Tease Me, Please Me, Never Leave Me

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Big Tits

“Oh you think you want to fuck me, little girl?” She said, a wry laugh radiating from the back of her throat.

“I would really like to, yes please.” I mumble sheepishly.

“What have you done to deserve that?”

“I don’t know… I’ll do anything you need.” I take her hands gently and bring them above her head, leaning my weight into her wrists. My hips rock into her ass, and she moans softly.

“Well, are you gonna? Or what?”

“Yes I-“

“Go get yourself ready.”

I leap up, scurrying out of the room. I hear her dry cackle behind me as I find my harness. Scrambling to put it on, I feel how wet I am. Slipping a finger between my lips, I feel my swollen clit and consider getting myself off before returning. I know she’d know though. I know she’d punish me for making her wait. I tighten the strap under each cheek, giving me a little rush up my spine each time. I can’t wait to beg her to leave marks on my ass.

Reentering the bedroom, she’s taken her clothes off and lays facedown on the bed. I see a slow smile spread across her face. My gaze falls to her tight ass and her slightly parted lips. My mouth begins to water.

“You think you know what you’re doing with that thing little girl?”

“I want to make you cum.”

“I know you do baby. You know I love how you make me cum. Come over here.”

My knees buckle as I reach the edge of the bed. Deep, shallow breath falls on the small of her back. She exhales sharply. I moan, falling into her pussy. She tastes divine, I am ravenous. The taste of her drives me wild, I press my tongue deep inside her, lapping her up.

“Ohhhhh…” she whimpers, grinding her hips into my jaw. I’m losing my breath as I press deeper, sliding my tongue slowly in and out of her.

“Oh my god, Joey. Yes, GOOD girl.” I start seeing stars and she presses harder, and begs me not to stop. I gasp for air, she laughs. “Were only just getting started little girl.”

I feel myself start to drip, cum slowly falling down my thigh. I remember the harness and the dick between my legs. I think about fucking her so hard she cries and tells me she loves me. I think about fucking her again and again until she was squirting and screaming. I dive deep into her pussy again. My tongue quickly finds her clit and flattens against it. She sighs, rocking her hips.

“Good girl. Make me cum, slut.” I moan deeply, leaning into her.

“Yes. Just like that. Oh god, you dirty little girl, you’re going to make me cum. Oh. Ohhhhhh!! Joey YES! Ohhhh, good girl. Good girl!”

She rocks her hips gently, shaking violently when my tongue finds her clit again.

“Ohhhhh. Oh, ohhhhhHHhh! God, Joey.” She whines as I lift my head, wiping my mouth and licking my lips.

I lean forward with my hips. I grab my dick, gently rubbing her slit, up and down. I use the tip of my dick to slowly part her lips, rubbing her juices up my shaft. I groan, watching the tip of my dick enter her briefly before I pull out. I look up to her face, seeing her cheeks flushed, her eyes rolled back deep into he head. I let the tip of my dick slip gently inside her again and her eyes flutter shut.

I start slowly putting the tip in, and gently pulling back out. She tries to back her hips up into me, and I pull back sharply. She tries again, and I do the same. She laughs.

“Oh, you think you’re going to tease me with that thing?”

“I thought I’d like to.”

“You’re going to put your whole dick inside me ri-“

I slammed my hips into her, inside of her completely. She gasped loudly, tensing up at first then slowly melting down from her shoulders, pressing her hips deeper into mine.

“Oh Joey. Gooooooood girl. Now fuck me. Hard.”

I begin fucking her with deep, hard strokes. Her cum slides along my cock, I start fucking her faster. She starts moaning louder and louder, shouting my name between breaths. Her neck flushed, and I grab a handful of her hair. I pull gently, rocking her head back. Her mouth opens wide. I use one hand to stabilize her hips as I slam my dick deep inside her on each stroke. I feel her pussy start to tighten around my dick. Her breath quickens.

“Oh yes Joey. Oh yes. Don’t fucking stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Harder! Harder! YES YES YES.” Her cunt wraps tightly around cock, as her juices spill out, splattering my belly and thighs. I rock my hips slowly as spasms rock her body inside and out.

“Oh. Ohhhhhh. Good work baby.” She whispers hoarsely as she slowly slides off me. She rolls over, revealing her perfect perky tits, her nipples hard and bright red. My eyes lock on to her chest, I start to salivate. She smiles, giving me a knowing look following my gaze.

“I’d bet you’re pretty turned on right now, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I’m a sopping wet mess.”

“And I suppose you’d like me to do something about that?”

