The Cheerleaders Panties Pt. 05

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A few days later, I heard mother leave and opened my bedroom door as usual. Yet, this time I thought I’d watch to see if Sally was going to do a naked dash for the bathroom as she did earlier in the week. I peeked through the crack between the jamb and the door as I heard Sally giggle and run the gauntlet of the landing to the bathroom in the raw.

I saw her plump little ass again as she ran away giggling and I laughed to myself. The little minks, I thought, if she’s going to go streaking naked on the landing then so am I. I’d have more in store for her though. When she was in the bathroom, I sneaked out and locked her bedroom door, so when she returned naked, she’d be trapped on the landing.

I planned to wait for her to finish her ablutions and then run out naked and flash her as she stood trying to get into her bedroom. I waited as she merrily sang to herself as she went about her business until eventually, I heard the bathroom door open.

I waited behind my bedroom door, straining to hear the patter of her feet and then trying her bedroom door before I would run out and join her myself.

I looked down and saw I was very erect, most likely through morning glory, although the thought of my little jape could have been the reason. What the hell! She’d seen my cock a few mornings ago anyway so hopefully she wouldn’t be too shocked.

The timing was everything, I’d wait until she’s trying her door and just as she realised she was locked out I’d jump out naked and block her retreat to the bathroom.

I strained to hear with my ear to the door in the still silence smiling to myself at the thought of my ensnared sister, panicking nude on the landing. I listened to her quick shuffling feet over the carpet and then the turn of the handle of her locked door.

I jumped out and landed with my legs spread facing her bedroom.

“Ole!” I shouted with my arms held high only to see nothing before me but Sally’s closed door. I quickly turned around. A scream rang out behind me as I saw my sister naked, desperately trying to cover up, staring in horror at my boner pointing up at her.

“Oops! Sorry!” I cried, putting my hand over my erection.

“Out of the way!” She yelled and tried to push by me to my right. It was the same side I sidestepped to. She bounced off my chest hard enough to make her little boobs judder.

“Out of the way!” She frantically cried.

I moved to the left as did she and once again our naked bodies collided but this time her hand smashed me hard in my balls.

The sickening impact zapped through my body, and both my hands quickly held my throbbing testicles as I dropped to my knees. I tried to be sick as I gathered up in an agonising ball in front of her.

“Oh sorry,” cried Sally as she urgently tried to straddle over my prone body and reach for her bedroom door handle.

I rocked on the floor wanting to die as the sickness of my testicular throbbing focused my mind with tunnel vision.

I faintly heard Sally’s failing anxious attempts to open her door.

“You’ve locked my door, you bastard, give me the key, give me the key!” She cried in panic, rattling the door handle against logic.

“What’s going on here!” loudly demanded a voice authority from the other side of the landing.

It was our Mother, and I tried to push to my feet despite my searing testicular pain, and in doing so, I lifted Sis in-between her legs.

She screamed again as her legs were parted by my rising back, causing me to overbalance and make us both fall to the floor naked. Mother was soon standing over us as we untangled our nude bodies.

“What are you doing?” Mother bellowed in outrage.

“I can explain,” I grunted against the entire ache holding my balls along with my dwindling erection.

“I’ve been locked out!” Pleaded Sis covering her tits and pussy.

I was cripplingly sick, almost paralysed with my testicular pain, causing a ferocious cramp in my stomach. The pain and humiliation were earth-shatteringly vicious, severing my ability to think and argue. I regressed to the actions of an animal.

I crawled away to the safety of my bedroom, as Mother and Sally argued in an audio blur. I got inside my bedroom door and blacked out. Sally was left naked, stranded outside her room to face the searing wrath of our lunatic Mother.

Later we were both sat at the breakfast table as Mother severely reprimanded us. I owned up as it was my fault and tried to explain, but Mother was deaf to my explanation.

“I’ve been suspicious of you two getting up to dirty things for months, so what’s going on?” Sternly demanded Mother.

“It was supposed to be a Joke,” I pleaded.

“With both of you naked?” snapped Mother.

“It went very wrong, I just wanted to trap her on the landing by locking her out.”

“So why was she naked and why were you erect?”

There was no explaining that away, not innocently, and I bowed my head in shame.

“I come back home to find my children wrestling on the landing naked! What güvenilir bahis else has been going on? Do I need to contact your father?”

