TGTN: Incest is Best Ch. 03

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*For all you morons claiming the size is too large, Milena Velba, like Melanie, is 36J. Still got a fucking problem? Go tell it somebody who fucking cares!*


All characters 18 and over and all that.


Ronald Hendricks moaned loudly as his grandmother Melanie sucked his cock in the bathroom. Her pendulous breasts wobbled as she speedily blew her grandson off, staring into his eyes while his head tickled the back of her throat.

In the adjoining bedroom, Selena screamed as she rode his brother Nicky in reverse cowgirl while he reached up to fondled her bouncing breasts.

“Grandma!!” Ronald shouted, “I’M ABOUT TO CUM!!” In that moment, the gallons of hot milk flowed like an ocean down Melanie’s throat. Nicky orgasmed simultaneously, filling his mother with his morning load.

As Melanie licked her grandson’s cock clean she smiled as some of the hot man juice dripped onto her knockers which she gratefully licked up.

“That was fantastic…” Ronald said excitedly, his beaming smile spreading to Melanie. She giggled and tickled his stomach, watching the hard cock recede as Roxie and Wendall walked in, apparently having had their own morning fun.

“Good morning everyone!” Roxie greeted, extending her arms as she stretched, revealing the white thick clumps of cum between her breasts. Melanie swiped her finger through it and licked it, feeling Wendall’s salty cream coat her tongue.

As it slid down her throat, she could feel further sag disappear from her breasts and her ass felt firmer.

“Damn!” Ronald exclaimed, giving it a hard slap, watching the two bronze hams jiggle to which his grandmother laughed and pulled his face into it, moaning as his tongue probed her anus.

“Don’t hurt him Mom,” Selena giggled, watching as Melanie reached between her legs and stroked fast on Ronny’s cock as he sped up in worshipping her ass.

It didn’t take long for them to cum, Roxie and Selena getting on their knees and swallowing the pearly white bands of cum shooting like hot bullets from Ronny’s cock.

“Mmm…” Selena said, licking her lips, “what a tasty breakfast honey.”

“Yes,” Roxie agreed, “but if we intend to fuck all day we’d better get some actual food for these boys.”


After lunch, Wendall, Nicky and Ronny played basketball outside, their cocks barely concealed by their shorts. From the window, the 3 naked women watched with admiration.

“I’m glad you two were able to get away and come visit,” Melanie said as she drank from her coffee mug, filled to the brim with the hot broth of semen from all three of her grandsons.

“So are we,” Roxie agreed, “the boys just love coming here.”

“Oh yes,” Selena said as she set her mug down, “You said over the phone you had a special request to make.”

Melanie nodded and down the last of the cup with one heavy gulp, licking the last of the froth from her lips. “Well, I know it’s difficult. But here goes…”

Her daughters watched her as she said, “Roxie you have a son. And Selena you have two. You both know despite my years with your father and having all of you, I never conceived a son.”

The two sisters turned to each other and nodded.

“I was hoping…” Melanie choked up, “that just for the summer… one of Selena’s sons would stay here.”

“Oh mom…” Selena cried, hugging her tightly, “of course. I know Ronnie would love it. He was excited the whole trip of the anticipation of fucking you.”

Melanie smiled as Selena pulled back, knocking their boobs against each other as all three kissed.

“Besides,” Selena said with a laugh, “I could go without those hard wake-up DP’s for a while.”


On Friday, Roxie and Selena hadn’t even finished pulling out of the driveway as Ronnie was already furiously hammering Melanie from behind, her massive knockers swaying as his massive young cock pushed into her cunt.

In fact, they had been at it almost nonstop since she broke the news to him the night before. As soon as she stopped talking, he was all over her, plunging his cock into her all night long.

And Melanie loved every second. She looked at the mirror on the wall, seeing the determination on Ronny’s cute face as he fucked her harder and harder. She saw his mouth open but no words came from his airless scream as she felt his cock blast his scalding seed into her.

“FUCK!!!” he shouted as he pulled out, Melanie inspecting the thick load deposited inside of her. She couldn’t wait to be impregnated by him. Ronny was just like his father, his hard cock throbbing as she turned onto her back, feeling the massive pole rub against her folds.

“Are you ready Grandma?” Ronny asked softly.

She bit her lip and nodded. He waited not a second longer, pushing in balls deep as she groaned out, feeling him begin bursa escort to again savagely fuck her.