“Only if you think I’ve earned it, ma’am.”

“Well, you did a damn fine job making me cum. But I don’t know izmit escort if that means you’ve earned an orgasm yet.”

She leans forward effortlessly and pinches my left nipple in her fingers. She pulls it towards her until I’m stumbling on my knees, clumsily avoiding falling on her. She gives my nipple one final hard squeeze, and I cry out. She catches my eye and smiles from the corner of her mouth. With her other hand, she reaches between my legs, stopping just before my labia.

She runs her fingers along my lips, gliding them smoothly along my wet pussy. “Wow, you sure are ready, aren’t you?”

“Whenever you want me to cum, I’ll cum.”

“To be honest Joey, I just don’t care when you cum.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I plan to use you to get myself off for the rest of the day. How’s that sound?”

“Like a blessing.”

“Mmmm. Yes, like a blessing. We’ll see if you get to cum.” She slipped a finger between my lips, deep inside me. I gasped for air, spluttering. She smiled, pressing her finger in deeper, reaching toward my g-spot. A shudder made its way up my spine, leaving goosebumps around my hot, red nipples. I exhaled, falling harder onto her hand. She held me there for a moment, as sweeping currents crept up my spine, rushing down to my toes.

Then she laughed, pulled her hand out, and give my nipple a sharp, hard pinch. “Can’t imagine we can trust you to control yourself, can we? Can’t trust a slut to do anything.” I shook my head sombrely, as she stood up. She turned quickly to push me onto my back before tip toeing down the hallway.

As she left, she sang “don’t you dare try to get yourself off now you bad bad girl!”

As I waited for her to return, I could feel my pulse between my legs. Just flexing my thighs would make my whole body quake. I closed my eyes, picturing myself getting fucked by a big fat cock while she and a group of older women watched on with mild amusement. When she returned, I could feel my cunt swelling even larger. I felt like one light breath on my clit would send my into waves of life altering orgasms. Like a finger inside me would take me to another planet.

“Reinforcements!” She cheered, pulling satin ties out from behind her back. She climbed on top of me, pressing into my arms with her knees. I could smell her, I craned my neck trying to get closer to her. She glanced at my efforts from the corner of her eyes before getting to work on binding my hands. First binding them together, then with a little bit of “room to struggle” as she put it, tying me to the headboard.

Then she stood over me, grinning at her handiwork. The view of her pussy made me cry and writhe. She continued smiling down at me as I struggled against my binding.

“Great. I think I need a little break, but I’ve got just the thing for you to do while I’m gone.”

She walked across the room and opened a drawer, pulling out a magic wand vibrator. She turned to me, a maniacal grin spread across her face. She grabbed more rope, and excitedly marched toward me. She spread my legs and turned the vibrator on low. She pressed it to my calf, then slowly worked up, and then back down my leg. She moved progressively closer to my pussy until she was just an inch or two from my lips. Then she stopped and held the vibrator there. I yelped and kicked, desperately trying to bring my pussy to make contact.

She laughed, “hold. Still.” She wrapped rope around my thigh tightly, tying the vibrator a few inches from my pussy. She flickered her eyes up to mine, making brief eye contact. I sobbed and begged her to make me cum, and her eyes lit up with excitement. Then she abruptly closed my legs and began to tie them together. The vibrator held tightly between my legs, I wiggled and squirmed. She took a step back to admire her job well done.

I sibbed, “oh my god please please. I just want to be fucked so bad. Please PLEASE GOD I just want to cum for you. I just want to cum, please!”

“Ha! We’ve been over this sweetheart, I just don’t care. Now this should guarantee you’re ready for me when I want to fuck again, shouldn’t it. You be good now or I’ll make you be good.” Tapping her finger on my nose with each syllable. She brought her eyes level with mine, giving me a stern look. My eyes rolled back into my head as white hot flashes of pleasure splashed across my vision.

Then she left. And I laid there, trying to find a position to press the vibrator into my cunt. No matter how I squirmed, I could only make matters worse. After an eternity of trying, I started sobbing again. Waves of desperate need washed over me, wavering between pleasure and overwhelming frustration. I started sobbing “please, please please.” When she reentered.

“Excuse me. Did I not tell you to be good?”

“I’m trying so hard, I just-“

“I don’t want to hear it Joey. I told you to be good and you’re making a racket. I was just trying to read my book in peace and I can’t with you crying and carrying izmit anal yapan escort on.”

“I’m sorry, I-“

“Enough.” She turned suddenly toward her dresser, opening the top drawer.

