The Cave

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The Cave is an underground club like no other. To start with it’s underground, literally. It’s built in an abandoned mine in the middle of nowhere USA and entrance is by invitation only. You have to know someone in order to get in. Good thing for you my brother works the door.

You’re dressed to the nines in a sleek black cocktail dress that showcases your dainty figure and sets off your exquisite curly red hair and crystal blue eyes. You are dressed to kill. Before we get out of the car I warn you once more, “remember, be on your best behavior. It took a lot to get us in and these people don’t appreciate rude behavior from anyone.

“I know, I know, you already told me about a million times. Don’t worry, I’ll be a good girl”

We walk through the entry grotto to the elevator and get in. It descends for what seems an eternity but finally touches bottom. As the doors open we see an architectural marvel. The entire mine has been hollowed out into one vast well lit room its high ceiling supported by huge Doric columns ornately carved from the living rock. The floors are stone polished to a mirror finish and all around are huge palm trees and waterfalls. Colorful exotic birds fly over head and around the “beautiful people” actors, musicians, models and famous film directors mill about in relaxed splendor, enjoying themselves. Directly in front of us is a stage that would put any public venue to shame. To the left is a huge dance floor and to the right is what you came here for, the gaming tables.

You stop to take it all in and a mischievous little smile touches your sexy lips. “I think I’m really gonna like this” you say as you hurry towards the gaming area. Straight as an arrow you head for the Black jack table and dive right in.

“Remember”, I remind you, “we only have $10,000.00 worth of chips so, let’s make it last.”

“No problem” you distractedly reply.

Within an hour you’ve amassed a small fortune of $20,000.00. That’s when you decide to move on to bigger and better things.

“Come on, let’s go play some other games.”

You head over to the craps table and your lucky streak continues. 30, 35, $40,000.00 you just keep winning and the crowd loves you. All except the tall muscular black woman who’s standing next to you. Her date has been betting on you and winning like crazy. The more you win the more he pays attention to you and ignores her. As the game progresses the waiters keep the drinks flowing. You’re really in the zone now and more than a little tipsy. You deceide to let it all ride on one throw and ask your betting pal to “blow on my dice for luck handsome.” As he bends down to blow into your hand his hand comes to rest on your ass. You giggle and as you toss the dice the black woman accidentally bumps you on purpose. SNAKE EYES! You loose EVERYTHING!

Now you’re really pissed off. You turn to her and say “What the fuck did you do that for, bitch?”

She just stares daggers at you, and her date suddenly finds he has to leave. I try to grab your arm and lead you away before things get ugly but you slap my hand away. “What the hell are you, a man or a woman?” you say. Well, what fuck do you have to say for yourself bitch?” She just nods and two burly security guards pick you up and haul you away.

I follow as they take you up to the stage area. The black woman follows us and as you are hauled onto the left side of the stage she takes the mike from the performer and begins to speak.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please.” The room falls silent and she continues. ” As you all know I try my best to provide you with a place where you can enjoy yourselves. A place where you can let your hair down and do what you please without anybody interfering with your enjoyment. All I ask is that you be civil to each other and follow a few simple rules. Is that asking too much?”

“No” the crowd replies as one.

“Tonight someone has violated these simple, courteous rules. She has personally insulted me and addressed me in a most foul and vulgar manner and I fully intend to see justice done.”

She beckons to the left and as the security guards bring you on stage an intense spotlight blinds you. Suddenly you realize you’re in deep trouble. Instantly you sober up and you decide you better start paying very careful attention to what is being said.

Just as she is about to speak I get her attention. As she covers the mike with her hand and leans toward me I plead your case.

“Please” I say, “she didn’t know who you were. This is her first time here, can’t you just let her go with a warning or something? I promise I’ll just take her home and we’ll never come back.”

“Ignorance of the rules is no excuse and she must be taught a lesson.” she replies. “However, as this is her first visit I’m willing to give her a fighting chance.”

She turns away and once more addresses the crowd. “I have just been informed that this is the first time that this rude young lady has visited our establishment. It seems that she might not be fully acquainted with the rules of the house. Therefore, I going to make an exception for her.” The audience is so quiet çankaya escort you could hear the proverbial pin drop. “Seeing as this is a gambling establishment I’m not only going to giver her a chance to escape her fate, I’m going to give her a chance to win back all of the money she lost at the craps table.”

