. Her moans were soon muffled by Christina’s pussy descending on her face. She had no choice but to eat pussy and the taste was sweet, she hadn’t expected that. She ate a little harder and soon, she was clenching Christina’s buttocks and pulling her down hard on her face. Skylar didn’t care if it made her a lezzie, she wanted it and it was arousing her. She’d never felt this hot, Tom had never once made her cum the way Kimberly was doing. Her fingers were digging into the young girl’s scalp as her student ate her pussy, Kimmie’s fingers adding to the heat as she used them to fuck her teacher.

“What a fucking hot bitch,” Kimberly said, coming up for air. “She’s really delicious mother, why don’t we switch? I want her to eat me out now.”

The voluptuous redhead met her daughter in the middle and kissed Kimberly, their tongues swirling about each other’s mouths, Skylar watching in perverse astonishment. It added to the kink factor, Skylar’s thoughts of right and wrong flew out the window. All she wanted was sex, more sex with these two lovelies, she loved seeing Christina’s curvy body move between her legs and she couldn’t wait to feel Kimberly’s sweet pussy on the tip of her tongue.

Christina’s green eyes sparkled at Skylar from between her thighs. “Get ready, my lezzie whore. If you liked what Kimmie was doing, hold on tight. I taught her all she knows, but I didn’t teach her everything I know!”

Skylar had no idea what that meant until the busty redhead began to stroke her thighs sensually and then tease her with her tongue. Unlike the anxious Kimberly, Christina was taking her time. As for Kimberly, she and Skylar made out a bit, she loved seeing the joy in Skylar’s blue-grey bursa escort bayan eyes and she found Skylar’s jet-black hair, pale, model-tall body irresistible. She had often discussed seducing Mrs. Wilson with her mother and Christina had given her full encouragement to do just that. Kimberly would have to think of a special way to thank her Mom for that, although the way she was being thanked now was pretty exceptional.

“Oh yeahhh, eat my pussy, suck it!” Skylar encouraged, then her words were silenced by the second pussy she’d ever tasted, yummy little Kimmie’s. Her tongue began to swab all over the teen’s soaked cunt, she sucked the lips and went by pure instinct. Sex with Tom had never been this intense; the feelings were like comparing a summer rain to a monsoon. Kim’s body writhed all over Skylar’s as the three women played, Christina bringing their new friend to her first full climax, then going to work to provide the second.

“I had you pegged, didn’t I?” Kimberly giggled as the three of them fell apart. “You’re into girls, I could tell.”

“Maybe. I don’t know, but this was by far the best sex I’ve ever had,” Skylar panted as the two women snuggled alongside of her.

“Oh bitch, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet,” Christina chuckled. “Was that really your first time?”

“Yes it was, but it sure won’t be my last,” Skylar said eagerly, stroking Kimberly’s silky, beautiful tits.

“BET on it,” Kimberly told her teacher. “We’ve got lots of things to show you, I thought I overheard you tell Mom that Mr. Wilson was away for a month?”

Skylar grinned. “Yes, he works for a Finance Company. He’ll be away a lot, he tells me.”

Christina grinned. “His fucking loss, more for us, right Kimmie?” The perverted teen nodded.

“I’m still not sure how I feel about all of this,” Skylar said, still trying to hold of to the remnants of the life she knew. “I’m still a married woman and …”

Kimberly swatted her ass, somewhat playfully, but partially to make her point. “Listen teach, don’t sweat it so much. Has your husband ever made you cum like that?” Skylar shook her head as Kimberly kissed her, followed by Christina. “No one’s asking you to leave Mr. Wilson; you might be bi, although I doubt it. Both Mom and I have been with our share of chicks … including another teacher …” Kimberly winked “… and if you are into women, you’re going to need women in your life from now on. Am I right? We have another lezzie playmate, don’t we teach?”

Skylar closed her eyes and then opened them, meekly saying “Yes.”

“Good. Mom and I take good care of our playmates, don’t we Mom?”

Christina smiled. “Very good care. We’re going to change your world Skylar; this evening is only the beginning.”

Skylar’s eyes widened. “The BEGINNING?!”

Christina giggled, her hands running down Skylar’s long, smooth legs. “But of course, darling girl. There are lots of variants we can show you. Clothes that you can wear, we’ll introduce you to other women like us who will just adore a sexy thing like you. Your orgasms will only get better, you’ll be able to have more and more and you won’t ever want to stop.”

Skylar sighed. “It all sounds wonderful; I hope I’ll be able to handle all of that.”

Kimberly was sucking on one of Skylar’s nipples, now it was a stiff, pink bud. “Sure you will, teach. That’s the nice thing about being a woman. We can handle anything and keep on cumming. You’ve got such sensitive nipples and such a hot body, I’m glad I finally got to see it naked.”

“I’m glad, too.”


“Bitch.” Skylar giggled, she and Kimberly kissed, and then Christina’s tongue joined theirs for a three-way kiss.

“We haven’t done a sixty-nine yet,” Kimberly smiled at her mother.

“No, we haven’t, have we?” Christina smiled. “Would you like to do that, Skylar?”

“Maybe. I don’t know, my sex life with Tom was fairly vanilla, I’m learning all sorts of new things tonight,” Skylar grinned. “Hey, I just thought of something … when Kimmie came out of the other room; it looked like there was an office in there.”

“There was. I work for a Mail Order Lingerie company,” Christina smiled, her hands stroking Skylar’s smooth flank.