She turned around with a ball gag. She approached me with it and made warm, gentle eye contact as she fastened it around my head. I looked up to her with big eyes, hoping she’d know that I’d tried to be a good girl. Knowing I deserved the gag. Her eyes floated from my face, to my tits, to my harness and dick, back up to my now stuffed mouth.

“And now you have me turned on again. I guess I’ll have to get myself off before I can finish what I was doing.” There’s a sharp edge to her voice, letting me know how inconvenient I had made things for her.

She climbs on the bed, straddles my dick, and sits down gently, exhaling, facing away. She lifts herself up slowly, and falls back down harder this time. She moans softly, “why’d you have to go and do that?”

She comes up and back down again, “right when I was ready to make you cum.”

Up and back down “ohhhhh, you could’ve been cumming with me right now.” She picks up her pace.

“You’re just a-” her breathing gets quicker. “Worthless little-” she rocks her hips faster. “Whore who can’t-” she starts falling hard on my cock. “Control her-” the muscles in her back contract and spasm. “Slutty little-” I start grinding my hips against hers. “IMPULSES ohhhhhhhhHHHhh!!!” Every muscle in my body tightens to snapping as her cum drips down my cock and her body folds over, heaving. Her hand slinks up my thigh, finds the vibrator. I think she’s going to turn it off and give me some relief after she’s cum. She turns the setting up by two, and I scream into my gag.

She jumps up, looking energized.

“Mmmm. Thank you, that was very good baby. But you need to learn your lesson. I’ll be back. You’ll see how well it pays to be a good, quiet girl. Whether it’s your choice or not.” Then she turned and floated out of the room, a euphoric smile spread across her face.

I spent the next hour struggling to catch my breath. Waves of pleasure would wash over me before falling short. I would get so close, then my flexed muscles would pull the vibrator further from my clit. I cried and cried until I could hardly breathe. I screamed into my gag for help, only to hear a muffled sad guttural cry.

After a couple hours, I started using my mind. I took deep breaths. As pleasure washed over me, I’d float along in the tide. I’d carefully let it go, knowing it would return. My hips rocked gently as I thought about her instructing a boy with a fat dick to fuck me hard. I imagined her peeing in my mouth and telling me I was a good girl. I knew that when my time came, I’d know I’d deserved it. When she got me off, I’d have earned it. I took deep, greedy breaths and accepted waiting.

The last of the sun fought its way through the shades as she came back into the room. She stopped in the doorway, watching my chest rise and fall.

“You’re really working hard in here, aren’t you?”

I froze. Looked up at her, then nodded slowly.

“I’d bet you’d like a good hard fuck right now.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. I nodded again.

“You’re in luck. I was just thinking I’d like to have my brains fucked out.” I moaned as she finished her sentence.

“First though, I’m going to need to piss. Does that sound like a job for you?”

Tears welled again, I nodded slowly. She came towards me, wrapping her small fingers around my cock, and tugging gently. “Let’s get you a little more exposed first.” She untied the ropes around my thighs, the vibrator fell, tickling my ass hole. I groaned, and shuffled downward.

“You like the way that feels on your ass, slut?” She reached between my legs and pressed the end of the vibrator firmly against my asshole. I cried out into my gag as she pulled the magic wand away, turning it off. Tears formed again in my eyes and I sobbed gently.

She started loosening the straps on my harness next. Reaching her hands under my ass to pull hard, bringing it down over my hips. Down to my ankles and off. She turned toward me, abruptly spreading my legs. The cold air against my hot wet pussy took my breath away. Her gaze falling directly on my cunt turned my stomach to butterflies.

She looked up at my face. “You look utterly scrumptious.” She kissed my bare belly, licking up my side and across my rib cage. Goosebumps covered my body. Then she reached up carefully, lifting my head and undoing the buckle on the gag.

“Thank you” I murmur as the gag falls on the bed beside me. She stands over me, with a warm smile. She lowers herself, kneeling over me. The smell of her is intoxicating. I close my eyes, “oh my god, please ma’am. Use me.”

She throws her head back, takes a deep breath, and let’s go. Urine drips down, quickly filling my mouth. I choke and splutter trying to catch every last izmit yabancı escort drop. As she finished, I outstretch my tongue, begging for more. She looks down at me, smiles, then climbs off. Again, she trots over to her dresser while I writhe and beg her for more.

“No, that’s all you’ll get for now. Don’t you ask again, whore.” She rummages through her drawers a minute before whipping around to show me a strapless dildo. She grins, “are you ready for me to fuck your brains out now?”

