The Cam-Show

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Chapter 1

Daisy sat at her computer chatting with a few of her subscribers. She was really having fun showing off her current full-banded smile. It was still early in her cam-show and more people were signing in. A discussion started about what they would like to see in her treatment if they could have anything they wanted.

Daisy had placed a couple of chairs from her doll-house beside her keyboard so that Elida and Sebille, better known as the Dark Fairy, could join her for the chat. Even though the fairies were invisible to all the subscribers and Daisy, they were still able to join the chat using their tablets. As the chat progressed, Sebby saw that the suggestions started to include options that extended to more than just Daisy’s braces.

For the chat tonight, Daisy had chosen to wear a school-girl uniform and had her hair in pigtails so that she could wear her studded-leather highpull headgear with her face-bow. She had positioned a second camera to the side so that her subscribers could see her complete outfit from the side in one picture and a closeup of her head in the second one. She had paired the headgear with a pair of leather thigh-high boots, with a two-inch platform and six-inch heel, that disappeared under the hem of her knee-length skirt. What her subscribers couldn’t see was that she was wearing a red leather corset that pushed up her breasts and left her nipples exposed, paired with red latex stockings that extended above her leather boots.

Sebby had shown up early and had seen Daisy getting ready for her cam-show, which included having a bath and shaving off the last of the hair between her legs. For Sebby, this was a new experience because she had grown up well before the modern practice of shaving that much off had started. Sebby was even more intrigued when Daisy chose not to wear anything else underneath the skirt of her school-girl uniform

The difference between the innocence of her school-girl outfit and the dominatrix look of the leather accessories was bringing up some rather risque suggestions for what they would like to see her wear.

While Sebby had been warned that she wasn’t allowed to do any braces magic, that didn’t prevent her from making a few suggestions of her own. When Daisy saw who was making the suggestions and what they were, she looked over at the chairs and a devious smile crossed her face. “I wish it were possible to fulfill some of my subscriber’s wishes in a private show.”

Chapter 2

A wish had just been made, with both of them present, and it had been directed at them. There was no way that they could ignore it, and for Sebby it presented a problem. She had to have another fairy supervise any magic that she did. Fortunately, Elida was sitting right beside her and could do that.

There was a lot of room in the wish for her to be able to fulfill it. She didn’t have to use magic for part of it. She picked up her tablet and typed in, “I bid 10 euros to see her walk in her boots, then bend over and touch her toes without bending her knees.” The back of her skirt would be pulled up fairly high and stretched tight over her ass, showing the straps attached to her stockings. It was a very tame request, but it wasn’t meant to be the winning bid. It started a bidding war, with each bid getting higher and more elaborate.

She was only just starting to fulfill the wish. To make things more interesting, she started adjusting Daisy’s chair by raising the seat slightly so that more of the boots was visible and the heels were barely touching the floor. She followed that by inflating the lumbar support on the seatback so that Daisy’s chest was pushed forward and reclined the chair slightly so that the camera would capture her breasts from lower down. To complete this part of her setup, she altered the angle of the fan so that the breeze was blowing at Daisy’s chest and waited for her nipples to respond. It didn’t take long before they began to get hard and show through the material stretched tighter across her chest by her altered position.

Sebby received a puzzled look from Elida when she returned to her chair, but because she hadn’t used magic, nothing was said. She took the time to scroll up and read the bids that had come in while she was adjusting Daisy’s chair, amused at the creativity of some of them. The descriptions of some of the braces configurations also got her a little worked up. She moved her left hand to her lap and placed her tablet on top of it. The tablet conveniently hid what was happening beneath it, though there wasn’t much to see…. Yet.

The first part of her plan to satisfy Daisy’s wish was working nicely, but she didn’t know what she was going to do about completing it. She did know that she would need Elida’s help. A new bid came in, this one from an address that she recognized. She glanced at Elida and saw her blushing.

