The Bet

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“The Bet”

“Wrong again, idiot.”

The words floated up from the floor, coming from my sister’s face. She was laying on the carpet on the other side of my bed. One bare leg casually thrown up and over the edge of the bed and the other bent at the knee. She was holding her phone in one hand and the other made lazy trails around her exposed navel.

“It’s The love of money is the root of all evil, not money is the root of all evil.”

“I’m not certain that was an important distinction, but thanks for that. You’re as helpful as my nipples are, sis, but at least my nipples provide me some happiness.”

“And mine provide happiness to a much, much larger audience. So… there’s that too” she tossed back at me, “idiot”.

I was sitting on my desk chair, both legs splayed across my bed while I tried to find interesting patterns in the popcorn style ceiling tiles above me.

“They sure do” I retorted, “which I’m sure is the reason you show them to anyone and everyone.”

My sister, Allison and I were bored. Bored with a side of bored. We live on a dirt road, deep in the Rocky Mountains, miles and miles separating us from any type of normal civilization. We’ve hiked and fished and spelunked in the small but interesting caves around us but got bored with that too. So that left us with nothing to do but talk to each other and see who can come up with the best insult…one of our favorite past times. Our parents aren’t fans of it at all, but sometimes we wind up laughing so hard that tears roll down our cheeks.

Allison is a popular girl in school, long red hair that she normally keeps in a pony tail, lithe athletic body and everyone’s friend. She’s got deep hazel eyes and is quick to smile… she’s usually “dating” a few of the guys in school, but nothing regular. Because, you guessed it, she gets bored of them quickly. Most of my friends think she’s hot but I have to disagree. I’ll never understand how some brothers or sisters can find their siblings hot. To me she’s just my sister, annoying as hell but also my best friend.

During the school year we are usually too busy to get really bored, but during summer break it can be tough. We’ve come up with this game we call “Who’s the pussy?” Not the most creative of names but we’re not asking for sponsors either. Essentially, it’s a game of escalating bets, until one of us refuses to do what’s being asked and “pussies out”. It has gotten interesting from time to time but never as out of control as it was about to…

“Let’s finally find out that you’re the pussy” I asked Allison.

“You’re on, flip a quarter” she said as she bounced up and jumped on the bed smiling. I got up, grabbed a quarter and sat on the bed next to her.

Here goes…flip. the quarter flipped up arcing widely and back down until it rested on the carpet in front of us. Tails.

“Winners always go first” Allison said slyly, “you ready?”

If you’re wondering why no one called “heads or tails” it’s because I’m always “heads” and she’s always “tails”. Makes sense since I have more heads than she and her tail is more popular than mine.

“Always” I replied.

“Go steal her towels” Allison said mischievously.

“Wow, you’re going straight for the hard stuff huh?”

“Why waste time finding out how much you suck?” She said and smiled again.

“No problem” I said with as much confidence as I could muster, “be right back.”

By “her” Allison meant our mother, Anne. Without a lot of options, it’s usually our parents that become the focal point of some of our more challenging bets. I would say it’s unfortunate for them but so far, they’ve had no clue — it’s just life as normal.

I jumped off the bed and headed out of the room and heard Allison say “and hurry up.” I could hear the water running which meant mom was in the shower, so I just had to find out where dad was before I snuck into their bathroom and removed the towels. I made a quick circuit around the house, kitchen, living room, office and den. He’s nowhere to be found.

Ugh I thought I’m totally running out of time. Fuck it, I’m going for it.

I get to their bedroom door and put my ear to the door and listen. I can’t hear anything but the water running and the light sounds of her music playing so I slowly twist the knob and ease the door open. Their bathroom is just off their bedroom and I can see the door open just a crack, the rest of the bedroom in darkness. Perfect.

I slip inside the room and close the door behind me…I quickly tip toe through the bedroom, wincing at every squeak the floor makes as I go.

So far so good.

