Temptation Tango

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“Those idiots at school have no idea, do they Valerie?”

Vincent spoke as he looked up from his homework assignment. His tone was dismissive. He had no time for those he considered ‘stupid people’.

His twin-sister saved her work on her iPad, then shook her head and laughed. “Don’t let their ribbing get under your skin. They can’t be expected to know what our DanceSport means to us.”

But the ‘idiots’ obviously had gotten ‘under his skin’. He went on griping “They think we two eighteen-year-olds are shuffling around some dusty ballroom full of geriatrics.”

Valerie tried to reason with her irate brother. “You can’t really blame them. Most people wouldn’t know that competitive Ballroom Dancing truly is a sport, as physically demanding as almost any other.”

“Yeah, I suppose,” her agreed in a calmer voice. “I can’t remember not dancing. Mum says we started when we were five. That’s thirteen years now that we’ve been dance partners.”

Valerie smiled. “We’re getting really good, that’s what makes it so exciting. I’m sure the twin-thing helps us. We almost know what each other is thinking. I mean, for all our whole lives we’ve lived together, gone to school together, trained together…”

Vincent took up the theme. “And played, and laughed, and cried. You know, we are each other’s only friend. What with our school work and training we haven’t got time for anyone else.”

She nodded.

He scowled. “Can’t say I miss being friends with those idiots at school.”

“Mm.” Always the thoughtful one, Valerie mused. “We do miss out on some stuff though. Like, we are legally adults, but in the eyes of our classmates we must seem awfully naive and lacking in social skills. Neither of us even have a Facebook account.”

“I’m glad we haven’t,” he said, irritated again. “Means we don’t have to see what crap they post about us.”

They returned to their studies and worked in companionable silence for more than an hour. Occasionally Vincent paused and twiddled with his pen while his mind wandered back over the years of their dancing.

For much of their lives they had competed all over the Australia and New Zealand. They had won a lot and had been beaten a lot.

He recalled how for some of the time Valerie had been the taller of the two, and for some it was himself. And now, at eighteen years old, they were the same height when she wore the heels she danced in. Of course his testosterone had kicked in, so he was stronger and more muscular than his sister, and her estrogen had made her more curvy, but she was definitely muscular too.

He smiled to himself when he thought how her legs and arms rippled with muscle, and how in her revealing Latin-dance outfits he could see that her abs were every bit as pronounced as his own. Thanks to their years of training she had a rock-hard little butt and a tiny waist, but not much at all in the boob department, as like any high-level female athlete, she had almost no body fat at all. On top of all that she was a very pretty blonde.

He felt a pleasant thickening of his cock. His smile turned into a grin when he remembered Valerie saying that they almost know what each other is thinking.

“What’s so funny?” Valerie interrupted his daydreaming.

He shook his head. “Oh, nothing.”

He went back to work, wondering if she had read his mind. He hoped not, but maybe at some level she had, because…

Valerie took a break from the essay on her iPad screen and did an internet search for Latin-dance costumes. She enlarged and saved a few that appealed to her. Skimpy bikini-like things with spangled swirls attached. She loved them.

What a contrast they were to the outfits they trained in. Vincent usually wore shorts and a singlet, both black. She always wore any old light coloured cotton frock that had a short flared skirt. Under that just cotton panties. With her mini boobs a bra was unnecessary. The idea was to dress in any sort of comfortable clothing that allowed Coach a clear view of their limbs as the went through their routines.

She’d been experiencing some confusing emotions during their training sessions lately. As they glided around the floor, executing graceful swoops and turns, their fronts were always pressed firmly together. Chest to chest, belly to belly. In years gone by she’d never given the intimacy of it a thought, but lately it seemed to invoke new and troubling feelings.

For example, a few days earlier, the twins had been rehearsing a well-practised tango routine. The music was an old song called ‘Temptation’. Valerie had looked into her brother’s eyes and smiled a sly secret smile. She knew she’d silently communicated, in the inexplicable way of twins, that she was conscious of the cheeky sexual nature of the dance. And of the song’s title. And of their body contact.

Vincent’s awareness of it all was a much less subtle thing. He got an erection. When Coach was not looking, Valerie had thrust her groin hard against his. She hadn’t intended it to be a sexual thing, she’d only meant it as a mild, sisterly rebuke. Playful. Maybe with tuzla escort just a hint of naughtiness. They’d faltered and lost time with the music, but managed to recover before Coach noticed. Both of them became flustered and a little embarrassed, but a little excited too.

