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This story is for a very special friend of mine named Tess. While the main character is based heavily on Tess herself, the following events are a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or over.


21 year old Tess was blonde and beautiful, with curves in all the right places and fantastic 36DD breasts. She was only recently divorced, having married early, but was enjoying her new found sense of adventure and sexual freedom. Originally from Texas, Tess had lived in Baltimore while she was married and now resided in Ottawa. She didn’t like Canadian winters or snow in general(her first experience with ice and snow having been less than pleasant) but it was worth it. Here she lived with a man who actually loved her and she had free reign to explore her bi side with other girls.

Tess was out on a fine mid-April day. The temperature hadn’t warmed up to late spring or summer numbers but it was above the negatives and consistently 10°C or higher. With the sun out, these temperatures felt just right. She had driven to the beach, which wasn’t open to the public yet but that was okay. Anyone who had seen her pull into the parking lot probably assumed she was doing it to use her phone safely. As for anyone else passing by, the parking lot was hidden by tall grassy hills so who was to say anyone was there when they shouldn’t have been?

Tess retrieved her beach towel and briefly debated on stripping in the parking lot or on the beach herself. She decided to keep her clothes with her just in case although she was sure no one else would be around. For a beach by the river in the middle of a city, it took a fair amount of time to walk from the parking lot to a suitable location. Once she found it however, Tess laid out her blanket and removed all her clothes, setting her breasts and the rest of her gorgeous body free. She then set a timer on her phone and laid down with her eyes closed. The sun felt great on her naked body.

It was after she had turned from her stomach onto her back for the second time that Tess heard footsteps on the sand. She grabbed her clothes and looked around. Another girl was coming, holding a beach towel herself and smiling with relief when she saw Tess. The girl was 18, maybe 19 with long light brown hair, medium sized breasts and great legs. Tess relaxed her grip on her clothes and couldn’t help but smile back.

“I thought I was the only one who did this,” the girl said once she was close enough.

“To be honest I’m new to the city and probably never would have known that this was a possibility if no one had told me,” Tess replied.

“Welcome to Ottawa then. My name is Fiona. Where are you from?”

“Texas, but most recently Baltimore,” Tess answered.

“I never met anyone from Texas before. You don’t sound like you’re from the American South,” Fiona observed.

“Well the ‘Texan’ accent people know of is really just a stereotype. We don’t sound anything like that.”

“Fair point. So um, do you mind if I set up next to you? I mean it’s a big beach so I could go find another spot,” Fiona offered.

“You can stay. Might as well have someone to talk to,” Tess said, not revealing the real reason for wanting Fiona to stick around.

Fiona smiled and laid out her blanket next to Tess, who was laying on her side watching Fiona undress. She had a great body. Not as curvy as Tess but still hot. Hopefully this worked out well. Once Fiona laid down and closed her eyes Tess couldn’t stop looking at her. But how to get this going? Admittedly Tess wasn’t very good at seduction. Usually she relied on her looks and a direct offer. That didn’t always work though and she didn’t want to risk losing her chance with Fiona. Tess bit her lower lip as she tried to think of what to do. Sometimes it really sucked to be bold yet also shy.

“I just realized I never asked your name,” Fiona said suddenly.


“Are you into girls, Tess?” Fiona asked.

“Yes!” Tess exclaimed, too excited to be hesitant.

With a smile, Fiona crawled closer and kissed Tess’ full lips. The blonde instinctively wrapped her arms around Fiona’s neck and kissed back. They kissed repeatedly, each one deeper and more passionate than the last. Fiona slipped her tongue into Tess’ mouth and their tongues danced around together before intertwining. After they broke the kiss, Fiona started kissing along Tess’ neck, causing the blonde to shudder and get wet. Fiona bit down softly and Tess whimpered.

