The Best Gift of All

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by BrettJ © 2012

Paul Stewart was glad to be home and finished work. He had spent a good part of the previous day cheering up his mother, Elizabeth. She had just ended a 3 year relationship with her boyfriend, Allen. Sadly, Elizabeth had discovered that he was cheating on her with his former girlfriend, a much-younger, airheaded blonde that Paul knew from high school. She wailed that maybe she was getting too old to be dating much younger men and Paul took nearly an hour to convince her that just wasn’t so. Allen was 34 to Liz’s 42. You would never have guessed Liz’s age if you didn’t already know it. She didn’t act, dress or look like a woman of 42, let alone a woman with a 23-year old son.

Liz worked as an office manager for a local radio station and supported Paul and herself rather nicely. His deadbeat father hadn’t been heard from in years. It was just Paul and his gorgeous mom against the world. Whenever he told his mother how lovely she was, she would ruffle his hair – which he hated – and laugh it off. It was true. She was almost 5’9″ with short-cropped brunette hair, legs that went on for days and warm, dark brown eyes. Liz wore a perpetual smile and dressed like a fashion model. She had the legs for short skirts and tight pants, so she wore them and enjoyed the fair share of attention they got for her. Liz would admit to having a small shoe fetish and owned over 50 pairs of expensive shoes, all of them with a nice heel. She detested flats. Paul loved to watch his mom walk; she had the most alluring sway to her walk any woman ever possessed.

He was glad that she had gone to work in a better mood this morning. He had the next few days off from his job at the restaurant, as he had trained all of the cooks and apprentices in how to prepare his signature dishes for the Christmas season. He wanted some time to spend with his mother and to go Christmas shopping for her and find something special. He had managed to save up quite a nice chunk of money with which to buy Elizabeth a nice present, although he yet to decide what that present might be. He hoped that they’d enjoy a nice Christmas together. His grandparents were away in Europe, so it would be just the two of them and he wanted to make it special for her as she had made it for him while he was growing up. He thought he might take her out tonight for a nice dinner. That hope went crashing to pieces when Liz stormed through the front door and slammed it shut.

“Damn, damn, DAMN!” Elizabeth cursed before managing to smile at her son. “Hi honey, I didn’t see you there,” she sighed.

“Obviously,” Paul smiled. “What’s got you so upset now? Did Allen do something else?”

“No. Well, yes – in a way. Tomorrow is our annual Christmas party and attendance is mandatory. He was supposed to be my date and I really don’t want to go alone,” she fretted. “I also wanted to show off my handsome younger boyfriend to keep the wolves at bay,” she told her son. Some of the DJ’s at the station believed Allen was only an invention of Liz’s to keep them from hitting on her. That was one of the reasons she had left her former station and moved here four years ago. Liz found that she couldn’t get couldn’t get any work done because she was constantly fending off the horny on-air personalities.

“I’m sorry, mom,” Paul said, helping her off with her coat and offering a hug. “You know I think Allen’s an idiot. Anyone who would prefer that blonde twit over you isn’t worth being with. I do know how much you were looking forward to the party and having a social night out.”

“Yes,” Liz sighed. “It’s been a crazy year, I needed to blow up a little steam, kick up my Jimmy Choo heels and have a few drinks,” she said to him. “I’m not going to go alone though; John Caravella’s ‘attentiveness’ alone would be a reason why not to go. You and I will do something instead, perhaps we can go out to dinner?”

“I was thinking about taking you out tonight,” Paul answered. He looked at her beautiful, shining face and knew how much she had needed a night out. Then he got an idea. “Hey, no one at your work knows what Allen looks like, do they?”

Liz shook her head. “No, none of them have ever met him. They only know that he’s a little bit younger than I am.”

“Does anyone at work actually know how old you are?”

“Just the personnel director who hired me, I don’t really make a habit of discussing my age,” Liz responded. She sat down on the sofa across from her son and her skirt rode up. He always noticed her lovely, long legs. It was a toss-up as to whether her legs or her eyes were her best feature. Or her lovely face. On Liz, everything worked in harmony.

“Does anyone know who I am?” Paul asked her.

“No. There’s a picture of you on my desk from last year, but no one’s asked about it,” Liz answered again. “Where are you going with this?”

