The Buck Stops Here

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Big Tits

The party was obviously a success, judging from the debris in the house and that you’re still sleeping soundly with the sun already up. At least the guests, while enjoying themselves, kept the trash to a minimum, so I mostly have to only round up the used paper plates and empty beer and soda cans and bottles and bring them into the kitchen. I’d wakened up wanting a nice round of sex in bed (I’d gotten in too late to even manage a quickie before the party, and I’d crashed while it was still going on), but I’m reluctant to wake you. I decided to tidy up and hope that a little more sleep on your part will make you willing to see about making up for lost time.
I’m quiet as I move around the living room and kitchen, not wanting to disturb you with clinking bottles. I haven’t even bothered to dress, wanting to slip out of your bedroom quickly, for the same reason. It’s a nice warm spring morning anyway, and it’s great to wander around the house naked. Even after cleaning up in the living room, there’s no signs of life from the bedroom, and I sigh and decide to wash what dishes need being washed. Buck, your big black Labrador retriever, has been up and down several times in the morning, padding in and out of the bedroom even before I got up, and now that I’ve been working in another part of the house, he’s kept me company, or at least not bothered to return to his rug, on your side of the bed. He wanders back at forth through the dog-door several times, and I’m surprised that he’s shown no interest in the leftovers on plates left on the low coffee table, or any other place he’d be able to reach.
I don’t pay much attention to him as he begins his countless next patrol of the backyard, instead washing dishes and thinking how we’re going to spend the day. I’d like it to be in bed, as soon as possible, and I might have to wake you up, whether or not you’re ready. You looked so good lying there, naked, not even a sheet pulled up over us, that it took a lot of will-power on my account not to run my fingers over your cock or to lean over and give it a line of good morning kisses. I might have to rethink that after I finish with the dishes.
Buck returns, and I confess that I don’t notice him until I feel his wet nose leave a cold print on my butt. I startle and am about to turn and tell him to stop it, but he just as quickly gives me a lick with his wet, much warmer tongue, and with amazing agility, it snakes between my barely-parted legs. The reprimand I’d been planning is immediately forgotten, and I lean heavily against the counter, surprised by the sensation. It is instantly stimulating, and I press my mound against the cabinet, freezing in position. Buck gives me another lick, and I moan low. This seems to encourage him, and he shifts directly behind me, continuing to lick at me. I find myself moving my legs an inch or two apart and slowly pushing my ass backward, toward him. I keep moaning every time his tongue licks out, and his head is closer now, as he seems to be working his tongue up my thighs, as close to my crotch as he can. By hit and miss, he is finding my lips and making them damp, although I can feel myself lubricating and causing them to get wet as well. I rest my forearms on the sink, drop my head, and just enjoy Buck’s very friendly actions.
He keeps up his licking, moving his head around to try and find every crevice, and I shift from time to time to offer him more access. He stops abruptly and walks away, as if suddenly disinterested. I turn around and see with surprise and panic that he’s plopped himself into a sit on the floor and is licking his groin. After a few seconds, he sits straighter and looks at me. I can’t help but stare at the three-inch, fire-engine red, cock sticking out of his sheath. It seems to radiate against his black fur. He makes no effort to come over to me again but seems only wanting to show me his cock, and a minute later, he’s licking noisily between his legs again.
I hurry out of the kitchen to get away from Buck, but this is partly due to my own guilt at having led him on. If I hadn’t let him lick me, I’m sure he would’ve have gotten excited. I admit to myself that I’m running away because the thought of having Buck erect is stimulating, and in spite of trying to keep my cool, I feel abundant pussy juice between my lips now, no longer being lapped up by him.
I decide to take refuge in the bedroom, and although I hadn’t thought of closing the door, I find that Buck has trotted briskly behind me and beats me into the room. His tail is wagging and he bounces a little to see that you’re still in bed, but awake. I hang back by the door, as though he’s going to tell you what I’ve let him do to me. That’s silly, of course, but as he paces back and fort at the side of the bed, I know you can see that he’s aroused.
“Oh, you poor guy,” you tell him, looking up at me. “There’s a bitch in heat about four houses down the street. Buck’s too much of a gentleman to jump the fence or dig under it, but the smell of her has been driving him nuts.”
Suddenly it bursa escort all makes sense! Buck’s frequent yard patrols have been to check up on the dog in heat. I’d just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. While that explanation assuaged my guilt, I felt a little sad that I hadn’t been the center of Buck’s sexual universe, for a little while at least.