A bit of an idea formed and she found a picture of Elida on her tablet. Reading about the braces configurations was okay. Seeing them would be better. She’d been experimenting with some photo manipulation programs and had some success with using the new escort izmir technology, but she knew that there were much better ways to get the result she wanted using some “old” magic. She used the fingers of her right hand to open a bubble and ‘imported’ Elida’s picture into it, then created a 3D version. The next part was still technically not ‘braces magic’. She began to add some of the braces configurations onto the 3D model of Elida. Partway through doing the first configuration, she turned her left hand over so that it was resting palm down on her skirt and began flexing her fingers.

Elida hadn’t looked in her direction after putting in the bid and she felt safe enough touching herself, with her hand hidden. When she was satisfied with how the configuration looked, she ‘exported’ it to her tablet and started on the next one. Her magic worked faster than the people submitting bids and she soon caught up to what had been posted. She opened a second bubble and put the configuration that Elida had submitted into it, then began to make alterations to it. The alterations weren’t to the braces, they were to who they were on. She used her own face and body.

The braces looked good, but the rest of her outfit didn’t seem to go with it. She zoomed in on her face and took a good look at it as it slowly rotated in the bubble. The fingers of her left hand pressed more firmly between her legs, though she couldn’t quite reach far enough to ease the growing itch with her legs together and the tablet on her lap. She zoomed out until her body was showing in the picture again, then altered it to show her sitting in a chair. As she looked at it, she realized what was wrong. Her outfit was too old-fashioned to suit the braces.

She looked at how Daisy was dressed and changed the image in the bubble to show a school-girl outfit. It was better, but the skirt was too long on her shorter body. A couple of wiggles of her left hand and the skirt shortened. She knew that Daisy had latex stockings on her legs and added them to the image, again using the fingers on her left hand. That looked better, but there was something that just didn’t ‘feel’ right. She changed the colour of the headgear to match her skirt and changed the stockings to a softer colour that didn’t clash with her skirt.

It looked better, but there was still something that didn’t ‘feel’ right. She looked at Daisy again and noticed that parts of her corset could be seen pressing against her outfit. That was what she needed to alter. A couple of wiggles of her left hand and the image changed. The posture of the image changed subtly, the chest moving up slightly and the breasts projecting more, just like Daisy’s had when the chair had been adjusted. She ‘felt’ much better with how the image looked, though she wasn’t completely satisfied. It still looked stiff and posed, rather than natural like Daisy was sitting. She wiggled the fingers of her left hand again, and the legs on the image spread a little. As the image rotated so that it was facing her, she noticed that she could see the top of the stockings. There was one other difference, though she only knew of it because she had watched Daisy get dressed. A few more wiggles of her left hand and the panties on the image disappeared. There was still one difference between her image and Daisy, but she wouldn’t be able to remove the hair showing between the legs of her image. That could only be done if she shaved her pussy first. Some things even magic couldn’t do. She had been so distracted by what she had been doing to make the image ‘feel’ right that she hadn’t been paying attention to Elida.

That changed when she heard a gasp come from the chair next to her, followed by a giggle, then a laugh. “What do you think you’re doing, young lady? I didn’t give you permission to use ‘braces magic’, though I must say that technically, you haven’t violated the terms of your probation.”

Sebille turned to Elida and asked, “What do you mean? I only used the configuration from the bid that you posted, on the image. The outfit isn’t that different from what Daisy is wearing right now.”

Elida laughed and said, “Hold still while I take a picture. Sparkle won’t believe me unless I have proof.” It turned out that it was more than just one picture, it was a series of them from many different angles.

When Elida finally sat down, she tapped her tablet a few times and a message appeared on Sebille’s screen saying, “Look at these,” along with a file. When she opened the file, it was all the pictures that Elida had just taken.

As she got ready to go through the pictures, Elida asked her, “Which hand did you use while you were making the changes to the image in the bubble? Think carefully.”

As soon as Sebille looked at the first picture, she realized what had happened. She also understood why the image ‘felt’ more comfortable as she made changes. The image in the bubble had been mirroring what she had been doing to herself, including the full-bands, face-bow and studded-leather high-pull headgear. As she reached the last few pictures, she realized that the image was accurate to the last escort izmir detail. It displayed her lack of panties and that her bush was visible. Because her pussy hair was a lighter shade than the hair on her head, her pussy lips were visible as well.

