The Bookstore

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Alex Clark

Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the story line is true the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early seventies but should be a concern for everyone today.


It was a small store located on a backstreet in downtown Tampa and pressed between a five and dime store on one side and a lawyer’s office on the other. “Used Books” was painted on the one large plate glass window along with the hours and days operation. When I opened the door a small bell mounted above the door rang loudly to announce that someone was either entering or leaving the store. I looked down the long aisles between the high book shelves for someone who was working before calling out.


After several minutes I heard footsteps on the creaking wooden floor and saw a woman making her way down one of the long aisles toward me.

When she got closer she smiled, “Hello.”

“I was in the back cataloging some books when I heard the bell. This must be your first visit; most people just come in and look around.”

I replied, “Yes, it is my first time here.”

She extended her hand and smiled, “Welcome, I’m Sarah, the owner. How can I help you today?”

“Well, I would like to find a nice first edition of Robert Ruark’s, Something of Value, I think it was published in 1955.”

As I followed her down one of the aisles I took note of how attractive she was; she was maybe forty something and in her heels she was a few inches taller than my five foot, ten inch height. Her walnut colored hair was done in a bun piled on the top of her head where she also kept her pencil; I love women’s hair styles that reveal the nape of their neck and ears. She wore large dark rimmed glasses secured by a chain around her neck which seemed a stark contrast to her bright red lipstick.

Her pleated linen slacks and silk blouse were a light peach color and flowed over her body to show the full, round curves of a mature woman. From the back I was able to make out the arch and clasps of the garter belt she wore to support her stockings; a perfect frame for her very perfect ass. There was a hint of an arched line that would have been the crotch of her panties but, the absence of a low waist line suggested she wore full cut panties.

Sarah moved one of the ladders which hung from a track above the top shelf out of the way and helped me look for the book. She described her cataloging system so I would be able to find any book in the shop. We talked about our favorite authors and books as we searched the shelves.

I told her, “I don’t mind looking for this so you can get back to your work.”

“Nonsense,” she replied, “I enjoy getting a chance to talk to someone about my favorite books. Besides we close at one o’clock on Wednesday afternoons and it is almost that time.”

We found the book at almost the same time and our hands touched as we both reached for it. For several seconds we held our hands together on the book; I resisted the urge to release the book and just hold Sarah’s hand. As I slid the book from the shelf I noticed a first edition of Horn of the Hunter, also by Ruark, and decided to purchase it too.

I announced, “This should be enough for now.”

I had another opportunity to admire her as I followed her back to the front counter.

“I hope that means you will visit us again then.” Sarah said.

I replied, “I have no doubt I will be back. I enjoyed talking ‘books’ with you.”

As she slipped my books into a bag I mustered enough courage to ask, “Since you will be closing for the afternoon would you have lunch with me?”

I was almost in a panic as she thought about the invitation; after all she was probably twice my age.

She smiled as if to let me down easy then replied, “Would you consider having lunch here? I brought my delicious chicken salad today and I have some cheese, homemade rolls and, I think some wine.”

Of course I eagerly accepted her invitation and was probably grinning from ear to ear.

She added, “Maybe, after we have lunch, you could help me pull a few books I need to ship out today.”

“I would be delighted to help you.” was my eager reply.

We moved to the back of the shop where there was a small kitchenette, office, and reading area which took up most of the back of the shop; on the opposite corner were men and women restrooms. Sarah directed me to a large wicker sofa then moved into the kitchen area and busied herself with slicing some cheese and pouring the wine.

She placed a tray on the coffee table, already covered with books and magazines, then took her seat on the sofa beside me; she turned sideways to face me then pulled her legs up under her. We sipped wine and talked about the shop and how she found used books for the shelves. After our first glass of wine she refilled our glasses and brought back a bowl of her chicken salad and crackers. We sat closer facing each other as we canlı bahis ate lunch.

When I excused myself to use the restroom I noticed a section of shelves turned opposite of all the other shelves; it was labeled, “Adult Material”.