“Why don’t I be your date to the party? If anyone asks, you can tell them the picture on your desk is your boyfriend. This will give güvenilir bahis me the chance to wear the tux you bought for me last year and you can find something that will really knock their socks off and we’ll silence all those wagging tongues. You’ll still get your night out and I’ll have a date with the prettiest woman in town,” he smiled.

“Oh Paul darling, what a lovely offer, but you must have better things to do than spend time with your mom,” Liz replied, although now she was smiling again.

Paul sighed. “Don’t you and I always have a great time together? You know I love wearing that tux and I love seeing you all dressed up. I don’t go back to work until after New Year’s and I want to do this for you. Besides, if we go to the party tomorrow night, that’s one night’s less cooking I have to do.”

Elizabeth laughed. She knew her son actually loved being the cook in the family and she was very proud that he had gotten his chef’s papers last year at the age of 22. She herself could manage simple dishes but there was little her son couldn’t prepare. “Are you sure that you really want to do this?” She asked, hoping he’d say yes. She liked putting on fancy clothes almost as much as Paul did.

“If you promise to find the hottest dress you own, I’m going to take you tomorrow and make you proud of me,” Paul smiled.

Liz’s smile eclipsed her son’s. “I’m always proud of you and you have a deal. Now, didn’t you say something about taking me out to dinner?”

He smiled. “I did. What do you fancy?”

“Italian – either a good Bolognese or something fun, like pizza! I’m starving, all of a sudden,” she said.

“It’s good to see you smile, mom,” Paul said as he helped her back on with her coat. “You have such a beautiful smile.”

Elizabeth hugged her handsome young son. “You give me lots of reasons to smile, Paul. You’re the best son that any mother could ask for.”

Paul was sincere in his flattery. He loved spending time with Elizabeth because she was interesting, funny and well-informed. Any of the women he had ever dated fell short of his gorgeous brunette mom. He had dated women older than himself to compensate and it had helped, but they still weren’t her. He was sure that lots of guys had crushes on older women or their moms, but his was one in a million. Even at dinner, she had their waiter wrapped around her little finger. Of course, the short skirt and high heels she was wearing were a nice weapon in her arsenal. Paul just wished the guy wouldn’t have been quite so obvious in his flattery.

Paul spent a good part of the next day preparing for his “date” with Liz. He went to the gym and had a workout, so that he wouldn’t be tired. He got his hair cut and even a manicure, he made sure his face was clean-shaven and he showered twice. A few hours before they were to leave, he had a small nap to make sure he’d have lots of energy. Paul wanted nothing going wrong that evening. He wanted Liz to be happy he was on her arm that night.

When she came down the stairs, Paul could barely find the words to compliment her. He had never seen the green dress she was wearing, but it hugged her slender body like a second skin. She looked magnificent, the dress dipped low in front and back and she wore a gold choker that matched the earrings he had given her last Christmas. On her feet she wore expensive black heels and when she got close, he could smell the sexy, musky perfume she wore. Her lips were ruby-red and she looked so beautiful that he wanted to take a mental picture of her and frame it in his mind.

“God,” he gasped, not quite sure if he was speaking aloud. “Do you have any idea of how incredible you look?”

“I hoped that I’d look nice for you, thank you,” Liz smiled.

Paul took her arm and led her to the full-length mirror in their hallway. “NICE? Mom, do you see that amazing creature standing beside me there? That is the hottest woman I have ever seen! Paul is an idiot for cheating on you, a fucking moron – oops, sorry!” He chuckled. Elizabeth didn’t like hearing him swear and he remembered well the taste of soap in his mouth.

“Thank you for saying that darling, but my goodness, look at my gorgeous son,” she exclaimed. With his dark, wavy hair and intense eyes and broad shoulders, Paul really did make an impressive figure. “You’re going to attract a lot of attention tonight.”

“Isn’t that the whole idea?” Paul smiled as he helped her on with her coat. “Don’t worry mom, I’ll make sure and play the part of the attentive boyfriend to the hilt.”

“You just make sure to enjoy yourself, but don’t forget to call me Elizabeth or Liz tonight,” she told him. “I didn’t talk much about my boyfriend, so it will be fine if I call you by your proper name. You just have to be careful.”

