Teased Beyond Comprehension Ch. 03

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“Oh mommy that feels so good!!” Jon yelled as he twisted and throbbed off the chair. His mother had his dick pinned between both massager heads pulling his sensitive cock straight up in the air off his belly. Jon looked down and saw his mother wink at him, giving a wry smile just beyond the blurry vibrating head of his throbbing penis. Carolyn watched Jon’s testicles pull up involuntarily over and over again. She let one vibrator slide down to his perineum, through his satin pajama bottoms and alternated the tension on and off as Jon writhed in unspeakable incestuous pleasure.

“That’s my big boy, show mommy how you do it! Feel all your mommy’s loving pleasures! Balls feel good, baby? Let’s fill them up with sex juice!”

Jon’s eye’s rolled back as he could not move. Carolyn was enjoying the sight of her son with his shirt half way up his belly, collar all the way open, head back and moaning uncontrollably. His back was arched, hands and ankles tied as his mother continued to pleasure him. His penis was throbbing and pre-cum was flowing quite steadily from the head by now. The wet skin smacked against the vibrating massager creating a noisy, sticky frothing mess. “Let your juices flow big boy, we’re just getting started! You have such a big penis, baby! Mommy knows how to make you feel good, don’t you think? Look at your big messy throbbing cock baby! It’s like a big throbbing sex nerve ready to explode!”

Carolyn was just getting started and turned the massagers off for a bit. Jon looked down at his busty, open collared mother as she licked her lips. Her blue polo shirt was spattered with flecks of his juices, flung from the vibrating machines. His cock was throbbing, head full of purple blood, balls pulled tightly up begging for release. The rubber cock ring was straining under the pressure as his cock throbbed in the air, not allowing any blood to return.

“I want you to have a nice big full boner for the next part, Jon. Do you have a big mommy boner? Is it big enough to show your mommy? Are you all big and proud? I think so, sweetie! Just keep pumping juices up into it and I’ll get you ready for the next part” Carolyn said as she softly urged Jon past any remaining mental resistance. “Pump your cock once for your loving mother, come on baby pump it!” Jon thrust his cock up, near to his mother’s lips. “Wow you’re such a big boy — all hard and purple! Want mommy to suck you off baby? Would that feel good? Mommy suck out all your hot shooting sperm?” Jon thrust again uncontrollably as his body writhed with pleasure.

Jon was in another world as his mother let him calm down a bit and prepared the next course of pleasures for her big baby boy. “I love you mom” Jon said as his mother smiled ear to ear.

“Oh my sweet baby, I love you too. Mommy’s going to milk your pleasures like you have never experienced. There’s nothing like the feeling of your mom giving you pleasure. We’re going to see just how much you can take! You know, your dad feels the same way!”

“What do you mean?” Jon asked, looking into his mother’s eyes.

“Well, you know your grandfather died early on, leaving your grandma Joan alone with your father. He was in his 20’s at the time, and you know, one thing eventually lead to another.”

“You mean dad fucked grandma?” Jon asked, with his cock throbbing wildly in the air at the thought of it.

“Your father experienced pleasures with his mother just like you are right now. In fact, he mother fucked kartal escort bayan her for years and years in every possible way, enjoying the pleasures of his mother whenever he had a chance. Your uncle was always jealous at the thought of your father fucking his mom’s delicious body, but he ignored it since he could do little to stop it. He never told anyone, but a few suspected, including me. I got him to tell me one night when I had him tied up, just like I have you right now! It’s amazing what a man will admit to with his penis all inflamed, isn’t it, Jon? Does that turn you on, sweetie?”

Jon’s mind was reeling as he almost lost control of his load. “Oh mommy, that’s so dirty!”

“Yes it is dear. It’s so dirty that I bring it up quite often when dad is fucking me! Get’s him off every time! And why do you think I let him go home for Mother’s Day weekend every year? It’s my little gift to him, letting his shoot loads of cum up his mother for an entire weekend. It’s kind of our little tradition and he’s absolutely beside himself by the time May rolls around, in case you hadn’t noticed! I buy him some sexy outfits for his mother and I don’t let him cum, taunting him for seven days before each visit. Last year he fucked her nine times in one weekend! It gets mommy so hot!”

