The Anonymous Gift

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I sat in the parking lot of the shopping center. Across the road was an adult bookstore that I frequented. The door opened and I was shocked at who I saw walking out. Could it be? Possibilities rushed through my mind. I was excited. My cock, even though very recently drained, rose again. This is a whole new ball game!

Let me start at the beginning…

Another day in the office. It isn’t that I mind my job. But doing anything long enough gets routine. It is times like this when I put the job on autopilot and let my mind wander. Being a man my mind wandering turns to sex.

I love my wife. We have a good life in all ways. We are one of the few couples I know that still like each other. I’m 42 and she is 39. After 14 years of marriage we still make love regularly and passionately. We have had many sexual adventures together and with others, but never without each other. But, dang it, I’m a man. My mind wanders.

I work in the service industry. Most of my 100 or so co-workers are women. Summer time is great! The skirts are shorter and the material is lighter. Less is left to my imagination and more is on display. Ahhhhh….skin is so delightful!

There are 50 cubicles on my floor. Next to me is Jennifer. I would guess her age to be about 30. Jennifer is married with two children. She is tall and slender. She has long legs, a beautiful ass and the most inviting tits. They are very small. I happen to love tiny tits. Jennifer seldom wears a bra and I love those moments when I get to sneak a peek through gaps in her blouse. She doesn’t show them off, but she doesn’t hide them either. They have been the focus of many of my fantasies.

One hot Monday Jennifer came in the office wearing mini skirt and a light weight white button up blouse with the top two buttons undone. It was just thick enough that I couldn’t see her nipples but it was light enough that the shape of her tiny breasts were no mystery. I made many excuses to talk to her over the cubicle wall and to position myself to sneak peeks.

Jennifer and I have always had a comfortable working relationship, but today she especially seemed to appreciate my attention. After my third or fourth trip into her cubicle to ask her a “business” question I was pleasantly surprised to find the third button open on her blouse. Did she do that on purpose? I don’t know but I was in tiny tit heaven. If I stood just right I could peek down Jennifer’s blouse and see those little tits. They were more nipple than anything else.

I noticed more traffic in and out of her cubicle from some of my other male coworkers that day. She was a popular item.

That afternoon during my mind wandering I came up with what would turn out to be one of my greatest ideas ever.

After work I stopped by an adult bookstore that my wife and I frequented often. There are plenty of stories I can tell you that started in this store but I’ll save those. During one of our browsing visits I had seen something called a butterfly. It is a battery operated, remote controlled, variable speed clit stimulator that fits into a pocket on the front of a specially made thong panty. The package bragged that the remote was effective from up to 50 ft. I made the purchase. $49.95 was nothing compared to the fantasies I was having.

I opened the package and took out the remote control. pendik escort I left the clit stimulator and the pocket thong in the original package. I put them in a simple manila envelope with a note saying, “wear this.” I didn’t sign it. The next morning I slipped the package on to Jennifer’s in box before she came to work.

I saw her walk in. She was wearing her mini skirt again. But today she was wearing a sleeveless knit top. Again, the general shape of her breasts were very clear. I heard the typical sounds of her getting ready for a day in the office…tapping away at her keyboard with various passwords, slipping her purse into her bottom drawer, etc. Then I heard the sounds of a large envelope being opened followed by about two minutes of silence.

I’m sure she was curious who had left the special gift for her.

I heard Jennifer roll her chair away from the desk and get up. She stopped by my cubicle to say good morning. She had my manila envelope under her arm. She then walked down the aisle to the restroom. I suspected I knew what her early bathroom break was all about.

When she got back to her desk the phones started ringing and we started with our normal business day. I wanted to save my special surprise for later.

After a couple of hours of working away I pulled out the remote. I set it at the lowest setting. Over the cubicle wall I heard Jennifer typing away entering some data. I pressed the button on the remote. Her typing immediately stopped. I only engaged it for a few seconds. I imagined that it was actually my finger stimulating her.

That’s all I did for the time. About an hour later I heard Jennifer answer her phone. After she had greeted the caller I hit the remote. Silence. I turned up the intensity slightly. “I’m sorry,” I heard her say, “can you repeat that? There is some static on the line.” I turned it off. She finished her call.

As soon as she was done I heard her stand up. Some seconds later she peered over the wall with an inquisitive look. I just looked up at her and asked her what was going on. “Oh, nothing, just stretching.” She had no idea who was pleasing her.

I continued my pleasure sneak attacks through the morning. I would occasionally go to Jennifer’s cubicle to ask a routine business question. I noticed that her nipples were poking through her knit top. One time I just couldn’t help but stare at her nipples. She caught me staring. I asked her “is the air conditioning too cold for you?” When she gave me an inquisitive look I just turned my eyes again to her chest. She looked down and saw that I was staring at the condition of her nipples. She looked me straight in the eye and said, “sure, it’s the air conditioning.” Then she smiled, slapped my arm playfully and told me to get back to work.

I went back to my cubicle, but I really didn’t get much work done. My mind was filled with fantasies of me licking and nibbling on her pointy nipples. I imagined her sitting on my desk in front me while I pushed her skirt up and pulled her thong down her long legs then burying my tongue deep in her pussy while my nose rubbed against her clit. My cock was hard most of the afternoon. Needless to say, I didn’t walk around the office much.