Your expression says it all as you hang on her every word. She turns and addresses both you and the crowd. “Here is the challenge I offer. Do you see the stage door behind me? All you have to do is get past me and through that door. If you can make it your losses this evening will be restored to you in full and you will be free to go.”

“And if I don’t?” you ask. “What happens then?”

“If you can’t make it past me I will take from you everything you have. Even your name.” She replies. “You have one minute to answer.”

You look at her critically for the first time. She is very muscular and tall, almost six feet, but she looks as though she might be somewhat less agile than you.

“What if I refuse the challenge?” you inquire.

“Then I’ll take everything anyway. So, as you can see you really have no choice.”

“How about I just call the cops” you snarl back as you pull out your cell phone.

She pulls out her own cell phone and hands it to you. “The Chief of Police is on speed dial one” she replies. You decide to call her bluff and push the button. Immediately a cellphone rings at the table front row center. A handsome forty-something woman smiles up at you then pulls out her phone and answers: “Chief of Police Myers. How may I help you?”

“As I said, you have no choice in this matter.”

You look at her and you think, well, she’s a hell of a lot bigger and stronger than me but, she looks kind of heavy and ponderous. I’ve been working out, I’ve been running, biking and playing a lot of soccer. I’m in great shape, I’m small but, I’m also very fast and agile. The stage is pretty wide so all I really have to do is feint left or right and she’ll be too slow to catch me. Even if she can turn fast enough I can still duck under her reach and get by her pretty easily.

As you plan your strategy she once again turns and addresses the crowd. “This rude little child had the nerve to tell me to my face that I look like a man.” As she speaks she reaches up and unfastens the broaches that crown the shoulder straps of her gown. With an almost silent whisper the silk dress slides from her body and puddles on the floor around her feet. As she stands there in the spotlight completely naked she addresses the audience, “I ask you my friends, does this look like the body of a man?”

The crowd yells “No!”

She is like a statue carved from the purest onyx. A black Athena, lithe and powerful. Your only thought is “I am so fucked.” She steps from the gown with a powerful, liquid grace, removes her shoes and signals the security guards to take you once again to the left side of the stage.

“Shall we begin?” she quires.

Ten yards away you kick off your heels and slowly begin to move forward weaving from left to right. Her eyes are locked upon you with predatory intent as you begin to close the distance between you As you close to 10 feet you put on a sudden burst of speed and charge to her left side. She quickly pivots to meet your charge but at the last possible moment you dodge to her right and sail past her.

“That was so easy” you think as you set your sights on the stage door.

Suddenly your forward momentum is halted and your feet shoot out in front of you. Before you can even think “what the hell?” you are spun around and flung back the way you came. The hand that has grabbed your dress from behind doesn’t let go however and you hear the sound of fabric rending and buttons popping before you hit the ground. You tuck and roll as you land and in an instant you are on your feet again.

“Loose something my pet?” she mockingly asks as she holds up what’s left of your expensive cocktail dress.

The crowd applauds wildly as you look down and come to the realization that you are on stage in front of dozens of people wearing only your strapless bra and panties.

Now you are really pissed. You take off at her with speed you didn’t know you had. At the last moment you seem to dodge to her left but it’s a feint, instead you dive straight at her and attempt to pass between her legs. She twists her body just enough to trap you between her knees then reaches down and seizes you by the back of your bra. The material holds out for a few seconds but she is just too strong and the bra is ripped from your body.

She hauls you to your feet and shoves you back.

“Care to try again my pet?” she taunts.

Cold fear settles in your gut as you realize that your strategy just isn’t working. She stands there twirling your bra around, a broad grin on her beautiful face. You charge her again but this time straight at her. Too late she discerns your plan. before she can parry or dodge your fist strikes her square in the jaw. She staggers and you spin away but as you are making your move toward the stage door she whips around and hooks cebeci escort her hand into the waist band of your panties. Once again you are spun round and tossed back to where you started this time totally naked.

She spits out blood and points at you. “You are going to pay for that you little brat” she threatens.” This time, you believe her. You stand on the stage and look down at your nakedness.

