The Babysitter’s Surprise Ch. 03

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I’d sort of drifted off in to my own world, wondering how Mr. Miller and I could continue once Mrs. Miller returned from New York, when I heard him call me from the bathroom. I debated on pulling a sheet around me, or even putting a shirt on, for about two seconds before rejecting either idea. I wanted Mr. Miller to see me, and to be turned on. I was past the point of any kind of shyness. I wanted Mr. Miller, I wanted him badly, and I wanted him to know it.

Walking in to the bathroom was like walking in to a spa. He had about a dozen candles lit, the chandelier that hung over their tub was on low, and the Jacuzzi tub was full and already bubbling. He smiled when he saw me come through the door. “I figured we could both use a bath.”

I was touched that he had gone to the trouble of making it so romantic. It said something about how he felt about what we were doing, and my heart skipped a beat as my face lit up in a smile.

He climbed in first, before helping me get in, sitting me down so that we were facing each other. The water was hot and fragrant, and the jets were soothing my muscles. After the last time we were finished having sex, I’d felt as if I had run five miles. The Jacuzzi was just what the doctor ordered.

He had leaned back against the head rest on his side, and I did the same. After a few minutes of relaxing in silence, I leaned over and turned on the sprayer that was on the tub deck. I spent a few minutes washing and conditioning my hair, smiling at him while he watched. When I was finished washing my hair, he told me he wanted to be the one to wash my body. A little shiver ran up my spine when he said it, anticipation beginning to build within me.

He came forward, grabbed a bottle of shower gel, and squeezed some on my chest. Ever so gently he began to massage the gel in to my body. Beginning with my neck and shoulders, pendik escort then working his way down my arms. He pushed me back gently, so that I was reclining again, and then began washing my stomach. My nipples had already beaded up in anticipation of his touch, but he seemed intent on slowly building me up.

Taking my right leg up out of the water, he squeezed some of the shower gel on to my knee before beginning to massage it in. He washed my leg from top to bottom, including a thorough massage of my foot, before moving on the left leg and giving it the same treatment.

All of this build up was driving me crazy! I leaned forward and began to run my hands up his thighs, but he reached under the water and stopped me. “No baby,” he said, “this time is all about you. Just let it happen.”

Looking in to his eyes, I saw that he was serious, and I made the decision to let him do it his way. “I’ll let you do it your way , if you kiss me now.”

He gave me a smile as he gently moved his arms up and cupped my hands in his head, tilting my face up as his mouth came towards mine. He kissed me with such skill and such passion, I got butterflies in my stomach.

After a few minutes of kissing, he gently moved me back so that I was once again reclining in the tub. He put some more shower gel in his palm and finally began to clean the one area I had wanted him to touch all along, my pussy. Very gently and oh-so-thoroughly, he washed me. Each stroke was a tantalizing preview of things to come. When he was finished with my front, he told me to turn around so that he could clean my ass. Feeling him massage my ass with the shower gel and his smooth fingers was making me very hot, and he definitely knew it.

He helped me stand up so that I could move to the side of the tub deck and sit down. Once I was comfortable, he grabbed the sprayer maltepe escort and began rinsing my legs off. I let out a tiny gasp when he aimed the sprayer at my pussy. “Mmm Jake, feels so good!”

He chuckled as he turned off the sprayer and leaned forward. “I think this is going to feel even better baby,” he said as he put his hands under my knees and brought me forward a bit. I watched how intent he was as he bent his head down to lick my pussy, and it was such a turn on.

He was still intent on making this a slow build up, and he began by licking all over my pussy lips. It was so erotic, looking down and watching as he licked all over my pussy. He spread my lips and tongued either side of my clit, making me writhe and pant, begging him to lick it. He just smiled and shook his head as he lifted me further in to his face and tongued my now sopping wet pussy opening. I could feel my juices dripping on to his tongue as he continued to play with me. Breaking away from my pussy for a moment he looked up at me and said, “play with your tits Rachel, it will make you feel even better.”

I couldn’t argue with that logic, and I began palming my tits. They were full and a bit swollen from all the sex I’d had today, but even now my nipples were beaded and aching for attention. I was just starting to rub my nipples when he finally touched his tongue to my clit. My head fell back and I screamed. “Oh Jake! Feels so fuckin good when you lick my cunt!”

He had my legs spread wide and was licking my clit so good. I was panting and moaning, begging for him to fuck me. My nipples were at full attention, and I was twisting them as I rode his tongue. I could feel that I was about to cum, and cum hard, when he backed off. “NO,” I yelled in frustration. “Make me cum, I want to cum!”

Jake looked up from between my legs and said, “I know what kartal escort I’m doing baby. Your going to cum, and when you do, this will all be worth it. Just have patience.”

He returned his mouth to my completely drenched pussy and slowly began licking and sucking on me again. His tongue was making me feel good, but nothing he was doing was hard enough to get me totally off. Every time I would come close, he would back off a bit. I was begging him to eat me harder, to fuck me, to let me fuck myself at this point, and he would just chuckle and tell me to hold on.

It was starting to hurt, being built up again and again, but never being allowed to cum. It felt so good when he once again began licking my pussy, and this time he wasn’t being as gentle about it. “Oh fuck Jake! I can’t wait any more!”

He seemed to understand that this time I meant it, because he stuck two fingers in my dripping snatch and began fucking in and out of me. I was gasping for breath as he tongued my pussy, sliding his fingers in and out, rubbing my g-spot. When he sucked my clit in to his mouth, my entire world exploded. I screamed so loud, you could hear it echoing off the bathroom tiles. I was cumming and cumming, my head thrown back, my legs over his shoulders, his fingers fucking me at warp speed. He didn’t let up either, and it led to another immediate orgasm. I was yelling and bucking against his face and fingers as my body had two of the most unbelievable orgasms ever. The feeling was so intense, I could feel my eyes welling over with tears. His tongue on my pussy was like ground zero in my body. NOTHING had ever felt this good, this amazing.

When he was done, he gently pulled me back down in to the bath with him. I was laying with my back against his chest, still trying to catch my breath, as he rubbed his hands gently up and down my arms. “Was that worth the wait baby?”

I almost didn’t have the words to tell him how worth the wait it had been. I grabbed his hand and brought it to my lips, giving his palm a kiss. “It was more than worth the wait, and when I can breathe again, it’s your turn.”

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