She was troubled by her feelings, because Vincent was her brother, and it wasn’t right to get stirred up by one’s brother, was it? She knew it was a major taboo, utterly prohibited. So forbidden that it was never even spoken about. No one ever came right out and said ‘you must not engage in naughty stuff with your brother’ but everyone knew it anyway. The thing was, the very fact that it was outlawed made it all the more exciting to her.

On that same occasion Vincent had felt her hard nipples through their damp tops and smelt the tang of her sweat, so different from his own, but not at all unpleasant. He didn’t know enough about girls to be sure, but he guessed she was getting turned on by way their their bodies were rubbing together. He knew his own arousal was all too obvious, and her groin bump had said she clearly knew he was feeling the sexiness, though her grin had said she didn’t really mind too much.

They had not spoken of that and other similar disturbing occurrences. Neither of them felt comfortable about raising the subject, even though it weighed heavily on their minds.

The twins having turned eighteen, were preparing for their first adult-level competition. Coach had pointed out that it was essential to include at least one lift into their routine. All of the lifts were very ‘hands-on’. Vincent had to put his hands on Valerie in some very personal places. Her thighs, her armpits, around her upper body, under her butt.

Incredibly, in the latest one they were attempting, as she moved in front of him, he bent his knees slightly, quickly thrust his right forearm through between her thighs from behind, the crook of his elbow against her butt, his fingertips pressing her belly, then he heaved upwards to help her vault to a height that would be quite impossible unassisted. The audience was not meant to notice that he helped, and so be amazed by the height of her leap.

The main force of the assist was under that hard little butt of hers, but his wrist, and sometimes his palm and fingers, frequently made fleeting contact with her panties-clad pussy. They did the lift again and again and again. The more hot and exhausted they got the sloppier their technique became, so with her sweaty thighs sliding on his sweaty arm, more and more he was absolutely groping female genitalia every time. She seemed not to notice, and he certainly didn’t mind at all.

Right in the middle of yet another run-through, Coach shut the ‘Temptation’ music off and called out for them to finish for the day. Valerie completed the move that placed her in front, but didn’t jump. Reflexively, Vincent thrust his arm between her thighs, then started to lift, but realising it was all over, he stopped.

Coach walked out of the practice room and as she closed the door behind her she shouted over her shoulder to hit the showers and go home. They were left in the empty room facing a huge mirror, Valerie standing up straight with her legs shoulder-width apart. Vincent was crouched somewhat with his right wrist between her thighs from behind, his hand cupping her pussy.

Neither of them moved. He was already sexually excited from the previous accidental hand to pussy contacts, and his cock was almost fully erect, so he didn’t want to move. To him it was fantastic. Valerie was confused again. In a way it was a dream come true, but…

Maybe as much as a whole minute ticked by and still they didn’t move. Not a muscle.

Vincent was hoping Valerie was loving it as much as he was. The naughtiness, the sexiness was overwhelming him. He forgot to breathe and his chest was painfully tight. Then Valerie exhaled, long and strong.

She’d been holding her breath also, and as she relaxed her tension, she gave in to her feelings. She leaned back heavily against her brother, sagging against his hard body. Instinctively, or maybe it was deliberately, he applied upward pressure, cupping her pussy even more strongly. Valerie began to breathe again, in a shuddery fashion.

Vincent started to breathe too. He was feeling anxious, he wanted to do more, he wanted to press himself against her, wanted to touch her everywhere, but he knew how wrong that would be. He was afraid of angering her. They had a wonderful relationship. She was his sister and his only friend, was he about to ruin that?

He wanted to kiss her mouth, ‘I’m not supposed to feel this way,’ he thought, ‘but I desperately want to fuck her.’ He knew it was forbidden but who would ever know?

Desire overwhelmed his common sense. He risked all by gently squeezing and caressing her mound through the damp cotton. He could feel the shape of her vagina, the firm round handful of her bump, and her slit was so soft and yielding that when he pressed on it with his pointer-finger he felt it give slightly, but the fabric of her tight undies prevented tuzla escort bayan any actual access.

He pressed a bit harder and traced her opening with his finger up toward her belly-button for an inch or so, then down and back a few inches. Her reaction was a pursed-lipped in-drawn hiss of pleasure. Or was it anger? Disgust?