I can hardly form words to respond. I grumble and whimper, stuttering “please, oh my god. Please!”

She tip toes over to the end of the bed, “oh I don’t know Joey, do you really want i-“

“AHHH! Please, oh my god Mistress. Please fuck me. Please let me be your fuck toy. Please. I will cum for you! Please let me. Oh my god please let me.”

“Hahaha! You’re a pathetic little puddle of desperation. This is too good. It hardly seems worth it to get you o-“


“Well, I suppose, I could at least…” The short end of the dildo grazes the outer lips of my pussy. My hips buck wildly. She smiles, guiding the round tip of the dildo along my slit again. With little effort, she slips the tip in to touch my clit. Immeasurable electricity fires through me, up my neck and back down my spine again. She drags the tip over my clit, then starts working it inside me, deeper and deeper. The width of the dildo fills my pussy completely.

As my pussy slides down over the first ring on the cock, I gasp. My hips buck, pulling the cock out. She gives me a scolding look, “that was a bit counter productive wasn’t it?”

She slides the tip of the cock back inside me, rougher this time. “Ohhh thank you” I exhale. Her eyes flash with excitement as she quickly pulls the cock out again, shoving it back in even rougher. Then she does it again, rougher still. My cunt is starting to contract, I can feel an orgasm coming.

As if reading my mind, she says “if you cum while I’m still getting this inside you, you’ve got far worse coming to you.” I panic, desperately trying to think of something other than cumming. She continues to fuck me, hard and rough with the girthy cock. As my pussy slides over the rings, I sob her name. “Please don’t stop. Please. Oh my god. Oh… oh my…”

“Don’t. You. Cum.”

She fucks me rougher and rougher and I try to think about being humiliated. I imagine being naked in public. I imagine her finding me, spitting on me, making sure everyone saw. I feel myself start to climax again. She slows down, “seriously Joey, if you cum right now, I will not be fucking you.”

Suddenly, I can disconnect myself from the pleasure. I just accept my fucking, whispering thank you over and over. Until finally, she’s worked the whole thing inside me. As the last ring slips inside me, I cry out, but manage to stop myself from cumming, echoing “I will not be fucking you” over and over again in my mind.

She smiles down on me “well done, slut. Now for the fun part.” With one hand, she reached above my head and untied my arms from the bed frame. Then she slowly lowered herself onto the other end of the dildo. Halfway down, she lifts herself off, falling back down, her hips pressing hard into mine.

“Ohhhhhh. Good girl Joey.” I reach up, grabbing a nipple in each hand. She throws her head back, panting heavily.

“Please, baby, can I cum now?”

“You can do whatever you want now baby.”

“Ohhhhh. Oh my god.”

“You want to cum like the dirty slut we both know you are?” Her neck grows flush as she fucks me harder.

“Oh my god. I love you, fuck. Oh fuck oh my god. Thank you, Ma’am. Thank you for fucking me. Oh my god YES. Like that, ohhhh.”

“Mmmmmm. Yessssss. Alright baby, why don’t you cum for me then?” She rocks her hips faster, “you like it when I fuck you like this don’t you? Then why don’t you come for me? Yesssss, that’s it. That’s it.” Her pussy rises and falls, my dick pumping in and out of her. I feel her pussy tighten, juices splattering my tummy again. The fat cock inside me rocks as she slams my dick deeper and deeper inside her. My nipples grow impossibly hard, and I’m seeing stars.

“Oh god damnit, fuck YES. FUCK YES!!! Ohhhh!!” I scream, grabbing fistfuls of her thighs.

“Ohhhhh, you slutty little girl yes. Ohhhhh good girl. Good girl. You did such a good job. Now my turn… ohhhhh.” Her rhythm slows as she draws my dick in and out of her. “Mmmmmm. Oh you feel so good inside me. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t move baby. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhh!!”

She approached climax as I regain my vision. I thrust my hips towards hers as she bobbed up and down. Her mouth opens wide, and her eyes fly open. “Ohhhhh. Ohhh Jesus. Oh my god. Oh fuck. Fuck yes. Fuck yes. Oh fuck Joey.” She cums, I reach up and grab her nipples, tugging downward gently.

“Ohhhhhh!!!!! Oh my god yes. I love fucking you Joey. Oh my god. Mmmmm.” She slows her pace, but doesn’t stop.

“God I love your cock. I’m going to be using you until morning. Mmmmmmm. You feel so good inside me.”

“I love fucking you ma’am. Please let me cum for you again.”

“We’ll see little girl. For now, let’s see if I can cum a few more times first.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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