The Book of David Ch. 13

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— CHAPTER 13: Family —


WINTER (December 2005)

“Unghh…” I groaned, cramming my hips forward with all my might, trying to push my cock a few extra millimeters deeper. My first wad had already blasted off, and now as I reached the point of furthest penetration, I felt the second wad fly out of me. I held that position while tensing my ab muscles and tried to launch every ounce of sperm as fast and as far as I possibly could.

Cherys had rolled her shoulders up, clutching me to her chest while I finished spurting into her womb. And when my body sagged, she lay back, settling her head back down to the pillow, a fine sheen of sweat coating her face. She was panting as heavily as I was.

Her left hand went out and immediately Danielle slid her own hand into it, intertwining their fingers and squeezing reassuringly. “Think that one did it this time?” My sister asked. Our attempts so far hadn’t been successful. But this time, we had First Response and other ovulation kits.

Cherys gave a weak smile. “I hope so.”

I started chuckling against Cherys’ bosom.

Danielle’s looked over at me. “What?”

I glanced up and rubbed my cheek against Cherys’ wonderful naked tits. “I almost hope not.”

“And why not?” Cherys asked while rubbing my head.

I turned my gaze to her, a smirk on my face. “When you give birth, we’ll have to stop having sex for a few months. I almost want to prolong that as long as possible.”

Cherys giggled and then remarked with a completely straight face. “Who says I’m going to keep having sex with you once you knock me up?”

My eyes must have gone wide in panic because instantly both girls were laughing and patting me, Cherys still rubbing my head and Danielle stroking my arm.

Cherys pulled me up until I was lying beside her and she turned to kiss me tenderly. “I love you, David. Always.”

“I love you, too.” We looked into each other’s eyes and smiled happily.

I basked in that glow for just a little while, idly dreaming about settling down with Cherys as my wife and a few toddlers running around in the yard. I knew it would likely never be, but I allowed the pleasant fantasy for a little while.

Then, Cherys rolled to the side and looked at Danielle. “You. Clothes off!”

Danielle grinned and began to disrobe.

Cherys turned back to face me. “We’ve got a 48 hour window max. I’m going to play with your sister here until you recharge.”

With how hot the two of them looked together, I knew it wouldn’t take me long.


THREE WEEKS LATER (December 2005)

“Mmm… Merry Christmas.” Cherys’ lips lingered on mine for a few extra moments.

“Merry Christmas,” I said before leaning in for another quick peck. And then I slid my way down Cherys’ body, lifting up the hem of her top to expose her flat belly. I smiled and then pressed my lips firmly just below her belly button. “Merry Christmas, baby…”

Cherys giggled and rubbed my head. “I still can’t believe I’m actually pregnant.”

“I still can’t believe I’m going to be a father.”

“Believe it.” Danielle was on the other side of me, mussing my hair playfully. She leaned over and kissed my cheek. “Merry Christmas.”

I had the perfect life. Really, how many guys got to wake up with two beautiful women every day?

Cherys giggled again and then kissed me, her short pecks transforming into longer presses until her tongue was snaking inside my mouth. My morning erection was pressed to my belly, something that Cherys soon discovered when her hand went looking for it.

Her eyes opened wide in delight when she found it, and then she was pulling the covers down and got onto her knees to tug away my pajama pants and expose my hard cock to the cool air. “I LOVE unwrapping presents!” she exclaimed before slurping me into her mouth.

“Ohhh,” I groaned and stretched, reveling in the wonderful sensations Cherys could produce with her tongue. I glanced to the other side to see Danielle staring intently at Cherys as she fellated me.

I wasn’t the only one to notice. Cherys looked up and then popped off my cock, still holding the base in her hand. “Want some?” she tilted the rod in Danielle’s direction.

Danielle leaned forward for a moment, and then blinked quickly before turning away. “Don’t tease me like that.”

In a mild huff, she slid off the bed and began pulling a bathrobe over her PJs. “I’m going to go make us breakfast. Don’t take too long you guys, we still have to drive home to our parents for tonight’s big dinner.”

By now, Cherys already had stuffed my cock back into her mouth and she nodded agreeably.

Once Danielle was gone, Cherys sat up and began stripping out of her own pajamas. “David, now that I’m pregnant, I think it’s time you started fucking her.”

“Huh?” My mind was still swimming from Cherys’ blowjob and I was certain I hadn’t heard her correctly.

