The Call

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Public Sex

Nick was a very fortunate High School Senior; he was good looking well liked, very smart and athletic. He was also the envy of most of his friends for the one thing they didn’t and never would have – Nick was the kid with “cool parents.”

Anna and Nick Sr. were high school sweethearts, and before they both went to college Anna found herself pregnant with Nick Jr. This could have been a crushing blow to the guy named most likely to succeed and his prom queen girl friend, but they beat the odds. They got married (and stayed married), and with the help of both parents went to college, graduated and made themselves very good careers while raising their only child.

At 36 both Nick Sr. and Anna were set. Her job as an interior design consultant gave her plenty of free time to pick and choose not only when she worked, but also whom she worked with. Nick Sr. held the title of manufacturing engineer with a larger textile company, and was fast becoming the “go to” guy to handle crises in plants around the country, so he was often out for entire weeks setting things straight.

Nick Jr. was very thankful that his parents allowed him the autonomy to do his own thing. He was very responsible and he knew that keeping the 3.8 GPA wouldn’t hurt if the baseball or football scholarships didn’t work out. He worked at the local health club, so working out was a given along with unlimited tanning! (Well it was a perk!)

Anna also spent time at the club and she more than held her own against the “hotties” that hung around her son like moths at a light. The one girl that did hold Nick Jr.’s attention was Claire. Both had shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Claire was an inch taller at 5’6,” but not as long legged as Anna. Both possess very full and ample breasts, with Anna having a natural 36D (she liked to brag that they were original equipment) and Claire 36C.

Anna had the personality and ability to mingle with Nick’s friends both male and female, and hence he often heard the phrase “cool mom Nick.” She liked to hear the stories they told, be kept up to date on what was “in” and “out.” She wasn’t trying to live in her sons’ world just look inside and see what was going on. On more than one occasion one of Nick’s girlfriends would ask her advice on handling boy problems, they confided that they felt they could talk to her and get the scoop on what to do and not to do. Jr. used to take offense when his guy friends would make comments about his mom’s physical attributes, but he learned to appreciate that his parents took care of themselves, damn some of his friends’ folks could be part time sumo wrestlers!

On a lazy Tuesday afternoon Anna was upstairs on the computer working on a project when the phone rang, she wasn’t going to answer it first, but it could be Nick Sr. who was away on business in California. She wasn’t surprised when the voice at the other end of the line was her “never going to grow up” friend Lisa. Now Lisa wasn’t the shy or timid type, she was close to 30, single, good looking and a certified man-eater. Anna loved these calls since they usually involved the past sexual triumphs and tragedies of her dear friend.

While listening to Lisa rant and rave she decided to make use of her time and take a load of laundry downstairs. Wearing a denim work shirt with no buttons (this was due to a previous encounter with Nick Sr. after a long trip) and a thong, she cradled the phone in her shoulder as she lugged the basket down from the second to the first floor and down to the basement.

Anna was unaware that Jr. and Claire were in his basement bedroom attempting to release some pent up teenage energy. At the sound of her approaching footsteps they decided to rearrange themselves for the possibility of Anna looking in.

In one of those moments that could only happen to someone else, Anna was coming down the last flight of steps making the comment to Lisa, “So you let him fuck you up your ass?!, you are such a devious little slut.” And then bang! there she is directly in front of her son and girlfriend who without a doubt heard everything she said, and they themselves look more than guilty about something than she does. To add insult to injury, one of Anna’s breasts was totally exposed, and icing to the fiasco was that Anna’s natural gaze caught the sight of her son’s hard-on poking in his shorts.

“Lisa, gotta go” was all she could say as in one motion she dropped the basket and covered herself and clicked off the phone.

“Oh, hi mom!” Nick said trying to conceal himself, “Claire and I just stopped by to pick up some work out clothes before we head to the gym.” Claire nodded that in fact that was what they were doing, but seeing that her shirt was buttoned wrong confirmed what they were up to.

Anna tried to regain her composure and situation and said, “That’s fine kids, and I was just trying to catch up on house work.” As she moved the basket out of the way to let them by she leaned to Claire canlı bahis and whispered, “check you buttons.” Claire looked down and then back up in horror at Anna who gave her the best “you’ve just heard me talk dirty, seen my tit smile.”

