The Amazonian Twins

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Two Amazonian Twins and tribal leaders engage in a sexual battle to become Queen of the Amazonian nation..

The Amazonian nation consisted of two distinct tribes, the Western tribe who lived in Libya, on the shore of the Mediterranean sea and the Eastern tribe who lived in Pontus on the southern shore of the Black sea. Although both tribes were united under a single queen, each had a Regent at its head who led them at the direction of the Queen.

Albeit the tribes were one nation and fought together during the battles of the Trojan wars, competition between them could be bloody affairs. Each of the tribes were not above raiding the territory of the other, carrying off slaves and property. Frequently, the Queen had to stand between the tribes to prevent open warfare. In such cases, disputes would be settled by matching tribal champions against each other. Such battles were always fought to the death, no Amazonian could possibly live with the stigma of defeat and so surrender was never an option.

The contests took place within the amphitheatre of the Temple of Zeus, witnessed only by the tribal elders. Both combatants fought naked, but chose their own weapons which usually consisted of a small round leather shield and a short sword, not unlike that of the Roman soldier.

Preparation for combat followed a timeless ritual. Both women would be oiled with scents and unguents until their bodies gleamed and each was given a draught of the secret potion which all Amazonians took before battle. The potion imbued them with strength and stamina. and contained a blood coagulant which helped to seal wounds quickly preventing large losses of blood. Unfortunately, a side effect of the elixir acted as a powerful aphrodisiac. If only the slightest sexual stimulation was encountered, warriors would fall upon the males of the enemy, seeking to mate with them. Even during individual combat, it was not rare to see two struggling warriors come into full bodily contact, where the erotic stimulus of naked oiled flesh on flesh would trigger the potion and shields and swords would be thrown to the ground, whilst the combatants scissored up and fought a pussy battle before resuming their deadly combat.

Sexual combat was no stranger to the Amazonians, in fact, it was commonplace amongst the tribes warriors, especially the younger members. Each year, 500 warriors who had been tried and tested in battle were allowed to mate with their both their male captives, and the men from the nearby Gargarean tribe who were permitted to live in order to secure the survival of the tribe. Male issue would be killed or cast out into the wilderness whilst female children filled the tribes ranks. Since only a fixed number could mate, the remainder of the tribe found sexual solace between the legs of other tribe members.

Even amongst those chosen to mate, disputes would arise. Each wanted to select a mate who displayed strength and a good physique and where there were insufficient mates, disputes would arise. Such disputes were addressed by means of sexual combat. Each of the warriors would oil themselves and then scissor each other, they would then battle with their pussies until one could not continue, the winner taking the mate.

Queen Myrine, the unquestioned leader of the Amazonian people had borne two female children after she had mated with Zeus, Hippolyta and Penthesilea. This was something unheard of in the annals of Amazonian history, It had ever been that only one female child came from the Godly coupling, thus ensuring a smooth passage of Royal ascension.

Both children were absolutely identical and impossible to tell apart. It was for that reason that the children were given a small tattoo on the inside of their right wrists.

As was normal in those times, each child was passed to a ‘Wet Nurse’ selected from the group of 500 tribal members who had been selected that year to mate Both children were also given governesses drawn from the elder members of the tribe as well as Tutors in all the arts and skills necessary to become an Amazonian warrior.

From the very moment the twins were capable of independent movement, they fought. Not the rough and tumble that usually takes place between siblings, but vicious, physical violence. For some unknown reason, the children had developed an overwhelming, implacable hatred for their sibling, feelings which were fed by their tutors who knew that when the time came, the twins would have to face each other in combat to secure the throne and the right to mate with Zeus and secure their lineage.

Seeking to keep the peace, Queen Myrine had placed each of her children with a different tribe hoping that the ill will between them would dissipate. Sadly, she knew that it was only delaying things. Eventually, the twins would have to meet in the Temple of Zeus and fight each other for the right to rule as undisputed Queen and to mate with Zeus and produce a female child to ensure an unbroken hereditary chain.