“She’s not going to do it on her own. But every time we’re alone and I’m pumping Fred in and out of her, she’s thinking of you. Every time I drop your name when she’s on the verge of cumming, güvenilir bahis her orgasms are stronger than anything.” By now, Cherys was naked and straddling me. She paused to moan as my dick found the entrance to her pussy and I pushed up into her.

“Mmm… so good…” she whispered before her eyes snapped back to awareness and she looked down at me. “Danielle wants to give you a blowjob so desperately David. You made love to her once, and it was beautiful. But she’s never had a real cock in her mouth. And the only real cock she ever had up her ass was a goddamned rapist.”

Cherys’ eyes flared briefly in remembered anger. And then her focus returned to me. “David, every time I suck you, every time you fuck my ass, I can see the blazing lust in her eyes.”

As if to punctuate her statement, Cherys drove herself a little harder onto my shaft, her lower lip trembling in excitement and her eyes fluttering for a moment. “So good, David…” Cherys cooed and then started riding me with a steady rhythm. And then she sighed and started speaking again.

“And every time we make love, her heart breaks. Danielle can’t get past her own moral confusion to initiate with you, and I know you would never suggest it yourself for fear of taking advantage of her. But I’m telling you, David. You need to start fucking her before she goes insane.”


“Are you absolutely sure?” I was hiding in my old room. The bed still had my sheets on it, even though I hadn’t slept in the thing since October. The desk, however, had gotten a workout a week ago when Cherys had been feeling a little kinky.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Cherys looked me in the eye.

“I’d never forgive myself if it turned out she didn’t want this,” I whimpered.

“She’s the love of my life, David. I know what she wants, even if she can’t admit it to herself.” Cherys leaned in and kissed me. “Now be quiet. Listen for my cue.”

I nodded and then stepped into the shadows of my darkened bedroom. The door was open; to have it closed might give things away. But I stood behind it, just barely able to see through the crack between the hinges.

A few minutes later, Danielle came home from work, right on time. The living room was empty, and I heard her set her things down. “Cherys? David?” she called out speculatively.

“In here, sweetie…” Cherys called from our bedroom. “David went over to Kevin and Jen’s place. It’s just you and me tonight…” Her voice was mellifluous and oozing sexuality. “Well… and I think we can get Fred involved as well…”

I watched through the crack as Danielle smiled and headed for our bedroom. She stood in the doorway and I could visualize what she was seeing: Cherys, dressed in some of her skimpiest lingerie, the very slight swell of her belly pushing out the top of her G-string and her bosom overflowing the woefully small bustier.

It was all I could do to just stay in my hiding spot and not go out to join them. I’d seen enough of the two girls in action to imagine what was going on in vivid detail, and hearing their little noises had my head spinning.

But I waited. Even when Cherys moaned a pleading “Come fuck me!” I waited, despite the urge to go and do just that. And through all the wet slurps and soft, feminine moans, I waited.

Once, I thought my time was at hand. Danielle was whimpering softly, moving closer towards orgasm and to the edge of reason. The idea was to catch my sister in a moment where her lust and desire overwhelmed her mental hang-ups about sex with me. But rather than bring Danielle to the edge and keep her there until I joined, Cherys brought her crashing over and my sister was howling “I’m cumming!”

In retrospect, it was a good thing Cherys didn’t bring me in just yet. That was the moment when I realized I had a mental hang-up of my own.

We’re raised to know that incest is wrong. I was never explained WHY it was wrong, but I KNEW it to be so. There were medical reasons not to procreate, birth defects and proper DNA and all. And purely from a social standpoint, once you’ve crossed the sexual barrier with someone, family or not, your relationship is irrevocably changed.

But Danielle and I had already crossed that barrier. Our relationship had changed in a very dramatic way. I don’t imagine that most brother/sister pairs would be entirely comfortable seeing each other naked, much less making love to the same woman at the same time. But we were.

I mean, it’s not like we hadn’t seen each other naked before. It’s not like we hadn’t seen each other having sex with a woman before.

It’s not like we hadn’t had sex with each other before…

I was naked, and I was hard. I took a deep breath. I was hard for my sister. She was a beautiful young woman, with shapely curves and a lithe, athletic body that would be the envy of any lingerie model. And I loved her. I loved her like my sister. I would never want to hurt her and would always be there to protect her, especially after my one great failure to do so before. And I wanted to make her happy.

I wanted to do this. I wanted to share my love for her physically. And if Cherys türkçe bahis was right, Danielle wanted to as well.

