Thanks, Sister-In-Law Ch. 04

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It would be helpful to you the reader if you read the previous chapters in this series.

So there was Jack (Mary’s husband, Andrea’s brother, and my brother in law) standing in the doorway. I’m not sure how long he had been there, but he didn’t look angry. Looking at the bulge in his pants, it seemed like he might have even liked what he had witnessed.

Mary was the first to break the silence, “Honey, you were right about these two. I still not sure how you knew what they had been up to.”

“I’d could say that it was the way that they had look at each other when they’re together, but I have a confession; Andrea and I have been screwing each other for years. Long before you and I were married. I wasn’t sure how you’d react, but since you told me you wanted to spice up our sex life, I thought this was the best way.”

Andrea spoke up, “It’s true. It started by accident, but we both enjoyed it, and it was actually my idea to get you involved, Mary.” She then turned to me, “As for you Brad, I knew for a long time that you wanted me, and that night at the re-enacting event was an excuse to get you in the club.”

Andrea walked over to Jack, and began to help him out of his clothes. She stood behind him to give Mary and I good view of his body. Jack’s about 5′ 11″, with a slight beer gut, dark hair shaved close, and a neatly trimmed beard. Naturally Mary has seen her husband naked before, but she never has seen another women, let alone Jack’s pregnant sister, help her man disrobe. As Andrea pulled off his shirt, we saw his chest and abdomen, and that he was slightly hairy.

Then Andrea reached around, and unbuckled his jeans, unzipping his fly slowly, and pulling them down. He stepped out of the pile of denim on the floor, standing there in boxer briefs that barely restrained the outline of his eight-inch turgid cock.

Watching bursa escort the strip show, I found myself becoming aroused again. Mary noticed and brought her head to my stiff penis, and before putting it in her mouth said, “I told you I wanted you in my mouth,” and slowly began to lick my shaft from the base to the sensitive tip.

My eyes were riveted on Jack and Andrea. She pulled his shorts off, revealing his cock. His balls and pubic area were completely shaved. She began stroking his member, and came around front to replace her hand with her mouth. I sank down onto the couch to continue to enjoy Mary’s oral ministrations. Taking the opportunity, she shifted on the sofa so that I could once again tongue her wet pussy.

My mouth found its target as I licked open her slit and found her clit. I rolled my tongue around it and played with it. Mary sat up on my face, continuing to massage my cock with her hands. Then I felt a mouth replace her hands. I looked under Mary to see it was Jack!

Now, the closest I’ve ever came to entertaining the thought of another man in a sexual way was fantasizing about either being blown or fucking a woman while she either was being fucked or blowing the other guy. But as Jack began his oral attack on my penis, I began to understand the why people say that only someone of the same sex can truly please you; they know what you like to have done to you.

Jack started by licking the head of my cock, and slowly circled his tongue around the shaft until he got to the base. He then licked my ball sack, and sucked each testicle into his mouth in turn. God, did it feel good. I looked over to see that Andrea was blowing her brother at the same time, her mouth bobbing up and down on his member. I returned to eating out Mary, who was now coaching her husband, “put his cock back in your mouth, honey. bursa escort bayan That’s so hot! You’re making me wet.”

She wasn’t kidding. Mary’s pussy juice was flowing from her like a waterfall, and I was lapping it up as if it were the only thing on earth that could keep me alive. Jack started bobbing up and down on my cock, and stuck a finger in my ass. I began to moan in appreciation.

Mary suddenly got off my face. I think Andrea had already stopped blowing Jack, because he repositioned himself over my face. As his cock descended into my mouth, I decided to give a little bit of resistance, and his shaft scraped slightly across my teeth as it went in. He hesitated slightly. I took my hand and gripped the familiar, and yet unfamiliar organ, and licked the helmet of his circumcised member, while pumping my hand up and down the length of his cock.

Jack started moaning, which vibrated around my cock. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take, but I aggressively blew my brother in law, and fingered his ass. That intensified his moaning, and I then with another groan of my own, deposited my spunk down his throat. He sucked on my cock, milking it dry, save for a few drops that dribbled onto his beard.

I felt him stiffen, and I knew he was cumming. His hot seed splashed against the back of my throat. Like a teenaged virgin, I began to choke a bit on it. His product was salty, but also a bit sweet, and I somehow I managed to swallow most of it. I looked over at Andrea and Mary, and they were kissing each other and fingering each other’s pussies. Jack and I got off the sofa, and both went over to the women on weak knees. Jack kissed Andrea, while I shared Jacks spunk with Mary’s hungry mouth.

“That’s a new way to taste your semen, Jack,” Mary told her husband. But Jack wasn’t really paying attention. He had Andrea on escort bursa the floor, and was exploring his sister’s body with his tongue. He broke off their passionate kissing, and began his oral journey to the valley between her thighs. He nibbled on her neck. He licked and teased her rock hard nipples, and traced a path over her pregnant belly to her moist, cum soaked twat. He parted his sister’s vaginal lips, and remarked, “With Brad as an appetizer, your cunt will make a great main course.” He then jammed his tongue into Andrea’s love canal.

Mary was really turned on by this. So was I. Mary saw my erection returning, and picked up where she left off, giving me head. We positioned ourselves in a sixty-nine, but made sure each of us could see Jack going to town on Andrea’s quim.

Jack was hard again. He told Andrea to get up on her knees, so that he could take her from behind. He plunged his cock into his sister’s cunt, and started a rhythm that they both knew from years of having done this before. They built up to a quick pace, with Jacks shaved balls slapping against Andrea to the point it looked like it hurt to do so.

Meanwhile, even though I knew Mary had her attention focused on her husband’s fucking his sister; she still managed to give me a good blowjob. And even though my attention was on the siblings, I managed to make Mary cum just from fingering her clit. I orgasmed shortly thereafter, and Mary swallowed every drop.

I could tell that neither Jack nor Andrea could last much longer. As if on cue, Jack gave a final thrust into his sister. They both grunted at the same time, announcing the arrivals of their orgasms. As it subsided, they both sank slowly onto the floor.

After a while, the four of us gave into the exhaustion from all that fucking, and dragged ourselves to the bedrooms to sleep. Jack and Mary in one room, Andrea and I in another. “This has been an amazing night,” I told Andrea. We could hear Jack and Mary going at it down the hall. Andrea managed to say before sleep overtook us both, “It sounds like Mary shares your opinion.”

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