I stood staring at the blank wall while guiding my stream into the bowl; my aim was true until I heard Sarah’s footsteps approaching the women’s restroom. I heard the door open, the light switch click, a few more footsteps then a short pause. The next sound was that whizzing sound that women make when they pee.

As my stream wandered so did my mind; I imagined Sarah sitting on the toilet with her slacks and panties down to her knees, her hands resting in her lap holding tissue ready to dab the last drop as she stared into the crotch of her panties at the single dark, curly pubic hair caught in the fabric. Thankfully I was able to contain my stream to the bowl easier than my mind.

I was glancing over the “Adult Material” section when Sarah came out of the ladies room and said with a chuckle, “I see you have found our ‘dirty book’ section.”

I laughed and replied, “I love reading erotica.”

She came back with, “There’s almost nothing better than a rainy afternoon with a dirty book.”

We both laughed.

Sarah reminded me of my agreeing to help her; she picked up a list of books off of her desk then motioned for me to follow her. In the short time we had been together I found that I loved following her so I could enjoy her image. She led me from section to section and pulled books from the shelves then gave them to me to carry.

She had to move one of the ladders so she could pull a book from a higher shelf, “If you will hold the ladder so it doesn’t slip maybe I can keep from falling.”

I set all the other books on a nearby table and held the ladder as she climbed several steps upward. The sweet bottom that I had been admiring since shortly after I walked into her shop was in front of my face; it was all I could do to resist leaning forward and giving it a loving kiss. Sarah stretched out to get a book from one of the shelves then handed it to me.

“That’s all of them.”

When she tried to step down it pushed her sweet bottom right into my face; she immediately apologized, “I’m sorry I didn’t intend to stick my butt in your face.”

I chuckled and said back, “Sarah, you can stick your sweet butt in my face anytime.”

Neither of us moved as she said, “Oh you are naughty!”

I quickly came back with, “I guess you just bring out the best in me.”

We chuckled but still neither of us moved.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and placed both my hands on the cheeks of her sweet ass then leaned forward and kissed each one.

Sarah looked down at me, wiggled her butt, and said, “I like naughty men.”

She didn’t have to say another work I rubbed my hands over her sweet cheeks and kissed each one again before pushing my face between them. She pushed back and wiggled her hips; I moved my hands up and around her hips to the waist band of her slacks. Her hips continued to grind backward as my fingers unfastened then lowered her slacks over her hips and down her legs.

Sarah’s feet were spread the width of the narrow ladder and her hands held onto the sides above her head. Her panties were full cut, white nylon and covered her white satin garter belt except for the suspenders exposed between her panties and the top of her off white stockings. Also visible were wisps of dark, curly pubic hair that adorned the very tops of her inner thighs along the sides of her panties. My lips moved below the bottom of her panties and kissed the smooth, soft skin on the backs of her legs above her stockings.

I moved my hands to the waist band of her panties and slid them over her hips and down her legs where I had left her slacks. I showered her sweet ass with kisses then moved between her cheeks and into the crevasse separating them. I pressed my face between the round, firm mounds and inhaled her musky scent before unleashing my tongue to explorer the treasures hidden in the dark, curly pubic hair. Sarah moaned as my tongue danced around the rim of her tightly puckered rose bud; she pushed backward to gain more contact with my tongue.

I lifted each foot off the rung of the ladder one at a time and removed her slacks and panties before taking hold of her hips and guiding her in turning around to face me. As my hands and lips explored her smooth, soft flesh between the tops of her stockings and the arch of her garter belt; Sarah unbuttoned her blouse and unfastened her bra in the front to expose a more than ample pair of tits decorated with half-dollar sized, rose pink nipples. I buried my face in her thick dark triangle of curly pubic hair and raised my hands to cup her full, round breasts. My fingers traced circles around her rose pink, puffy areolas and plucked her long swollen nipples as my tongue encircled her clit.

Sarah threw a leg over one of my shoulders to give her support and her hands moved bahis siteleri to my head to gain some control. I looked up at her face to see her reaction to my slipping a finger into her tight ass. She cooed like a dove as I worked my finger in and out of her ass while my thumb worked in and out of her juicy cunt; my tongue lapped at the deep pink slit glistening with her gooey cream. The lips of her cunt were large and fully exposed in her thick dark hair; they almost resembled a small cocoon until they were opened to expose the deep set pink slit.