As the years passed, the children’s hatred for each other grew, each leading vicious incursions güvenilir bahis against the others tribe seeking out their rival in the hope of delivering a fatal blow to the others Royal aspirations. Both siblings had rightfully earned their places as the most fearsome of their tribes, none could match their fitness or fighting skills. Standing 6′ 2″ tall, their bodies were honed by constant exercise and competition. Large breasts stood proud without the slightest droop, the skin taut and large areola were topped with thick black nipples. Thin waists led down to flaring hips, muscular thighs and strong calves. Between the legs of each of the twins was a large shaven mound split down the middle where a hint of dark lips could be detected. Each of their mounds had been tried and tested in sexual battle, their defeated challengers numbering in the hundreds. Both siblings thought themselves to be the undisputed champion in sexual combat, but both also knew of the prowess of the other.

On numerous occasions the twins had sought the permission of their mother to act as tribal champions and face each other in naked combat, each time it was refused. They had also sought permission to face each other in sexual combat, knowing a win would give them ascendancy over the other. Again, every request was refused, each knowing that only the death of Queen Myrine would bring them face to face in sibling combat.

And so it was that the siblings waited through the long years, their mutual hatred growing into an obsessive, consuming passion.

Queen Myrine was dead, poisoned by the hand of a trusted handmaiden to whom she had refused the right to bear a child. The tribal elders were called together, gathering in the Temple of Zeus, the time had come to welcome a new Queen.

At the appointed time, both Hippolyta and Penthesilea were called before the elders. Slowly, Agnothresis, the appointed spokesperson stood and addressed the siblings. Quietly she explained that in the annals of Amazonian history, Royal blood had never been spilled by another and so mortal combat would not take place between them. It had been decided that the matter of ascendancy would be left to the staff of Zeus. Both sisters would submit themselves to the staff and the winner would take the crown whilst the loser would be banished for life. Agnothresis went on to state that the sexual prowess of both sisters was well known amongst the tribes and that therefore, a draw was possible. Should a draw occur, then and only then would the siblings have to submit themselves before Zeus for his personal intervention.

The Temple of Zeus lay at the foot of Mount Olympus and was formed by a huge natural cave across the entrance of which had been built a marble facade. Within the temple had been built an amphitheatre some 50 metres in diameter. The floor of the amphitheatre was made of polished marble as was the central dais which was oblong in shape, two meters wide and five meters long with ascending steps at each end. At one end of the amphitheatre was a statue of Zeus, at the base of which lay a small altar on which sacrifices were made.

The ordeal of Zeus’s staff was to take place on the central dais where the twins would engage in a sexual battle to prove who was worthy of mating with Zeus and taking the crown of the Amazonian nation. However, before this contest could take place, Zeus himself had to be appeased and his sexual drive awoken. So it was that 250 of the most experienced warriors from each of the two tribes were to meet in sexual combat, for it was the sexual energy generated by the 500 mating warriors that would give life to Zeus’s staff and thereby allow the siblings to fight their own personal contest.

The appointed day for the contest had arrived. Throughout the early hours of the morning, tribal warriors had oiled and massaged those warriors that were to take part in sexual combat, Younger members of the tribe had serviced them, bringing them to orgasm after orgasm in order to prepare them for their forthcoming battles. Each of the warriors had taken great draughts of the ‘Secret Potion’ and were ready to fight for their respective tribe. Their naked bodies shone and glistened in the flickering candle light and taut muscles rippled and flexed. Each breast was swollen, nipples stiff and engorged with excitement. Between the loins of each warrior lay a pussy whose blood filled labia lay open, exposing the wet pink flesh between them. At the head of each pulsing pussy stood a large turgid clitoris at least two inches in length and as thick as a man’s thumb. These were the tools of sexual combat which were used to crush an opponent’s weapon. Due to the aphrodisiac properties of the secret potion, these thick fleshy rods had been known to more than double in size and girth during sexual combat, twisting and knotting, pulling and crushing, flooding the combatants with an overwhelming orgasmic fever and driving them into a sexual frenzy where all sensory input was centred in their loins. Sexual contests between members of the tribe had been known to last over four hours, but türkçe bahis today was different. Today, each warrior was representing their own tribe and leader, defeat was never going to be an option. Each combatant knew that they would not stop until they had beaten their opponent’s pussy into complete and abject submission.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by the reverberating clash of a gong, marking the breaking of the day and the start of the battle of supremacy. Both teams of warriors were now stood outside the Temple in two long glistening lines, oiled bodies reflecting the light of the newly rising Sun. As the reverberations of the gong ebbed, each warrior took the hand of their opponent and they began to march into the amphitheatre. Soon the floor was full of naked bodies, each paired and facing their opponent.

