The Beginning

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“I did it,” I thought as I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the sodas. I’d been teasing my Dad for sometime now, since I’d turned 18, and tonight I had finally gotten very bold with it. I wasn’t wearing panties under my short denim skirt and tonight was movie night for us when I got down on all fours to put the movie in I know he had a clear view of my exposed slit. It’d made me so wet and I now stood in the kitchen rubbing my thighs together. I hoped he would finally take me like the little slut I wanted to be for him.

“Here you go, Daddy.”

“Thanks sweetie,” he said.

Dad pulled the popcorn on to his lap and patted the sit next to him on the couch. I settled down and cuddled into him as he pressed play on the movie. I wasn’t paying much attention and was instead looking at my Dad. The next thing I hear is soft moaning; I turn and stare at the screen. There is a young girl lying on a very child-like bed as an older man’s head is buried between her thighs.

“Daddy! What is this,” I asked.

“Well you’re eighteen now and I think before you go off to school you should know what you might see there.”

I gasped as the girl began to tense and watched as she came all over the man’s face. The man then stood up, he pressed her legs up by her head in a wide split and rubbed his cock up and down her slit (I bit my lip to keep myself from moaning) before slowly sinking into her. He fucked the tiny blond girl slowly and gently. She whimpered and moaned and I began sucking on my straw, swallowing my soda.

“Are you okay,” Daddy asked me.

I nodded and looked at my Daddy. I could hear the noise of the two people fucking getting louder and louder. I heard the girl begin to say something and then heard her moaning, “Daddy, Daddy please I want you to make me cum.” I gasped and dropped my soda. It spilled all over. I started shaking and headed towards the kitchen to start get stuff to clean everything up.

I felt my Daddy come up behind me, “I’ll clean it up. I want you to go to your room.” His hands caressed my arms briefly as he steered me towards the stairs. I climbed numbly up them and headed towards my room; I sat on my bed and waited knowing I was in trouble. I’d pushed my Dad too far and was now going to be punished. I sat there and waited. I could hear him cleaning up my mess and then coming up the stairs. I heard him stop at my bedroom door. He knocked and I told him he could come in.

He stood in front of me, and I looked at his feet. “Look at me.”

I lifted my head and then my eyes.

“You know you’re in trouble.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Why are you in trouble?”

I shrugged my shoulders indicating that I didn’t canlı bahis know.

“I think you do know. Do you think that good girls parade their bodies around in front of their Dads?” I shook my head no.

“Say it out loud.”

“No, good girls don’t parade their bodies in front of their Daddy’s.”

“So, that makes you a teasing slut; doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Stand up, turn around and face your bed.”

I followed my instructions, knowing a spanking was coming. I was happy I had slipped underwear on so he wouldn’t be spanking my bare ass.

“Bend over.” I did. “Now what are these? You didn’t need them a minute ago,” my Dad said. I felt him grip them and begin to pull them down, “Part your thighs so I can take them off.”

I followed his instructions, I could feel his breath on my soaked pussy and thought momentarily I could feel his tongue touch me. I stepped carefully out of my panties as my I saw my father’s hands reach the floor. I waited. I heard the whoosh of air and then felt the stinging sensation of my Dad’s palm on my ass. I gasped and my knees buckled slightly, the force of the blow startling me, but I could tell it wasn’t a typical spanking designed by parents to teach naughty children to be good.

“Stand up.” I bravely pushed myself back up. I felt the slap of the second blow. “Yes, Daddy I understand,” I sobbed.

I felt a third blow and then felt my Daddy’s fingers teasing my pussy. I whimpered and tried to push myself onto my Daddy’s fingers. Instead I felt him pull away and felt a fourth slap across my ass. Again I felt his fingers teasing me. I felt him pinching my clit and gently probing inside me. Again I pressed back seeking to get his fingers farther inside me. Again my movements were rewarded with a slap.

“We’re going to play by my rules now. You are not to move until I say, and you’re not to cum until I tell you. You will answer all my questions and do exactly what I say. Your body belongs to me, just as you’ve been offering it. Do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy I understand.”

“Keep your head facing forward, but stand up and take off everything you have on.”

As I was doing this my Dad continues to instruct me. “When you’re done. Turn around and kneel on the floor with your legs parted and your hands at your side.” I now kneeled in front of my father, his hard cock in front of me. I licked my lips.

“You want it don’t you?”

I nodded and my Dad took a step backward. I moved slightly forward following him across the floor and he took another step backward.

” I can see my little slut needs to be reminded of some things.”

He walked forward and then quickly behind bahis siteleri me. I was shoved into the carpeting and my hair was pulled causing my back to arch my back and shoving my ass high into the air and exposing my sex to Daddy.

