The Banker

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Big Tits

It was cold and raining when I got off work, traffic was a mess due to the weather so I stopped at a tavern for a cocktail before finishing the drive home. I was sitting at the bar enjoying some bourbon on the rocks and absent mindedly watching a ball game on the TV. The tavern was mostly empty, just a few of what appeared to be regulars and the bar tender. Suddenly the door opened and a cold breeze blew in.

I really wasn’t paying much attention until the cold breeze hit my neck, and the sharp staccato sound of high heels hitting the wood floor hit my ears. I turned to look and saw an unexpected surprise.

She was about 40, with dark hair pulled into a simple ponytail which hung just below her shoulders, she was wearing a dark wool overcoat which hung to her knees and 4 inch business pumps. She was sophisticated and classy. She walked directly to the bar, ordered a drink and left for the ladies room.

I went back to the game as my mind wondered why a woman like her was in this kind of place. Was she meeting someone or was she just avoiding the traffic as I was?

While my thoughts spun from her, to the game, to the weather, I heard the sharp report of her high heels on the floor. She returned from the ladies room and collected her drink; she sat down a few stools away from me. I glanced over at her discretely; I saw her smooth raven hair and emerald green eyes. She saw me looking at her and gave the slightest hint of a smile. I said hello and turned my attention back to the game on the television. A few minutes later, she stood and removed her overcoat, tossing it on the stool where she had been sitting and then sat down again on stool closer to me. As she stood to remove her overcoat I let my eyes enjoy the view of her impressive curves that were previously hidden by her overcoat. Her silk blouse was sheer, creamy in color, and the lacy black bra cupping her full breasts showed through enticingly, she was wearing a knee length dark wool business skirt which accentuated the curves of her legs and ass. She smiled at me and sat down. I introduced myself to her, her name was Kim. She was a banker, and like me she stopped in the tavern to avoid the weather instead of driving. We chatted a bit about the storm and the traffic while we had a few cocktails. The alcohol was relaxing us both and I moved closer to her. We continued our small talk and soon she turned to me and was laughing and reached out to touch my arm.

Feeling encouraged by her touch, I reached down and touched her leg just above the knee. To my surprise, she didn’t move away, in fact, she pushed her leg back against my hand and smiled. My touch lingered too long and she glanced down at my hand and then looked me in the eye, holding my eyes in hers for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly, she stood and walked to the ladies room. I watched as she walked away, her hips swaying seductively, the slit in the back of her skirt showing just a hint of her thigh, and her powerful shapely calves flexing as she strode away. Once again I heard the sharp sound of her spike heels on the floor.

I was thinking I pushed things too far and too soon with her when I heard the familiar sound of her heels hammering my ears once again. As she walked toward me I noticed her blouse was unbuttoned just enough to reveal a little cleavage, then I realized she had removed her bra, her dark slightly erect nipples were showing slightly through the thin silk of her blouse. I felt my cock twitch and start to swell just a bit as I watched her walk towards me. She sat down and we had another cocktail and some more small talk. I reached down and rested my hand on her thigh, feeling her wool skirt and firm thigh. She turned towards me and the slit in her skirt gave me a view of her inner thigh and the lacy top of her black stocking. She suggested we leave and I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I paid for the drinks and collected her overcoat. We opened the door to leave and noticed the pendik escort rain had turned to snow. There were several inches of snow on the on the ground, covering everything, muffling sound and giving everything a ghostly glow. I reached my arm around her and pulled her close to me. She turned and gazed into my eyes. I took in the beauty of her face and bent to kiss her lips. Her mouth parted quickly and our tongues met and intertwined. I pulled her close feeling her breasts crush against my chest and my erection begin to grow. I pulled away and directed her to my car. As we arrived at my car, I pushed her against the car and kissed her hard. My erection grew as I pressed against her. She moaned and I reached down, pulling her close to me by grabbing her ass with my right hand. I pressed my erection against her and I felt her hips press forward to meet mine.

We continued to kiss and I moved my right hand from her ass, around her hip and down to the hem of her skirt. I pulled her skirt up with my right hand and she spread her legs the slightest bit. I felt her lacy panties and worked my fingers under the waistband while she continued to kiss me with growing urgency and passion. My fingers slid over her silky mound and felt the heat emanating from deep within her. I slid my middle finger down and enjoyed the wetness I found there. I found her most sensitive spot and began to rub my finger in small circles, interrupted periodically by dipping my finger into her swollen wetness. It didn’t take long until her breathing became rapid and heavy, she started to tremble and moan. Suddenly, she stopped kissing me and I felt her grip tighten on my arms, she became stiff and a stifled scream escaped her lips. Her entire body was tense and shaking. After a few minutes her body relaxed a bit and she kissed me once again. Kimberly withdrew from my lips and said that I’d made her cum and she owed me the same.