“Oh mom, I want to fuck you so much! Let’s start our own tradition!”

“We are my sweetheart! Get yourself ready for more pleasure!” Carolyn said as she lifted the butt plug and doused it with a load of lube. “Lift up, Jon” she said as he lifted his hips as high as they could go.

Carolyn reached down through the opening in his pajamas and pulled Jon’s penis straight up with her other hand. He throbbed at her touch. “What are you doing mom?”

“I’m going to fill your ass my sweetheart. You’re going to love this!” Carolyn rubbed the tip of the plug around Jon’s rim as he let out a moan. His penis had wilted just a little, but the teasing of his ass pumped his bone right back up. “In it goes, baby!” Carolyn said as she slipped the plug deep into Jon’s ass.

Jon had never felt anything like this. The spongy top of the plug had grazed the nerves of his prostate and it was now nuzzled up firmly against his sperm making walnut. “Oh mom, that feels incredible!” Jon gasped.

“I know, baby! Now mommy wants to know all your dirty little teenage secrets! Let’s play tell mommy something dirty!” Carolyn said as she turned on one of the massagers.

Jon was filled beyond belief. He tried to move, to thrust, but could get no further satisfaction. “What do you want to know, mom?”

“I want to know your dirtiest, darkest fantasy besides mother-fucking! What is it, baby? What do you think about when you jack off? Is there something you crave that you can’t have?”

Jon’s mind immediately jumped to a taboo topic, one that he never would share with anyone. His penis throbbed visibly as his mother neared the vibrator close to his cock. Her hand pulled his thick cock slightly more than straight off his belly, straining the connecting tissues of his massive boner base. She knew that this position intensified a man’s nerves and would make Jon throb even harder with anticipation. Her velvety fingers moved slowly up and down as the placed the massager an inch from his golf ball sized, dripping cockhead. The sound of the vibrator and the visual against his mother’s loving face and huge milky titts was driving him insane. “Please touch it to my cockhead, escort maltepe mommy! Please! Finish me off!”

“Tell mommy your fantasy, baby! I can see it’s filling your balls up! Open up to your mother! Is it a sexy cheerleader at school?”

“No, mom, I, I, I can’t” Jon moaned.

“Is it your grandma Joan, baby? I would understand that. Her body is still to die for!” Carolyn guessed.

“Ummm…. No…” Jon replied.

Carolyn’s hand squeezed Jon’s cock base sending a stream of fluid up the tip and running down the sides. She massaged the tip with the machine just for a second and then removed it. Jon’s penis thrust wildly. “Please mommy!” Jon cried.

“Tell mommy! What makes my Jonny boy squirt all his milk out? Tell your mother and I’ll give you more pleasure than you can imagine!”

Jon mumbled something quietly under his breath, slowly losing the battle with his cock.

“What was that sweetie? I couldn’t hear you and Mommy wants to know and so does your throbbing cock!” She touched the tip again for a little longer this time, sending vibrating shockwaves of pleasure down through his hungry balls. Then she stopped.

“Joe” was all Jon could say.

“You think about your twin brother Joe? Does my sweet baby boy get all hot and horny over the thought of his big brother’s penis? Oh my, that’s hot!!!”

“Yes, yes mommy, I do” Jon said as his penis pumped up uncontrollably.

“Have you ever touched each other?” This was making Carolyn throb violently between her legs. She really had never suspected it, but the thought of those two throbbing cocks rubbing against each other was sending her to another place. She glanced over at the camera and licked her lips. She was going to reward her son Jon for his honesty in the most incestuous, pleasurable way.

“Yes mom. It started with hand jobs and now we rub our bodies together whenever we get a chance. Please don’t tell anyone!”

“Oh I won’t my hot little sweetie! Thank you for being honest with mommy! You just keep jacking each other off whenever you want and I’ll try to leave you alone more often! Now lay back and let mommy reward you, my dirty little bi-sexual man! I bet that plug in your ass feels just like your brother’s boner, now doesn’t it?” Carolyn said as she was now steadily dripping at the thought. “Does Joe’s boner feel good thrusting up against your prostate, baby? Does he make this big cock squirt a healthy load while he pumps pleasure through your ass? Here, let mommy turn up the music!”