“No! Look, it was just a practical joke that went wrong,” I pleaded.

“And what have you got to say for yourself, young Lady?”

Mother hissed turning on Sally.

“I was locked out of my bedroom.”

“So why were you naked? It’s not like you’ve anything to show off anyhow!” She cruelly added, causing Sally to burst into tears and runoff.

“Pathetic!” mother shouted after her, “The pair of you, both nearly nineteen and neither of you courting!” She added really going for the bone. She ran to the foot of the stairs and shouted after Sally, “No one will have you, so you start fiddling with each other, well not in my house!”

In her bedroom Sally hurriedly moved from cupboard to chest to drawers, clumsily extracting fistfuls of clothes and bric-a-brac to stuff into her rashly opened suitcase.

“What are you doing?” I asked in denial of the obvious as I tried to collect my real thoughts.

“I’m going!”

“No, don’t go!” I cried suddenly realising the frightful horror of how much I depended on her. She was my sounding board, my crutch, my only connection to real people in the outside world. The thought of her leaving hit me hard, as she was in truth, my only friend.

I apologised repeatedly and pleaded with her to stay for my own sanity more than anything else. I started to piece together the implications the loss of my sister would mean. It was a flashpoint; a fracture in which I knew if it was played out to the end the damage would be irrevocable.

“She has a point,” remarked Sally, an unjustifiable reason to me but rationally presented by my sister causing bafflement on my part. “It doesn’t look good, not after father watched me in,” Her voice trailed away.

“Watched you, watched you doing what?”

Sally cut me a Siam stare as she went about her packing.

“God, you’re so naive!” She scornfully hissed, making my stomach sink as I saw the hatred behind her eyes.

“I don’t understand.”

Sally stopped in a fit of exasperation, “He caught me having a bit of “me time.”

“Me time?”

“He used to watch me masturbating!” yelled Sis her words, so sharp and spiteful I felt as if they were hitting me in between the eyes.

I stumbled over my thoughts concerning the enigma of female masturbation. Everyone said girls masturbated just as much as boys, but to my mind, there was very little evidence of that.

My mind whirled in free fall, thoughts zapping around fright, trying to find a tangible explanation.

“Did he just burst in through the door?” I forced out not wanting to go into the mechanics of exactly what Sally was doing.

Sally continued to pack with a derisory look firmly etched on her face.

“Burst in, yeah! Many times,” she said sarcastically.

“It still wasn’t your fault!”

“There are other things, she thinks Dad and me were up to something.”

“You and dad, that’s crazy, she’s fucking mad!”

“I know, sick isn’t it, but I can see her point.”

She picked up her case and flew down the stairs for the front door.

“Don’t go,” I begged from the landing fighting an overwhelming urge to grab her and hold her back against her will. She slammed the front door hard behind her, and I felt the structural integrity of my body drain and collapse upon the landing bannister. Tears welled in my eyes, how did things get this bad? I was sure it was my entire fault.

The next few mornings, I ate breakfast alone with Mother in monastic silence. The shrill sounds of utensils against porcelain and the scraping of naked steel chair feet upon the tiles were the solitary invasion into the silence.

I missed Sally dreadfully, which shocked me on many levels for it wasn’t as if we had much in common. It was her effervescent presence that kept my spirits up and allayed any feelings of loneliness. She was my conduit to the outside world, a world in which I didn’t belong.

Her absence became so unbearable. One night I took her panties I had worn on that fateful Halloween night out of my hiding place and studied them.

I tearfully opened them up and imagined her cute little body in them before taking them to my nose to smell them. They were clean when I first wore them, so there was no trace of her to be found. I hungrily sniffed all over the light cotton garment desperately trying to find a microbe of her scent but to no avail. I realised the futility of my actions and capitulated burying my head in them. I stayed still in surrender and then slipped them on and got into bed and slept soundly for the first time in days.

I sat in the college canteen turning over my food with no intention of eating it. I had no appetite and was only there to see if Sally was around. I intermittently peered up from my plate to look for her, my only concession to the outside world.

“Hello James,” greeted a soft female voice from above.

I looked up to see it türkçe bahis was Gemma and all my senses externalised.

“Gemma!” I beamed in delight.

“Is it okay if I join you?” She purred with a soft Irish intonation.

