Temptation Ch. 12

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Next morning she awoke by some low snoring in her ear. She tried to shake off the sound, but a low rumbling was still heard. Oh well, no one was perfect, she chuckled as she finally remembered where she was. She was lying in Nick’s arms and he was sleeping soundly.

Her head rested on his left arm, his right arm slung over her waist, holding her spooned next to his body. She moved her hand slightly, placing it on his hip and taking comfort in his large and overwhelming presence. Feeling safe and so relaxed she wanted to take that feeling and conserve it for another day. She sighed. A sense of ease and happiness poured through her.

What would it be like to wake up like this every morning? To feel the strong presence of the man she loved? The man she couldn’t get enough of? The man who made her moisten just by the thought of his touch, his kiss, his hard cock pounding inside of her tight cunt? Just thinking about it made her breath catch and her pulse increase and an answering moistness was felt in her pussy.

It was incredible how just thinking about him made her body prepare itself. As if his sheer presence had a hold over her bodily functions, making them bend to his will.

Oh well, pleasure was made to be shared, she thought as she moved her hand behind her and aimed for his lower body. Moving down his naked stomach, she slowly moved down toward more interesting territories. Immediately his hard cock filled her hand and she froze in shock by the sheer size of him. She felt a tug in his cock, making him harden to her touch and causing his cock head to push against her backside. She removed her hand as if she had been burned, and barely swallowing the gasp that longed to escape from her mouth.

“Don’t stop now, honey,” Nick chuckled into her ear. “It’s just getting interesting.”

“You’re awake?” she asked before she could stop herself, feeling terribly stupid for not thinking before speaking.

“You really think I can sleep when a tempting woman fondles me?”

“I thought you were drunk.”

“I would have to be dead for not responding to some serious cock teasing,” he chuckled again.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

“Huh? Who said I was complaining? Come here,” he said and rolled her over on her back and placed himself on top of her, his cock against her clit.

“You’re escort ataşehir crushing me,” she complained teasingly as he started kissing her throat and moving slowly down to her breasts. He lifted himself a little away from her and continued his survey of her upper body.

“Better?” he murmured between the kisses he showered her body with.

“No. Now you’re killing me,” she giggled as he started kissing and sucking her nipples.

“Not true. I’m devouring you.”

“That’s what I said,” Amy laughed as she tried to shake him away from her nipples, his sucking making her so ticklish she could barely lay still.

“Ah, just lay still and let me feast on you, honey,” Nick murmured as he sucked hard on her left nipple.

She squealed loudly as her entire body felt as if it was ignited by his mouth, and the epicentre being right in her breast.

“You won’t get any female visitors if this is how you treat them,” Amy laughed. “By eating them alive.”

“Ah, but I only want one female,” Nick said smoothly. “And she’s not getting away, even if I have to tie her to the bed.”

“What? Do you like bondage? Huh, maybe I was a bit rash when moving in with you,” she said teasingly.

But instead of catching her teasing, he tensed suddenly. “You didn’t mean it then?”

“Mean what?”

“About moving in with me?”

“Of course I meant it,” she said and looked into his eyes. “I love you,” she blurted out before she managed to think.

Oh well, better now than never, she thought, but as she looked up at him she noticed the frown that had formed on his forehead. Oops, bad timing, she thought. He just stared at her and she had the sunken feeling that he didn’t care that much about her after all. That Jeff had lied when he’d told her about Nick’s real feelings.

Oh damn. How embarrassing. Now they would have a real awkward conversation and he would treat her as if she was made of glass and tell her how he didn’t want to hurt her, but couldn’t return her feelings. And then they would agree to be just friends and nothing more. Damn it all to hell. It was another example of why men and women could never be ‘just friends’. Now they would never be able to continue a relationship based on simple, uncomplicated sex between friends.

He opened his mouth kadıköy escort but no sound came out. Obviously he was looking for words in his state of shock. She didn’t want to hear any words expressing his sympathy, making her feel even more awkward than she already was. She put her hand over his mouth.

“You don’t have to say anything,” she said in a voice that she hoped sounded calmer than she felt. “I understand completely. Just let me collect my clothes and I’ll be out of here,” she spoke quickly before she lost her nerve. Now she only had to maintain the façade until she had managed to escape to her own apartment. There she could let her feelings out. She didn’t want him to see her tears. It was enough that he knew how she felt about him.

She pushed at him, but he refused to budge. She looked up and met his angry stare.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he said hoarsely and held her down on the bed. “Not until we’ve talked about this. You love me?”

She just nodded as she wondered why he was suddenly so angry.

“And when did you realise that?”

“Yesterday,” she responded. “Although I should have known a long time ago. Look, Nick, I don’t expect you to return my feelings, so just let me be off and then we can forget the whole thing.”

“Forget?” he was almost shouting. “Look, Missy, there is no way you can escape me now. I’ve loved you almost since the first day I met you, and now you say we should just forget about it?”

Hope surged into her as she just stared at him, his anger more evident than she had ever seen him before. He loved her? So, Jeff was telling the truth after all?

“Have you any idea what it has been like to wait for you to open your eyes and recognise me? To have you so close and not daring to touch you the way I’ve always wanted? Have you?” he said hoarsely. “Watching you date one creep after another, trying not to think about them touching you? I wanted to kill them with my bare hands sometimes. And now you’re suggesting we let it all rest and go out separate ways? I…”

But before he managed to finish his tirade, she grabbed a hold behind his neck and dragged his mouth toward hers, kissing him hard on the mouth. After a couple of seconds in stunned motionlessness, he finally awoke and started returning her kiss. Opening his mouth maltepe escort bayan and letting his tongue massage the back of her lips. The kiss deepened and she felt as if he was devouring her again, kissing her so hard she felt her lips would be sensitive afterwards. She welcomed his hunger so openly displayed and she held him tightly as she returned the kiss, trying to make him feel her desperate response.

“Oh god, honey, I need you,” he growled as he came up to breathe.

“Yes,” she said hoarsely and as he directed his hard cock to the opening of her pussy, she spread herself wide, inviting him inside. He plunged inside of her and sank all the way inside in one quick motion. They moaned in unison as she tightened around him and he started a wild pace of withdrawing and pounding inside of her tight cunt. She wrapped her arms around him, trying to take him even deeper and moaned loudly as he pushed hard inside of her.

“So good,” he groaned as he paused all the way inside of her, making a few slight movements as if he wanted to maintain the pleasure of being deep inside of her warmth. “You feel so good,” he said in a strangled voice as he moaned in pleasure.

She wrapped her legs behind his back and arched her hips, making him hit directly at her G-spot. She moaned loudly as she felt him massage the tender area, forcing her to start the climb up to where she would plunge into darkness and let the climax control her body. She struggled against it, wanted to make him come with her as she plunged into the pleasurable orgasm.

She held him tightly as she tried to pleasure his cock as best she could. Switching between tightening and relaxing the muscles enveloping his large cock. Soon she heard him breathe harder and she tilted her hips, answering every downward plunge he made inside of her body. Massage her clit until she felt her body tightening around him, as she met his last downward push and felt him fill her up one last time.

She screamed in joy as her entire body convulsed in a rhythmic wave of pleasure and utter contentment. Feeling her release take her higher as Nick screamed at the same time and plunged several times inside of her as his body climaxed forcefully. Holding her tightly, he bent down and kissed her mouth, as they both moaned to the aftershocks of their release.

He rolled over to the side and held her closely to him, allowing them both to catch their breath after the earth shattering release.

“I love you,” he said, holding her tightly in his arms.

“Good, because I love you too,” she answered and smiled at him.

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