That’s My Wife

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That’s My Wife

I stumbled upon a web site where pictures of girlfriends and wives get posted for the entire World to view. I looked through the previous weeks worth of postings and found one girlfriend that was the spitting image of my wife. I said to myself, “That’s my wife.” Then I wondered…if she is my wife, then who took the pictures and posted them.

I decided to check back through the previous weeks that were displayed and found that her pictures were posted once a week and usually on Thursday. I go out with the guys on Wednesday. Hey, that was when she must do her thing. I copied every picture that I could find and then I signed up for a membership to get to the archives that I couldn’t get to for free. It cost me, but it was worth it. I was able to find postings of her going back almost a full year. Her face was always visible but the guy was not. Oh his cock wound up in her mouth, in her pussy, and even in her ass but that was all. She never cared for anal sex with me, but she gave it to him a few times. In one set of pictures her ass was red from getting beaten. In another set she was tied to our bed. That was it…she was tied to our bed in just that one set, otherwise they were in motels or his house. I did not recognize the rooms other than ours.

It really was my wife, now what do I do?

I suppose I could skip my night out with the boys and try to follow her but I wouldn’t want her to see me doing it. I thought about using her GPS in her phone but I wasn’t sure how to do that. So I went to my local electronics store and he fixed me up with an easy item that I just stick up under the dash of my wife’s car. Then the next morning I can tell exactly where her car had been. It doesn’t mean that she was in that car the whole time but it was a start.

That first Thursday at work I found out that her car had been parked at a motel for several hours while I was out. The following Thursday it was at a different motel. Then it never left my driveway but there were still pictures posted. They were taken in my living room.

I decided to check on the location of her car while I was out and about. Then if her car stayed at home I would pay her a surprise visit.

It was about six weeks later that her car stayed home. I excused myself from my friends and went home. I parked around the corner and walked to my house. There was a strange car in our driveway. It was new, it was sporty, and it was exactly the kind of car that I would want someday…a chick mobile. It was the kind that old men could afford.

I walked around the house looking for a way to see inside. I know they had used the bedroom and the living room so I was hoping that they were someplace where I could see in. No such luck, everything was buttoned up tightly. However, I could see an occasional flash coming from the second floor window of our exercise room. I hid in the bushes and just looked up at the window. I was rewarded with the site of my wife’s breasts smashed up against the glass and two more flashes going off. Soon I heard the back door close and stayed in my hiding place. My wife’s breasts were still pressed against the glass. The strange figure almost backed up into my bush taking pictures of my wife’s flattened tits. I could not see his face.

I decided to check out his car knowing that he was occupied on the other side of the house. I recorded his license plate number, his registration number and then I decided to look in his glove compartment. That was a mistake. His car alarm went off and bursa escort I once again scrambled to find cover. That time when he came out of my house I saw his face…it was my own father.

I didn’t even know he was back in town let alone that he had a new car. About a year ago he retired, he left Mom, and he disappeared to ‘find himself.’ Well instead he found my wife. I wondered if she was the reason that he left Mom in the first place.

I came home at my usual time to find my wife in a nice bubble bath with candles burning, soft music playing, and a half empty wine bottle sitting next to her.

She looked up as I walked in and said, “Want to join me?”

I said no and started to walk out when she asked, “Would you like to take some nude pictures of me?”

I asked what she had in mind and she replied, “How about here in the tub, down in the living room, in our exercise room maybe with my tits smashed into the window for the neighbors to see, or better yet in our bed with me tied to it.”

She was offering me everything that I had seen her do on the Internet. I decided to take her up on her offer. I got my digital camera and went back into the bathroom. She looked pretty good and about half wasted. She smiled and she posed in a dozen ways for me. I was pretty sure that I would see similar pictures on the Internet the next day.

When she was dried off I let her take me into the exercise room and pose as she wished for me. She used every machine in every way possible. I was sure that she had done the same thing for my father earlier. She seemed to enjoy pressing her big tits into the glass, wondering if anyone was out there to see her. In the living room she again posed. That time I got to fuck her on the carpet and take pictures of my cock in her pussy. Later up in our bedroom after she finished off the bottle of wine she got on her back and asked me to butt fuck her. Wow, that was a special invitation that I hardly ever received. After I had slipped my cock up her ass she pulled her pussy lips open so that the camera could tell that I was definitely in her asshole.

Just before I cum in her rectum she said, “I saw you down in the bushes when your father went out to take my picture. I meant to tell you about him but it never seemed like the right time.”

I said, “And now is the right time?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, you already know about him, and your cock is in my ass where you always wanted it. What if I let you butt fuck me for a whole month will that help?”

I smiled, finished cumming in her, and then said, “Make it anal sex every night for two months then as often as I want it after that. Plus on Thursday I get to take all the same pictures that my father does only better.”

She smiled and said, “It’s a deal. By the way you have nothing to be jealous about, you are a better lover than your father is, and your cock is longer and thicker too. At his age he can only get it up once a week and I have to suck start it for an hour first. Your mother wouldn’t suck him for an hour for three minutes of pleasure…and it wasn’t all that pleasurable. In fact it was her idea that he get sex from me in the first place.”

I asked, “My mother knows about you two?”

She replied, “Yes, of course she does. It was her idea that I join them in bed for a threesome in the first place. She didn’t think it was right for me to do all the work and for her to reap all the benefits. Then we discovered that he could hard by taking nude pictures too. Your mother posed for him but she didn’t like it when he wanted bursa escort bayan to get kinky.”

I asked, “Kinky, like how?”

My cock shriveled up and fell out of her ass, so I rolled over.

My wife blushed and said, “He liked it when I kissed her, played with her breasts, and especially when I ate her pussy.”