The bathroom door is a bit more of a challenge so I take my time inching it open until there’s just enough room for me to kneel down güvenilir bahis and poke my head inside. Their bathroom is fairly big, with the sinks in the front by me and the shower at the far end. Their shower is glass so while it’s being used it provides some cover but not a lot. From my angle I can’t quite see the entire room but I can tell it’s safe for me to slide in so I do, trying to be as quiet as possible. Thankfully the music covered up any noises I made — but unfortunately for me it also covered up any noises from the bathroom that might’ve warned me of what was happening. When I was done carefully pushing the door mostly closed behind me (just in case) I was still on the floor and looked up to see how far I was from the towel rack. What I saw made my breath catch in my throat and I immediately forgot all about the towels.

Pressed up against the glass I saw my mom’s palms, her cheek and occasionally her breasts would bounce against it. They were hitting the glass rhythmically with every thrust my dad made as he fucked my mom from behind. He was behind her, barely visible through the steam and water droplets, with both hands on her shoulders thrusting into her from behind as the water cascaded over their bodies.

Slap, slap, slap

The scene was mesmerizing. I had forgotten completely about them being my parents, about where I was and what I was doing. I felt my cock start to grow and I started grinding it against the floor as I watched.


The thrusts were getting harder, the sound of flesh on flesh louder and louder. I could hear my mom moaning, a low guttural sound, more primal than anything.


One hand had left her shoulder and I could barely see it swinging up then back down as my dad smacked my mom’s ass while he continued to increase his power and speed. I watched, my rock-hard dick smashed between me and their bathroom floor… with each of his thrusts I was pushing against the floor in time.

When the first smack hit mom’s ass her moans increased in volume — her hands had reached up to the top of the glass wall and I could see her knuckles were white from holding so tight. Every few pumps were emphasized with a progressively harder slap on the ass and with each slap you could hear my mom getting more and more turned on.

“I’m so fucking close baby!” she moaned. Dad’s speed increased.

I saw with surprise her head jerk back so just her tits and hands and elbows were against the glass.

“Fuck yes!” she said, and I realized my dad had grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back as she crested toward her orgasm.

“Ugghhhhh fucccckkk!!!!” she cried out as her orgasm ripped through her body. I saw my dad’s arm wrap around her waist just in time to catch her before her shaking legs wouldn’t carry her anymore. He slowly and gently lowered her to the floor of the shower, stood up and adjusted the shower head. Then he turned and I saw the silhouette of his huge cock sticking straight forward, water dripping off the shaft.

Coming back to reality, I realized I had been there way too long. In fact, if either of them cleared the fog from the glass they would see me laying on the floor, not more than a few feet away from them. I grabbed a towel off the rack and slowly backed out still watching as my mom rose to her knees, reached around and grabbed my dad’s ass and pulled his cock into her eager mouth.

“That’s right babygirl, suck that cock” I heard as I slowly started closing the bathroom door.

“Yes daddy”.

Wait, what?!

I tiptoed out of their room, making sure to leave everything as it was before I came. I walked down the hallway toward my room, holding their towel in front of me and still breathing heavily. I reached down and realized a few things simultaneously. I still had an incredibly rock-solid hard-on; I wasn’t wearing any underwear just a simple pair of gym grey cotton shorts (which now had a big pre-cum spot on the front) and I was about to walk in my room where my sister was impatiently waiting.

This might be a good time to tell you a little about me. I’m pretty average all the way around, brown shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, average build (I played all sports well, but not really well). I’m not skinny but not fat,…. average. If there were two things I was blessed with is a sharp wit and a nice cock. 8″, straight and thick. Now, I know 8″ isn’t anything to write home about (that phrase feels very appropriate right now) but when it’s hard it’s pretty noticeable and running commando it’s extremely noticeable.

I thought maybe I could swing into another room and rub one out really quick (as are all teenagers I’m an expert at getting myself off) but I didn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri have time.

The moment I walked into the room Allison knew something was off…my face was flushed, I was breathing heavily and holding the towel in front of me casually but strategically.