Her hands slid down my arms and felt the hardness in the front of my pants. She rubbed outside my pants while we continued to kiss and then suddenly she said she was cold. We got into the car; I started the motor and turned on the heat, enjoying the quiet warmth. She leaned over and began kissing me while rubbing my hardness. She unbuttoned my pants and took out my throbbing cock. She lowered her lips to my cock and kissed it. My right hand reached around her back and felt her right breast. I explored the wonderful heaviness of her breast and her quickly stiffening nipple. I gently pinched and pulled at her nipple as she continued to work my cock with her mouth. She opened her mouth and slid my cock past her warm lips. I moaned in ecstasy. She used her tongue to circle the head of my cock while she sucked. Her left hand held the shaft of my cock and stroked it softly; her left hand reached to my balls and caressed them, giving them a slight squeeze and a tug. Her tongue was doing amazing things to my cock as I looked at the snow covered windshield.

Here I was with a sophisticated, classy, beautiful woman sucking my cock in the parking lot of a tavern. While my mind worked on the possibility of being seen by someone in the parking lot, she continued to do things to my cock I’d never felt before or since. Suddenly I felt that familiar twinge; cum begin to boil in my balls. I was going to erupt soon. I continued to feel her breast and enjoy her tongue. I told her I was going to cum, expecting her to remove her mouth from my cock, she grunted and continued swirling her tongue around the head of my cock and while giving my balls a slight squeeze. That was all it took. I erupted, shooting what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth. She continued to suck my cock vigorously until I was drained and then raised up and looked at me. I saw a dribble of cum on her lower lip and she wiped her lip with her finger while looking me in the eye. The look in her eyes was pure lust; her eyes twinkled and shone bright green in the muted light. She licked maltepe escort her finger clean and smacked her lips. I kissed her deeply, I tasted the salty sweetness of my cum on her lips, I felt her breast and I hoped/knew this was only the beginning of a long night.

We chatted a bit while I recovered my senses. She said she didn’t want to drive in the snow and asked me to take her home. I pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road. The snow storm had cleared the traffic, and we were the only car on the road. We made flirtatious small talk as we drove.

Kimberly adjusted the seat to lean back a bit and then slid down in the seat slightly, exposing more of her thighs and just the lacy top of her black stocking on her right leg. I commented that she had beautiful legs and that I liked her sexy black stockings. She responded by wriggling her hips and pulling her skirt up to her waist revealing both of her luscious thighs and the gap between her stockings and her black lace panties. I complimented her once again and she began tracing lazy lines with her right hand up her left thigh across her panties and down her right leg. She started back, reversing course, but this time, she hesitated at her lace covered mound. She spread her legs a bit more and slid her finger under the elastic of her thong panties. She let out a slow moan and exclaimed that she was very wet. Her fingers lingered in her pussy for a moment and then she withdrew them placing them to her lips, she then placed them to my lips and I breathed in their musky aroma. I stuck out my tongue to taste them and she slid her fingers between my lips. I sucked her fingers and swirled my tongue around them emulating the motion she had used with her tongue on my cock. She removed her fingers and returned them to her pussy. Her left hand unbuttoned her sheer silk blouse revealing beautiful, firm C cup breasts, with medium dark erect nipples. She quickly drew her hand across her breasts and stopped, rolling her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. I couldn’t resist and reached out to touch her breast. She sighed and her head sank back against the headrest.

