The Baseball Trip Pt. 05

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Fifth Inning

Part five of a nine part series! Probably best if you start at the start, y’know? In any case, this one’s got a little light BDSM, so be warned. Everyone here is over 18.


It was getting late and I was still laying in bed with Kelsey – my (no doubt former) best friend’s little sister. We’d just streamed her first three times back-to-back-to-back and the beautiful blonde was cuddling against my chest like a wild animal, now domesticated.

Post-sex Kelsey was dreamy, her discussions meandering. She found everything funny and almost no question was out of bounds. I was in post-coital bliss, myself. Just sort of entranced by the multi-striped wallpaper of our hotel room. Not thinking about how the rest of our road warriors – my tomboy roommate Julia and the buxom, other object of my desire, Sarah – would come back at any moment and find us, naked, in a bed that one of them was supposed to be sharing that night.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what Kelsey had said, though, while we were in the moment. She had admitted that she’d let her brother watch as she worked herself over. It was none of my business, of course. And why did I care? But we were drifting and suddenly I couldn’t stop myself from saying whatever came to my head.

“So you and your brother?” I asked. I expected silence. Or even just an exasperated sigh. Instead the beautiful blonde came right out and said,

“Yeah, I mean, we fooled around a few times. Nothing serious. Like you heard, I showed him mine, he showed me his. It kind of… escalated from there? But never, like, touching. Like, not the important parts, anyway.”

“You say that so casually.”

“Maybe because it was? Casual. I mean, I kinda get the feeling that all siblings get a little flirty at some point. Even if it never gets past stealing a look through a cracked door or kissing or whatever. Cause you’re young and he’s a boy and you’re a girl and… Why not, right? And maybe we went farther than most siblings. But then I’m pretty sure we didn’t go so far as some others.”

“So when I was mad at Jim for being with Anna…”

“Yeah, I was kind of mad at him, too. For sorta the same thing? It’s not fair. Like I said to you before, it was all supposed to just be for fun. At some point I guess it grew into something more.”

Now the room got silent. The traffic outside was getting heated, there was honking and something that sounded a lot like people cursing. The soundtrack of the city. Inside it was just cold and dark – the kind of temperatures that make all kinds of worries bubble up.

“Do you feel the same way about you and me?” I asked, “Are you worried that the fun might get all tangled up in feelings?”

“Not really. I mean, kinda? I’m not like… I’m not mad or jealous about Sarah. I kinda want you to hook up with Julia, actually. I think she likes you and I get the feeling you have feelings for her, too.”

“Never gonna happen.”

“Yuh-huh. Well, in any case, if it did? That doesn’t bother me a bit. So I’m cool with you doing… whoever, I guess. I just don’t want you to stop being with me, either. I’m not going to lie though. I’m really worried that…”


It was the sound of a key being slid into the lock. I leapt right out of Kelsey’s bed and into the next one over. It was not a smooth transfer. But by the time the door swung open both of us were under the covers and in our separate corners. Safe.

Sarah and Julia stepped in. Sarah waved weakly.

“How was the show?” I asked.

“How are you feeling?” Sarah asked.

“So much better,” I said, trying not to smile too broadly. If Sarah or Julia noticed anything amiss, they didn’t say anything. Not that Sarah would have cared about me plowing Kelsey – actually she might have been pleased. She took a surprising amount of interest in her best friend’s pleasures. But then, it seemed like everyone on this trip had adopted an open bed policy.

Except for Julia, of course. Kelsey might think it was a neat idea, all of us messing around together. But I knew – if Julia even thought anything was going on, she’d break me bone by bone. I was just lucky I’d escaped before she suspected anything.


For the first time in two days I woke up without my cock buried in the crack of someone’s butt. In fact, for the first time in two days I woke up to an empty room. It was a little eerie – like I’d somehow overslept and been left behind by all humanity.

I got up, took a much-needed shower, then started packing up my things. I had just finished getting dressed when there was a knock at the door. None too polite. At least I was presentable, I thought.

I reached for the knob, but the door flew open, nearly busting my nose in the process. Julia. Hands on her hips. Eyes burning at me from behind her glasses. Her almost always perfect ponytail seemed to be fraying at the seams.

“Hey Jules,” I said. I swear my voice cracked as I said it.

“Shut up. You’ve pendik escort been doing this the whole time?”