The next morning, Melanie got up, feeling refreshed after 19 hours of nonstop fucking. She looked over at Ronny, sleeping soundly as his cock lay limp on his thigh.

She understood its exhaustion. It had really done some damage the night before, firing no less than 100 loads. The satin sheets from her wedding day were coated with dried jizz.

She considered washing them but then felt good fucking on the aftermath of she and her grandson’s hours of incestuous love. As she prepared breakfast, he groggily walked into the kitchen, his unrestrained cock standing erect.

“Good morning honey,” she said as she scrambled his cheese eggs, “how did you sleep?”

“Perfect after all that fucking!” he exclaimed, gaining a smile from his grandmother.

“And for your wonderful services last night,” Melanie said as she gave him his specially made breakfast, “you can either have one of my vanilla and fudge cakes after dinner or…”

She could see Ronny anxiously awaiting the next option though he knew full well what he wanted. She still pretended to think, tapping her chin.

“A chance to put my wee-wee between your juicy hooters?” he asked hopefully.

“Well,” Melanie said, pretending to comply, “I guess that would work.”

Ronny smiled brightly and began to shovel his food in. “Easy baby…” Melanie said soothingly as she rubbed his prick, “we have all day to fuck…”

He nodded eagerly and took his time, casting subtle glances as Melanie’s tits and ass. But of course not without her notice. The phone rang and she answered, hearing Selena on the other end.

“Hi Mom,” she said, “just checking on Ronnie.”

“Oh he’s right here,” she replied, handing the phone to her grandson.

“Hi Mommy!” Ronnie said cheerfully as she handed him the receiver.

“Good morning baby,” Selena replied, “how are things there?”

“Things are fucking great!” he exclaimed.

“Grandma isn’t working that juicy cock of yours too hard is she?”

Melanie laughed internally. Ronnie hadn’t even seen how hard she could work a cock.

“It’s great Mom,” Ronnie replied, “my dick is almost bursting with excitement.”

Melanie’s eyes sparkled as she saw Ronnie’s cock stand at attention, a pearly glob of precum leaking from his slit.

After he hung up, Ronnie looked at his grandmother, humming softly to herself as she ate. Yet, food was the last thing on his mind. All he wanted to plunge his cock deep into her pussy and ass, unleashing gallons of his seed deep into her while sucking and fucking her big smooth breasts.

Melanie herself, loved her grandson’s open mouthed stare, drooling as his hand slowly pumped his rigid cock, getting her wetter and wetter.

Melanie grinned from ear to ear as she grasped his rampant rod firmly and began to slide her hand up and down the entire length of his shaft, a motion that had Ronnie’s breathing labored and ragged in no time.

“Holy shit Granny!!!!” Ronnie cried as his hand gripped the sides of his chair. Sensing his need, she quickly stood, her stroking pace not slowing down as he took her swollen left nipple and began to suck.

“Oh yes Ron-Ron,” she moaned loudly, referring to her baby name for him, “nurse me good!”

His eager right hand moved to her pussy and began to fist her, his hands the perfect size.

“OH! Oh god!” she cried, jerking his cock the same she had jerked off her father and grandfather during her childhood, though her grandson brought her so much more joy.

Ronnie sucked her tit harder, good and deep, dragging it out like a cigarette. The sensations were incredible, her hand locked on his head as it remained firmly pressed to her tit.

Ronnie felt it, his balls knotting in eager anticipation of achieving its release.

“Granny… I’m… gonna… HOLT SHIT!!!” he screamed, continued to rub her cunt.

“Yes baby,” Melanie begged, “shoot your hot seed for your grandma!”

Without another second of hesitation, Ronnie’s head flew back, thick white ropes of cum blasting all over his grandmother’s torso, painting her breasts white with gallons of white fresh spunk.

As his nuts ran dry, she slowed her pumping, both of them giggling softly as their orgasms slowed and they stared into each other’s eyes.


Back at the mansion, Selena was getting roughly plowed by Kyle while Marie looked on, her fellow queen sucking her larger breasts.

“Are you happy to have Ronnie at Mel’s house?” Marie asked, kissing her son as he brutally fucked Selena from behind, gripping her shaking udders.

“UH!! I d-don’t know…” Selena groaned as the massive cock filled her twat, “My mother loves cocks. And with Ronny there, I doubt he’ll want to come back.”

She bursa escort bayan cried out loudly as Kyle exploded inside of her and kissed her.

