The Cheerleader’s Mom

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The sun was just setting on the campus of Harper Valley College as I was getting ready to leave the office at the end of the day. There was a gentle knock on the door.

“Come on in” I said.

A strikingly good looking woman walked in. She was a bit taller than average, 30 something, and decked out for sex appeal. She was wearing a short skirt with high heels and black stockings and a blouse that hugged her perfectly round C cup tits so tight that if it weren’t for the lacy pattern on her bra the outlines of her nipples would be showing. Her perfectly coiffed hair and make up made her look like she belonged on the covers of all the glamor magazines.

“Hi, Coach Longwood, I’m Barbara Bronson, Stacie’s mom.”

“Oh, yes, Stacie. Gosh, I’m sorry, Mrs. Bronson, it’s like I told her this afternoon. It’s not that she isn’t good enough. She is. She is very athletic. It’s just that there are more girls than we have spots for. The College trustees have said that there is only funding for ten women on the cheerleading team.” I explained.

“But, Coach, this has been her dream for so long.” She took a step closer. The sweet illegal bahis flowery scent of her perfume filled my nostrils and delighted my libido. “She’s worked so hard and she has her heart set on being a cheerleader here like I was. She was one of the best in the state before. She’s been crying about it all afternoon,” she pleaded. “Isn’t there any way I can change your mind?”

“I’m, sorry, but I can’t…”

Before I could say another word she stepped forward again pinning me between the desk and her supple body. Her hand was on my crotch feeling me up. “Won’t you change your mind, though, just for me? Please.” She took my hand and cupped it to her breast while she licked behind my ear and whispered, “I’ll do a-n-y thing if you’ll let her on the team.”

My cock was getting hard which only encouraged her probing hand. My fingers gently caressed her breast and I cold feel her firm nipple through her clothes. “Mrs. Bronson, I can’t, I mean I would, but I shouldn’t. It wouldn’t be fair to the other girls.”

“What about this girl?” she said as she hoisted up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties. The sight of her illegal bahis siteleri bushy twat had my dick was bulging in her grip. She took my other hand and plunged it into the glorious wetness between her legs.

“But,” I started to say when she pressed her lips against mine, her tongue was searching for my tongue. She unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. My boxers were fully tented out by my lust filled dick. She reached her hand into my fly and pulled it out as she pressed even closer to me. She rubbed it on her soft bush and then down between her luscious pussy lips until the tip was rubbing her clit.

“Mmmm.” she sighed.

She rubbed my throbbing cock down along her wet slit until the tip just graced the opening of her vagina. Then she took it back up to her clit. She rubbed the tip on it and the slide my shaft up it until I could feel her joy button on my balls. Slowly down again, teasing her honey hole, then back up. It felt so hot and so good. My excitement was rising with each stroke hoping that this time she’ll put it in. And then each time, back up and down again and again until my balls felt canlı bahis siteleri like they were going to explode at the touch of her clit. I could feel the spasms starting as she rubbed it down again teasing her cunt with the tip. I thrust my hips and rammed it all the way in hard and fast. Her cunt squeezed tight as my load flowed like a river into her quivering honey pot. I held her close in my arms as my spasms subsided.

After a moment she got off me and stood straightening her dress. “Now, Coach, you can put Stacie on the team, can’t you?”

“It’s hard to say no to you. Do you use your pussy a lot to get what you want?” I asked.

She smiled and said, “It gets me what I need.” Her expression turned stern and she asked, “Is she on the team or not?”

“If she really wants this for herself as much as you want it for her I will find a position for her. Tell her to stop by the office early tomorrow. Her dream of following in her mom’s footsteps isn’t lost after all.”

“Oh good! She’ll be so excited!” She kissed me on the cheek, turned and walked out.

I picked up the roster sheet and added a new position, Team Manager: Stacie Bronson. That way I wouldn’t have to be unfair to any of the other young women and she would still be on the team. If she’s not satisfied with that Barbara will probably be back to haggle about it. And that would be OK with me.

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