“I used my right hand to create the bubble and import the image. Something didn’t ‘feel’ right, so I started to make changes until it ‘felt’ better.” Sebille paused as she thought, then blushed. “I started making changes using my left hand. I didn’t mean to actually do all this, but the more I moved the fingers of my left hand, the better I felt.” Sebille moved her hands to her face. “Though I have to admit, this does feel nice. And judging by the pictures, it looks rather nice too.”

Chapter 3

Elida had to agree. Just like the rest of the fairies she worked with, she felt that the sparkly bands on the braces Sebille had given herself looked very nice. The face-bow added even more sparkle, and the studs in the headgear complemented the rest of the metal nicely. “As much as I like the look, I think that it would be better if you removed them. If you leave here wearing braces, I might have a hard time arguing the technicality of you not giving someone braces by using ‘braces magic’.”

Sebille took one more look at the pictures of her wearing the braces, then waved her right hand in the air. Nothing happened. She tried waving both hands, then just her left. When she used just her left, she felt a little tingle, but not where she expected. She tried again and the tingle got a bit stronger, this time causing her to close her legs. She put her hand on her lap and tried a third time, wiggling her fingers instead of waving them, and couldn’t suppress the moan that escaped from her mouth. It didn’t help that her fingers were right above her pussy when she wiggled them. She looked at Elida, who was watching her, and said, “I think I have a problem. The braces don’t seem to be coming loose, and I don’t think that I should keep wiggling my fingers.”

Elida was blushing again, though this time it was because of what she had seen Sebille doing. “I think you’re right. I can justify having you wear the braces for a little longer. It would be better if I waited until we had a chance to consult with Sparkle before we do anything else.”

She looked at Daisy, who was still busy chatting with her fans online. The bids had gotten higher and the requests had begun to get quite extreme. “We still have a wish to fulfill and it looks as if we might have to intervene before it gets out of hand. The next time she blinks, let’s do a fairy-time spell and then put her to sleep. We need to talk to her and advise her that we can only do so much to satisfy her wish with just the two of us here. We can also suggest which requests we like the most. If we time it right, it will just look as if she did a long blink.”

Sebille had heard about what the crew had done to correct the damage she had caused when she had been ‘The Dark Fairy’, and looked forward to experiencing it for herself. She nodded and said, “I’ve never done one, so you’ll have to coach me as we go.”

Elida nodded, then watched for Daisy to blink. A wave of her hand later and ‘fairy-time’ started. She left Daisy facing the screen to reduce the risk of anyone noticing the effects of ‘fairy-time’ and waved their chairs in front of Daisy.

Daisy blinked a few times and smiled at Elida. “Hello, Elida, it’s nice to see you again. And who is this remarkably similar-looking person with you? If I didn’t know better, I would think that she was a copy of me. I see a few minor differences though.”

Before Elida could reply, Sebille introduced herself. “My name is Princess Sebille. I think I should apologize to you for what I did to you. I wasn’t quite myself when I messed up your teeth and gave you those braces.”

Daisy’s smile got bigger and she said, “You actually did me a favour. I had been playing around with fake braces for a while and getting to have the real thing was much more pleasurable. Even having my jaws wired together was fun for a while, though that wore off pretty fast.” Sebille smiled a little bigger as Daisy continued. “I worked out a deal so that I could keep them for a while longer. I accept your apology, though it isn’t needed.” She blinked again and looked closer at Sebille’s braces. “How did you end up with braces? I didn’t think that fairies could get braces? I think you’re only the second one that I’ve seen with them, though I must admit that I haven’t seen very many fairies. By the way, I think you look very sexy dressed that way, especially with the braces to complete the look. I do have one suggestion though, you might want to be careful to keep your legs together if you wear a skirt that short.”

Sebille blushed when she realized that she had her legs spread a little. It was a good thing that the tablet was still in her lap, otherwise Daisy would have seen her fingers moving between her legs. The itch kept getting stronger and she really wanted to take care of it. She also had a few questions that she wanted to ask Daisy, but was too polite to ask them.