My cock began to swell in my pants as I watched her rubbing her pussy and cupping her breast. I barely noticed the traffic light ahead turned red and I slowed to a stop. As I sat there watching her, a snow plow pulled up next to us at the light. I warned her that she might be seen. She gave me a quick look and rolled down the window, looking up at the plow driver. I looked up at him through the sunroof of my car. He was watching her, his eyes wide and mouth slightly agape. She continued to rub her pussy and moan, every so often she would drive her fingers down and inside her dripping slit and then withdraw her fingers, rubbing their glistening wetness on her sensitive clit, her hips were rising to meet her hand and she squirmed on the seat. Her left hand was mauling her breast, squeezing, pushing and pinching her nipple. My cock was throbbing now. She was rubbing herself fast and hard, the snow was swirling in the open window and landing on her chest where it quickly melted to tiny beads of water. Suddenly, as before, her entire body tensed and became rigid. Her legs were ramrod straight, her feet jammed into the floorboards, her head thrown back, chest thrust out and up. She gasped “I’m cumming!!” I sat in rapt attention as she remained frozen for what seemed like minutes. Just as suddenly, her body relaxed a bit and she started to shake. I don’t know how long the light had been green, when the snow plow started forward with a lurch and a quick honk of his air horn. Kimberly looked at me and said “that was great; I’ve never cum so hard before”. I quickly rolled up the window and continued to drive as fast as possible given the condition of the slippery road. I wanted this woman, I wanted her more than anything else in the world, I wanted to thrust my raging hard cock into her hot pussy and fuck her.

I kartal escort pulled into the drive sliding to a stop in the snow. I looked at Kimberly in the passenger seat and then quickly exited the car. As I approached her side of the car she flung the door open and exited. She ran to the door of the house, her silk blouse blowing as she ran, her skirt still hiked up around her waist, her ass perfectly framed by her lacy black thong. I slammed the door and quickly caught up to her on the porch. I reached for her and kissed her hard. I let my right hand slide down and grab her ass pulling her to me. My cock seemed as if would burst the seams of my pants as I rubbed against her. My left hand found her breast and I felt its magnificent weight once again. After a few moments I fumbled for the key and opened the door. She entered and went left toward the kitchen. I followed her and pushed her into the counter. I grasped her breasts and pinched her nipples with my thumb and forefinger. Her spike heels gave her just enough height that I could I grind my cock against the crack of her ass; Kimberly wiggled her hips and thrust back against my cock. I slid my hands down and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her lacy black thong, sliding it from her hips. It clung tenaciously to the cleft of her ass, finally releasing with a slight snap.

She spread her legs slightly and her thong fell to the floor. Kimberly reached behind and found my cock. She rubbed it through my pants and fumbled with my belt. Finally after what seemed like hours, she opened my pants and let them fell to the floor. She quickly shed me of my boxer shorts and grasped my cock, rubbing it against her ass. I had lost my patience. I bent my knees slightly and forced her to bend over the counter slightly, her tits and hard nipples brushing against the cold granite of the counter top. I used my foot to spread her legs slightly; she took the hint and directed my cock to her steamy wet pussy. I entered her effortlessly and slid all the way in until my hips contacted her ass. She was hot, hotter than any pussy I’d ever felt. I stayed still for a moment, enjoying the hot wetness engulfing my cock, and then I began to thrust. Slowly at first, I withdrew all the way until my cock slipped from her wetness and then I thrust forward again, burying my shaft into her wetness. Kimberly began to moan and pleaded with me to fuck her. The cocktails and the load of cum I’d pumped down her throat earlier gave me extra stamina. I began to build a rhythm, in and out. I teased her every few strokes by removing my cock and then re-entering her.

She was begging me to fuck her. Her hands were on her ass cheeks, spreading herself and allowing me easier access to her hot, wet hole. He breasts brushed against the cold granite and it made her long erect nipples even harder. I grabbed a handful of her raven hair in my left hand and pulled her head back towards me. I began to fuck her hard. My thrusts forced her hips into the edge of the counter. Her full breasts swayed and grazed the cool granite. She squealed and released her ass with her left hand; she moved her hand to her left breast and once again began mauling it so forcefully I thought she might injure herself. The sight of her plying with her breast once again was pushing me over the edge. I began to feel my balls contract and cum begin to boil. I couldn’t hold out much longer. I fucked her hard, I watched her right breast smashed against the counter and I heard her grunts of pleasure. It wouldn’t be much longer. Suddenly, my cock swelled, I thrust my cock deep into her pussy as far as I could, grunted and felt rope after rope of thick cum flood her pussy. I pulled her hips back towards me, forcing myself as far inside her as possible, I felt like I couldn’t be deep enough inside her. I held her there while my cock slowly softened and began to shrink from her hot wetness. I looked down and enjoyed the sight of her ass and my now limp cock covered in our mixed juices.

Exhausted, I turned her around to face me and kissed her sweetly. I looked down and enjoyed her beautiful face, her sparkling green eyes, and her shapely form. She smiled and suggested we move to the bedroom to rest…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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