The light from a 1000 candles flickered and danced across skin of each warrior, reflecting in the oil and sweat coated bodies of the combatants, who now, in time honoured fashion clasped both of their opponents hands. Slowly each woman began to lean toward her rival until their hard swollen nipples kissed, pausing for only a moment, they began to slide their breasts from side to side. With each slippery passing, the nipples caught and snagged, pulling at each other before slipping away, only to meet again. Within minutes, as if on cue, the sexual gladiators began to slowly push their hips forward until inevitably, their engorged, swollen, clitorises met in a slippery, wet confrontation. The sound of muted gasps and moans filled the temple as the women continued to rub their bodies against each other, Hard rubbery nipples digging into the soft, oiled flesh of each breast, before confronting each other in hard, tingling battle. Thick, pulsating clitorises met, gently sliding, one against the other, leaving long, connecting silvery threads as they parted.

These classical opening moves were designed to fire up the combatants sex drive and initiate the aphrodisiacal properties of the secret potion, turning each body into a sexually charged machine, ready to beat all before it. As the temperature rose within the temple from the heat of the many bodies, so the air filled with the overpowering smell of musk and pheromones. Vaginal juices began to flow in anticipation of the genital battles to come, the oily fluids running freely down the thighs of each warrior. Each individual body was being filled with desperate sexual desire, feeding off the erotic, slippery contact of nipples and clitorises as they met in gentle opening combat.

Such sexual battles as these had only ever been fought between members of the same tribe, never in Amazonian history had such combat taken place between warriors of a different tribe. It was known that during tribal battles, contestants would frequently lose all comprehension of what was taking place, being filled with naked lust and viciously pound each other’s bodies to the point of serious injury. It was felt that such battles between the two tribes could end up in creating unrest, and possibly, fights.

Today was different, not only were the combatants being filled with an all consuming and aggressive sexual lust, but each knew that they were representing the honour of their own tribe and were ready to defeat their opponent at all costs. Each warrior now looked into the hate filled eyes of her opposite number, picturing their own pussy smashing her rivals into complete and utter submission. It was this hatred that ramped up the sexual frenzy in each body and the rising sexual tension that fed the hatred. Each emotion fed off the other, only strict Amazonian self discipline prevented the warriors from engaging in outright sexual warfare.

The hot air in the temple was now electric with rising passion, sweat flowed freely from the bodies of the warriors as did their vaginal fluids, lubricating the passage of both nipples and clitorises as they danced with each other. The temple was filled with the hisses, gasps and moans of the gathered combatants as tension continued to grow.

Once more the deep pulsing throb of the Gong rang out and with gasps and whimpers, the combatants parted and sat on the floor facing each other with their legs apart. Each raised their right leg, sliding it slowly over the left thigh of the other, slipping closer and closer to each other until their wet, swollen labia gently kissed. Now the Gladiators entered the second phase of the contest. Having driven each other into a sexual hate filled lust, now they had to endure the agony of frustration as each sat facing the other, the lips of their wet, weeping pussies hardly touching. Each warrior knew that to break now and indulge their lust would bring shame on the tribe, their iron discipline keeping each in check.