I snapped out of my ruminations when I heard the trigger phrase. “Time for you to get fucked, Danielle.”

“Yesss…” my sister hissed in anticipation. As I quietly slipped away from my hiding spot, my cock leading the way, I listened to the further moans as Cherys drove Danielle closer and closer to climax. When I entered the room, everything was laid out like Cherys had planned.

Danielle was flat on her back, her arms flung behind her in surrender to whatever her lover wanted to do to her. Her eyes were covered with a black cloth blindfold, and her face pointed straight up as she gasped and moaned with pleasure. Her legs were split to the sides and half-falling off the bed, her crotch right at the edge of the mattress so Cherys could have easy access.

Cherys was kneeling between Danielle’s legs, lapping slowly with her tongue running up and down the line from sopping wet pussy to clenched anus. Fred the dildo was in her hand, and Cherys was dragging his lubricated head along Danielle’s thighs and occasionally across Danielle’s swollen clit.

“Put him in me,” Danielle pleaded.

“What, this?” Cherys waggled Fred against the soft folds of Danielle’s pussy.

Danielle nodded quickly, groaning a “Please…”

“I don’t think you really want Fred tonight…”

“I do! I do!”

“You want a hard cock in you?”


“I know,” Cherys grinned and glanced at me, beckoning me closer. “I’ll bet you want David inside you tonight,” she poked the dildo into Danielle, slipping just an inch inside before pulling out.

“OHHHH…” Danielle moaned loudly, just about to climax when Cherys pulled Fred away. My sister whimpered pitifully, clearly having not yet cum.

“You want David, don’t you?” Cherys asked softly while rubbing Fred’s head across Danielle’s clit once again.

“Yes…” Danielle moaned.

“You want to feel David’s hard cock inside you…” Cherys parted Danielle’s pussy lips to the side, stretching just the first inch wide but not going any further.


“You want to feel the heat, the throbbing power. You want David to fill you up and drive you mad with lust, don’t you?”


“You want David to fuck you raw until you can’t take any more, and then have him shove his big dick into your mouth and make you swallow all his cum!”


I was in position. Cherys pushed my ass forward and in a single massive thrust, I slammed my cock all the way into Danielle.

My sister shrieked in ecstasy, her entire body bucking off the bed, her tits thrust into the air and her hair flying as she came harder than I’d ever seen or heard in my life. I barely moved, just keeping my cock rigid as her crotch bucked at me through her entire orgasm, fucking my rod to full penetration and back only a couple inches before pushing me deep inside again.

She kept screaming for what felt like ten minutes, until she finally sagged back against the bed and panted deliriously. “Oh my gawd…” Danielle breathed, her blindfolded head rolling to the side. “I can actually feel him…” She was laughing in sheer delight. “I can actually-“

Suddenly, Danielle’s body went rigid and her hands flew to her blindfold, ripping the cloth away. Meanwhile, I was crawling onto the bed, still keeping my cock inside her and rotating her legs and hips back as I got my knees on top of the mattress while I leaned over my sister.

She saw me and managed to gasp, “David!” before my lips descended over hers, and then she was eagerly returning my kiss as our tongues played tonsil hockey together. We broke for air just long enough for her to whimper “Oh, David” and go right back to making out with me, her fingers tangling in my hair as her legs went around my waist and she pulled me deeper into herself.

Eventually, I picked my head up to search her eyes and make sure for myself that she really wanted this. But Danielle just closed her eyes and laid her head back against the mattress with a blissful smile on her face, and flexing her leg muscles she began to undulate her hips against my cock.

I leaned down and kissed her exposed neck. “I love you, Danielle.”

“I love you too, David. Always.” She hummed happily and then turned to keep kissing me while I began to pump in rhythm with her own thrusting. “Make love to me, David.”

“I am, I am.”

I felt a darkness descend around us, but in a pleasant way. Danielle glowed beneath me, as if her body was the only illumination I could see. We floated away into empty space, without a bed, without a room, without a universe around us. It was just me and her. This wasn’t making love for healing after a rape. This wasn’t making love for comfort away from the harshness of reality. This was making love because we loved each other, and because for now we were the only two people in existence.

When Danielle came, she clutched me with all four limbs, holding herself tightly to me as I made short thrusts into her. Her panting in my ear was güvenilir bahis siteleri a sonata more beautiful than the greatest classics, and when she came down, she pulled me into another kiss.

“I always loved you, squirt,” she cooed and rubbed her nose to mine.