“And it’s your fault,” she said to him, chuckling, “for giving them these huge dicks.”

Kyle smiled as she rubbed his chest. “I’m sorry. It’s hard to hear your complaints when you’re riding them and screaming every morning before school.”

Marie and Selena laughed, each giving a lick to Kyle’s shaft. “Don’t worry Selena.” Marie said as she sucked Kyle’s balls, “little boys will love to fuck their grandmothers. But it’s the mothers that make everything worthwhile.”

“Good point…” Kyle said, pushing Marie hard onto her back, “Let’s test it out.”

Marie unleashed a bloodcurdling scream as Kyle’s cock slid into her guts and began fucking her harder and harder. Selena sighed and smiled.

“Maybe I have nothing to be worried about.”


At the same time, Melanie was screaming and pinching her nipples as Ronnie was hugging her from behind and bouncing her on his thighs, fucking her ass.

“Yes baby…” Melanie breathlessly pleaded, “fuck me…”

“Yes…” he panted in his soft voice, “fuck…”

Melanie moaned louder and louder as Ronnie’s tiny hips hit against hers even faster, his tiny yet strong hands gripping her tits. “Oh fuck Ronnie! Harder!!”

Ronnie cried out and began to fuck her at a rapid pace. “YES GRANNY!!!!” The two screamed out together as he washed her insides out with his seed, thick buckets of it.

Ronnie then fell back, his limp cock slipping from Melanie’s ass, the two of them breathing heavily. She then looked back to where Ronnie was breathing heavily, his cock stiff yet again.

“Are you tired honey?” Melanie asked but he shook his head, reaching to pinch her stiff nipples. In seconds, Melanie was taking his massive dick in her mouth as he furiously fucked her golden soft breasts.

“FUCK YES!!” Ronnie shouted, never tiring of fucking Melanie’s firm and full breasts, thumbing and squeezing her stiff nipples. “HOLY SHIT! I’M CUMMING!!!”

Melanie awaited her reward just before the thick hot fluid shot from Ronnie’s cock, painting her face and tits in the thick baby batter. She caught as much as could in her mouth but was perfectly content feeling it slap against her forehead and cheeks.

Once he finally ran dry, she began to suck him off again, hearing his soft moans until she built up enough to take another heavy load down her throat.


After another sex-filled shower and taking another 10 loads from Ronnie down her throat, Melanie was still ready for more. She was saddened then to see his cock limp though she could understand his exhaustion.

As Ronnie dried off, he was surprised as he walked into the kitchen and found his grandmother in a pink and white cheerleader outfit, straining to hold in the gigantic bazooms behind it.

And Melanie was glad to see the effect it had on him. She couldn’t ever remember seeing him so hard, his cock dripping his precious seed on the waxed wood floor.

Getting on her knees, she rubbed her thumb on his slit, temporarily stopping the flow before suddenly removing it, watching the backup shoot onto her right breast.

“Your big juicy cock is ready again baby?” she asked, lifting her heavy tit to lick off the cream. Ronnie happily nodded as his cock throbbed with need.

“You’re such a slut grandma,” Ronnie said with a large smile with got Melanie even wetter. She loved being a slut. Every Friday and Saturday she loved to going to nightclubs wearing skimpy outfits.

The young men nearly trampled one another to get to her and by her drinks. One spectacular Friday, she was gangbanged by 30 frat brothers in the bathroom and walked home, filled in her pussy and ass and still drenched in cum from the multiple facials she took.

But she could never remember being as turned on by anyone as much as her grandson. She gently took his swollen cock in her hand and began to stroke it, moaning softly as Ronnie fondled her massive boobs, tracing her large areolas.

Ronnie them suddenly plunged his face to her left breast, licking and sucking her stiff nipple as she rapidly jerked him off. Their moans filled the house as she rubbed herself, cumming all over the floor.

The two rushed to the bedroom and she lay him on the bed, his cock so hard it seemed ready to break. Without any more hesitation, she closed her mouth around his tip.

“HOLY FUCK!!!!!” Ronnie shouted, anxious to shove it down her throat. She then began to suck him off, knowing from their previous play he wouldn’t last long. Over time, he would begin to control his orgasms. But for now, she loved every second.

Seeing his expression change, she slid back up and began to rapidly titfuck his cock.

“Oh! escort bursa Fuck…” he groaned, reaching pull her nipples.