“Well that took you long enough, what the hell happened?” she said, popping off the bed and striding toward me.

Thankfully my wit and senses didn’t leave me at this crucial time.

“I uh, well, it was there. You know, the towel erm…what happened? I got it… is it hot in here? Good lord, so anyways, what were you saying?” with eloquence and poise I delivered that while looking back toward the popcorn ceiling. Now the patterns look like a bunch of tits…

Allison stopped dead in her tracks narrowing her eyes a bit and staring right into my soul. “Are you on drugs?” she said, unexpectedly snatching the towel from my hand. “Because if you are and didn’t share any with me, I’m going to “… her voice trailed off until all I heard was “…holy cock batman.”

Fortunately for me I had performed the age-old ritual of tucking my hard cock into my waistband so it wasn’t tent poling straight out in front me. Unfortunately for me I had tucked it so quickly that my shirt was tucked in behind my dick. All I had accomplished was to actually show my sister a few inches of my cock in the flesh instead of hiding it.

Surprised and at a loss Allison swept out of the room closing the door behind her. Gratefully I dropped my shorts, laid back on my bed, grabbed some coconut oil and proceeded to slow stroke myself with thoughts of my parent’s fucking filling my head until I tossed ropes of white sticky cum all over my chest and stomach.

Later that evening I was sitting in bed, on top of the covers completely naked and hard, stroking through another while scrolling though reddit when Allison texted me.

Hey Idiot

S’up Ho?

Sorry for leaving like that I was just kinda surprised>

Totally get it. No worries. Pussy.

Um, excuse me?

P.U.S.S.Y. You stopped, you lose, remember?

I didn’t stop, it was just…

The phone screen sat on the three dots for a bit.

As I was waiting for her to finish her sentence, I rolled over on my side looking for the coconut oil. Fishing around for it I couldn’t feel it so I got on my knees and leaned my body over the side of my bed to look around. Right at that second, I heard my door open and Allison started saying “I am not a puss…oh my” She was staring right at my ass. Everything was in full view, from my little asshole, down to my taint, to my clean-shaven full balls and finally to my heavy cock, not hard anymore but still full as it swung from side to side.

I sat up quickly, expecting her to do a quick 180 and head out again but to my surprise didn’t leave. Instead, she took a deep, slightly trembling breath, and walked toward the bed like there’s nothing strange at all going on. She sat on the edge of the bed and said, “I am not the pussy, I just took a quick break from the game is all. I’m back and ready to go, unless of course you need to stop for a bit?”

I was torn, most of me wanted to grab the comforter or something and cover myself immediately but another part wanted me to stay as is, not giving her the ammunition to later say I was the pussy. I decided to play it out so I laid back and crossed my legs, leaving my heavy cock laying across one thigh.

“Nope, I don’t need a break.”

She smiled tightly, “Ok then. Tell me what happened that made you come back hard like that.”

My eyes traveled over her body quickly, noting her nipples poking against her white shirt, the color on her cheeks…she’s turned on right now. I thought, that’s so… hot. I glanced down to my cock please, don’t grow. Nothing’s happening right now, just stay as you are. I looked up just in time to see her gaze leave my cock as well…shit.

I started to tell her about seeing our parents in the shower. She was wide eyed through it, smiling and shifting around in her seat a bit.

“That’s incredible…they were really going at it hard!” She said. “Who knew they still fucked like that?”

“Just wait, listen to how it ended” I said. I proceeded to describe in detail about the ass slapping, and when I started telling her about dad pulling mom’s hair back roughly and pile driving into her Allison’s breath quickened, her nipples were poking through her shirt and she spread her legs slightly shifting a little to each side. One of her hands moved from her thigh to her crotch and just rested there. The message was clear though and to my dismay I felt my cock twitch. The movement caught both of our eye’s and as if on cue, we both iddaa siteleri turned our direction to my twitching cock. As blood started to fill it, I told Allison about mom getting on her knees in the shower, grabbing dad’s ass and swallowing his manhood. Then when she called him “Daddy” Allison moaned and pressed the palm of her and into her mound…and my cock was fully erect again. Both of us watched as a bit of pre-cum bubbled out of the top and rolled lazily down the head and started down the shaft.