“How did this happen?” you ask your self in stunned silence.

As your gaze returns to Her she laughs softly. It’s the deep panting laugh of a she wolf, a true predator. She brings your rent panties to her nose and inhales deeply. “Do I smell fear little one?” she smilingly inquires. She turns to the security guards and says “this little one is no compitition for me”. Then she dismisses you with a gesture of her hand and orders them to “take this weak child topside and toss her out just as she is.” Her gaze bores into you and your anger flares. You stand as tall as your petite frame will allow and meet her gaze staring back defiantly.

“I see I was wrong, you are not yet ready to acknowledge defeat.” she intones softly. “Would you care for another chance my pet?”

“Fuck off” you reply.

“In honor of your courage I was going to let you off easily but, as you wish.”

“It is quite apparent from your demeanor and your coarse speech that you have learned nothing from your little experience on this stage. So, we will continue your lesson in humility.”

“Here is the final wager. The task remains the same. You must simply get past me and through that door. If you are able to do so I will acknowledge that you are the better woman and allow you to go on your merry was with the Cave’s entire proceeds for the night. That should be in the neighborhood of $500,000.00 but, as I’ve raised the stakes so, you too must up the ante. If you loose, for a period of one year you will become the exclusive property of The Cave to do with as I see fit. If you refuse the wager you will be taken to the nearest city and dropped off on skid row as you are.”

Half a million dollars! It takes you all of ten seconds to decide. “I accept your wager, be prepared to grovel and pay up Bitch.”

She turns to the control booth and nods. Instantly the curtain at the back of the stage rises and a huge television screen is revealed.

“What the fuck is that for?” You ask.

“Well my dear, we wouldn’t want our customers to miss anything would we?” As she speaks the the screen comes alive and you see yourself projected twenty feet tall.

“Ah” she sighs proudly. “What beautiful resolution! I’m told the webcast is even better”

“What!!!” you scream.

“The webcast my dear. Just think about it, right now you’re on pay per view all around the world. We’re bigger than the Super Bowl” she says conspiratorially. “You’re famous!”

You cover your breasts and pubic area with your hands and try to look even smaller than you are. Suddenly you wish you had not accepted Her final wager.

“Enough fun she announces. “It’s time to play.”

“No, no, I don’t want to do this any more” you say.

She turns to the Police Chief’s table and nods a question to the man sitting at the Chief’s side. He stands and speaks. “What is your name child?” he asks in a friendly avuncular manor.

“Jujou” you quietly reply.

“Well Jujou, I am Judge Randall. Please, let me explain to you what’s happening here. You have accepted our hostess’ wager and in doing so you have entered into a legally binding contract. If you refuse to honor said contract you will forfeit and be held to the stipulations of that contract.

“What does that mean?” you ask.

“It means my dear that you have no choice you either take a chance and continue with the challenge or give up and suffer the consequences as though you’ve lost.”

Chief Myers stands and addresses you with a wolfish grin. “In the event that you should decide break this contract I will have no choice but to enforce stipulations of the contract immediately. As you have already been told many times tonight, you have no choice. So, I suggest you give your best effort and get on with it.”

You simply stare back at them dumbfounded. Someone is speaking to you. It is Her. “If you don’t start moving in five seconds I will assume that you are forfeiting the wager. MOVE!

Her shout snaps you out of it and you regain some of your composure. You attempt to concentrate on the task before you but suddenly everything seems so, so… unreal. You shake your head and try to focus. She turns to the audience puts her hands palms up and shrugs a smiling question. While Her attention is diverted you dart forward putting everything you have into this final sprint. Never have you run so fast! Just when you think you’re going to make it she turns with the speed of a cheetah and grabs your beautiful flowing red hair. Next thing you know you are sitting naked on the stage, Her hand wrapped in your hair. Slowly you come to the realization that she has been toying with you. You never even had a chance. You have nothing left, you are conquered, absolutely defeated.

She çubuk escort bends over and puts Her face in yours. “I told you you’d pay. Now I own you slave” She whispers.