I became more bold with clit stimulating attacks. Jennifer took more trips to the bathroom. During one maltepe escort of her frequent bathroom breaks I slipped into her cubicle and laid my hand on the seat of her chair. It was damp! I imagined that her panties were soaked with her pleasure juices. My mind continued wandering over her body wishing I could be touching her and bringing her pleasure right now. Is she as screamer or a moaner?

Near the end of the day I became really bold. I walked into her cubicle with several files in my hands. I hid the remote control among them where I could reach it. I placed some papers in front of her and asked a question about them. Just as she was about to answer I pressed the button. Her words caught in her mouth and her eyes became a bit glazed as all of her senses were momentarily focused on the pleasure spreading through her from her clit. I released the button to stop the stimulation.

It was all I could do to not smile. “Are you OK?” I asked with concern.

“Oh….I’m fine. I just remembered something I have to do after work,” was her only reply.

Of course, her nipples were standing proud. I was growing and about to pitch a tent in my pants. I grabbed the papers, mumbled something about asking her my questions later, and quickly slipped out of her cubicle.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Even though it was 5 minutes before quitting time I had to shut down my computer and get out. Unfortunately for me my wife was out of town. Otherwise I would have used her body furiously to relieve my sexual tension. I decided that a trip to the adult bookstore was in order with great hopes that I could find relief in one of their many gloryholes.

Rather than negotiating four lanes of rush hour traffic to get into the adult bookstore’s parking lot I pulled into the shopping center lot across the street and took the pedestrian crossing. I was eager to get in there!

I entered the store and immediately got $10 worth of tokens from the sleepy clerk at the front counter. There were only a couple of men and one couple browsing through the books, DVDs and sex toys. I only hoped there would be a willing mouth in the booth next to mine.

I walked back into the dark hallway of the movie booths. I noted that several red lights were on above the doors. Good, there are some mouths back here.

Being a frequent visitor of this place I headed far back around the corner to the booths that I knew had gloryholes. There were no red lights on above the doors. Rats.

I slipped into one of the booths anyway. I loaded several of my tokens in and started surfing through the channels. What was I in the mood for tonight? Guy on guy…girl on girl…guys on girl…girls on guy….? Nah, just some simple guy on girl action would be just fine tonight.

I finally settled on a scene in which a man was kneeling between the legs of a young woman. He was flicking his tongue through the sparse pussy hair and his face was covered in her juice. Just what I wanted to be doing with Jennifer.

I started rubbing my cock through my pants. He was now slurping on her perky tits. Oh my. I slid down my zipper, unbuckled my pants and pushed them down to my knees. After all the fantasizing and fun I’ve had all day my cock was already standing hard at its full seven inches.

I imagined Jennifer and me doing kartal escort the same things I was watching on the screen. My balls were starting to tighten as I stroked my cock. When I heard someone close the door on the neighboring booth I stopped stroking. The possibility of lips wrapped around my cock and pouring my cum into someone’s mouth was much better than stroking and dumping it on the floor.

I looked through the hole. I didn’t see anyone. He (they are almost always a “he” in places like this) must be hiding in the corner looking for some privacy. I stood and held my cock near the hole so that if he looked he could see my state of arousal. Soon I heard a whisper. “I want to suck you.”

I stepped up the wall and put my cock in the hole. Immediately a hand wrapped around my cock and started stroking. I felt a warm wet presence on the tip of my cock. Ahhhh….this is what I’ve wanted all day.

I fed more tokens into slot. I didn’t want this to end.

The lips on the other side of the wall were sliding up and down my cock. Fingers were fondling my balls. A tongue was swirling around the tip as the mouth came to the end. I was in blowjob heaven.

If a man is completely honest he doesn’t really care if it is a male or a female sucking his cock. It doesn’t matter if he or she looks good or is ugly. It doesn’t even matter the person’s age. During a blowjob the whole world is focused in his crotch.

I didn’t know who was sucking my cock, but whoever it was truly knew how to give a grand blowjob. I didn’t want it to end. But standing at a gloryhole is really not a romantic situation and there was no obligation to last long. So I succumbed to the warm wet hot mouth and let it have its way with me.

Within a couple of minutes my balls were tightening and I could feel a hot rumbling starting deep within me. It started moving from deep within up through my cock and then….BAM…I exploded. While I was experiencing fireworks the mouth on the other side of the wall was still fully engaged on my cock. Whoever this was really loved cum. After I was completely spent the mouth pulled slowly off my cock. Then I felt a kiss on the tip of my cock. That was an interesting new experience for me at a gloryhole.

I collapsed into the chair with my pants still at my knees. In about a minute my eyes were able to focus again. This was not my first gloryhole blowjob. But it was certainly one of the very best. I never really cared to know who it was that sucked on my cock. It might just ruin the whole experience.

I whispered, “Thank You” through the hole. Someone responded, “No, Thank YOU!”

I left the booth and walked directly out of the store, across the street and to my car. This time, though, I wanted to see who came out. I wanted to see who it was, perhaps, that had given me a great blowjob after a very exciting day.

I didn’t have to wait long. The door of the adult bookstore opened and I was shocked at who I saw walking out. Could it be? I was excited. My cock, even though just drained, rose again. Jennifer walked out of the store and quickly to a car. This is a whole new ball game. Possibilities rushed through my mind.

I didn’t see her in the store when I walked out. She MUST have been in the booth next to mine. She MUST have been the one who gave me a fabulous blowjob. I was shaking with excitement and anticipation. Did she know it was me? I certainly didn’t know at the time that it was her. What more could I be doing with Jennifer.

I could hardly wait to get to the office the next day. This is gonna be fun!

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