Whatever it was he couldn’t stop . He was driven by a feeling of overwhelming love, lust. He was still crouching somewhat, so he moved around to her side keeping his right hand just where it was, doing what it was doing, and cuddled her about the waist with his left arm. He kissed her bare shoulder.

Finally Valerie reacted, “Oh Vinnie…”

Lifting that just kissed left arm, she slipped it around the back of his neck, stroked his cheek and pressed his face to her side. Too hard. His forehead was mashing the softness of her little breast. His nose was flattened against her rib-cage. Her underarm smell was a heady mixture of her own fresh sweat and some flowery deodorant. He was totally enraptured. Almost swooning. Valerie was panting rapidly. Her panties grew even damper. He kept pressing and rubbing.

She was loving it. He moved his head a bit and nuzzled the side of her breast. She twisted her upper body a little and directed his face onto her stiff nipple. They were in another world. Completely overcome by their raging emotions.

They almost don’t hear Coach returning. The rattle of the door handle brought them to their senses and they jumped apart, looking guilty as Hell.

Coach didn’t notice, she just clapped her hands. “Come on you two. Hurry it up, I’ve got an appointment. Oh, I can’t wait. Just pull the outside door to and it’ll lock.”

She departed again, banging things and rattling keys as she went. The twins heard her car door slam. The engine started and the sound diminished as she drove away.

They looked at each other, suddenly awkward. Embarrassed by what they had done, the line they had crossed. They continued to stare into each others’ eyes until Valerie bent her head down to focus on the bulge in the front of Vincent’s tight black shorts. She looked up under her brows, gave him one of her famous naughty grins and flicked his cock bulge lightly with the back of her fingernails.

She spun away giggling and ran into the girls’ change room. He yelled and chased after her. She let out a shrill mock-scream and tried, not too hard, to shut the door on him. He pushed it open easily, both of them laughing, they made a grab for each other, then froze. Silence.

He reached for her gently and she slid into position as if for a dance, their fronts together, her right hand in his left, up shoulder-high. His right hand behind her on the curve of her spine, pressing her belly to his hard cock. Her left hand lightly gripped his right bicep. His head looked to his left as did hers, to her left, so they were not looking at each other. It was a familiar pose. Comfortable in its normality.

But the situation was anything but normal. They had never been there before. He’d never been in the girl’s change room before, but it was a lot more than that. They knew they were about to do something, to cross a line that could never be uncrossed. They didn’t care. Maybe they actually could read each other’s minds, because they knew that they both badly wanted to do those things they’d never done before, things only ever imagined. Taboo things, forbidden things. This was their chance. Such a situation may not ever occur again.

Slowly, trembling with desire, they turned their heads so they were face to face. He increased the pressure of his pulsing erection against her pubic mound. It was a wordless question. She pushed back, answering as he knew she would.

He tentatively brushed her oh-so-soft lips with his own. Another question. She seemed shocked. Her eyes looked quizzically into his. They’d just now done some pretty intimate stuff but perhaps she thought a romantic kiss was a step too far? He licked his lips, tasting her lip gloss, and waited. After a moment’s pause she nodded slightly and licked her lips. Her answer was yes. They tilted their heads somewhat and hesitantly brought their mouths together.

The two pairs of lips were loose, not puckered as for a child’s kiss. Saliva and lip gloss made a devastatingly slippery combination and with increasing pressure their teeth met as their lips parted. They both opened their mouths more to prevent that clash; they were each so used to reacting to the other that it came naturally. The tip of Valerie’s tongue probed up inside his top lip. He felt it like electricity flowing from her mouth to his. He was breathing so deeply that unintentionally he managed to suck her tongue right into his mouth.

They were both wildly excited. They knew they were alone there, safe from any adult control, so they tacitly give each other permission to act upon the feelings generated by the physicality of their dancing. All that yearning, wanting something, but doing nothing. The enormous dam of their combined suppressed desires burst forth in a torrent of escort tuzla passion. Kissing and pressing their private bits together was not nearly enough.

Barely lifting his lips from hers Vincent breathed: “Oh Valerie, I want more. I want to do things.”

“I, uh, I do too Vinnie,” she answered, then gently sucked his lower lip.

He reached down between them and excitedly cupped her mound again.