As Anna stood there attempting to recall the episode (like after a car wreck) she heard Claire say going up the stairs, “Nick, I am so embarrassed, your mom knew what we were doing.” Well Anna thought at least she didn’t say, “boy your mom really knows how to use ‘fuck’ in a sentence.”

As she booted the basket into the laundry room she was aware of the odd sensation of seeing her son’s cock rigid in his shorts, the thought made her physically shake herself, what the hell was she thinking? As if in a temporary state of denial she refused to acknowledge the fact that seeing her son had made her pussy wet, it was just Lisa’s call and she went about sorting the clothes.

Jr. on the other hand couldn’t dismiss the fact that he landed the hat trick of things never let happen; be caught by your mom (almost) having sex, letting your mom see you with a hard on, and seeing your mom naked over age 6, the real kicker is he got them all in the same shot!

At the gym Claire vowed never to go back to Jr’s house, she even thought that Anna might call her mom to inform her about their afternoon rendezvous. Nick assured her that that wouldn’t be the case, and that his mom was the best. What he didn’t tell Claire was that seeing his mom’s breast had been a real turn on. He could never say a word to anyone, but after today he saw his mom as something sexual, and he felt terrible about it.

After his workout he decided to call home, when his mom answered it like nothing had happened, thank the stars! She told him that she needed to drop some things off at a contractor’s office then she was going to go to the gym. He told her that Claire and some friends were going out to eat and that he’d be home later. She reminded him to have his phone turned on for once and that she’d see him home later. Victory! He thought, now if could just get the images of his mom’s naked body from dancing in his head he’d be great.

When he got home it was pretty quite, he could hear the TV on upstairs, so he thought what the hell? Got to get past this somehow, so he went up stairs making more noise than usual and went towards his parent’s room. He found his mom in shorts and a t-shirt lying on the bed with a disgusted look on her face pointing the remote at the TV.

Anna said, “You know it’s a bad TV night when the only thing good on is the Newlywed Game on the game show network.”

Nick laughed and said, “Well you can always watch Sports Center?”

Anna laughed at that, because when Nick Sr. was home that was the last thing to watch before lights out. She said, “No, if I hear Stewart Scott say “Booyaaa” one more time I’ll hurl.”

He sat on the edge of the bed as she changed the channel to ESPN and they talked about their evenings. Jr. and his friends had gone to a pizza joint and then over to a friend’s house. Anna told him that her workout was good, but to reward herself she went to Pannera’s Bread’s and had a huge brownie, so all the hard work probably went for naught. Jr. then commented that he didn’t think so, and that he thought she looked great. He immediately regretted saying that since he still had the naked image in his head, and he was all to sure his mom could see it on his face. Anna blushed and said that she tried very hard to keep her form so his father and him wouldn’t be embarrassed to take her out in public. The both had a laugh, and then Nick feinting a yawn told his mom he was worn out and was going to bed. They blew each other a kiss and he padded downstairs thinking that at least it was the end of the day and nothing else strange could happen.

As Nick left the room Anna almost stopped him, she wanted to tell him it was “okay” what happened today, and that she hoped Claire would feel comfortable about coming back to the house. But in a flash he was bounding down the stairs.

Nick went down stairs washed up and decided to go to bed. It had been a long a very eventful day. As he lay there in bed his thoughts went back to his mom’s breast and the black panties. When he attempted to push that thought from his mind, the sound of his mom saying, “fuck” would ring in his ears. She had said it so – dirty, yes that was the only way he could describe it. With all these thoughts running in his head he felt his cock starting to grow. He had been ready to go this afternoon with Claire, but he had lost his urge, but now it had returned with a vengeance.

As Nick threw back the covers and peeled his boxers off he didn’t realize that Anna had found the courage to tell her son that it was fine if he and Claire had sex, that she and his father would trust him on protecting themselves from disease and unwanted pregnancy. She was rehearsing just how she was going to say it when she came into the bahis siteleri doorway to see her naked son stroking his now very hard cock.