“I’ll be careful,” he smiled and gave her one final reassuring hug. “If I find myself slipping, I’ll just call you gorgeous.” She smiled and linked her arm through his as they went out to the car.

The türkçe bahis Christmas soiree was held at a very elegant, swanky hotel and so black tie was not uncommon. Several men were dressed in a tux, but few could fill it out the way Paul could. As Liz introduced him, she saw the admiring glances that several of her female co-workers were shooting Paul’s way. He was charming and gracious to everyone that night, but he rarely left his mother’s side. His role was that of the attentive, younger boyfriend and Paul played it to the hilt as he had said he would. He could see several of the men checking Liz out and he made sure they didn’t get too close. He didn’t want her wasting too much time with these men; she was too good for most of them. When the dancing started, Paul made sure to spend most of his time with her. He was polite and danced with a few other women, but none of them could hold a candle to Liz. He always found his way back to her. She was a superb dancer and it was nice to be close to her and enjoy the wonderful music. Each of the radio station’s DJs had donated an hour of their time, so the station had spent most of their money on wonderful food and nice bonuses for each employee.

Paul enjoyed himself and felt his mom beaming with pride as he worked his own charm on everyone in the room. He even took time to compliment the chef, knowing that made a difference to those involved. When it neared midnight, one of the women pointed above his head and smiled “Mistletoe”. Not wanting to be rude, he let her give him a small kiss. The other women were chanting for Liz to kiss her handsome young man.

“Let’s make this look good,” he said to Elizabeth. She nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. It didn’t just look good, it FELT amazing. Once again, Paul knew that Allen was a fool. No man with any brains would leave a woman who could kiss like this. He had no idea how long the kiss went on until he heard howls and laughter around them and Liz broke their embrace.

Paul and Liz just stood there and stared at each other. Something had just happened. Something had changed. Neither of them knew exactly what was going on between them but – something sure was.

Liz took his hand again and whispered in his ear “I think we should say our good nights.” He nodded and they made the rounds. He made sure everyone knew they had enjoyed themselves and a few of the women made a final attempt at flirtation. Paul hardly noticed. Driving home, they barely spoke more than a few words about the party. He hoped that she wasn’t angry with him but it had been Liz who had kissed him with such intensity. No matter what happened now, he still had that wonderful, sensual kiss to remember always.

They entered the house without a word passing between them. Paul watched her movements and her actions, she didn’t seem angry. “Wait here,” Liz said to him in a cool, calm tone as she went upstairs. He’d had enough to drink at the party or he would have had a beer. His mother’s behavior was unnerving to say the least. He had a huge knot in his gut.

“Paul? Darling, could you come up here please?” Liz’s voice summoned her son and he felt a bit of his tension ebb. She couldn’t be too angry if she was calling him “darling”. He followed the voice upstairs and into her room and discovered that Liz wasn’t angry at all.

Liz was sitting in her bed with the blankets drawn up to her chest. Her long legs were visible and encased in black stockings, different from the ones she had worn to the party and black stiletto heels to match. Around her neck she wore a little white collar and a black bowtie. There was something different about her – something more sensual and alluring and he saw it. He saw a look in her eyes that told him everything would be different between them, but different in a wonderful, exciting new way.

“I’m probably crazy, but maybe I’m not,” Liz told him in a voice that seemed to be coming from a whole new person. “When we kissed, I felt a heat between us – nothing like that has ever happened to me before. I couldn’t stop kissing you and furthermore, I didn’t want to stop kissing you. If all the noise hadn’t broken my concentration, I probably wouldn’t have stopped. You were kissing me back, did you feel it too? Please say something, I’m going crazy!”

Paul nodded and his mouth was dry. “I felt it – like we should have just kept going and like we were meant to keep going. If that had happened anywhere else, I would have started taking your clothes off and taken you to bed, right there and then. You’re not crazy Mom, that’s exactly how I was feeling,” he explained to her.

Liz let the covers drop and revealed the collar, tie and stockings were the only items she wore. Her body was slender magnificence. “I saved you the trouble of removing my clothes,” she said in a soft, dulcet tone. “However, if you’d care to remove yours and join me in this bed, you won’t hear any objections from me.”

“Holy fuck,” Paul said güvenilir bahis siteleri in awe.

“Exactly,” Liz smiled and giggled nervously. “You still have your clothes on, darling. Do you need Mommy to remedy that?”