Elida spoke up and said, “We don’t have much time, so we’ll have to answer your questions later. You wished for a chance to do a private cam-show for one of your fans. With just the two of us here, we are limited in what we can do, so we have a couple of suggestions on which ones to pick.”

The three of them scrolled through the bids together, laughing at some of the unrealistic requests before deciding on one. While Daisy informed the lucky winner of their winning bid, Sebille went through her closet and dresser, picking out the clothes for Daisy to change into. Elida’s job was a little more complicated. She had to create a removable device to fit over the braces already in Daisy’s mouth to give her even more visible metal and a lisp.

The winning bidder had asked if it was okay if he shared his private show with the rest of the subscribers, so Daisy cut her show short and told them all that she would be back in one hour, so that they could all log back in.

Sebille had found everything that Daisy would need to change into, so it didn’t take her the full hour to get ready. While Sebille had been going through Daisy’s dresser, she had found a few things that she wasn’t sure what they were used for. Elida had looked at Sebille a few times as Daisy was changing and finally asked how she had known so much about what Daisy had been wearing. Or rather, not wearing. Sebille blushed as she explained about arriving early and watching Daisy get ready.

Whenever they weren’t talking, Sebille ran her tongue over the metal in her mouth. Several times, when Elida wasn’t looking, she quickly rubbed her fingers over the front of her skirt, trying to ease the itch that wouldn’t go away. Just before it was time for the second cam-show, Daisy did a final check to make sure that everything was ready.

That is when Sebille found out what the soft ball with the tail was for. Daisy took it out of her drawer, pulled up her skirt and moved her panties to the side, and then spread her legs so that she could slip it into her shaved pussy. It involved a little bit of effort to get it inside because of the shape, but it was evident that she was enjoying it. By the time Daisy sat down for the cam-show, both of the fairies were blushing and glad that they couldn’t be seen.

As soon as Daisy started the cam-show, the comments started. They were all respectful, though adult in content. Finally Daisy said, “Okay fans, let’s make some noise,” and a bell dinged from her speaker. Daisy kept talking to her fans, though a few moans crept in as the bell dinged more frequently. Sebille could also hear a faint humming that got louder as the frequency of the bell increased. As the smile on Daisy’s face got bigger, showing more of the metal in her mouth, she spent more time moaning and less time talking, until finally she stopped talking altogether.

Sebille had been so focused on what Daisy had been doing that she hadn’t seen Elida slip away. It was fortunate that she was the only fairy there, because her fingers had been busy in her lap. When she saw that Elida wasn’t around, she did something that she had wanted to do for quite a while, she pulled up her skirt and started to rub where the itch was. It helped somewhat, but there was still something missing. Or rather too much of something. She hoped that Daisy wouldn’t mind if she used her tub. She needed to feel what it was like to have a shaved pussy.

She didn’t want to remove her left hand from between her legs, and she was too distracted to use her right hand to form a spell to get her to the bathroom, so she slid off her chair and floated to the ground. (Fairies float, they don’t fall.) The only time that her left hand moved from between her legs was when she removed her clothes to get into the tub. Another one of her questions was answered when she finished removing the last of the hair from between her legs. She now knew just how pleasant it was to have a smooth pussy. But the itch just wouldn’t go away. There was still something missing.

Chapter 4

She took her time putting her clothes back on. The corset felt nice as her body shifted to match its shape, especially how her nipples felt as they poked out above the cups. She’d worn them almost all her life, but the modern materials felt so much nicer than her old corsets. The latex stockings were nice too, though a bit warmer than she was used to, and being able to fasten them securely to her corset was convenient. It was better than using a ribbon to tie them around her legs.

She took a look in the mirror before she attached her highpull strap. All the metal in her mouth really did look good, and the school-girl outfit went well with it. Even though she was the oldest fairy currently alive, having been asleep for so long still meant that she was still younger than most of the fairies she worked with. The braces made her look even younger. To make herself look older, she created a new pair of high-heeled shoes similar to the ones Daisy had been wearing earlier. While they made walking a bit more of a challenge, she found that if she walked with one foot in front of the other, rather than a hips-width apart like she normally did, she was fine. Her posture was better, and she found that it felt regal somehow.

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