“Doing what?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, you idiot. Kelsey. I saw the two of you in bed last night. You’ve been fucking around with her the whole trip, haven’t you?”

My face burned. I buried it in my toes.

“Sarah, too.”

“FUCK!” Julia walked into the room, poked at my chest with one thin finger. I stepped back, instinctive.

“So this whole time you’ve just been fucking…”

“Well, I mean, Sarah and I. We’ve just been fooling around. She doesn’t want to… y’know the boyfriend and… And Kelsey and I only had sex for the first time last night. It was kinda meant to make up for the fact that Jim had…”

Julia fixed me with a look of disdain that could keep millions of Catholic children on the straight and narrow for decades. A stare that could shame the pope.

“I’ll just shut up,” I said.

“Good idea.”

She stepped up to me again. Julia was wearing her usual uniform of a t-shirt and jeans.

Her chest rose up and back like she’d run a mile. This was my roommate, one of my closest friends. We’d lived together for nearly two years and I felt like I’d seen Julia in every way possible. I’d never seen her like this.

She poked my chest again, pushing me back another step. I felt the bed against the back of my knees.

“Julia, I didn’t mean to. I mean…”

“What? You were walking around one day and happened to fall into Kelsey’s vagina? You and Sarah were just forced to run your private parts all over each other?”

“No, of course not.”

“This whole time. You’ve been fucking around. Leaving me out of it.”

“I thought you’d be mad.”

“You’re damn right I’m mad,” the athletic brunette said, then poked me in the chest one last time. I fell back onto the bed. Bounced a bit. I started to sit up, but Julia just pushed me back down. She was strong, I knew, but it was more than physical intimidation. The look on her face… All I wanted to do was fall on my knees and beg forgiveness. But my cute little roomie wouldn’t let me move.

She stood over me, freckled nose crinkled. We’d had been such a good trip. Now it was ruined. I rifled through my brain, looking for anything to say might save it. Or at least keep me from having to walk home from 5 states away.

“We were stuck in the back seat of the car,” I said, “Sarah and I. We kind of… There was rubbing and it got out of hand. I admit that. Then the next day Kelsey was back there and the same thing happened. I mean, it kept escalating. And we reached a point where it was impossible to tell you, even though there was no possible way for us to…”

“Shut up.”


“Shut. UP.”

Silence. I tilted my head up to look at Julia. I could no longer read her face. She took her glasses off, put them on the dresser behind her.

“Kelsey and Sarah are downstairs having breakfast,” Julia said. She reached back and pulled out her ponytail, then shook her long brown hair out till it flowed straight down to the middle of her back. “It was nice of you to confess just now, but they already told me everything.”


“Can you please just be quiet?” Julia stepped forward, trapping me on the bed, “They told me the same thing you did. That it was an accident… Or a series of accidents… Or… Y’know what, I’m not sure how this whole thing ever happens but clearly it did and whatever. They feel bad. You feel bad. That’s fucking great.”

Then my best friend, the girl I’d always kinda wanted but didn’t know how to say – tiny and lithe with long dark hair and bright green eyes – reached down and lifted her shirt right up and over her head. I’d never seen Julia’s hair not in a ponytail, let alone looked at her without a shirt on.

Her skin was pale and pink. Her stomach flat. A pair of tiny breasts peeked out from a thin, almost perfunctory, white bra. Her athletic, long arms were still readied like she was going into a fight. I tried to catch her eyes – had I ever seen them without the black glasses? – but she was staring past me.

“The girls are willing to wait while you and I… work things out. Understood?”

I nodded. Then started to sit up again. Julia’s arm shot out and grabbed mine. In a moment I found myself twisted back onto the bed, locked in place and surrounded by pain. I tried to move, but Julia just increased the pressure till it felt like my arm would sooner pop out of my shoulder than escape her grasp. I gasped.

“Understood?!” Julia pushed at my arm for emphasis.

“Understood,” I choked out. She let go of my arm. I cradled it like a wounded animal. There were tears in my eyes from the pain, but it didn’t keep me from seeing my sexy roommate reach back and undo her bra. Her breasts, even tinier than I’d imagined behind the fabric, did their little best to jiggle as she let them go. Her nipples were dark pink and protruding.

“Wow,” I said, maltepe escort unbidden. I caught Julia sort of smiling but she quickly stuffed it back away.

“Lie back,” she told me. She made it clear she’d twist my arm right off if I didn’t do what she wanted.