We were both lost in some far off adventure of pleasure as our bodies emitted primal sounds of mating we hoped were being contained within the walls of the small used book store.

Somewhere in the distance I heard a voice saying, “Hold me so I don’t fall.”

I realized it was Sarah’s voice and she was about to collapse. I held her so she could move off the ladder and into my arms. Her chest heaved against me as she tried to catch her breath. My hands moved over the soft smooth skin of her back and felt her skin cooling from perspiration. Our lips met for the first time; the kiss was soft and tender void of the extreme passion from minutes earlier.

Sarah moved backwards and began to unbutton my shirt saying, “Let’s get you out of these cloths.”

I stood back letting her undress me as my eyes took in the beauty of the woman in front of me wearing only heels, stockings and a garter belt. The contrast of the thick dark triangle of pubic hair against her creamy white skin has been burned in my memory forever.

Once Sarah had me completely nude she took my hand and guided me back to the coffee table mostly covered with books and magazines. She bent over at the waist exposing her beautiful ass framed by the arch of her garter belt and the tops of her stockings; with one motion of her arm she cleared the table, books and magazines went flying across the creaky, wooden floor. She sat down and took my engorged cock in her hand and began to rub, pat and kiss it lightly. She smiled up at me to see my reaction to her loving attention then she lowered it and rubbed its wet, engorged, purple head over her nipples.

Sarah lay back on the table and lifted her open legs and invited me into her warmth. I took over control of my swollen shaft and teased her with its engorged head. She opened her arms and pleaded for me to join her; it was a pleading I could not resist. Our arms held each other close as she moved her hips slightly to capture my cock in her hot juicy hole; we kissed as our hands explored each other. My hands pushed her full firm breasts together and my mouth took both of her long nipples in and nipped and suckled both of them at the same time.

Over the next hour we went from missionary fucking to Sarah sitting astride of me riding me with her beautiful tits dangling in my face and my mouth trying to capture her nipples as they moved quickly past. I moved her to her knees and pounded her firm, round cheeks from the rear until I could no longer hold my load.

Her thick pubic hair quickly became matted with the white gooey cream that seeped from around my cock as we tried to catch our breath. She lay beside me on the sofa; her legs splayed wide open as the gooey cream oozed from her pink labia and slowly made its way through the already matted hair around her tightly puckered rose bud before falling onto the cushion of the sofa.

When we had the energy to stand more of the goo ran down Sarah’s leg where I promptly licked it off. When I attempted to wipe up the pool of semen off the sofa cushion she stopped me.

“I want to keep that as a trophy to remind me of my first time being fucked in the shop.”

We dressed and drove to the Post Office in my truck to mail the books we had pulled from her shelves.

On the way back to the book store Sarah made the comment, “Having an afternoon tryst in the book store with a total stranger was a wonderfully naughty experience; however, you should know that there are added rewards for the man willing to commit to an entire night in my bed.”

“Oh my, I cannot imagine a reward greater than what I have already experienced but, considering it is possible; I’m willing to make that commitment.”

“Then we don’t have to go back to the book store. Just turn left at the next light and follow the road around the bay.” She added, “If you think my pussy tasted good just wait until you try my chicken picata; it will make even your taste buds have orgasms.”

Sarah was right; after a hot shower to wash away the stale aroma of semen, pussy juice, and sweat she prepared a delicious Italian meal with all the trimmings including, my favorite, cannoli for desert. Afterwards we sipped wine and watched the sun slip below the horizon from the patio of her fifth floor condo.

Sarah enjoyed sexual conversation; she asked questions about my sexual experiences and was very willing to share information about her experiences.

“What kinds of fantasies do you have.” she asked with a bahis şirketleri sexy smile.

“Actually I don’t really have any. Those I have had I have pretty much fulfilled. If I have a fantasy I go to work to make it a reality. What fantasy do you have?”