“I always loved you, Dani.” My voice was starting to strain from the effort, and we both realized I was getting close to my own climax. We also both knew, without regret, that I probably shouldn’t be spurting into her pussy.

“Cum in my mouth, David. I want your cock in my mouth. I want to swallow every drop of you.” Her eyes lit up as if I was about to fulfill her greatest fantasy.

She dropped her legs off my back and I pulled out, quickly scrambling up her body. Her hand reached out to my slimy rod, already squeezing and stroking me towards her gaping mouth before I managed to straddle her head and lower my cock to her face.

She picked her head up and took me inside, sucking powerfully. That was all I needed, and I groaned as I began to fill her mouth, my balls pulsing repeatedly.

“Mmm…” she hummed, her throat contracting as I poured out my seed. Unfortunately, Danielle was still an oral virgin, and she wasn’t prepared for the volume. She managed to swallow the first two bursts happily enough, but she mis-timed the third shot and she choked before my prick popped out of her mouth.

The next few wads of cum splattered across her face before she managed to stuff me back between her lips. With the lessened pressure she was able to swallow the rest, and then she lay back, gasping for air with a satisfied grin on her face.

Only then did Cherys make her presence known. “That was beautiful, you two.”

Danielle turned. “Maybe as beautiful as watching him impregnate you. Gawd, I’m going to have to get on the pill!” She felt a glob of my cum started to roll down her jaw. She scooped it up with her finger and popped it into her mouth.

“Sorry I couldn’t take it all,” Danielle apologized to me.

I waved her off and Cherys crept closer. “I’m here to help you with that.” The raven-haired beauty leaned down and began tonguing up the creamy jism strung along Danielle’s face. “And I’ll teach you to get better.”

Cherys smiled down at her girlfriend, but darted her gaze to me with an impish gleam in her eyes for just a moment. “But I’m warning you Dani, you’ll have to have LOTS and LOTS of practice. By the time I’m done with you you’ll be drowning in your brother’s cum.”

Danielle’s green eyes flashed brilliantly at me. “Oh gosh darn.”


WINTER (January 2006)

The alarm went off, it’s annoyingly insistent noise perforating my eardrums and causing me to wince in pain. I tried to close up my ears, ignoring the discomfort until one of the girls slapped the stupid thing.

But no such slap came and the blaring continued. I finally rolled across the mattress myself and turned it off, then surveyed the bedroom through heavy- lidded eyes. I was alone.

Where were the girls?

A new sound filtered into my consciousness, unpleasant, but at least not pain- inducing. It sounded like someone was retching. I turned my head towards the bathroom and then I saw them.

Cherys was kneeling before the porcelain throne with the door wide open, obviously puking into the bowl while Danielle stroked her back and held her hair out of the way.

Cherys coughed a few times, then spat heavily and groaned. “Just when I thought I was going to be one of those women who didn’t get morning sickness.”

“It’s alright, honey,” Danielle said soothingly. “I’ll get you through this.”

The guilty part of me wanted to go over and comfort Cherys. After all, you could make the argument that it was my fault she was feeling nauseous in the first place. But I knew that the supportive partner role was Danielle’s. It wasn’t my place to usurp her.

Besides, now I could roll back over and catch a few extra minutes of sleep.


“David, can you take her?”

“Hmm?” I looked up from the TV in a fog of incomprehension.

Danielle rolled her eyes at me and complained, “You haven’t been listening to us, have you?”

I shrugged and waved my remote hand towards the screen. Cherys smiled knowingly.

Danielle sighed and said, “I was supposed to go with Cherys to her obstetrician tomorrow morning. It’s her first prenatal visit. But this thing came up at work and I can’t make it. And we don’t want her to do it alone. Can you do it?”

I tilted my head back and thought about the projects I was working on. None of them were time-critical. “Sure. What do I have to do?”

Cherys explained, “Not much. I’m taking my own car so I can go straight to work afterwards. I just want someone with me when we go and honestly, they’ll probably be asking you some health questions since you’re the father.”

I nodded. “Okay.”

The next day, I followed Cherys’ car to the medical center. When we got there, I whistled and looked around while Cherys signed herself in. My own doctor’s office was pretty bare bones, just white walls and functional chairs in the waiting area. But this obstetrician’s waiting area had plush couches, homey wallpaper, and decorative lamps. I sat down in an oversized armchair and managed to find a Sports Illustrated magazine, the only one amongst a hundred girly mags.

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