“Yes baby! Cum for granny’s titties!!!” Melanie begged him, wanting all his hot spunk coating her rack.

Ronnie thrust frantically, his hips clapping against the two massive pillows on his thighs. His balls churned, ready to blow. He cried out, humping harder and harder.

“I’M CUMMMIIIIIIIIING!!!!!” he shouted, firing a thick blast onto Melanie’s face and almost 20 more shots into the air, landing in Melanie’s hair and on her udders as she continued to work more and more semen from him.

Ronnie’s head fell against the headboard, tightly gripping the sheets. As he finally finished with a hard spasm, he fell back, breathing heavily. Melanie giggled as she wiped off the thick jizz and lay beside him, holding him close.

“I love you Grandma.” Ronnie said.

“I love you too sweetie,” she replied, kissing his forehead. Just when she thought he was drifting off, she felt his cock push against her cunt.

“Ronnie…” she said. He just laughed and slid into her, making her moan as they made love all night long.


Ronnie awoke refreshed the next morning, Melanie still asleep with her hand around his aching and sticky prick, her hooters across his chest. It was them he saw how big their truly where.

With them in front of his face, he couldn’t see anything behind them. And nothing else mattered. Nothing besides his sexy grandmother and her perfumed and whopping tits.

He looked at her, seeing she was awake and smiled at him.

“Getting a nice morning view there sweetheart?”

Ronnie nodded, feeling her gentle hands move to his balls and roll them around a little.

“Granny’s in the need for a good morning fuck before breakfast.” She said, “I don’t… suppose you know someone who could do that…?”

“As a matter of fact,” Ronnie answered, “I do.”

Melanie squealed and clapped her hands, watching her grandson get on his hands and knees on top of her.

“Does he have a big and juicy cock… just perfect for a titfuck?”

He nodded, his head pressing against her folds.

“Take me baby,” she whispered seductively, “ram that huge dick inside my pussy.”

Ronnie suddenly sank his hips, both of them screaming to the heavens as they began to fuck harder than ever before. It was only 6 days into their summer together and they had a lot of time.


On the last day of summer, Melanie got out of her car in the Anderson driveway in a pair of business pants and a pink tank top holding Ronnie’s hand as he wore a striped T-shirt and jean shorts.

“I’ve really enjoyed our time together baby,” she said.

Ronnie gleefully nodded. “I have too. I can’t wait for next summer!”

Melanie smiled as she knocked at the door. “Neither can I.”

She smiled as Kyle opened the door, as handsome as ever with his long cock dangling, dripping in juices of the numerous fucks he had given that day.

“Mother-in-law,” he greeted her, planting a long kiss on her lips as she instinctively stroked his cock.

“It’s been too long Kyle,” she said, watching Ronnie rush off to fuck his half-sister Carla in the ass.

“I could use some catching up,” he said, lifting her and bringing her inside as she yanked off her clothes, fully naked by the time they got to the couch.

She smiled as Kyle neared his cock to her pussy.

“Do it,” she challenged, spreading her legs and taking his powerful thrusts. From upstairs, Selena and Roxie watched, listening to hard slaps of Kyle’s balls against their mother’s ass and the bounce of her tits.

“At least we see where we got it from,” Roxie said to which Selena nodded.

“And we know that we still are best,” Selena said, “And she doesn’t have Kyle all to herself. She only is here twice a month.” Roxie agreed, watching Kyle as he began to cum, filling their mother with his coveted seed.

“Fuck that was great,” he said, watching as she licked his cock clean.

“Most definitely,” Melanie said, “I was hoping you had extra room for me. I love to be closer to my grandsons and you of course.”

“Oh yes,” Kyle answered with a large smile, “you can even sleep with me. Emily is out of town for a while as well.”

“Perfect,” Melanie said, looking slyly up to her to her shocked daughters looking from the banister, “just perfect.”


That night, Selena and Roxie watched as Kyle brutally fucked their mother in her new bedroom. This was to be their time, their favored threesome with him before they went to bed.

Nevertheless, Melanie and Kyle went at it hard for almost four hours before Kyle blasted a massive load in her mature cunt, passing out in exhaustion. The two jumped back as Melanie walked out, painted in their master’s precious seed. Melanie turned to them and smiled.

“Now who’s best?” she asked with a wink, walking down the hall to Wendall, Ronnie and Nicky’s room, the sound of hard and gleeful fucking soon reaching their ears.

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