“No, no, I can handle it,” Paul said as he carefully started removing his clothes. He would likely need his tuxedo again in a few weeks and he didn’t want it ruined, although it would have been worth it. Liz propped herself up on one elbow as she watched her handsome, Adonis-like son undressing. When he sat on the edge of the bed, she reached out and pulled his face to hers.

“If I remember correctly, we left off somewhere around here,” Liz smiled as their mouths joined together. This time, her agile tongue jabbed into his mouth. Paul’s own tongue joined hers and they kissed with the passion all true lovers share. Liz pulled him closer and threw her arms around her son. He felt her firm, perfect breasts pressing into his naked chest. It almost felt to him as if the two of them were made to fit together.

“Oh God,” Liz breathed. “I’m not crazy or we both are, I don’t care. Get your pants off and get in here with me and let’s make love. I want you to eat my pussy. I want to suck your cock. I want us to do everything we can, I want to FUCK!”

It was a tiny bit unnerving hearing her talk like that as she had admonished him for swearing for years, but he got over it. He tugged his pants down and Liz gasped. “That is the nicest cock I have ever seen,” she smiled. “I’m going to love having that big fucker in my mouth and tasting your cum. Come to Mommy baby, let her suck you off.”

His head still spinning a bit, Paul complied. Liz got into the proper position and let his big pole slide into her eager, full red mouth. His Mom was sucking his dick – and damn, she was incredible. Her soft mouth slid up and down his turgid shaft and she was fondling his balls at the same time. Those beautiful eyes were looking at him and they were full of love and sexual desire at the same time. He didn’t care what happened after this because all that mattered was the increased ardor they were feeling for one another. Liz was working him over like a madwoman and he felt himself cumming. He went to pull away as he didn’t want to cum in her mouth. That, however, was exactly what she did want and she sucked him until his load went all the way down her throat. Liz looked up at him, her lips were shining and her face was radiant. “That was only the beginning, lover,” Liz purred. “It just gets better and better after this.”

Paul was not without experience and he hoped it would serve him well in his lovemaking with Liz. “Lie back,” he smiled at her. “If it gets better, it’ll be a 50-50 proposition. I think it’s time that I did my share of the work.” He moved between her thighs and felt her stocking-clad legs rest on his shoulders, her high heels digging into his back. He could have endured any discomfort for a moment such as this. He looked at her beautiful face and lowered his face to her neatly-trimmed, dark bush and began to eat her pussy. She was sweet and wet and her moans, low and guttural, were the sweetest sounds he had ever heard.

“Fucking Jesus!” Liz cried out. “You should have a harem with talents like this, lick me baby. Eat Mommy’s pussy, lick her fucking cunt!” Paul loved hearing a different type of Liz, she was a bit trashy and incredibly sexy. He saw her arms pounding the bed and her chest rising and falling with her excitement. As she had done for him, Paul made his mother cum.

Liz was gasping for air, but made a quick recovery. “Let’s make love, I need it so much,” she told him. “How do you want me?”

“Any way I can have you,” he smiled. She stroked his manly chest and pushed him on his back.

“You’ll have me every way I can think of, but I really love being on top,” Liz told him. She straddled him and slid her body down on to his cock. They had now crossed the final boundary, his mother had his cock deep inside of her and was riding him with a smooth, steady rhythm. Her head was thrown back and her perfectly manicured fingers stroked his chest as she took all Paul had to offer her. She was letting herself say the nastiest things to her son, hoping it would spur him on and it did. He was fucking her back and meeting her every move. They were in perfect syncopation as mother and son enjoyed their first sexual experience together.

Paul allowed himself full reign of his desires. He touched his mom’s breasts and kissed her lovely face over and over again, as if fearing he might wake up from an erotic dream. Not a chance, this was all too real and fantastic! Liz fucked him with an ardor he would never have known she had and one that thrilled him to the core. He was crazy about Liz and wanted the experience to last forever. He gritted his teeth and held back on cumming. No way in hell was he going to let that happen before she did.

Liz screamed so hard that Paul was sure the chandelier in the room shook. Her body contracted around his cock as her orgasm came over her like a tidal wave. He allowed himself to follow suit, not worrying that they hadn’t used protection. He knew she had taken precautions with Allen in the past.

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