“You will repeat the rules after me. Understand?” I nodded as much as he would allow. His fingers began dancing along my slit and teasing me.

“Rule number one, I will verbally answer all questions,” Daddy said as he took his hand away. I repeated his rule and felt something very thick probing my virgin entrance. I whimpered as I realized my Daddy was going to fuck me with his huge cock.

“I will follow all directions and do exactly as I am told.”

I repeated and felt him enter me, just the head. “Such a good slut. But remember you’re not to cum until I say.”

My Dad’s cock was buried deep inside of me. I didn’t respond and my hair was pulled hard, lifting my up so that just my fingers touched the carpeting. “I won’t cum unless my Daddy tells me,” I whimpered.

“Good girl,” Daddy said as he began to move slowly inside me. I pant and groan my body unused to such activity. I know my Daddy is being gentle as it is my first time. But I don’t want him to be. I want him moving inside me forcing me to submit to his will. I whimper softly focusing on the sensations he is creating in me. I miss his next rule and he pulls out.

He spanks me again, and repeats the rule again. “I will listen only to what my Daddy says.” I repeat the statement, and then begin to beg him to fuck me again. Instead of answering my plea he pulls on my hair harder.

“Have you been good enough to deserve it,” he asks. I try to nod and he bites me. I groan as it makes me wetter.

“I’m sorry Daddy, I mean yes Daddy I think I’ve been good enough.”

“Good enough for what?”

“Good enough for you,” I begin and then slip into the typical spoiled 18 year girl my Daddy has known, “Please Daddy, Please,” I whine. He slides back inside me and instead of zoning out I keep listening as my Daddy gives me a few more rules: I will not resort to the whiney brat I’ve been. If I want something I will ask for it directly. I will be punished for breaking these rules, and I will graciously accept my punishments. My Daddy fucks me slowly driving me insane.

“Daddy please fuck me harder,” I ask.

Daddy smacks me hard across the ass and yanks on my hair, “Whose in charge?”

“You are Daddy,” I answer.

“That’s right. I’ll fuck you anyway I want to and you’ll like it.”

My Daddy flipped me over onto my back and pressed my legs in a wide split like the Daddy in the porn had done and began moving slowly in and out of me. My hands bahis şirketleri reached up and began playing with my nipples, pinching and tugging on them. I closed my eyes and arched into him. I whimpered softly as Daddy continued to fuck me slowly. While I’m like this Daddy suddenly pulls his entire length from my body and then slams it back inside me. I open my eyes slightly shocked but he does it again. It’s done slowly and deliberately which still slightly annoys me. I look at him as he fucks me continuing to play with my breast. He watches me and smiles.

“Play with your clit, Slut,” he commands.

I suddenly become very shy; I shake my head no and bite my lower lip. Daddy’s smile becomes almost a sneer. He pulls out and stands up to leave.

“Daddy,” I call.

“You know the rules, this is your punishment.” I panic as he heads out the door of my room I roll over and begin crawling after him, hurriedly so everything bounces and jiggles.

“Daddy, I’m sorry, I’m doing it,” I say as I enter the hall way. I flip over onto my back, and spread my legs wide. I begin drawing little circles around my clit. I flick it and pinch it. I’d closed my eyes as I stated and hoped Daddy was watching.

“Open your eyes,” he commanded and I did immediately, “Good girl, now remember don’t cum unless I say.” I nodded vigorously. My Dad knelt between my thighs and watched me. I continued to work my clit with my nimble fingers as I watched my Daddy. I would do it fast and slow based on how close I felt to cumming, but Daddy still wasn’t fucking me. Suddenly he got up and turned, “I’m going to my room,” he said.

I groaned, “Daddy, no please don’t leave me. I want your cock back inside my pussy, please.”

“Get up, Slut.”

I scrambled to my feet and stood there. Daddy walked over to me and began stroking my skin. My pussy was on fire from my teasing. Daddy pressed me into the wall, and took both my hands into one of his and pressed them high above my head. He smiled just before his lips made contact with my lips. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed myself against him. He pulled a little away from me and I whined and then tightened my thighs to keep him close. He bit me and shoved me away from him.

“I am in control. I was simply attempting to give you what you wanted. Greedy little Slut,” he growled and tightened his grip on my hands.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” I whispered and hung my head, “I’m just so excited I’ve wanted you inside me for so long. Fucking me; making me your slut.” I was becoming wetter as I confessed to my Daddy my dirty fantasy. I told him I was willing to do anything to be his, anything to have him inside me. My head has been down and tears seeping out of my eyes. Daddy tips my head back and kisses them slowly away.

“Go to my room,” he commands me after he’s done. I whimper but head slowly down the hall.

To be continued…

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