You turned in bed, onto your back, and lifted up your head and upper body by bracing your elbows behind your back. “Sorry about the party going on so late,” you apologized. “I hope that I can make it up to you.” You grinned as I gazed at you. Your cock was hard with a morning erection, and you reached down with one hand to stroke it temptingly.
“That’s okay. I just cleaned up a few things.”
“Damn. You should’ve let me help.” You let go of your cock and looked ashamed. “Now I really owe you.”
“Oh, stop it,” I laughed lightly. “There wasn’t much to clean up, and I had Buck to keep me company.” You looked at me quizzically, and I wasn’t about to admit to everything. Yet. “I was washing dishes, and he came up behind me and gave me a couple of licks that I wasn’t expecting.” I didn’t say anything about how I’d opened my legs more and allowed Buck to stay as long as he’d wanted, tasting my lips and thighs and clit. “I didn’t know about the other dog.”
I said all of this rather hesitantly, since I didn’t want to upset you. You looked a little perplexed, but then you just shook your head a little and smiled. “Damn,” you said again, “it seems there are two guys here that are really horny, and I’m not the worse of the two!”
I moved to the bed, ready to show you that you were the more needy, but as I did, Buck looked absolutely miserable and lay down on his rug, looking at us with sad brown eyes. We tried not to laugh as him (neither of us would want to be in that predicament!), but our laughter subsided as we suddenly looked at each other rather seriously. Although we were pretty predictable lovers (very hot, but not kinky), we’d discussed all kinds of sex issues and what our likes and dislikes were. I’d never not said no to the possibility of this.
“I really do need you,” you breathed, sitting up and swinging your legs over the side of the bed. Your cock swayed, a little soft by this delay. “Come on.” You took me by the hand and instead of having me straddle you and mount you, you tugged me so that I lay across your lap, my mound against your thigh and my ass up. You reach over to the nightstand and find a tube of lotion and slowly massage it onto my cheeks, taking your time as your fingertips find their way between them. You murmur as your hand discovers that I’m more than a little damp between my legs, and I feel your cock against my hip. It is hardening again, more than when I first saw you stroking it, and I can feel an erratic pulsing to it. I squirm a little on your lap and you murmur softly to me, taking more lotion and with your free hand, opening my cheeks to expose my asshole. Your fingertips warm the cream before you apply it to my bud, and I groan as the soft pressure of your fingertip becomes firm, and you slide your finger, very well lubricated, into my ass.
“Oh, babe, you’re so hot,” you reply in a similar low voice, your finger coats me inside well, and you only slip it out when your cock oozes out precum freely. I need it in me, I know that, and again, without saying anything to each other, we’ve looked at Buck. He’s still lying down, watching us, and giving a thump of his tail whenever he makes eye contact. I realize it’s been a while since he’s gone on his backyard patrol.
You help me to my feet and resettle yourself on the edge of the bed. Your cock is massively swollen and glazed with precum, and there’s a sheen on your thigh–my pussy juices had trickled onto you as you’d massaged me. “Come on, baby,” you moan, grasping my waist and pulling me to you. I have to straddle your knees in order to kneel on the bed, but you hold me firmly and gasp as I grasp your cock; it throbs in my hand and I squat immediately, needing it. My lips part with a moist warmth, and you groan as you feel your cock head between them, engulfed by velvety skin and slick juice. You pull down on my hips and your cock starts an eager upward thrust into my cunt. It takes only one massive movement to impale me entirely since we are both so eager for it, but I still cry out in excitement and lust as you penetrate me with your wide shaft.
Buck’s head comes up and he’s watching us intently but patiently.
My hands grasp your shoulders and we kiss deeply and passionately as my cunt molds itself around your cock. Slowly I begin to piston up and down upon you, and you drop your head to take a hard, aching nipple into your mouth. I gaze down as you suck me, making it even harder and larger. I stroke your shoulders and upper arms as I pump you and as you move your head, finding my other nipple and sucking it until I murmur in satisfaction. They are deep pink now, shining from your tongue.
Your hands cradle my ass and help me continue this delicious bursa escort bayan fucking rhythm. “This is so good,” I whisper in your ear between kisses and nibbles. My cunt strokes your cock, squeezes it, makes it feel so nice. You knead my ass deeply. I can feel the coolness of the morning air between my cheeks.