“So where does …?” Skylar began to ask and then it hit her like a bucket of cold water.

“That’s right, Mrs. Wilson, I sleep here. Have for a while,” Kimberly said. “Like Mom said … she’s been teaching me. There is a small single bed there in case we get … company,” Kimberly told her.

“Meanwhile, let’s get back to having fun,” Christina smiled. “We need to teach this poor deprived creature about sixty-nine. Who gets the honors?”

“Actually Mom, I was thinking maybe you and I should start it off and let her see what it looks like,” Kimberly suggested. “Then she can play and kiss a bit and we’ll mix it up. What do you say, Skylar?”

Skylar giggled. “I’m just the student this time around, you two are the teachers.”

Kimberly smiled. “The homework in this class is a lot escort bursa of fun.”

Christina added “And so are the exams.”

Kimberly continued “And if you failed, the make-up exams are just as fun.”

Skylar watched as the two beautiful redheads got into position, Kimberly on top of her mother. She found both of them sexy, Kimberly slender and appealing with that sweet face and her smooth legs, Christina all curves and sensual with a hunger that aroused Skylar. The one thing she saw in both of them that aroused her was their sparkling green eyes that danced with a merry, kinky glint. Skylar knew deep down, she should be uncomfortable watching a mother and daughter have sex, but they were so gorgeous to watch, it was all so very erotic. Kimberly’s tongue was licking slowly at her mother’s pussy, while Christina’s fingers and lips were attacking her daughter’s cunt eagerly. They moved very nicely together, Skylar could easily see they were aware of each other’s passions and as their bodies hunched and writhed, Skylar moved closer. Soon, her fingers were stroking Kimberly’s smooth back or touching Christina’s body, she wanted to participate as best she could.

“Her hands are so soft,” Kimberly murmured as she and her mother finally broke their embrace.

“You should have her first, Kimmie,” Christina said, kissing her daughter. “You’re the one who made it all happen, go and enjoy yourself. I’ll just watch the goings-on, although I might use a finger or tongue somewhere,” She teased.

Kimberly suggested that Skylar be on the bottom and she mounted her teacher-turned-lover and let Skylar lick her pussy again while she returned the favor. In truth, Kimberly hadn’t expected this to happen so fast, she thought perhaps Skylar would put up a huge defense, but the walls had crumbled fast and Skylar was now one of them. She envisioned lovely times ahead for them all, but for now, Kimmie needed to concentrate on the task at hand. Skylar was adapting fast, her skills at pleasing Kimberly were already quite proficient.

“Oh FUCK Mom, what a horny bitch teacher is, she’s really eating me!” Kimberly screeched loudly. Christina’s hands were moving all over both of them; she couldn’t wait until she was thrashing around the bed with the pretty young teacher. Skylar and Kimberly were so attractive together, Kimberly’s strawberry-blonde hair trailing all over Skylar’s skin and their hands moving all over each other. When it was over, they both shook and panted loudly, breaking apart.

“Your turn,” Skylar giggled, pulling Christina on top of her.

“Aren’t you tired?” Christina asked, almost astonished.

“Nope. I’m beginning to think Kimberly had me pegged, I really am a lezzie slut. Either way, I want to eat your cunt. Please Christina, I’m begging you … let me do that, I really want to do it!” Skylar pleaded.

Christina wasn’t about to turn down the entreaties of the sexy brunette, she let Skylar be on top and once again, she was in lesbian heaven. Skylar was far beyond the skills she should have had as a novice, her lips and fingers soon had Christina yowling and moaning while her daughter went to the medicine cabinet and came back with a large bottle of Baby Oil.

“Let’s turn things up another notch,” Kimberly grinned and rubbed herself and the others with the oil. Soon, they were engaged in a three-way Daisy Chain with Skylar in the middle, bodies glistening as they rubbed and slid all over until another set of climaxes drained them all.

“Well, that was an evening I won’t soon forget,” Skylar giggled as her lovers continued to caress her body.

“Who says we’re done?” Kimberly laughed. “You don’t have to be home at any specific time, we still have lots of things to teach you … teach. We haven’t used any of our toys on you, wait until Mom fucks you with our double-dildo.”

Skylar just grinned and threw her head back and laughed. She knew her life was never going to be the same.

Kimberly continued. “You don’t know it, but a few of the girls in your class have got crushes on you, Mrs. Wilson. Boy, are they in for a treat.”

Skylar smiled. “Kimmie, in lieu of what has just happened; I think it’s okay if you call me Skylar … here. As for the other girls, we should be careful and somewhat discreet. I really need my job and don’t want any scandal.”

Christina told Skylar she agreed, but then she had an idea. “Listen darling, school’s done in 2 weeks and you said your husband won’t be back for 4. Why don’t you continue to visit us a few times until graduation and then after, come to stay for a few? We’ll bring some of our lovely friends over to meet you and let you have some full-blown, mind-blowing, lesbian orgies with us. What do you say?”

Skylar’s answer was to push Christina back down on the bed and attack her cunt for the next 45 minutes. She only let up when Kimberly demanded equal treatment.

A few nights later, Skylar’s Cell Phone rang. She answered it to find Tom on the other end.

“No darling, I’m not bored. I’ve been visiting some new friends and they’ve been entertaining me. Oh no, don’t cut your business short on my account, I’m doing just fine without you, you know … preparing for the end of the school year. Yes, I’ll see you soon. Bye.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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