I moved back so my head was resting on the pillow. She climbed on me, over me, and then moved her head down like we were about to kiss. Then her knee went right into my groin. No swift thrust, just a bit of pressure. The beginning of my hard-on didn’t even falter, but my poor abused balls began to radiate pain. Just enough.

Julia dipped her head lower, started to kiss me. I began kissing back then.

“OW! Fuck!”

That b… lovely girl had bit me! I tasted blood on my tongue.

“Julia, look, I know you’re…”

“Quiet.” she hissed. Then the athletic brunette reached down and tore (and I mean tore, I heard the screech of ripping fabric) my shirt right off me. I felt her pert little titties drag over my chest. She began running her tongue and teeth over my mouth, my ears, my neck. Soft caresses mixed with little nips that kept my nerve endings on constant high alert.

I tried to reach up and feel her, run my fingers over her well-built body, but she slapped at my hands. She gave each of my nipples a little bite, then sat up and pulled at her own anxious titties, hard. Giggling as she did it.

Julia sort of sat up on her haunches and undid her jeans, throwing them to the side. She was wearing purple panties and they soon followed, revealing her trimmed, tiny bush. Her pussy was almost folded up, neat. The insides of her thighs were already wet.

She reached her arm back and I flinched, but instead she swung down and gave her bare mound a good firm slap.


I looked down and saw now she was fumbling with my own belt. I reached down to try to help her, only to receive a whack on my hands for my trouble. Julia’s eyes were focused, her tongue tucked up at the corner of her mouth, locked in to the job at hand.

Once my pants were off, my boxers followed. My head might not have known what to do, but my cock was raring to go. It slapped against my stomach before steadying strong and straight.

“There’s the little troublemaker,” Julia said, “Though not at all so little, are we?”

She studied my shlong for a moment, then started nibbling up my stomach till her back was right over my front. I could smell her, then, a heady melange that for some reason made me think of cinnamon, though of course no one’s musk actually smells like that. Julia reached down and tilted my head upward, so my mouth was right in position to meet her own nether lips.

I didn’t need instructions – couldn’t have argued anyway, her grip on my skull was so tight – and as Julia’s lovely cunt pressed down I opened my mouth and kissed it. Warm and wet.

This wasn’t shy Sarah, afraid of her own desire. Nor was it inexperienced Kelsey, needing me to slowly tease her into compliance. Julia knew what she wanted and damned if she was going to let me give it to her any other way. She ground her clit into my nose and jammed her hot hole hard over my mouth.

I rolled my tongue and slid it inside while Julia ground her sopping center against me. Little grunts and groans with every downward press, though I could barely hear them through her taut, toned thighs. She might not be able to crack a walnut with those, but I was already well and broken.

As we reached a rhythm – the bed squeaking, me gasping, Julia grunting – she suddenly stopped. In a move that could have been shown on stage, my agile bestie spun around in one smooth motion. I could only see pussy, but her clit was facing the other way so I knew that Julia’s head had to be down by my crotch.

That assumption was confirmed when I felt something warm and wet engulf my cock in one go.

“Ohhhhh ffffffuck.”

“Keep licking,” Julia snarled – her order no less imposing despite the fact she said it around a mouthful of my dick.

I went back to work, tongue trained on Julia’s eager clitty. I tried to reach up – to fill Julia’s gaping hole with my fingers – but her legs had my hands pinned to my sides. She sucked up my shaft with a loud slurp, then went back to her standard practice of mixing kisses with nibbles at my cock. My poor penis didn’t know what to do with himself, and he wept pre-cum from all the turmoil.

“Jules,” I tried to call out. She paused. “I need… If I had my hand I could…”

I felt her leg loosen, and my right hand came free. I swear it was tingling – almost numb. But I quickly got it to work, jamming a finger into Julia’s pussy. It gave me a firm squeeze hello, and Julia matched that with her mouth around my cock.

I noticed though that she was getting erratic, and the more I pumped her puss with my finger and swatted her clit with my tongue, the less precise and focused Julia was with her own task. I felt her legs (somehow) grow even tighter kartal escort around me. My roomie made these little noises around my shaft.

“Hm. Hm. Hm.”

Then her legs kicked out.


She spit my cock straight out and screamed her pleasure. At the same time her pussy seemed to shrink around my finger, forcing it out. A little gush of juice spurted onto my face. Too much for just extra lubrication, though certainly not enough to be anything else.