Fiona kissed downward, her lips reaching Tess’ big, beautiful breasts. She kissed both of them and started licking. There was a lot to cover escort ataşehir so Fiona spent quite awhile licking her lover’s breasts. Her tongue traced the outlines, ran up and down from top to bottom and across the nipples. Once one of the nipples was hard, Fiona took it into her mouth, sucking hard. Tess moaned loudly, thinking it was a good thing they were all alone on the beach. Fiona kept sucking and Tess kept getting wetter and wetter. When Fiona finished sucking, she buried her face between Tess’ breasts and shook her head, causing Tess to giggle.

Sitting up, Fiona lowered her pussy onto her lover’s. She was amazed at how wet it was. Tess immediately started grinding into Fiona, who responded instantly. In only a few seconds they were grinding each other at the same rhythm. Their moans filled the air as they continued to fuck each other. Tess held Fiona’s hips as she began rubbing their clits together. They quickly increased their intensity and were at the point where their clits hurt from being rubbed nearly raw.

By now both girls were panting heavily. Perspiration ran down their bodies as the sun seemed to grow hotter. Or more likely from their vigorous lovemaking. After practically slamming their pussies against one another, both girls came simultaneously. Once finished, Fiona rolled off of Tess and lay on her back, her chest rising and falling from her heavy breathing. Tess was the first one up, walking to the river to cool off. She gave an involuntary scream from the cold shock of the water.

A few minutes later, Fiona joined Tess in the water. They held each other and kissed softly. Eventually they walked back onto the sand and waited in the sunlight to dry off. Afterward they exchanged phone numbers and got dressed. Tess went back to her car and started the long drive home. On the way, she couldn’t help but get horny yet again. It would be easy to satisfy as soon as she made it home though. Still, the drive back wasn’t any easier and Tess could barely sit still.

Once back home, Tess stripped naked as soon as she closed the door. Then she padded to the bedroom and climbed into bed with her lover, a big smile on her face. He already knew her well despite them not being together long. So he nodded and Tess removed his clothes. Her hand went to his cock, stroking it as she kissed him. He kissed back and when his cock was hard, Tess mounted him. With her lover’s cock deep inside her, she began riding him. Tess moved slowly but was sure to give herself powerful thrusts.

He held on to her hips firmly as she continued thrusting. It didn’t take long for her to escalate things and she was soon thrusting faster and harder. Her large breasts started bouncing as she moaned loudly. Then Tess started bouncing up and down on her boyfriend’s cock, making him moan too. Eventually he flipped her over and sat up, taking over the thrusting. His cock repeatedly thrust deeply into her pussy. Tess screamed softly at the thorough fucking she was receiving. She started playing with her breasts in an effort to bring herself closer to an orgasm.

Tess waited for her orgasm but her boyfriend was teasing her now. He brought her right to the edge and then abruptly stopped altogether. His cock lay dormant inside of her as he lowered himself to kiss her. Tess kissed back hungrily, trying to convey her sense of urgency at needing to cum. She knew that he understood her desire but he did not resume thrusting. She also knew that her orgasm would be better once she had it but that didn’t mean anything. Tess wanted it now. She whimpered into the kiss hoping to convince him.

It worked. Her lover sat back up and resumed his thrusting. It was exactly what Tess wanted and needed too; harder and faster than before. The impact of his cock made her breasts bounce again, though not as much as they had been when she was riding him. She let out a long moan as he continued to pound her pussy like crazy. Every thrust felt like he was going deeper inside of her but Tess knew it was just a sensation. Still, the feeling seemed so real and it certainly served to help things along.

Tess held on to him tightly as her pussy contracted around his cock. Her orgasm ripped through her whole body, making her scream and shake. When it subsided she was still shaking. A few more thrusts made her moan as she felt a stream of semen flow into her. It was hot and moved pleasantly into her, straight into her womb, or so she guessed. It didn’t really have anywhere else to go, after all. When it was done he pulled out of her. Her pussy was still incredibly wet as she cuddled up to kadıköy escort him.

