The Bath

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I’m 18, living with my folks, still plump, but a bit smoother, my tits are smaller and firmer and I have just a wisp of blond hair above my slit.

I used to masturbate a lot in the bathtub, a few times I thought I could see the shadow of someone standing outside the bathroom door and I would get quieter until they moved away, I didn’t want to embarrass myself, or gawd forbid, my dad!

Then one time I noticed the shadows when my dad wasn’t home… it must be my mom!

The thought of her listening to the juicy sounds my pussy was making sent me over the edge and I came silently, instantly.

I couldn’t get the thought out of my head, was she embarrassed? Why did she stay there? Did she like it? I had to come up with a plan to find out.

The next time I knew my dad was gone and my mom was home, I told my mom that I would take a bath… this time, when the shadows appeared, I didn’t quiet down, I slowly made more and more noise, until the sound of my masturbating could no doubt, have been heard downstairs, I made soft moans and my fingers on my pussy must have sounded like a washing machine!

I stopped everything suddenly to see what I could hear…

I easily detected heavy breathing and some squishy sounds from the bathroom door… suddenly they stopped when she realized I had stopped and she quickly moved down the hall.

I quietly finished myself off while listening for her return, but she didn’t.

The rest of the day I think she avoided me, and at dinner she was unusually silent. Dad asked if everything was alright, I cheerfully said everything was perfect, she said things were great, but she blushed and looked embarrassed.

I couldn’t wait to do more, but honestly, couldn’t quite figure out how to push the boundaries further.

So, for the next couple of months life went on as normal, the only change being that when I knew dad would be out of the house, I’d ensure mom knew when I was going to bathe.

Like clock-work, the shadows of mom’s feet would appear and I’d start my show, not being too overt, but definitely letting her hear the fun. Every now and then she’d accidently bump the door, or the floor would make a sound, I wasn’t sure, but maybe she was letting me know she was there.

I finally figured out how to make a connection; the next time we met on opposite sides of the bathroom door, I let my vocalizations get louder, not just soft moans though, I used words like “yes” and “harder” and “right there.”

I was saying “I love it,” “I love your lips on me” and lastly, when I was about to cum, I said loud enough to be heard, “Oh yes Mommy! I’ll cum for you!”

This time there was no mistaking, I heard a gasp, a thump on the door and the sound of her quickly moving down the hall to her bedroom!

I was so unsure of her reaction, scared that I had ruined it, that I couldn’t even finish what I was doing 🙁

This time she definitely avoided me the rest of the day. That night dad wasn’t at dinner and we ate in awkward silence. I kept my head down, but whenever I looked up she was staring intensely at my face.

I couldn’t take it and excused myself and spent the rest of the night in my room haunted by her stare.

The next day she acted like nothing was different or wrong and I guessed she’d moved on, but the spell had been broken, for weeks I made no special attempts to invite her back to the bathroom door.

As exciting as things were, I thought it best to leave things as they were and tried to move on.


One weekend, when dad was out of town even, we were picking up in the backyard and it was warm so we were both sweaty… she was casually standing at my elbow as we surveyed out work and she said oh-so-casually, “I bet you’d like a nice long bath after this!”

At first it didn’t hit me, but then the intensity of her gaze as she looked up at me sent a flash of heat and a chill right through me.

I began to have an idea of what I would do as I went inside, I could see her broad smile from the corner of my eye giving me the encouragement I was looking for.

As I went upstairs to the bathroom, the excitement of it all was giving me goose-bumps from head to toe, and my sweaty pussy was beginning to produce a different kind of moisture, the sweet and slick kind!

When I got to the bathroom, I peeled off my sweaty clothes, and this time, instead of closing and locking the door like normal, I left the door open about two inches.

I stepped güvenilir bahis into the tub and decided not to run any water, but just lay down naked and put my left foot up on the side of the tub.

The door to the bathroom was to my right, and I could see a sliver of the hallway through the slightly open door by looking in the mirror.

I began playing with my right nipple with my right hand while my left hand found the top of my slit and began to make small circles there. The excitement while I waited caused me to shiver, and the thought that she’d appear at the door made my juices gush each time I thought I heard something in the hallway, but as time went on, I began to worry… What was taking so long? Did I misread the signals?

Just when I was about to give up hope, I heard a quiet footstep at the door, as I looked in the mirror, I could see a dim shape in the hallway and my pussy gushed at the joy of seeing her there!

As she stood there, I began to play with myself even more vigorously. She seemed content to stand there and watch, I hoped she was enjoying the show and decided to give her a better view. I drew my left leg up, still keeping my foot on the side of the tub and I spread my legs, draping my right foot over the side of the tub and lifted my hips a little, hopefully giving her a wide open view of my pussy and the juices flowing out of it and down my butt crack.

I heard a thump on the door and could see that she had moved closer to see through the mirror. I could actually see her face! She was flushed with excitement and she was staring so hard she barely moved or blinked.

I began to moan and said “I need you.” When she heard that she looked away from my pussy, and our eyes met in the mirror. My message was clear, I was hers if she wanted me. The door opened wider, slightly and I said “Yes… please.”