“Damn” she said.

“My turn” I said.

“What?” her eyes bounced from my face to my cock to my face again.

“Strip, or be the pussy. It’s up to you. I can’t be the only naked one here.”

“Oh, that. That’s easy…” She stood up, shook her hair out of the pony tail and faced me. “You sure about this?”

“I am” I replied. When Allison had taken her hair and shook it out, I realized how absolutely beautiful she was… that is exactly the point I stopped looking at her as a pain the ass sister and started looking at her as a woman.

She crossed her arms and reached down, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. Her tits were firm and perfect, the small pink nipples hard and pointing forward. She looked to be about a C cup, with freckles scattered across her chest. When I was able to tear my gaze away and look up she was watching me with a glint in her eye. Next, she turned her back to me, hooked the sides of her shorts and ever so slowly slide them down her long legs, keeping her legs spread just enough so I could see her pink pussy and tight asshole. She straightened up, turned around and a little moan escaped my lips when I saw her incredible pussy — mostly hairless except for a small red strip that seemed to point either up to her tits or down to her clit.

“My turn” she said.

Unable to speak I just nodded my head, drinking in the view. She strode over to me, crawled on the bed and got right up to me her eyes sparkling. She took her fingers and gathered some of the pre-cum leaking from my cock (the first touch sent a spark through my entire body, ending in my tight ball sack). When her fingers spread apart there was enough pre-cum on them to keep a line connected between two of them.

“Clean it.”

Looking her straight in the eyes, I did. I sucked on her fingers slowly, licked between them and never broke eye contact. As I did her breathing quickened and her free hand went to her nipple and pinch and twist it.

“You thought that was going to be a tough one for me didn’t ya?” I asked her, smiling.

“Yes” she said. “I thought you were completely hetero and wouldn’t do that”.

“I am hetero, but that came from me, and I’ve tasted it numerous times on the tongues of my girlfriends. No big deal, it’s actually kind of hot. My turn.”

“K” she said.

Turnabout is fair play I thought but I do need to up the ante if I’m going to win.

I grabbed her hands and laid her on the bed.

“We are not fucking!” Allison said, immediately uncomfortable about what I was going to do.

“Agreed” I said, “Absolutely no chance. Now lay back and bend your knees.”

She did, and watched carefully as I reached down toward her sweet pussy. I slide one finger inside of her noting she was not just wet, but so wet she had juice tracks from it leaking down her leg. She moaned a bit when I let one of my knuckles slightly brush her clit. I pushed the finger in deeper and she moaned a bit louder, then her eyes flew open and she stared at me. I had pulled the wet finger out and slid it to the second knuckle inside her tight little asshole. Her asshole was warm, tight like a clamp and completely hairless. I actually moaned a bit as I slide it in, imagining my cock sliding inside… wait, stop! Not with Allison. I pulled the finger out and put it in front of her face.

“Clean it.”

For a second her eyes fluttered back and forth, from the finger to my face and back to the finger. She smiled a little, slightly parted her wet lips and moved my hand toward her face. Just as she was about to start licking the combined juices off my finger there was a banging on the door.

“Hey you two! Come out here now!” Our dad said firmly from the other side of the door.

We both jumped out of our skin, shocked out of the sexual hypnosis we had gotten ourselves into and quickly got dressed. I sat on the bed and Allison opened the door.

“Yes Dad?” we said in unison.

“I don’t know what you guys are doing in here, but we’ve been calling you for dinner for a while now. Let’s go.”

“Ok, be right there” Allison said.

We heard Dad head down the hallway and Allison turned to glance over her shoulder at me as she left. “To be continued” she said smiling ear to ear.

“To be continued” I said. And as I watched her little ass sway as she left my room, I slowly put the finger into my mouth, closed my eyes and tasted my sister’s most private parts. I’d never tasted anything better.

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