The Cherry Poppers Ch. 18

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Jason made it to Kira and Tessa’s room and back in bed without waking anyone else. His head barely hit the pillow and the next thing he remembered was Kira rolling into him and wrapping her arm around him. He opened his eyes slightly and looked at her.

“Wake up sleepyhead,” Kira protested amusingly.

“What time is it?” Jason asked, looking at his watch as he said it.

“Ten,” Kira said before he could look. “I’ve been awake staring at you for nearly half-an- hour. Tessa’s in the shower. I think she’s trying to freshen up, hoping to get lucky again before you leave.”

“God, I have to go!” Jason exclaimed. “I’m supposed to pick up Jillian in an hour and I’m not even showered or dressed.”

“Didn’t you tell me she’s right upstairs?”

“Yeah,” Jason answered.

“Well, why don’t you shower here and just go straight up to get her. Tessa and I could even go up with you to find her room,” Kira offered.

“How can I shower here?” Jason asked.

“Other guys have done it before. We’ll just tell everyone we have the bathroom for a while,” Kira explained.

“We?” Jason questioned.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to see you shower alone,” Kira said, hugging him tightly and giggling. She kissed him too.

“Why were you watching me sleep?” Jason queried.

“Well, obviously you realize I haven’t woken to find too many men in my bed,” Kira explained.

“Oh, sure,” Jason acknowledged. “What about Tessa?”

“We should hurry so she doesn’t have to shower twice. I’m sure she will want to join us also,” Kira claimed.

“You two are going to kill me,” Jason protested.

“What? You love it,” Kira boasted.

“I guess there’s worse ways to go,” Jason ribbed her and for that she poked him.

“Wait here a sec until I clear the way. I’ll get you a towel too,” Kira stated.

It was five minutes before Kira returned. She had cleared two other girls from the bathroom under protest, and Tessa had a shower going for them. Jason wrapped a large towel, that Kira gave him, around his waist as Kira donned her robe. She grabbed some toiletries, including a new disposable razor, and they headed out to the shower. A couple of girls were lingering in the hall, and looked at the couple with knowing smiles as they entered the bathroom. One of them was Casey and she blew Jason a not too disguised kiss and then smiled. Fortunately, Kira was in front of him and didn’t seem to notice.

They entered the bathroom and moved to the last shower stall hearing the water running there. Jason and Kira stripped off their respective coverings, placed them on a bench outside the stall near Tessa’s robe, and entered. Jason was last in and closed the door behind him. It was definitely tight inside for all three of them but they still had some room to maneuver around.

“God, I’m going to turn into a prune waiting on you two,” Tessa complained.

“Well, since you’re washed get out of the way,” Kira demanded with a smile.

Tessa stuck her tongue out at Kira but complied. She slid past both Kira and Jason, giving them access to the water. She winked at Jason as she moved around him.

Kira got wet first and then moved aside to allow Jason more room. When he was wet too, they started soaping themselves and Tessa helped wash their backs. Her hands washed more than just Jason’s back. She caressed his firm ass cheeks and even slid her fingers through the bare, tight furrow of his ass. He spread his legs for her and she washed all the way down to soap his hanging balls. Jason’s cock, which had been semi-hard from just being this close to the two slender women, was now starting to rise.

“I brought you a razor to shave with,” Kira said. “Can you use soap instead of shaving cream?”

“Sure, thanks,” Jason said, taking the razor from her and soaping his face.

“Rinse off down here first,” Tessa told Jason, and he turned into the spray to wash away the soap from his lower body.

Satisfied he had rinsed off below, Jason concentrated on shaving. He stood just out of the spray allowing Kira to rinse off too. It looked like she had thoughts of shaving too.

Jason had lathered his full face with soap and with eyes closed began to shave his neck. He was into one particular stroke when he felt a hand on his dick. The hand stroked it shortly giving it an even greater stiffness. Seconds later a warm, wet mouth engulfed the head. Jason could feel Kira still splashing water on herself and occasionally lightly bumping into him on his right. If she was still there, that left only Tessa to be sucking his cock. Even without his eyes open, after a few moments, he could tell it was definitely her by her marvelous technique.

“Oh, god,” Jason moaned lightly from the delicious sensations on his cock.

“What?” Kira questioned and then noticed Tessa. “You dirty girl, Tessa. Can’t get enough dick.”

