That’s Some Really Good Yogurt!

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That’s Some REALLY Good Yogurt!


This is a quick story inspired by my trip to get some groceries recently. I hope you enjoy!


I stood in line outside the store as the Covid rules limited the number of customers at a time. She stood six feet in front of me. And she was perfect.

Her hair was blond. It was unlikely this was her real color, but it wasn’t an obnoxious dye job, it just made her sexy! She was thin overall, but with breasts and an ass that had enough size to be perfect. She had a form fitting black top on that was V-neck in the front. Her cleavage was almost impossible not to stare at as a well selected bra pushed her breasts into a perfect position. The perfection of her breasts was accentuated by a flat stomach that was just peeking out under the top.

She wore tan colored shorts that were short, but not slutty. Her trim and toned legs stretched down to seriously hot sandals that tied up her calves. The over all look was near perfection.

We both wore masks and although my mask was fogging up my sunglasses, I kept the sunglasses on so I could stare more fully at this goddess without being so obvious. It only took a few minutes for the line to move and soon we were both shopping.

On multiple occasions, I took my time pretending to look at products I really had no intention to buy so I could stay in the same aisle as her. Finally, after the fourth or fifth shared space, we both arrived at the diary display. I reached for a yogurt just as she did and our hands bumped into each other. We both retracted our arms and apologized.

“That’s my favorite yogurt!” She said to me as her eyes sparkled. Fuck she was gorgeous, and I had a hard time responding at first. Finally I got my witty retort out, “mine too.” He beauty had turned me into a two word idiot.

The problem was there was only one four pack left.

“I would suggest we split it, but I don’t think the store would approve,” she said with a smile on her face. Or I think there was a smile as her mask hit her mouth. Her eyes were definitely smiling. While I had been looking at her hot body most of the time up to this point, in that moment I realized the hottest part of this woman were her eyes. They were lively, and sexy, and invited you in. I was memorized.

“Yeah, they frown upon those things, pendik escort don’t they?” I was able to answer a bit more smoothly this time.

“But perhaps, you could buy it, and then bring me two later at my apartment. Would you do that for me?”

I would jump off a building for her, so the answer was yes. “That depends on whether you give me your address and invite me over.”

She reached into her purse and pulled out a pen. She grabbed my hand and wrote her address on my palm. “I will see you in 30 minutes for yogurt exchange!” The word exchange made my cock jump, but it certainly wasn’t yogurt on my mind.

“I won’t be late!” I said. She walked off and I just stared at her incredible ass as she departed. I finished my shopping carefully as to not ruin the address on my palm. I paid and exited and as soon as I got in my car, I googled the address, launched the navigation function, and started the 12-minute drive to mystery woman’s apartment.

I arrived in 11 minutes, take that Google! I grabbed the four pack and headed for apartment 4c. I knocked and a moment later the door opened and there stood my grocery store babe.

“Thanks for coming,” she said as she pulled me in. Without hesitation she started to kiss me. I dropped the yogurt on the floor and my hands immediately found her body. I got no resistance from her as my hands started to explore. Her perfect ass was just as perfect in feel as look. I took my time enjoying it as we made out. Next my hands went to her breasts and they too did not disappoint. Her hand found my crotch and soon she was rubbing my rock-hard cock through my pants.

“Let’s get naked!” She said as she grabbed my hand and lead me into her bedroom. She immediately pulled her black top off and revealed a sexy grey bra. I reached around her and unclasped it and let it fall. It was pretty, but still looked better on the floor! We continued to disrobe each other and soon stood, naked body to naked body. I leaned in and took her right breast in my hand and her nipple into my mouth. My other hand returned to her ass to enjoy itself. She moaned as I sucked on her nipple. I literally could have stayed in that position for an hour as I had never had a more perfect breast in my mouth nor a more perfect ass in my grasp.