“Of course!” I bleated eagerly. She looked terrific, and I worshipped her with my eyes as she pulled out a chair to sit down. She was wearing a simple white blouse with plunging cleavage and tight blue jeans. Gemma could make the mundane and straightforward look spectacular, kindled by her beguiling personality.

“Its always good to see you, James, your eyes almost pop out of your head as if I were some kind of supermodel,” she chuckled.

“You are to me!” I squawked, unable to contain my admiration.

“You old smoothie you,” her accent coming to the fore.

I bowed my head in a light flush, as passing compliments to the opposite gender was utterly alien to me, with Sally being the exception.

“How are your balls?” She laughed.


“I heard all about it, serves you right, fancy doing that to your sister?” She teasingly admonished, making me blush.

Gemma was a beautiful girl who beguiled me by her very presence but to have her talking about my testicles as well was sensory overload.

“Do you know where Sally is?” I asked quickly sidestepping the subject of my Orbs.

“She’s fine, she’s staying at my house revising and stuff.”


“She’s in the spare bedroom,” Gemma quickly added before asking, “What’s going on with that Mother of yours?”

“I don’t know,” I sighed, wondering just how much Sally had told and wanted her to know. I thought things through as my eyes lowered attracted to the glories of Gemma’s cleavage.

Her globe-shaped breasts were sexily pushed together tightly held in place by her ultra-white bra. Her bra presented her tanned boobs splendidly giving a small peek of its frilly edge.

“Hey my face is up here you pervert, and you can put your tongue away at the same time!” Gemma light-heartedly scolded.

I groaned in remorse, “I’m so sorry, I have a real problem with eye contact,” I ruefully explained.

Gemma laughed, “That’s the first time I’ve heard that one,” She laughed,” No worries, I see boys looking down there all the time.”

“Honestly, Gemma, I really do have a problem,” I pleaded earnestly, “I wouldn’t want to insult you like that, I really like you!”

I stared at her waiting for her to answer back shocked at just how candid I had been.

“It’s okay I know how shy you are,” Gemma nonchalantly responded unaware that I had just had a significant breakthrough in communicating with another girl.

“I think it’s rather cute,” she wistfully added.

I sighed inside; She thought I was “Cute”, the sort of affection girls bestowed upon puppies and babies. It underlined the dick-less wonder tag I thought the girls associated me with after they performed their sexy dance for me.

“Have they found your thief yet?” I quickly asked.


“Yeah, you know, the thief taking your,” My voice trailed off, it was one giant leap for me to admit my devotion for her but a bit too far to start talking about her underwear.

“Oh, the panty thief!” Laughed Gemma, “Sorry, I’m with you now.”

“Did they find out who it was?” I asked in all seriousness as Gemma continued to laugh.

“That was Sally playing a joke on you?”


“Oh, I’m so sorry, she asked me to pretend I had no panties on to see what it did to you,” she laughed.

“What is it with her?” I groaned.

“Well, what did you think, did I put on a good act?”

“You certainly did, you had me fooled. You reacted to every gust of wind and everything!”

Gemma laughed, and I couldn’t help but be intoxicated by her delightful face. A face that had by now cured my inability for eye contact such was its splendour.

“It fooled Sally,” Gemma mysteriously added.

“But she was in on it.”

Gemma giggled some more. “You don’t understand, the ruse was that I’d pretend to be panty-less to tease you, but really be wearing them all the time.”

“I still don’t understand?”

“I told Sally I wasn’t wearing anything underneath later to see what her reaction would be.”

I was happy not to have been taken for a fool and grinned.

“So what did Sally say to that?”

“She pretended she knew all along, but she didn’t.”

“That’s’ still quite daring, I didn’t think you were like that?”

“Aw come on, it’s was just a bit of naughty fun. I must admit it was quite thrilling as well,” Gemma reminisced her big eyes looking upwards dreaming of the exciting time. “It was so exciting knowing I could be exposed by any sneaky breeze or even your sister’s hand.”

“Sally wouldn’t do that to you,” I laughed.

“Wouldn’t she?” aired Gemma, “don’t you ever feel like doing something naughty just for the hell of it?” I remember flashing the traffic with my mate Megan as soon as we got our first bra’s!”

“Lucky traffic!” I quipped güvenilir bahis siteleri as I took in Gemma’s question.