Damn, she thought, she hadn’t made a “noise” to let him know she was coming, and in the broken darkness she just froze. She had put on her white robe over her shorts and T-shirt, so there was nowhere to hide.

At first Nick didn’t see her, she thought she had stood there 5 minutes when in reality she had watched him for less than 5 seconds. When he saw her he stopped in mid-stroke. He was busted! No covers within arms length, and his cock still in had.

He went to say something, hell anything, but nothing more than a gasp would come out. Before he could even finish that Anna put a finger to her mouth and said “Shhhhhhh.” Then like an out of body experience she moved to the bed, she stood over him and in a hushed low voice she said, “don’t say a word.”

With that she got on her knees and with one hand grabbed his cock and the other his balls. She moved his hand out of the way, as she looked up into his eyes. He was a carbon of her husband, just a younger version.

Nick looked in disbelief as he watched his still very hard cock disappear in his mom’s mouth!! She gently massaged his balls as she sucked him up and down in a easy rhythm. She then let his cock go as she moved her hand to her pussy. While she knew this was without a doubt the worst thing she had ever done, she wanted to cum so bad it made her ache.

Nick could tell from how his mom’s hips were moving that she had to be masturbating, and that just added fuel to the fire. He couldn’t believe this was happening, but he damn sure didn’t want it to stop. He could feel his balls tightening up and his cock getting harder. And he knew he was going to cum.

Anna knew it too, and she was close to cumming herself. She looked up at her son and said, “not yet, not until I cum.” All Nick could do was nod, her pace with her hand sped up, she was fingering herself, till she did the “magic trick” and she came with a force that she hadn’t experienced in quite a while.

After the wave had passed she renewed her efforts on Nick. She began to take him as deep as possible. His cock was about 7″ (not a big as Sr.) but it was so good. When she sped up the pace Jr. started to move his hips and for the first time moan. He looked down at his mom and in his face was a look of concern. Anna looked at him and told him, “It’s okay, I want you to cum, I want you to shoot all of your cum in my mouth.” It was a husky sexy voice, not like his mom at all Nick thought, he simply nodded again.

This time there was no turning back, as she took her hand and started to stroke him with his head in her mouth. She looked up and said, “give it to me, I want to swallow all that hot cum of yours, I want it now.” He couldn’t hold back any longer, he exploded in his mom’s mouth, she didn’t waiver a bit. She continued to milk his cock into her mouth, not a drop was lost.

Just as he was starting to come back to Earth the phone rang. Anna had the cordless in the pocket of her robe; she still sucked him down as it rang twice more. Finally she released his cock and answered in the same husky voice, “hello?”

On the other line Nick Sr. asked what had taken her so long to answer?, was she already in bed asleep? Anna told him as she looked down at Nick Jr. that she was getting a late night drink before she went to bed. She then covered Jr. up as she plopped down in his futon chair across from his bed. He turned on his side and looked at her in the dim light as he eased off to sleep out of exhaustion.

Nick Sr. apologized for calling late, but it was the “left coast” and that these business dinners always run long. He had had a good day and was fired up. He asked her if she was going to bed was she wearing something sexy? With the taste of her sons cum still in her mouth she lied and said that it had been a long day and that she would make it up to him tomorrow night. Nick Sr. knew that pressing his wife for phone sex when she wasn’t in the mood would be a bad call. Anna told him to rent a dirty movie in the room. He told her they never show the good parts, plus if all he had to do were wait till tomorrow that would be reason enough to be a good boy tonight.

Anna told Nick Sr. to call about the same time tomorrow and that she’d really make up for being a stick in the mud tonight.

When Nick woke up he was surprised that first it was morning and that Claire was sitting in the futon chair that he had last remember was occupied by his mom the night before.

“About time sleepy head” she said as he gathered himself together. Nick looked at her; she was wearing running shorts, and a sport bra/running top. She looked great and the look on her face told Nick she was up to no good. “I thought you were never going to come back over here?” said Nick as he propped up a pillow behind his head. Claire took a sip of water from a bottle and said; bahis şirketleri “Well I decided during my run that I can’t avoid your mom forever, and that it is healthy to tackle your fears. So I came by this morning and talked to your mom.” Now she had Nick’s full attention. Trying not to look like someone who had just been blown by his mom the night before, Nick asked what was said.