“Yeah, oh yeah.” She whispered into his mouth.

He lowered their still clasped hands and directed them to the hard bulge in the front of his shorts. He pressed the palm of her little hand flat onto it and rubbed up and down as he did the same to her, with his other hand.

“Is that what you want? What you like?” She asked.

“Yeah, oh yeah,” he replied teasing, copying what she said moments before.

She punished him with a firm squeeze of his cock.

“Wow Valerie. So good. Do that again. Please,” he begged.

She grinned that special grin and did as he asked, multiple times.

“I want to see you, it, this,” she said, squeezing again.

“Uh, I dunno, it’s embarrassing. I’ve got a boner.”

“I know that silly. That’s why, what, I want to see.”

“Nah, I’m all sweaty. I stink.”

“No you don’t. I love your smell. Your perspiration smells so… manly, so not like my own sour odour,” Valerie said haltingly, suddenly bashful about admitting her deepest thoughts.

Her brother quickly reassured her. “You smell great. I smelt your armpit up close before and I so loved it. It really turned me on.”

“Ick. Gross.” She poked out her tongue and made a face.

“No,” he said, lifting her arm and sniffing up close, “It’s divine.”

“Divine?” Valerie queried. “You’re stalling. I need to see this,” providing another wonderful squeeze on his cock.

“How can I resist?” He muttered.

He did feel a bit bashful because no one had ever seen his stiff cock, but he was thrilled with the direction things were going, so he peeled his shorts and tight sweaty briefs down to his knees and slowly stood erect. Erect being a very appropriate word. He felt really stupid as his ugly big penis throbbed and bucked in the cool air.

Valerie’s squeal was pure girlie delight. “Woo, ummm, divine,” she mocked.

So he punished her as she had punished him by lightly grabbing and gently squeezing her pussy. “I need to see you too, you know. We could undress, get naked to shower and to look at each other.”

“Yeah, oh yeah.” Her jokey reply was more than a bit shaky.

He toed off his dance shoes and finished shucking his shorts and jocks, crossed his arms and pulled off his tight singlet.

Valerie hadn’t moved. She was staring. “Vinnie, you are, you look great.”

“What’s the hold up?” he griped. “Am I the only one embarrassing myself around here? “

Vincent was so flustered by his nudity that he was making stupid comments. He knew he might be spoiling the momentous occasion, but couldn’t help himself.

“Vinnie, don’t tease. I’m scared, shy, now that it comes down to it. I want to, I want you to see me, touch me, but I don’t know if I can.”

His protective instincts overwhelmed his lust. He put his arms around her, his great boner jabbing her skirt, her belly, but he almost forgot that he was naked. Almost.

“It’s okay Sis. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“But I do want to, I do,” she whimpered.

She stepped back, her eyes drawn to his cock like a compass needle to North. She reached for it hesitantly, then stopped, not quite touching it.

“Don’t torture me,” he groaned, so she took hold of the shaft lightly, finger and thumb only.

Valerie made a decision and released his cock.”Oh Hell! Here I go!”

She bent and unbuckled her shoes and pulled them off. She stood up with her back to her brother, unzipped her dress, slipped its straps down, dropped it to the floor and kicked it away. She was wearing only her white cotton panties, small and snug fitting. No bra. As mentioned before, not much boob.

To Vincent, her naked back was gorgeous. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic waist of her remaining garment and without hesitation shoved it down her thighs. She bent from the waist to push the panties to her ankles, affording him a fabulous view of her butt cheeks, and a glimpse of her pussy. She quickly stood upright, then paused.

“I don’t want to turn around. Well, I do want to…and I don’t want to.” She finished lamely.

“Well it’s too late. I already saw your, you know.”

“Oh you boy.” Valerie chided him, then she turned too quickly to slap at his arm and tripped herself with the panties that were still around her ankles.

He caught her easily, his palms under her elbows, just like a dance move.

Her beautiful little titties were right there for him to see. They were different to what he expected. He’d seen tits on the internet of course, but Valerie’s were nothing like them. Hers were like little cones, maybe half a cupful. But her nipples were extraordinary. Completely out of proportion to her breasts. His own nipples were no bigger than match-heads. Hers were as thick as his finger and nearly half an inch long. Shockingly pink. The coloured circle bit was a paler pink and covered half the cone of her breast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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