The next day, Tess was walking around campus in warm sunshine. Her class had just finished and she had nothing to do for the rest of the day. Although it was still only late morning, it had warmed up considerably since a few hours ago. Tess didn’t want to go home yet and couldn’t think of anything else to do so she just walked about. Eventually she saw Taylor and Vanessa, two girls she knew vaguely. They went to school with Johnny(Tess’ boyfriend) and graduated the same year. They had been a couple for 4 or 5 years but weren’t engaged yet.

That was all Tess knew about them aside from how they looked. Vanessa was curvy like Tess was; almost exactly the same, in fact. She had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes and a fantastic smile. Tess had never seen much of Vanessa’s breasts but she could tell they were about the same size as her own. Taylor had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes as well but was more slender. It didn’t keep her from being any less beautiful, however. Her long legs, perky A cup breasts and pretty face made her very desirable. Both Taylor and Vanessa were 5’7″, four inches taller than Tess.

They had just noticed Tess and called out to her. Tess stopped and waited for them to come closer. She was aware of her heart suddenly beating faster and wondered what they could want with her.

“Hey,” Taylor said once she and Vanessa had reached Tess.

“Um, hi,” Tess replied. Perfect time to get shy, she thought.

“We were wondering if you wanted to hang out with us. If you have nothing else to do that is,” Taylor asked.

“I guess so. I don’t really have anything else to do. Did you have something in particular in mind?” Tess inquired.

“You, Taylor and I. I’m sure we can come up with something all alone together,” Vanessa said somewhat seductively.

“Yeah okay. So do you two have like a dorm room nearby?”

“No way. Not enough privacy. We do have Taylor’s house though,” Vanessa answered.

“Our house,” Taylor corrected. “It’s somewhat of a long drive but I promise it will be worth it.”

The three girls walked to the parking lot together. It was convenient that they both happened to use the same one today, Tess thought. She followed Taylor’s car carefully; close enough to not lose sight of them but not enough to be considered to be tailgating. Taylor had been right; it was a long drive. Eventually they were in a very quiet area. The houses were spaced out further than in most of the city. Tess assumed that this was a rich area. Certainly she had never been here before.

They drove through a gate and Tess parked behind Taylor’s car. Once she stepped outside she took a look around. The house wasn’t what you would call a mansion but it was a large two story building. The whole property looked to be surrounded by a high fence; enough to render seeing anything from either house next door. There was a path that Tess figured led to a backyard, probably a large one. Taylor and Vanessa stood smiling, obviously happy that Tess was impressed with the place.

“Pardon my asking but how did you afford this place?”

“My parents bought it for us after graduation. So Vanessa and I own it. As for the upkeep, it was built relatively recently and there haven’t been any problems yet. I’m sure our parents would help us out if anything happens that we can’t afford by ourselves,” Taylor explained.

“But that’s not important,” Vanessa added. “Follow us.”

Vanessa and Taylor walked along the path to the back of the house. Tess was a bit slower getting there as she wasn’t familiar with the place. In the backyard was a large pool, already filled with water. Taylor and Vanessa had just finished undressing when Tess got there. She figured she should undress too and did so, folding her clothes and putting them next to the others. Taylor dragged a large floating pool chair and put it into the water. She then hopped into the pool with a splash and climbed onto the chair. She reclined and motioned for Tess to join her.

“What about Vanessa?” Tess asked after she got into the water.

“Don’t worry about me. Go ahead,” Vanessa assured her.

Tess climbed onto the chair and laid next to Taylor. As she had guessed, there wasn’t room for a third person. Taylor pulled Tess closer and suddenly they were kissing. Tess wrapped her arms around Taylor and kissed back. She felt hands caressing her legs and knew it wasn’t Taylor. Tess hadn’t even heard Vanessa get into the water. She focused on making out with Taylor as she felt Vanessa’s tongue maltepe escort bayan on her legs. Opening her eyes, Tess saw Vanessa lean down to lick her feet. She licked both Tess’ and Taylor’s as the two continued to make out.