Claire sat back in the chair and started, “Well your mom and I had a laugh over what happened yesterday, she told me that she didn’t usually run around half naked. I then apologized for us down here fooling around. She told me it was “okay” that she trusted us, and she knows that what ever we do it will be thought out, not just out the heat of the moment.”

“I see” was all Nick could muster before Claire continued, “She said that she told you the same thing last night before your dad called.”

Now Nick felt a lump in his throat and a stir in his cock as his thoughts went back to the image of his mom sucking him off.

“So that’s all she had to say?” Nick said as he put his hands behind his head and stretched. “No,” Claire said with a wicked little grin. “She told me to come down here and give you a “good morning wake up.” Nick had a puzzled look on his face as Claire stood up and peeled off her top and shorts. Nick asked what did that mean? Claire said she asked the same question and his mom’s response was “go down and fuck his brains out.”

Now the stir in Nick’s cock was a full-fledged throb as his hot little girl friend walked to his bed with nothing but socks on. She stopped next to him, she looked down at her pussy, with one hand spreading her lips open as the other gently stoked the small tuft of hair on her mound. “I was so horny yesterday, so last night I shaved and fingered myself, then you know how a good run gets my pussy dripping, then talking to your mom and the way she said “fuck,” right now I’m about to explode, I want you to make me cum baby.”

Nick didn’t waste any time, he loved it when Claire talked dirty, she was so sweet and innocent 99% of the time, but get her motor running and that 1%, and she would put most phone sex operators to shame. He tossed the covers aside and went to his knees grabbing Claire’s hips and pulling them to his face. “Oh, my, you were naked!” Claire said as she put one of legs on the bed to give him a better view of her freshly shaved box.

“That surprises you?” Nick said looking up at her. Claire looking down said, “No, but if I’d had known that, I would have sucked that big cock while you were asleep.” Nick smiled as he spread her lips with his fingers and gently kissed her soaked pussy. Claire moaned and threw her head back as Nick started to lick her from back to front like a lollypop, stopping at her clit to give it special attention. Claire’s hand moved up her stomach to her breasts where she started to caress them and then pinch her nipples.

As he worked is tongue now in and out of her, Claire was starting to really heat up. She was moving her hips into Nick’s face when he shoved it in her. She bit her lower lip and told him, “That’s it baby stick your tongue in that hot hole, fuck my sloppy cunt with your tongue, oh, yeah I want to cum all over your face.”

Nick just looked up and nodded as she pulled and pinched her nipples with an increased vigor. Her breathing was more rapid, and he knew she was getting close. He didn’t even break stride as he grabbed her ass cheeks with his hands, and with one moving it to her pussy from behind he inserted his middle finger. He worked it in slowly as he continued his assault on her clit.

Then he moved the now pussy juice covered finger back to her ass. Claire was getting ever closer. As Nick moved the tip of his finger against Claire’s asshole, he knew she was about to blow. “Oh, yes baby you know what I want don’t you? Shove that finger up my ass as hard as you can when I cum, make me scream baby.” Nick nodded and gave a couple of last thrusts before Claire howled and said “Now!.” Nick who had been working his finger in her pushed it up as far as it would go as Claire’s orgasm shot through her. She grabbed his head and shoulders to steady herself as Nick finished her off by licking her up and down and wiggling his inserted finger in her. She shuddered several times before she regained her bearings.

She smiled at Nick and told him that was just what she needed to start out with, but what she really wanted was to suck his cock and get her pussy filled with cum.

They switched positions as Nick stood up and Claire dropped to her knees and began to suck him unlike any time in recent memory, she couldn’t get enough. As he looked down at her, he couldn’t help but think about last night and his mom doing the same thing. But then he realized that it was different, Claire was great at giving head and loved to swallow, even though she couldn’t always get it all. His mom on the other hand was a real “pro” the way she had taken him was smooth and experienced, and she had had no problem taking every drop of his load.

As he was in this thought Claire looked up and told him that she couldn’t wait any longer, she wanted his cock in her.

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