She chuckled, “Well, until this afternoon I had a fantasy about fucking a complete stranger; that’s no longer a fantasy although I may try it again.” She paused thoughtfully then added, “I still have a fantasy about being spanked because of my misbehaving.”

“Mmmm you certainly have the beautiful, firm ass for a good spanking. Of course you would have to tell me all about your misbehavior then I would have to determine if it is truly behavior deserving of a good spanking.”

Sarah, wearing a light, knit dress and panties, moved closer to me with her head hung in shame staring into her fidgety hands as she confessed to her terrible misbehavior.

“I really did not mean to do it; I mean I had not planned it. It just happened.”

Sarah went on to explain that several months earlier a young couple had moved into one of the condos on the second floor while the owners were in Europe; the young wife was very pregnant.

Sarah became friends with the young couple and often did little chores for them when she was out shopping. One day the young husband helped Sarah carry her groceries to her condo so she gave him a friendly hug to thank him.

“I really didn’t mean anything by the hug but he hugged me back and we just stood there in each other’s arms. The next thing I knew I felt something push against my pelvic area; I quickly realized he was getting an erection. My mind told me to step back away from him but my hand seemed to have a mind of its own and moved to the source of the motion which had also created a substantial bulge in the front of his pants.”

I told him as my hand rested over the bulge, “I take it that you have not been using this lately.”

“No and the doctor told us yesterday that it would be several months after the baby comes before we can resume our regular activities.” He replied.

“I knew I should have sent him home but my mind was spinning; I felt heat building between my thighs as the bulge under my hand pulsed. I knew I was doing wrong but I couldn’t seem to help myself and he was trembling in my arms.”

“I lifted my skirt and guided his hand to my crotch, ‘Feel my heat and how wet I am.'”

“His fingers began to explorer the source of the heat and wetness through my panties; we kissed passionately. I knew there would be no turning back; my body desperately wanted to experience this young man’s turgid meat. I knew it was wrong; I knew I would one day be punished for my lust.” She twisted her fingers.

“It didn’t last long; I guess because he had not been using it enough and I was left unfulfilled; maybe that was part of my punishment. He flooded me with semen then quickly went limp and pulled out; he could not even look me in the eye as he dressed to go home to his pregnant wife. I used the large pool of semen almost gushing out of me on my fingers to finish the job the young husband could not finish.”

After a pause I commented, “Well that terrible behavior certainly warrants a good spanking. Just how many licks do you think it will take to remind you not to behave so badly in the future?”

I was surprised when she looked up and I saw tears welled-up in her eyes. Maybe this wasn’t role playing but rather genuine guilt and repentance; maybe a good spanking would be just what she needed.

With her head still hung in shame, looking into her fidgeting hands she softly replied, “At least a dozen don’t you think?”

I shook my head in agreement then moved to a straight back chair without arms and sat down.

I ordered, “Well, don’t just sit there; come here.”

Reluctantly she moved slowly toward me; I guided her across my lap then lifted the hem of her short, knit dress above her waist. I took several minutes just to admire the sight of her beautiful ass encased in a pair of white, cotton, hip-hugger panties; I slowly rubbed my hand over the soft fabric before sliding them over her flared hips, round ass, and a few inches down her thighs. Even with her legs together I could still see wisps of her dark pubic hair in the hollow between her thighs.

“I hope you will remember this and the reason you are getting a spanking.” She whimpered softly.

I ran my hand over her warm, smooth flesh several times before pulling my arm away; I swung my arm and hand in an upward arc and made contact with her bare skin; she whimpered and the cheeks of her ass jiggled from the sudden impact. The second and third smacks produced groans and movement of her hips; both cheeks displayed a light pink outline of my hand.

More smacks of my hand turned the pink outline of my hand into a red splotch that was hot to the touch; Sarah’s groans became yelps. I had to grasp her outside hip with my free hand to hold her on my lap; her legs were open and I could see glistening droplets of moisture form on the pubic hair along her vulva. The last two licks were delivered in quick secession; I rubbed my hand gently over her hot, red flesh and tried to soothe her spirits with encouraging words.

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