Her hands went right to my cock and she started to stroke me. If we continued like this for maltepe escort much longer I was going to blow, so I decided it was time to focus solely on her pleasure. I pushed her back onto her own bed, grabbed her legs and pulled them apart. I slid her to the end of the bed and knelt on her carpeted floor.

“Grocery shopping always makes me hungry!” I said in a conquering hero voice.

With that I plunged between her legs and went to work. I licked and tongued, and she tasted amazing. She was completely shaved, and it was heaven to be pleasuring her like this. I let my hands go up her torso and I started to massage her breasts. This is my all-time favorite position with a woman, and she seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. She moaned and writhed in pleasure and her fit thighs clamped on my head in approval. I was in heaven as I took her to heaven with my tongue.

She got very excited and sooner than I would have liked given how much I was enjoying it, exploded into an orgasm. Her pussy flooded and I just continued to lick and suck her and extended her pleasure. She let out a loud, “fuck yeah!” as she pushed my head into her pussy as hard as she could.

“Fuck that was good!” was her response as she finally released me and relaxed into her bed. I took this calming moment to rise up. I slid towards her and hovered over her for a moment. Then in one slow but steady move slid my cock into her. The feeling was blissful. She felt as good on the inside as she looked on the outside. I pushed all the way in and just held it there. I have a fairly long cock and her moan indicated she appreciated the places I was touching.

I started to fuck her; slow and steady. Her cunt was tight and the sensation was second to none. I slid all the way in, and then almost all the way out. I repeated this seven or eight times and it really seemed to get her back into it after already having a first orgasm.

She reached and grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. I started to increase my pace and push harder, and this really got her motor running. She wrapped her legs around me and we got a great rhythm going! Slow and steady was replaced by fast and urgent.

“Fuck me hard!” she yelled at me and I obliged. Her tits were firm but still bouncing up and down her chest as I fucked her. She was arching her back and begging me to keep going. I was going kartal escort to cum too soon so I slowed again and took her left nipple in my mouth. I went back to slow and steady and my mouth played with both nipples. She just moaned and enjoyed.

I decided it was time for a position change and I pulled out and told her to roll over. I pulled her up so she was ready for doggie style and slid right back into her. I knelt upright at first and enjoyed the view of my cock disappearing into her just below her perfect ass. I held her hips and slammed myself into her. She was a vocal lover and told me to fuck her and use her and make her cum. I obliged and enjoyed the ride.

I leaned over her, wrapped my hand around her and pulled her upright with me. The change in angle made the sensation of being in this Goddess even better. She also seemed to like it and pushed back with lust and energy. I fondled her incredible breast and fucked her hard.

It didn’t take too long in this position, and I was ready to cum.

I drove my cock into her with full gusto three or four more times and then I exploded into a mind-blowing ejaculation. I came deep inside her and it was glorious. She arched her back to accept my final thrusts and came herself. She moaned and cooed and generally lost control. I stayed in her and just started to kiss her neck. She turned her head towards me and we kissed passionately.

It was nearly perfect sex with a fully perfect woman. I didn’t know her name, but as the old song says, I was never going to be the same! I finally pulled out and we collapsed down next to each other. We stared at each other and then she smiled her perfect smile. I just enjoyed the perfection of her body and the afterglow of amazing sex. She looked at me and spoke, but I couldn’t hear her for some reason.

“Say again, baby?” I said to her.

“Sir, you can enter now.” It was an odd way to ask me to fuck her again, and her voice really didn’t sound like I thought it would.

“Sir, it’s your turn.” I felt confused as the scene in front of me and was replaced by the attendant giving me a sanitized cart. He looked at me like I was a bit of a freak show, especially after I had just called him baby. I looked around, and out of the corner of my eye I say my dream girl going around the corner of the first aisle.

I could definitely feel a wet spot where I had leaked pre-cum during my fantasy and really hoped it didn’t show on my khakis. I grabbed the cart and quickly got behind it just in case. Then I looked at the attendant and asked, “what aisle is yogurt in?” I mean a guy can dream, right?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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