Ted, Mike and I

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I grew up in the country, not on a farm, but in a village surrounded by farms, in central Missouri. I was a typical country boy, big, masculine, and horny at the age of 14. At this time one of the local farmers took me in hand, since I did not have a father and was being raised by a maiden aunt, and began to teach me the art of farming. Ted was his name, and he was a giant of a man. He was over 6 feet tall, big muscular arms from hard work, and looked to weigh about 300 pounds. Ted, I knew from church, for he was my Sunday school teacher, at the local Southern Baptist church. Ted’s wife was a typical countrywoman, short and rather slim and of average looks. With them lived her nephew, who was rather a sickly lad with asthma. He was small and rather effeminate and was 13 years old at the time of this story. His name was Mike, and due to his illness and frailty he could not do much farm work.
At the time, this story takes place, I had worked about 6 months for Ted. He had taught me how to drive a tractor and how to plow. It was the heat of the summer, mid July, and Ted’s wife had gone to visit her sister in the city. Ted and I were busy plowing a field that overlooked a large pond surrounded by willow trees. That pond sure looked good, shady and cool. At around 3 pm, Ted decided it was just too hot to continue plowing and asked if I wanted to go for a swim with him. About that time, Mike showed up, with a big thermos of cold water and we drank greedily from it. I told Ted that a swim sure sounded good and together the three of us went down to the pond.
The pond was in an isolated area and the willow trees gave some privacy for weeping branches touched the ground like an umbrella. The three of us went under one of the trees and stripped off all of our clothes since none of us had swimming trunks with us. Now, I had never seen a man naked before, but had seen boys my own age naked at the local school before and after gym class. I knew I had a bigger than average dick and that it was really thick and circumcised. When Ted was naked, I sneaked a peak at him sakarya escort and discovered that his dick was even bigger than mine, and uncircumsized. Mike though was a little guy with a small dick, and only a little hairy bush, otherwise he had no hair on him. Ted and I were hairy, hairy chest, arms, legs, back and ass.
Ted led the way and we walked out into the pond to the area that was about waist deep. I was a little scared, because I did not know how to swim, but Ted and Mike did. Ted soon discovered that I could not swim, so he proceeded to teach me. He came around behind me and reached around me and took my arms and showed me how to cup my hands and do the arm strokes. I felt his big body pressing into the back of me and his big cock pressed into my ass. I liked the feeling and my cock began to thicken and harden. Ted told me to bend over at a 90-degree angle and take a deep breath and hold it, while he raised my legs. There I was floating in the water with Ted’s hands and arms under my belly and thighs. Mike soon got tired of watching us and began splashing us with water and playing grab ass with us. A couple of times he mistakenly grabbed our cock and balls instead of our asses. Ted and I just laughed and chased him about in the water.
Ted after a while seem to grow tired of our horseplay and grabbed both of us in a headlock and dragged us out of the pond and to the shade of a weeping willow tree, where we fell exhausted on the ground and used Ted’s belly and chest as our pillows. Mike seemed to know what to do next. He soon was laying his head on Ted’s shoulder and playing with his chest hairs. I proceeded to do like wise. I liked the feel of his hair and soon ventured to play with his nipples. Ted had big round knobs for nipples and they got hard and tender as I played with them. I noticed Ted’s cock was big and hard as I played with his tits. Mike moved down and took Ted’s cock in his mouth and began to go up and down on it. Ted moaned as his cock went in and out of Mike’s mouth. Mike had turned so that his cock was with in my reach and I was curious sakarya escort bayan about the feel of it and reached out and took hold of the small cock. It was rock hard. I stroked it a few times and Mike seem to like it, so I continued to stroke it hard. Ted directed me to turn so that he could take care of my cock and I did so.
Soon Ted had my cock in his mouth and was sucking hard on it and I took Mike’s cock in mine and sucked it.Sppm we all three were bucking our hips forcing our cocks in and out of the other one’s mouths. We had a cock-sucking circle going. Our cum was being pumped up out of our balls. I felt it first, my cum rising up in my cock, up out of my balls, and I stiffened and shoved my cock deeper into Ted’s mouth, and my cum shot out into his throat and I felt him gulp and swallow several times to get it all down. Soon, after this I felt Mike stiffen and shove his little cock deeper into my mouth and shoot forth some watery cum. Than I saw Ted stiffen and let out a moan and a groan and grab Mike’s head and shove his cock deep into the boys mouth and Mike took several hard gulps and I assumed Ted had shot off in Mike’s mouth and he was swallowing it down. Our cocks soften and we pulled out of each other mouths and Mike and I turned and laid in Ted’s big massive arms. We fell asleep due to sexual exhaustion and the heat of the day.
We awoke several hours later, as the sun was setting, and a cool breeze was blowing over us. We all got up and dressed. As we walked back to the house, Ted suggested that I spend the night with him and Mike and I agreed, hoping that some more of what had just occurred happened again. I called Auntie to tell her I would be spending the night with Ted and Mike. We got hot dogs and chips and pop and went out to the back yard and built a fire and had our supper. Ted decided that we all sleep in his room, which had a large king size bed in it. We undressed and took showers and joined Ted in his bed. We played around with each others cocks till they all three were hard and ready to go at it again, but this time escort sakarya Ted and Mike had something else in mind. As I laid stretched out on the bed with my big hard cock sticking straight up, Mike applied grease to his ass hole, came over, straddled my groin, and lowered his ass onto my cock. I felt my cock head meet his ass hole and hesitate and than the head of it seem to pop open Mike’s ass hole and slide in to him all the way in till Mike was sitting on my balls. Mike let out a sigh of satisfaction, and rested for a while adjusting his ass to my large cock. Ted knelt at the side of my head and leaned his cock into my mouth. I opened wide and took it in and sucked on it, careful not to scrape it with my teeth and swirling my tongue over the head of it as Ted shoved it in and out of my mouth. Fucking my mouth like it was pussy. Mike rode up and down on my cock in and out of his ass. I reached out and took Mike’s small dick in my hand and stroked it. Soon I was forcibly bucking my hips forcing my cock in and out deeper and deeper into Mike’s small tight ass, and Ted was fucking my face forcing his huge massive cock down my throat. Soon I thrust upward one last hard time and felt my cock explode firing streams of cum into Mike’s ass, and let out a cry of relief and pleasure. Ted shortly after this thrust his cock deep into my mouth and shot his manly cum down my throat and it tasted like ambrosia. Mike let out a little cry and dry climaxed it. Our cocks soften and pulled away. We each repositioned our selves. I in Ted’s arms and Mike now in mine, we fell asleep.
The next morning I awoke with a huge hard cock and Mike pressing his small ass into my groin. My cocks seem to find his ass hole, instinctively and it slid into it with out much effort. Mike moaned with pleasure and I began to fuck him. The fucking built up till I was brutally fucking him pounding his ass into the mattress. Than I felt my cock head grow large and Mike’s ass shoot tighten around my cock and I thrust deep into his ass and let loose a stream of cum into the kid’s ass. Oh what a relief it was to spew forth this load of cum.
Needless to say I spent my teenage years with Ted and Mike and we continued our relationship. Mike is still my lover.

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