My mom opened the door all the way, but she continued to stand in the hallway and look at me through the mirror. I said “Look at me mommy.” And she turned her face from the mirror and looked at her daughter writhing in the tub, my hand cupping my small firm tit and pinching my nipple, my other hand rubbing the full length of my slit, covered in pussy juices, my mouth partly open, my heavy breathing… I could tell she was holding her breath.

“Please mommy,” I said, and she took a hesitant step towards me…

My mom was wearing my dad’s white terry-cloth bathrobe, I was large on her because he’s over six foot tall, and my mom in an inch under five feet. My mom is very plain looking, you could almost say handsome. Frankly she appears short and fat, with small boobs and a tiny butt. But in my eyes, she positively glowed!

When I say fat, I don’t mean morbidly obese, but to look at her, she’s very “round.” She has a sun-browned round face with plenty of freckles and smile lines. Her shoulder length dull brown hair had some sun-streaked curls. Her shoulders were tanned and freckled and her décolletage was kissed by the sun as well and wrinkled at the top of her cleavage.

Her boobs are small, but look larger on her because she is so small. They are still firm and very round and sit on her round belly like a pair of grapefruit. Her belly is fairly large, but doesn’t hang over, it is round and has some stretch marks from pregnancy but is still firm and stops above her groin with a smooth transition to her mound below.

Her arms and legs are thin and firm and strong and browned by many hours working in the backyard and days at the beach.

As she stepped towards me with a queer little smile on her lips, she let the robe loose… finally, I could see everything as I had described it and more!

Her tits had strong tan lines and centered at the tip of each pale orb were small, dark and extremely hard nipples. They were much darker than I thought they would be!

My eyes wandered over her plump form, drinking in every detail and came to rest on her perfect pussy. A thin trail of very fair hair drew a line from below her belly button to the top of her slit, I could tell she didn’t shave or wax, she naturally had very little hair.

Oh. My. Gawd. I could literally see clear liquid dripping off her plump pussy! She apparently got as wet as I did when excited.

I always felt a little like a freak because of how wet I got. I had to be careful at school otherwise I would soak through whatever I was wearing and leave wet marks on the seats!

I began to say “Mommy, you look amazing!” but she motioned me to silence as soon türkçe bahis as I started to speak.

She made the motions that I shouldn’t stop playing with myself and she just stood there for a few minutes watching me masturbate in silence. As I was beginning to wonder how long this would last, she made her first move.

She let the robe drop off her completely and approached the side of the tub. Standing near my waist, she lifted her right leg and placed her foot on the side of the tub. Turning her leg out and pivoting her hips up, she gave me my first sight of her amazing pussy!

She slowly began running her hand over her right thigh and cupped her left breast. I marveled at how firm her tits were, almost perfectly round and firm. Her right hand started brushing back and forth over the top of her slit and her clit began to swell up and poke out a little. Her juices truly began to flow and they started dripping off her lips and running in a small stream down her thigh!

She moved both hands to her pussy and while looking directly into my eyes, she spread her pussy wide! Behind her plump outer labes she had a smooth hood and her fat clit was peeking out, looking just like the tip of a little cock! Her inner lips were small and puffy, surrounding a tiny little hole of a vagina. She dipped a couple fingers into her pussy hole and spread her entrance for me to see and I could tell how tight she was, the muscles touching and clenching with no gap to be seen. Meanwhile her juices gushed as she opened herself, coating her hands and fingers and dripping onto the leg I had draped over the side of the tub. Each drop burned and sent a shiver through me and caused my pussy to flow even more!

I wanted to talk to her, but each time I tried to, she would silence me. So we stayed like that and it seemed like a dream, I began to pinch my nipples HARD to make sure I was awake. Each time I’d whimper a little and her eyes grew wide watching me. I couldn’t take my eyes off my mom’s dripping pussy! She would rub her fat clit a minute then slide her fingers back and forth over her lips. Occasionally she would reach farther under her and slip the tip of a finger into her asshole.

I began to do likewise, and each time I would push my finger in farther. Mom would let out a little moan every now and then, but when I decided to leave my finger in my ass and began to pump it in and out of my asshole while I used my other hand to rub my clit, she let out a long, low sigh and her pussy gushed even more juices onto my leg!

At this point, my mom paused what she was doing to step into the tub. She placed her right foot between my legs, inches away from my fingers, but not quite touching. She place her left foot on the side of the tub near my shoulder. I could see right up into her dripping pussy, I could see her pussy clenching and unclenching, her asshole twitching in rhythm.

She resumed playing with her pussy just feet from my face… I didn’t know how she could stand it! I stopped playing with my nipple and started to reach out to her but she shook her head “no.” Somewhat confused I looked to her eyes, her expression was encouraging, but it was also clear there would be no touching.

Her hips began to move in rhythm, a gentle thrusting motion, as I watched her get more in the moment a wave of desire washed over me and I knew I was seconds from cumming. I whispered “I’m going to cum!” between gasping breaths.

And she replied in a clear tone, overflowing with lust, “Cum for mommy!”