Taylor was a great kisser but before they could go much further, Taylor was sliding off the chair. Vanessa quickly took her place and before Tess could think or say anything she was locked in another make out session. Taylor repeated the same actions her girlfriend had been doing: licking the legs and feet of both Vanessa and Tess. Tess had never been in a lesbian threesome but she was quickly finding the idea to be a very good one, and what better company than the girls she was with now?

Tess had no idea how long they were out in the pool before Taylor decided it was time to go inside. Tess and Vanessa got up and pulled the chair out of the pool. Then the three girls walked over to the sliding door of the house, dripping wet. Immediately inside was a shelf full of towels and they carefully dried themselves off. Then Tess once again followed Taylor and Vanessa. The floors were polished wood although Tess couldn’t say what kind of wood it was. She assumed that maple wood was a safe enough guess. Catching a glimpse of the living room she saw a fireplace with a carpet and couch in front of it.

The bedroom was larger than any Tess had seen, with an appealing king sized bed. If she wasn’t about to be having sex on that bed Tess would have been very jealous. As it was she felt a measure of envy that Taylor and Vanessa got to do this every day in this amazing house. Tess decided she wanted a house like this as she joined Taylor and Vanessa in the bed. She laid down in the middle as Taylor and Vanessa both started licking her breasts. Tess moaned at the attention.

Taylor and Vanessa continued licking Tess’ breasts, making sure to be very thorough. Of course with Vanessa’s breasts being about the same size the two were very comfortable with pleasuring large breasts. Both blondes took a nipple in their mouths and started sucking. Tess kept moaning as she experienced another first time thing. The girls sucked hard and Tess closed her eyes and relaxed as best as she could. They stayed that way for several minutes until Taylor called out to her.

Following Taylor’s orders, Tess moved out of the way as Vanessa took her spot. Then she and Taylor started licking Vanessa’s breasts. Tess had never been with a girl whose body was so close to her own. Every aspect of what she was doing was exciting. Now she had a better idea of why it was so fun to be with curvy, well-endowed girls. There was so much to lick even with just one side. Tess bit Vanessa’s nipple softly, prompting a gasp and a smile.

When they switched to Taylor being on the receiving end, it was a bit of an adjustment to say the least. Tess had her experience with Fiona just the other day but it wasn’t the same as transitioning from large breasts to small ones so suddenly. Still, Tess did her best to give Taylor as much pleasure as she could. She couldn’t tell if Vanessa was outshining her or not but she continued on and hoped for the best.

Once all the breast licking was finally done, Taylor took charge once again. At her direction, the three girls set up a small daisy chain with Tess eating out Taylor, Taylor eating out Vanessa and Vanessa eating out Tess. The sounds of licking, breathing and moaning were the only things to be heard in the room. It was hard to focus on eating a girl out while the same was happening to Tess but it was a welcome challenge.

Sometimes Tess would do to Taylor exactly what Vanessa was doing to her at the same time. But every few minutes Tess would change it up so everyone was experiencing the same thing(as far as she knew). Currently Tess was assaulting Taylor’s clit with hard and rapid tongue licks while Vanessa was buried deep inside her own pussy, licking Tess in tight little circles. When Tess switched to swishing her tongue from left to right inside Taylor, Vanessa was thrusting her tongue in and out of Tess like it was a cock.

Tess felt Taylor cum at the same time she was and could only assume that Vanessa was also cumming. Taylor had the sweetest cum Tess had ever tasted. Normally there was a variety of tastes, such as varying degrees of tanginess but Taylor’s was almost entirely sweet tasting with no real hint of anything else. Tess enjoyed it very much and hoped to taste it again sometime. She wondered what Vanessa tasted like as well. Next time she would have to be sure to eat out Vanessa. For now though, she supposed it was time to find her clothes and go home…


Please feel free to comment on the story. I read all comments even if you don’t see me reply though I can’t say I’ll have much thought for negative comments that don’t include any form of constructive criticism.

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