She drags you forward to your hands and knees and you obey without question. Once again she addresses the audience: “Thank you all for coming tonight I trust the evening was enjoyable and the entertainment adequate. Regrettably, once again it is time to bid you all a fond goodnight. Please join us again tomorrow for another night of fun and games.

As the crowd turns to leave she calls out “Please Chief Myers, If you and your distinguished party will join me in the high stakes lounge I’m sure we can find some other amusements to while away the remainder of the night.” As they rise and approach the stage she moves forward, her hand still enmeshed in your hair. You automatically begin to rise and follow but she turns and roughly shoves you back down.

“Dogs walk on all fours she says sternly “and so will you. At all times.”

She continues forward and you are forced to follow behind on your hands and knees.

The two of you pass through a tall hallway followed by the Chief and her dozen or so table companions. The hall seems to go on forever with many twists, turns and intersections. It might as well be a giant maze and you realize that you will never be able to retrace your “steps” without Her assistance. At last you come to an opulently appointed room filled with rich furniture and rife with expensive works of art. “This is where She lives” you think, “The Sanctum Sanctorium, the Omphalos of the entire operation.” Your scalp is getting incredibly sore but She continues to pull you forward through the Great Room towards a small innocuous looking door. Your first thought as She reaches for the knob is that She is going to lock you in a closet but that thought is banished as you are blinded by bright fluorescent lights. As your eyes adjust to the brightness you see before you a large sterile looking room dominated by the large stainless steel table at it’s center. “Oh my god!” you think, “This looks an awful lot like an operating room.”

In your fear you attempt to rise and run from the room. The others laugh as She hauls you back to the floor.

“What’s the matter my pet?” She asks with mock concern. “Does this room scare you? It should.”

She turns and addresses her cohorts. “Friends, what you see before you is a state of the art operating theater. It has all the bells and whistles. With the Doctors and Specialists we have on call we can perform any procedure we wish on anyone we wish. All with a simple phone call. Anything from the treatment of an ingrown toenail to a heart/ lung transplant.

As the icy fear sets in Her gaze returns to you and as your eyes lock She says, “Don’t worry little one, this is not your fate. You relax with relief as She continues to pull you across the room to yet another door. When she opens this one it is dark but for the wedge of light that arcs from the room behind. This light falls upon the far wall. It is blank and featureless but for a single set of cuffs dangling from it. As She pulls you forward and stands you up against the wall the Judge and Police Chief secure the cuffs tightly around your wrists. From the darkness to your left and right other cuffs are brought and attached to your ankles. Suddenly the silence of the room is broken by the muffled sound of machinery and the chains that bind your wrists and ankles are drawn tight, spreading you taught as a guitar string.

Out of the darkness She approaches with a chrome posture collar and claps it around your neck locking it with a small padlock. An intensely bright spotlight flares and pins you to the wall like some rare insect in a madman’s collection.

Once again Her face is inches from yours. She speaks. “Now the real lessons can begin.” She steps back and the darkness swallows Her. The light in your eyes is blinding and you sense more than see those around you.

Suddenly Her voice rings out from the void, “Dr Pembroke, an assessment please”.

A tall powerful man materializes out of the night as if by magic. He appears to be in his mid 30s and his lean hips and wide shoulders accentuate the feral grace of his well toned frame. He leans in and begins his examination by grasping your jaw in his powerful hand. As he turns your head slowly back and forth he begins to speak. “Well, let’s see what we have here. Nice bone structure, clear eyes, gorgeous creamy white skin. Open your mouth pet”, He orders. The thought of the adjacent room is still fresh in your mind and you dare not disobey. You open your mouth and he gently inserts his finger. “The teeth and gums all seem to be in good shape and there is no foul order so I’m going to certify that this mouth is healthy enough for any activity you have in mind.” He continues his exam by running his hands up and down your body in the same manner as a dog show judge assessing the musculature and bone structure of a champion bitch. “The skeleton is well formed and she’s quite well muscled. Not bad for a toy breed.” Even in your extremity you take offence at his “toy” remark and it shows on your face. “Well, well,” he laughs, “she certainly is spirited.”. As his hand moves between your legs his fingers probe your sex. “Well, she doesn’t seem to have any problems with lubrication. In fact I dare say she’s somewhat excited by all this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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