The agony of unquenched passion streamed through each warriors body, stoking the voracious fires of lust and blind hatred that fought within them. Shocks of sexual need flowed between each pair as the slightest movement caused the barely touching labia to imperceptibly kiss and slide against each other. Each güvenilir bahis siteleri could see the bright pink flesh between the distended labia of her rival, only hinting at the sexual release waiting there. The genitals of each warrior wept copious amounts of lubrication which pooled between their conjoined loins mixing with the now free flowing sweat which ran down across their bodies. All this was as nothing as eyes took in the huge, wet, twitching clitorises which stood erect and proud at the head of each pussy. Each of the warriors prided themselves on the size and strength of their own clitoris, which had brought each success in many sexual contests but never had any seen their weapons grow to such a size. Fully four inches long, each thick clitoris throbbed and twitched as though reaching out to confront its rival and crush the life out of it.

Yet once more the gong rang out and silence fell amongst those gathered in the Temple. From each end of the amphitheatre stepped a warrior carrying a flaming torch and following, the tall statuesque body of each of the twins, dressed in floor length robes. Slowly, the twins and their escort approached the dais, mounting each step until reaching the top where they stood facing each other at last. The escorts placed the flaming brands in their holders at each end of the dais and then silently withdrew to the steps where they waited.

The twins looked into each other’s faces, each seeing the utter hatred and seething lust mirrored in their eyes. Only their iron self control prevented them from going into battle and tearing each other apart. Their naked hatred for the other permeated the temple, feeding the feelings of their own followers, driving them to an obsessive loathing for their rival. Whilst waiting for the opening of the ceremony, each of the sisters had been heavily oiled and scented, great quaffs of secret potion drank but being Royal, and therefore untouchable sexually, neither of them had had the release of orgasm that their followers had enjoyed. As a result, their sexual libidos were almost unbearable, each screaming for release.

In unison, the siblings reached for the catch of the robe situated at their throat and unclasping it, shrugged and allowed it to fall to the floor where it was collected by their escorts who then withdrew from the arena. Loud shuddering gasps filled the temple as the waiting combatants looked to their leaders. Each of the twins stood 6’4″ tall, each muscle in their bodies could be seen clearly beneath their oiled skin, broad shouldered, rippling abs and huge tight spread thighs personified their status as super warriors. Their large breasts sat tightly on their chests with not the slightest trace of sagging. Their huge bloated nipples stood dark and proud, pointing up to the heavens. However, it was not this sight that drew the gasps from their followers, but that which sat at the juncture of their loins. Both twins had extraordinarily large pubic mounds which were split by large, thick, juicy labia flowering open, exposing the deep contours of dripping pink flesh. Long, thick, silvery strands of mucus hung and slowly dripped from their respective pussies, whilst lubricating fluid flowed freely down their thighs. Now all eyes were drawn to the sisters crowning glories, there at the head of each swollen pussy stood the very things that had brought forth the gasps of the watching warriors. Each sister sported an enormous clitoris at least six inches in length and three in diameter. Each stood totally erect, a guardian to the soft wet folds of the vagina laying beneath.

Both sisters placed their hands on their hips and thrust forward their hips in a direct challenge to take up battle. Not a sound passed their lips, no words were allowed during this phase of the contest, and so were saved for the ultimate phase.

Once more the sound of the gong reverberated throughout the Temple and as the echoes died away, the twins slowly approached each other. As they neared, they dropped to their knees and then lay down on their right sides, knees drawn up as though sitting using their rivals legs as the back of the chair. Each of the rivals looked down to the juncture of their thighs where both could see the small dark entrance to her siblings pussy with their own bloated clitoris pointing directly towards it. Down went each of their hands, taking a firm grip on their throbbing clits and pointing them to their targets, they began to edge towards each other. Both twins hissed loudly as they felt the sensitive head of their weapon engage inside the wet lips of her rival, lying just inside the dark entrance of their siblings pussy.

Right arms reached under their legs and both hands took a firm grip on the wrists of the other and there they waited. Each could feel the warm, wet, slippery flesh of her rival moving gently against the thrumming head of her clitoris, whilst at the same time, each could feel the hard nub of her sisters clitoris pulsing at their entrance. Each knew that this was the first part of their battle, a test to display both their inner strength and the power of their genitalia to force the other into orgasm. Looking out across the arena, the twins watched as their warriors lay back and raised their hips from the floor, grabbing the ankles of their opponent as they did so.

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