Astounded I said, “My mother would never go for that.”

My wife smiled and said, “You’re right. At least not with your father taking our pictures but she sure likes it when we are alone though.”

She paused and said, “I bet she would let you fuck her in a threesome with her and I.”

I looked at her and said, “You are crazy.”

She said, “Maybe but I really think that she would like a hard cock like yours in her pussy.” She added, “After all your father has been fucking your wife so it is only fair that you fuck his wife.”

I must admit that at sixty-five my mother still looks pretty damn good. I told her to set it up, invite her over for lunch on Saturday, and see what happens. That way I could have all day and the next day too if I wanted it.

On Friday I was getting very anxious and called my wife from work to tell her so. When I got home both women were there to greet me. Both were wearing one of my white dress shirts and none of the buttons were done up.

My wife said, “Surprise.”

My mother said, “It’s about time you found out what your father has been doing. If our spouses can cheat in our marriages so can we. I’ll even let you take pictures of your wife and I. I wouldn’t let your father do that. The bastard would post them on the Internet and I wouldn’t want that.”

I said, “Then that is where we should start then.”

My wife handed me my camera and then she kissed my mother very passionately. I got a very sexy picture of their lips and their breasts pressed together. They did not break for a long while. It was no act either they loved kissing one another. I followed them up to our bedroom where they really got intense. Mom smiled whenever she could but usually her mouth was on my wife’s pussy. Mom loved pussy. Maybe it was the lack of cock, maybe it wasn’t. Those two women were very familiar with each other’s body and what the other one liked having done to her. I watched with intense delight as they took turns giving the other orgasms. I had never seen my mother so happy before.

During one rather hot sixty-nine Mom was on top with her face buried my wife’s pussy. I just slipped my cock into her wet gash and held onto her hips. Mom never took her face out of my wife’s crotch until she cried out, “Oh my God that feels so fucking good. Fuck me son. Fuck your mother. Go deeper where your father has never been before. That’s it hit my cervix. Oh my God. No wonder your wife never wanted that fuck-stick up her ass before.”

My wife added, “If I hadn’t felt so bad about cheating on him with his own father, he still wouldn’t be in there. However, his father did open it up enough to let him in.”

Mom added, “Besides he has been butt-fucking you for two weeks now, hasn’t he?”

My wife said, “Yes, he has.”

Mom looked back over her shoulders and said, “Stick it my ass. It’s been a while. Use some K-Y though. I’m not as slick as I used to be.”

That was when the girls separated and my wife lubed her up for me. Then Mom got on her back and let me in her ass from the front. When I was all the way in her asshole Mom opened up her pussy lips so that my wife could take several pictures.

Mom enjoyed the night and slept in our bed with escort bursa me in the middle. In the morning they watched as I transferred the pictures to my computer and picked out a few to post on Dad’s favorite Internet sight. Both women insisted that their faces show. They picked out two groups of ten for me to post.

The first set was of them together. Mom picked out a good close-up of her tongue in my wife’s pussy and my wife picked out a similar one of her tongue in my mother’s pussy. They picked out one of them kissing, one of their tits pressed together, and one of them sharing a double-ended dildo. They stood side by side in one of the pictures too. The last picture was of Mom nude, from the waist up, with both middle fingers up. She had me print a message for my father across her tummy. It read, “Hey fuck-face eat your heart out.” Not to be outdone my wife picked out a waist up picture too. Her message read, “My boyfriend posted my pictures here without my consent for a year. Now my husband has my permission to post my pictures anytime that he wants too.”

The next set was with me in the pictures with them. Each woman wanted one of me in their assholes with both of our faces showing. Then of course my cock had to be in their mouths and in their pussies too. Mom insisted that I tittie-fuck her too. Then there were the mandatory pictures of a cum-puddle on their tongues.

That day we went out and took pictures of the girls flashing. I got tits, ass, and pussy shots in town and in stores. I could not believe how risqu?y mother could get. She had no qualms about opening her shirt right in the grocery store with people in the aisle behind her. That started a little competition between the two women. I enjoyed taking every picture. The final straw was when Mom and my wife went into a college bar, stripped naked, and posed with six every handsome young men. Not to be outdone six college girls exposed their breasts for a picture with the two old chicks. Shortly after that we were thrown out of that bar and went home for some more sex and to submit a set of flashing pictures on the Internet.

The next day we saw the first two sets posted after we had sex and breakfast. Dad called shortly after that and asked to talk to his wife.

Mom talked for a good fifteen minutes and then hung up the phone. She turned to us and laughed before saying, “The old coot is jealous. He tried to post pictures of your wife and the Internet site refused him access, telling him that he didn’t have her permission too do so. He’s pissed.”

After a little more laughter she added, “He is jealous that you got to fuck me even though he has been fucking your wife for a year now. I told him to find another woman to fuck and post, because we both belong to you now.”

Then my wife’s cell phone rang. She talked to him, laughed at him, and told him that it was over between them. She said that if he gave her a copy of every picture that he ever took of her that she would give him one last mercy fuck on Wednesday. He refused…however, he showed up with a DVD that Wednesday. Mom was there to take pictures of his limp dick getting sucked with a wall clock conveniently placed in the background. That Thursday we submitted ten pictures of Dad. Every fifteen minutes his cock was limp hanging in front of my wife’s face and then in between her lips. In the last two pictures he had his cock in my wife’s pussy and then it was hanging limp between her legs two minutes later.

Dad never called back again, Mom moved in with us, and I stopped going out with the boys on Wednesdays. The girls plan all week long for our weekend love making and photo sessions. The sex has never been better.

The End
That’s My Wife

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