Tess , Uncle John Ch. 02

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Tess kissed her Uncle John on the lips and closed her palm around the thickness of his raging boner. I think you’ll like my explanations Uncle John, she purred.

On the top floor the elevator doors opened and the two of them stepped out. In almost a trance John walked to the Honeymoon Suite. He opened the door and stood to the side as Tess walked inside.

Oh My God, she gasped. This is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Opening her coat, Tess dropped it on the floor and turned to face her uncle. The micro mini she wore hugged every delicious inch of her incredibly sexy body. Her sheer blouse draped across her high proud tits like a second skin.

John scanned her body from head to toe. Then he licked his lips and walked over and pulled her tight little body against his. Tess could feel his bloated hard cock throbbing against her belly. She ground her body against his. His only words were, young lady, I need you stripped and naked on that great big heart shaped bed. And while I’m licking that sweet little cunt of yours, you can give your boyfriend Eric and your mother a call and let them know we are in our rooms and will not be going outside in this weather.

Tess gasped. Give me a minute to freshen up Uncle John. Then I’m all yours for the night. As she pranced into the bathroom, John picked up the hotel room phone and called the front desk. Hello, this is the Honeymoon Suite? Are you the young man who checked us in? Fine, fine, listen, I was wondering what time you get off tonight? In Fifteen minutes huh? Thats great. When you get off could you bring our drinks and pizza up to the room for me? There will be an extra hundred in it for you if you could do that. Ok, great. See you in about 15 minutes then.

Hanging up, John shook his head in disbelief when Tess walked back into the room as naked as the day she was born. She had her hair up in braids, snapping gum like it was going out of style, tuzla escort and her hot little cunt was shaved clean. Holy fuck Tess. I want you on the bed young lady, with those long legs of yours way up in the air and spread just as far as you can possibly spread them. Then, sweet girl, I am going to suck on that sweet delectable cunt of yours like an all day sucker.

Tess giggled like a school girl, ran and jumped in the middle of the bed and with her lower lip pounting, looked her uncle in the eyes, and slowly, oh so slowly pulled her legs way up and spread her tight little cunt slit wide open. Come and get it Uncle John. I gotta call Mommy and let her know we made it.

Licking his lips, John dropped his pants, stripped off his shirt, and yanked his underwear to the ground. When the band of his underwear lowered over his thick raging man cock, it bounced up, slapping hard against his stomach as he made his way to the bed and kneeled between the wide open legs of his succulent Niece Tess.

Her juices were flowing like honey when his tongue slid down the slick puffy lips of her delicious young cunt. As he lapped and poked the tip of his tongue against her hot little honey hole, Tess gasped, and dialed her mom. Hi Mom. We made it to the room. Yes and we could only get one room but it has a huge bed and a wonderful couch to sleep on. Uh huh. Yes Mom. No Uncle John isn’t here right now. I think he went to get something to eat. He said he was going to bring me something back to munch on. Sure Mom. I’ll tell him. No Mom. I won’t have any guys in the room. Uncle John will make sure of that. Arching her back, Tess held her hand over the receiver and knew in seconds she would be cumming all over the lips and tongue of her Uncle John. I gotta go Mom. Talk to you later. Before she completely got the phone hung up Tess groaned out loud, sliding her wet cunt up and down on her Uncle Johns tongue as it sank inside her exploding tuzla escort bayan young honey hole. Oh yes Uncle John. Yes, yes, yes, just like that. Oh fuck you are the best ever. Lick it Uncle John. Oh yessssssssssss, lick my wet cunt you nasty, nasty man.

With her knees pulled back over her head, and Mikes face mauling her tight little slick cunt, Tess jumped when she heard the knock on the door. “Room Service”.

John pulled his honey coated face from Tess’s hot cunt and yelled, come in , doors open. Before Tess could react the door was open and she was face to face with the hunky guy who had checked them in. With her mouth hanging open, John looked back over his shoulder. Well young man, are you gonna just stand there looking or are you gonna fill this young ladys mouth with some of that young cock of yours?

Wasting no time, the desk clerk shrugged his clothes off as Tess gazed at his long magnificent cock. Climbing on the bed, the clerk straddled Tess body and painted her lips with his cum oozing prick. In one quick gulp, Tess swallowed his thick bone, balls deep inside her hot wet mouth and bathed his fat member with her swirling tongue.

Johns fat prick was throbbing, hard, swollen and oozing pre cum like a faucet. He climbed between the open thighs of his hot little cock hound Niece Tess and rolled the big purple head of his long boner round and round the slick open hole of her honey dripping cunt.

Tess pulled her mouth off the great big boner lodged in her throat long enough to utter, do it Uncle John. Fuck me with that great big wonderful fat cock of yours. Then she filled her mouth with the desk clerks throbbing boner again, feeling it erupt inside her mouth. He flooded her throat with hot, thick gobs of squirting cum. Rope after rope splashing across her tonsils and Tess swallowed hard, not missing a drop.

John settled the bulbous fat head of his fat meaty prick against escort tuzla the hot little honey hole of Tess. With one long steady stroke John buried every long thick inch of his pulsing prick balls deep inside her tight little cunt. Tess grunted, and pumped her hips up and down, meeting every long deep stroke of her Uncles hard stiff fuck pole. Oh Uncle John, fuck meeeeee, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Give me that big cock of yours you nasty old man. Fuck me just like Daddy doesssssssss. I mean, um, uh Uncle John, what I meant to say was fuck me like a Daddy would fuck his slutty girl.

The fat prick of the desk clerk erupted when Tess said that, splashing huge gobs of cum across the bridge of her nose. Another shot spit from the throbbing boner in Tess face and lashed across her eyes. Her Uncle John tensed up hearing what his fantastic little slut niece had said. Then his hard prick exploded. John flooded her tight little cunt with hot pulsing shots of warm thick cum. One, two, three, four hard shots spurted from his swollen boner.

All three collapsed in a heap, exhausted and spent. As the young desk clerk dressed and left, Tess wiped the sticky cum from her face and sat dumbfounded looking at her Uncle. You know I didn’t mean that right Uncle John? I mean it never happened. You know that right? I would never fuck my Daddy. You do know that right Uncle John? You know Daddy would never take advantage of me like that. I mean he would never think in a million years about fucking his own daughter.

John just pointed to the hot tub in the corner of the room. How about a dip Tess? We have a couple of days to discuss what you and your Daddy may or may not have done. Have you ever role played Tess? You know your Uncle John would make a wonderful Daddy for a nasty little slut like you Tess.

Tess just smiled. Then she hung her head and headed for the hot tub. Looking back over her shoulder she sighed. Well Daddy. Are you coming or not? You and I have never fucked in a hot tub yet have we Daddy?

John could feeel his long pecker stirring again. Oh fuck. This is gonna be one hell of a couple of days he thought to himself.

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