“Yes mommy, he does!”

Carolyn’s thoughts jumped to a threesome with her two huge cocked boys. She shuddered at the thought of being fucked by them from both ends. The pleasure they could enjoy could be unbelievable!

Carolyn took total control now. The music was loud and thumping with dance music. She pulled his penis a couple times to load his balls the rest of the way. “Feel mommy’s pleasure, my sweet loving wonderful, big boy! Shoot all that hot cum from your big boy boner!” Jon glanced up and saw a serious look on his mother’s face. She doused her one hand with lube and started to stroke him to the beat of the song. His balls immediately responded as she slowly jacked him down the road to paradise.

“Like mommy’s hand baby? Do you when mommy jacks you to the beat?”

“Oh yes, mommy!” Jon said, as his eyes and head rolled back on the chair.

Carolyn took the massager and pushed it up and down the shaft of Jon’s pendik escort throbbing cock. Jon was throbbing, twisting and thrusting beyond his imagination.

“Ok baby, bring it all up for mommy! Get it ready! Are you ready baby?”

“Yes mommy, please do it!”

Carolyn jacked the shaft and tip of Jon’s cock hard with her velvety hands and touched the tip of the massager to the plug in Jon’s ass! This sent uncontrollable vibrations up through her son’s prostate as his load was seconds from bursting out.

“Paint the ceiling for mommy, baby! Shoot out all that hot cum my sexy boy! Let mommy jack out all that sperm! Think of your big brother’s boner and how you make it shoot! Do it just like that for mommy!”

This sent Jon past the point of no return and he thrust and moaned as the video camera captured gush after gush of squirting cum ropes blasting from Jon’s penis. The chair cracked and squeaked as it strained under the uncontrollable, convulsing young boy writhing out of control to the beat of the song and his mother’s torturous pleasures. “Pump it baby, that’s it! Give it all to me!” Carolyn said as she jacked the shaft with blinding speed and continued the vibrating pulsations through his sensitive exploding prostate. His penis pumped and pumped pleasure through his balls and up his spine as Jon lost consciousness for a few seconds. His penis squirted like a volcano over and over and over again. Carolyn’s hands were sopping in her young boy’s cum as she continued to stroke and pump him sending unimaginable pleasure through his balls and cock.

Sperm was everywhere. Their polo shirts were sopping wet as was Jon’s hair, face, neck and legs. His dick continued to quiver as Carolyn milked every last inch of his penis skin.

“Oh baby! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Did that feel good baby? It sure looked like it did!”

“Oh mommy, that was so sweet!” Jon moaned as he could hardly move.

Carolyn put the vibrator down and took his slowly wilting penis deep into her mouth. Jon felt a connection with his mother like never before as the remains of his load were slurped into her mouth as her tongue lazily and warmly wrapped around his head, over and over. He laid there in heaven as his loving mother softly moaned, spending the next five minutes tonguing his shaft and balls. “Thank you mommy! I love you so much!” Jon admitted.

“I love you too, baby! Mommy has many more ideas for us, but we’d best get cleaned up and to bed for now!”

“Ok, mom. Wow! That was the best orgasm ever!”

“There’s plenty more where that came from my sweet baby boy!” Carolyn said as she untied his wrists and ankles, removed the plug and swirled her wandering index finger into his ass. She softly rubbed his prostate and milked the few last drops as the dripped from the tip wilting penis. Let’s take these clothes off now. Mommy will put everything in the wash and clean up the place! She removed the plug from his ass and got everything ready for clean up.

After Jon left to shower Carolyn shut off the video camera. She took it up to her room to watch after Jon fell asleep. She had three orgasms that night watching her young boy explode with pleasure!

Carolyn came back to the present in the tub, her pussy throbbing around her fingers. She arched her back, eyes closed, as the torrents of orgasm violently tore through her gushing pussy! “I love you my dear sweet Jon!” she screamed, as her body twisted and writhed, splashing water from the tub.

As her body calmed, her thoughts turned again to her daughter. Dirty thoughts cycled through her mind as she laid down to rest. “This trip was wonderful and her little girl was going to need some mothering soon” she thought.

[end of Part 3]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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