It was an awkward one. Was peeking at dancing girl’s panties just a bit of fun? Did adding masturbation make it perverted? I thought of Sally running across the landing naked to the bathroom, her explanation, “because it was fun!”

‘Birds of a feather flock together’, Gemma and Sally, good friends, that made me smile and then soulfully ponder why I was so alone.

I was isolated in the house and dreamily looked out of my bedroom window thinking of Gemma and Sally. Only a fool wouldn’t think something was going on between them. Gemma was always around Sally; the birthday gift; Sally staying at her house; the panty-less dare. There was a possibility they were Lesbians but not a word had been aired in the ever-cynical clicks at college, and nobody had seen a thing.

The exotic possibility that my dream girl and Sister were lovers left me confused. I didn’t want my sister to be an object of ridicule, especially with Gemma, for if she was a lesbian what chance did I have of dating her?

I pondered Gemma’s words searching for comfort.

“Don’t you ever feel like doing something naughty just for the hell of it?”

And then my sister, Sally running across the landing naked to the bathroom, “because it was fun!”

Maybe that was it, they were just doing things for fun. I thought I should do something because it was ‘fun’ I thought about Sally sneaking into my bedroom and sneaking a look at my pornography collection.

By gaining access to them, she had burrowed her way into my psyche, my dreams and fantasies, things that should be private. I didn’t mind, on the contrary, I found it exciting, but I thought it time I found something out about her.

I sneaked along the landing towards Sally’s room. For some reason, I declared that I should be naked for this exploration into the sexual psyche of my sister. This alone produced a very ridged erection that somehow led the way to the unknown treasures that awaited. I stealthy slipped into Sally’s bedroom and locked the door behind me.

I had never thought of touching Sally’s panties before. There was something about her bedroom that was foreboding. Surprisingly it was the biggest bedroom in the house, and I always wondered why my parents had quickly moved out of it as soon as we arrived. It was the place where a colossal argument took place, which eventually ended in my father leaving home. The room seemed poisonous unless Sally’s cheerleader friends were in there.

Sally’s single bed was pushed up to one wall giving an unnatural floor space what I assumed was for mini practises with her cheerleader friends.

There were some posters on the wall of American Cheerleading teams who were considerately classier and obviously more professional in their art. I tiptoed to the drawers and dropped to my knees. I gently pulled the drawer open to reveal Sally’s neatly laid out panties. Surprisingly Sally wasn’t a coinsure of underwear as the vast majority of her pussy covering lingerie was plain and cotton-based.

The layout of her clothes was too neat to touch. I felt sure she’d know if I’d been sniffing around her panties, she had decided I was addicted to the briefs, thongs, bikini and big knickers of all girls.

I went to the second draw and found silk chemises, petticoats, stockings, tights and a few of her favourite plaid skirts. I had a particular liking for those something, which was quickly agreed upon physically by the pulsations in my twitching cock.

I was beginning to heat up, becoming short of breath and a little faint as the smell, feel, and the femininity of the room started to overwhelm me. I opened the top drawer that was full of books, diaries and girlie magazines for her late-night reading. I smiled to myself as I saw a luminous bunny, a cliché for under the bedclothes reading of illicit publications.

I wondered what sort of magazine lay in wait at the bottom of the drawer and dug deeper. I saw a black flex and delicately pulled it. My ardour had overtaken rational thought as I was giving myself away in the disturbance of Sally’s belongings.

I pulled harder and out popped a small transparent gas mask object. I quickly identified it as a clit–stim, something I had seen advertised in my pornography magazines. I had also seen vibrators and dubious creams for penis dysfunction, enlargement and pheromone spray to attract females.

I was afflicted with guilt and pleasure as I held Sally’s masturbation device in my hand. I imagined her on the bed, her legs spread as the mask cupped over the vagina. Sucking up her clit from under her hood to be stimulated by the thin vibrating protuberance.

I flicked the on a switch, and the vibrator noisily sprang into life, making me panic and anxious to quickly shut it off again.

I looked at the protuberance that must have brought Sally plenty of orgasms and licked it with my tongue. The green aperture that had been giving her so much pleasure against her clit was now on my tongue. It was a dirty thing to do but made me feel hornier for it.

I remember Sally’s last outburst before she had left that had puzzled me.

“He used to watch me masturbating!”

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