I quickly pushed two fingers into my asshole and started fucking my ass hard as I vigorously rubbed my clit side-to-side. In seconds I was cumming HARD! MY pussy sprayed cum several feet and it splashed against my mom’s right leg and foot as I cried out “Oooohhh mmmmmommy!”

I was still convulsing, my legs were twitching and I was seeing stars when my mom gasped and began to cum…

I opened my eyes and watched as my mom’s pussy began spraying cum all over my body! It splashed onto my chubby belly, it ran down my thighs, it splattered onto my little teen tits and I could feel it on my face!

She seemed to cum forever, spraying my body with her amazing juices, I couldn’t resist licking it off my lips and marveled at how sweet it was!

In a daze I quickly began trying to scoop her cum off my body with my hands and to pour it in my mouth, I was licking and sucking her juices off my hands and tits! It was intoxicating and I rubbed it on my body like a cat, drunk in catnip. I rubbed güvenilir bahis siteleri it into my tits and around my belly and I used two hands to rub it hard into my sloppy pussy!

Suddenly, I felt my mom cumming on me again! As I looked up at my mom, something was different… Her eyes weren’t clenched shut in ecstasy, her body wasn’t convulsing, and her cum wasn’t spraying on me in gushes. She was looking directly into my eyes with the most wonderful look of childish joy I’ve ever seen!

I looked at her gorgeous, plump pussy and liquid was streaming down onto me in a gentle continuous arch. As she held her fat outer lips and her puffy inner lips wide, I could see it coming out of her piss-hole!

My. Fucking. Mom. Was. Pissing. On. Me.

I froze. I couldn’t fucking believe it! We just had mind-blowing orgasms watching each other masturbate, and now she’s pissing on me?

So I just lay there… she didn’t seem in a hurry, she didn’t blast me with it, she just slowly, carefully let her pee flow down in a perfect little arc onto my belly.

By moving slightly side-to-side she made it flow over my belly, as she looked at my face and saw that I wasn’t going anywhere, she widened her pattern. Now just under my boobs, across my belly to just above my pussy, back and forth, it was a strange, gentle process.

Her piss didn’t stink, we drank a lot of tea and water while working in the backyard, she must have needed to go bad if she didn’t go on our way into the house, I went before getting in the tub, but if she didn’t…

My pussy woke up as if fireworks had gone off inside!! My mom’s hot stream of piss had just hit my wide open pussy! Oh my gawd, I felt like I just came again!

She had been pissing on me farther each time, my pussy was now awake and horny as fuck again just as she crossed my belly and was now pissing on my tits!

My nipples felt like they were on fire! My tits now ached with how hard my nipples became, I couldn’t keep my hands off them! I squeezed and rubbed them the whole time my mom was pissing on them!

Mom giggled like a school-girl as she moved her stream of piss back down my belly to my pussy. My hands followed the burning hot stream, rubbing her piss into my skin in the most perverted orgy of lust I had ever experienced!

When her piss hit my wide open pussy again, I came INSTANTLY! I convulsed uncontrollably, I bonked my head on the tub, my teeth clenched in ecstasy, my legs cramped as I lost control of my body…

I couldn’t open my eyes, but as if in a dream, I could feel her piss moving back up my body, off my pussy and onto my belly, off my belly and onto my tits, off my tits and onto my neck…

As the piss reached my chin, I don’t know what came over me, but I opened my mouth and put out my tongue and was rewarded with the unforgettable sensation of my own fucking mom pissing in my mouth!

I let myself taste it, and as I swallowed a tiny bit I could tell my mom’s piss was watery, slightly salty, slightly bitter and almost sweet, but not very strong in any way, but most of all, it was HOT. Oh so hot, it almost burned on my skin, and it was slick, like a very thin lubricant.

I was drunk with the lust of this experience and I wanted more! I moved my face into her burning stream of piss, making it rain all over my face, I opened my mouth again and let her fill it up before I spit it out onto my tits.

Then it was over.

Just like that her intoxicating piss went away. As I lay there staring up at my mother, her pee still stinging my eyes, absolutely drenched in sweat, piss and cum, I felt more relaxed and fulfilled that I had ever felt in my entire life!

How do you come down from something like that? Where do you go from there? Luckily, my mom knew.

She stepped out of the tub, she reached a hand down to help me stand on my shaking legs. She reached up (I’m and inch under six foot tall) and placed a finger on my lips to keep me from talking. Then she hugged me, she wrapped her arms around my waist, placed the side of her face against my chest and hugged me tight. I was covered in piss and cum, my tits were resting on her shoulders, I could feel the mound of my pussy pressing against her round belly.

I was a giant ball of love and lust and it was my own MOM in my arms!

She let me go, reached up with both hands and gently pulled my face to hers.

She placed a gentle kiss on my sloppy lips and said “You should take a shower, we’ll talk later.”

Then she simply picked up her robe and walked down the hall to her bedroom.

I had never seen that walk before, her tiny, flat ass swayed from side-to-side in the grandest sexy-walk I’d ever witnessed!

Holy shit we had a lot to talk about!

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