“Guh. Ah. Fuck,” Julia was just muttering nonsense as her little body shook with the tail end of her orgasm. “Been too long…”

Then slowly she picked herself up. Spun around and stared down at me. Her chest was slightly flushed. Her nipples somehow even more erect – little Eiffel Towers on top of her tiny mounds.

My face was sticky with my own blood and Julia’s cum. She’d marked me. For the first time since she’d burst into my room, Julia smiled down at me. I tried to sit up, to kiss her lips, but she dodged and pushed me back into the bed.

Julia slid back and sat over my knees. My cock – firm as it ever could be – sat right in front of her. Almost as if it was growing out of her own pubis. She grabbed at my purple penis, somehow even more erect than before.

It was a strangely sexy sight – girl post orgasm with perky tits sitting there and slowly stroking at what appeared to be her own cock. She gave it a tight squeeze, nearly too tight, then pushed my cock down into my stomach.

Slowly, the cute brunette moved forward, drrrrraaaaaagggging her dripping pussy over my shaft till she sat directly on top of it.

“Don’t. Move.” Julia ordered. I started to nod, then remembered my punishment from before. I didn’t want to think about what she’d injure this time.


Julia kept her almost-glowing green eyes locked on mine as she slid back and forth – slowly, tortuously – on my dick. Every time she got to my head I felt the warmth of her opening keening for my cock, but she would quickly slide back. Teasing herself. Teasing me. Her clit was jammed up against my shaft so hard I swore I could feel it rubbing on me.

Julia shuddered as she worked back and forth – fought to keep our looks locked but her body betrayed her.

“Hrrrrrrrhmmmmm AH!”

I felt a little splash on my cock as my roommate came once again. Her body fell forward, her forehead crunched against my chin – even when she wasn’t trying to, she hurt me. Julia slowly came to, realized she was holding onto my shoulders, then quickly popped up.

Sitting up straight again, she started the same process. This time she let my cock get even closer. The head kissed at her open puss, then it was gone. A little more the next time. A little more. The whole head wrapped in her wonderful wetness, then free. Then in again. Further. My shaft. I was inside my friend. All of me. All of her. Wrapped around each other.

She was lying flat on top of me. Her little tits pressed wonderfully into my chest. Arms on either side like she was about to do a push up. My cock so absolutely ensconced inside her. This woman I had wanted for so long, yet never imagined I would be so lucky as to be with.

There was no comparison. Knowing I was in Julia. In Julia. I tried to catch her eyes but only got a faceful of brown hair. She was panting. Staring at my chest. I started to wonder. So much of this had seemed… planned. Intended. But maybe that was just Julia’s ever-present confidence. Maybe she’d gone far farther than she’d ever intended. Maybe she hadn’t meant for this at all. But once the avalanche starts it keeps rolling, building – stopping is the only choice you don’t get.

Julia looked at me and I saw the angelic face – not of the woman who’d been torturing and teasing – but of my companion. My friend. My heart tried to leap right out of my chest. Of course, my cock also pulsed at the same time.

Julia smiled at me, suppressed a little laugh.

“Dude,” she said, “Nice dick.”

I smiled and laughed and she did too. Then she reached down and pinched both my nipples at once. I couldn’t help it. My hands shot up and I did the same back to her. Julia gasped and not in a way that made me think it hurt her.

“Dude,” I said, “Great tits.”

She sat back, laughed a little. Then she reached down and slapped at her clit.

“Naughty pussy,” she said. Then she wagged her finger at me, “You’re no better.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You better not be,” Julia said. Then she crinkled her face a little, like scratching an itch or wiggling her ears, and her pussy fucking CLAMPED down on my cock.

“Oh FUCK!” the words flew out of me. Of course, the athletic wonder had worked on her kegels as well as every other part of her body. Two marathons in two years. Yellow belt in jiu jitsu. Varsity in softball, volleyball, and track. And kegels of fucking steel. If that doesn’t earn you a gold medal, I don’t know what does.

“That was… ” I couldn’t even speak. Julia just nodded at me. Then she SQUEEZED again.

“FUCK!” I cried, “Fuck, fuckfuckfuck…” I shook my head as the pleasure arched up my body. God… Julia. So good.”

“I know… I know,” she said, then gave me another just for good measure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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