You slow my hips with pressure from your hands. You look at me. “Maybe it could be better.”
“Maybe.” We kiss. “Go on,” I tell you.
You make a rumbling sound in your chest. “He’s been watching us the whole time. I don’t know if he understands it, but I’d think it would be killing him.” I nod and press my breasts against your chest. Our nipples, all of them hard, tickle each other, and I feel my pussy contract powerfully.
“Go on,” I say again.
“Really?” You’re suddenly hesitant, as though I’ve called you bluff on an impossible practical joke.
“Okay.” You call to Buck in a very quiet voice, and he stands up immediately. “Oh, hun,” you breathe, “he’s ready.” I intend to reiterate my willingness, but I can only whimper as I feel you gently pulling my ass cheeks apart. At the same time, you begin to lie back, and I follow you. You spread your thighs apart, making room for him to approach us.
“Come on, Buck. Here, boy,” you encourage him. We both gasp as he cautiously considers our invitation, and replies with that hot, wet tongue on our genitals. I feel him slurping my swollen lips, and I welcome it all over again, but he gets a good taste of your balls and the base of your cock, both of them sticky with precum, pussy juice and our sweat. You curse softly, thoroughly enjoying this unexpected treat, and then call to him again, your fingers tapping on my ass cheeks lightly, showing him the way.
For a moment, I think that he might not respond to this, that he’s going to blow us off as a couple of idiotic human beings, and I almost expect to hear him walking out of the room.
One more time you call to him, and this time he rears up onto his hind legs. I keep still as you take his forelegs and slide them over my sides and waist, so neither of us are scratched by his nails. I can feel his furry chest on my butt, and him moving up, and I groan as I feel your hands on my hips, then my ass again, pulling my cheeks open.
“Oh, fuck,” I whisper against your shoulder. “I can feel him. Against me, there. I can feel his cock.”
“Are you all right?” I know you’d stop it if I change my mind.
“Yes, it’s fine.” Buck has been still, the narrow tip of his cock on my ass, as though he is suddenly confused. I lick my lips. “Come on, Buck,” I say to him, “come on, boy. You can do it.”
He waits, and then his hips lurch once, then twice. He begins to hump against us, both of us feeling his strong body surging. And suddenly, that red-hot tip penetrates me. A split second later, it seems, he leans on me heavily, and his entire cock, about as thick as your thumb, slides up into my ass.
As soon as Buck realizes that he has entered me, he starts up a quick fuck-humping. I writhe on top of you, finding it unexpectedly pleasurable, and you continue fucking my cunt, trying to match his strokes. They’re very fast, and I’m going crazy with both of you. We moan as we fuck, and Buck whimpers as he drives himself into me, with no intent at that moment to retreat. Each inward thrust seems wetter and deeper, and there is enough lotion and precum to remove any discomfort.
You lie back and shudder. “Oh, god,” you groan, “oh, god…he’s so far up into you, his balls are against mine.” I sob at that hot image, and I cry out again as Buck leans hard on my back. At the same time, I can feel his strokes come to a stop, as his cock begins to enlarge, deep in my ass. You can feel it well with your cock buried in me, and my asshole stings as I feel his knot forming. He has penetrated me so completely that the knot starts to swell inside of me, as it would in a bitch in heat. I bite my lip and try to relax, and your cock is pressured from above by his engorging member. Now he just lies against me, his body pushing only lightly as my body responds by milking both of you with my muscles.
The knot throbs against the base of your cock, swelling more. I am trembling, hoping to be able to endure this, and my tremors become spasms between my legs. I can feel my thighs tightening, the base of your cock hard on my clit. In spite of any pain there might be in my ass, everything feels so good, and I can’t deny it. Your cock throbs and heaves within me, deliberately, scorching my clit with the sensation. Oh, god, yes. I grab your arms, although there is no way I can fall off or away from you. My thighs tense and oh, yes….
“I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!” I squeal, my cunt gripping your erection and milking it ruthlessly. You gasp, and your hips heave, enough to send me and Buck upward, and a moment later, you shoot into me, hard and fast. Buck whines as you grunt and shoot your cum into me, and he pushes against us, unable to retreat, his own cock locked, imprisoned inside of me. Your semen is hot escort bursa in me, trapped by your surging cock, and only after what seems forever do you relax on the bed with me on top of you. Your cock softens slowly, within me, and because of our position, and our guest, even flaccid, it stays within me, soaking in our juices.
Now we calm down, letting Buck continue his prolonged fucking. For the moment, after his initial thrusting and tying in me, he is content to shift between his two feet, his cock plugging my ass entirely. You keep a hand on one of his forepaws so he doesn’t think of sliding off my back into a reverse tie, but he seems content to stay hunched over my back.
His cock, particularly his swollen knot, still comes close to being painful, but the swell of the cock has distracted me from the knot somewhat. The thickness for seven inches up my rectum is amazing, and now as I feel my breath and heartbeat returning to normal, I am surprised that it feels so good. I resettle myself on your torso, and I moan as Buck shifts above me.
“Everything ok?” you ask.
“Everything’s fine,” I smile.
“I’m glad. He’s fucking huge,” you comment.
“It seems like it.”
“I mean his knot. I’ve seen it.”
“How big?” I ask timidly.
“Just a little smaller than a racquet ball.” I swallow hard. “You’re going to be sore.” I nod, but I don’t want to think about that right now. I know that Buck’s copious precum is keeping me lubricated in back, allowing him to move against me without friction and pain. I experimentally clench my ass, and he gives almost a yip, cocking his head in such a way that makes you chuckle as you look at him over my shoulder.
“Come on, buddy. We don’t want you to be the odd man out. Everybody gets a piece of the action.”
You caress my sides and my ass, as best you can, as I start to clench and relax my pelvic muscles. You groan now, as this is causing a soft stroking action on your limp cock, and I feel you give a sudden spasm. You begin to slowly harden.
Meanwhile, Buck is responding with more half-yips as my ass plays with his doggie cock, brushing my rectum against it more forcefully, holding his member in place, tightening around the base of his knot. He plants his hind legs firmly on the floor, and I feel his rump thrusting, pushing himself to me, fucking me more in place, but hotly so. His cock sways in me, and you grunt as your expanding cock fills me and pushes against his. This increasing constriction makes Buck very agitated, and he humps my ass with a renewed interest. The knot drives up more and his cock is buried entirely, to the root–his short black fur tickles my asshole.
“Ohhhh, fuck,” I murmur, and you start thrusting against me. This drives Buck crazy, and he humps me hard, and even faster than when he first penetrated me. “Come on, boy…you can do it. Come on, boy.” We both realize that he doesn’t need any encouragement, that he knows exactly what he’s supposed to do, and he’s going to accomplish that. Humping, grunting, panting, repeating that, faster and faster. You grasp my ass and hold it still for him. He works it, panting and humping. Closer and closer. Your cock is erect again, and doing its nasty fuck, too. I am pinned between two hot, horny guys, and it’s heaven.
“Hold me tight,” I whisper to you. You do just that, pulling my ass cheeks apart, wide, completely accessible. Buck sinks against me, leaning hard. There is one hot hard thrust against my ass. I groan at the force. Another one. Another groan. With a long whine, Buck jams his crotch to mine, and I squeal–he’s cumming, as though his copious precum wasn’t enough to stimulate me. Nearly boiling jets of canine cum shoot into me. It goes on and on, and as he tapers off, physically relaxing over my back, I hear you murmur. I kiss your dry, gasping mouth.
“Can’t stop, baby,” you moan, and I feel my cunt receiving another load of your sweet cum. I revel in the range of sensations we are both experiencing, and I sigh as I finally feel Buck’s engorged cock flag. The knot softens and shrinks, and when he’s ready, he slides down and away from us. His cock is no wider than a finger now, and it slips out of my well-worked ass very easily. Your drained cock follows, and I feel my pussy oozing. I must be a mess. Instead of running for the bathroom, you and I roll to our sides and you have me continue rolling onto my back, my ass just off the edge of the mattress, as yours was.
“Maybe Buck will consider doing the honors.” You are so dirty! and I smile at you. With my legs spread wide and propping myself up on my elbows, Buck immediately walks between my legs and starts cleaning me with his warm tongue. I relax my deep muscles and let myself drain, and his licks and laps increase in enthusiasm as he accepts all of our mingled sex juices. I shiver lightly with sweet tingles on my clit and sigh with satisfaction as he finishes. He licks his chops and looks from me to you.
“Go on,” I encourage you. “He really is good.” You slowly agree, and although Buck has less to tidy, your eyes drift closed as you enjoy his actions. Only when he has seen to the pleasure of his masters does he retire to clean himself. What a great way to start the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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