Jason felt Tessa’s mouth temporarily leave his cock and he groaned with protest until he heard Tessa amusingly reply, “It was looking so hard and escort ulus needy, I just had to help out.”

“Don’t get him off till he fucks us,” Kira implored.

“Okay,” Tessa agreed.

Jason finished shaving as Tessa renewed sucking his cock. She maintained a slow steady tantalizing pace, just enough to keep Jason simmering. After Jason washed the remaining soap from his shaved face, he noticed Kira trimming around the top of her pussy. She didn’t remove much but only trimmed herself.

“Ever cut it all off?” Jason asked.

“No,” Kira replied and looked up to his face.

“You should try it some time,” Jason mentioned.


“It feels wonderful, some girls have told me anyway, guys like it too, and it’s easier to eat you then,” Jason stated.

“You like it that way?” Kira asked.

“Definitely,” Jason answered and noticed Tessa had slowed her sucking and licking to listen to the conversation.

When they were done washing, Tessa stood from her squat position and leaned against the wall presenting her rear and pussy to Jason. He took the hint immediately and got behind her. He eased slowly into her recently virgin pussy, feeling it stretch wonderfully around his cock. She was wet but still very tight.

“Oh, god,” Tessa moaned aloud.

“How’s it feel?” Kira asked.

“Huge,” Tessa simply replied.

When Jason was buried almost completely in Tessa’s tight pussy, he slowly pulled back before fucking back into her. Tessa held the wall as best she could as Jason’s cock invaded her lower body. Kira threw warm water on them to keep them from getting cold.

Jason reached under Tessa to palm her nice breasts and pinch her erect nipples. She cooed and groaned as he fucked her and played with her tits. Jason picked up speed and fucked Tessa beautifully. His resistance was high given all the sex he’d had recently. His cock felt like a steel pole and he probed her deeply with it.

“Oh, shit,” Tessa growled as Jason drove far inside her. “He’s in my belly, Kira.”

“God, that’s so fuckin’ hot watching your big cock enter her,” Kira answered.

“She’s got a tight pussy,” Jason offered between gasps of breath as he fucked Tessa.

“Ahh …,” Tessa moaned loudly. “Ahh … it feels so good!”

“Fuck her harder, Jason,” Kira encouraged. “She can take it.”

Jason listened to Kira and increased his speed even more. He was huffing and puffing a little from the sheer exertion of fucking Tessa. She moaned constantly as her body pushed back onto Jason’s cock to maximize the pleasure from every stroke. He was hitting places inside her no dildo had ever reached. His cock rubbed against her g-spot and drove her crazy. With his teasing of her nipples accompanying the wonderful sensations of his cock deep inside her, Tessa raced towards her orgasm.

Tessa dropped one of her arms to her knee to help support her weight. His thrusts were butting her up against the wall but she didn’t care. The only feeling she could concentrate on was the intense one emanating from her pussy. She rapidly approached her climax.

Jason grabbed Tessa’s slim hips and pounded his cock into her cunt. He was feeling his own orgasm beginning to simmer and knew he had to get Kira off also. He fucked Tessa as hard as he could to push her over the edge quickly before he lost it too. It worked and Tessa yelled with her release.

“Mmmm … oh, my god!” Tessa yelled. “Oh, fuck, Jason!”

Tessa’s cunt clamped down on Jason’s invading cock. The tightness made it near impossible for him to move which was a good thing because he was damn close to dropping his cum inside her. He gave her mild little pushes to increase the intensity of her orgasm, but didn’t bring himself any closer to cumming.

Tessa had stiffened against the wall as the pleasure of her orgasm careened through her body, sparking off what seemed like trillions of little explosions. She groaned deliciously with her release, until finally it began to wane. She dropped both hands to her knees now to support herself from just collapsing on the floor of the shower. Her legs felt incredibly weak and her ragged breathing made her feel like sprawling on the shower floor. Thankfully, Jason held her hips which helped keep her imbedded on his stiff cock and upright. He was still, what seemed like a mile, inside her.

“Oh, god,” Tessa finally gasped. “That was wonderful.”

“Incredible,” Jason moaned as he slowly extracted his cock from inside her.

Tessa’s cum juices and the way Jason’s cock had stretched her cunt made it easy for Jason to just pull back so his cock could drop from inside her. Tessa moaned at the sudden loss of his presence inside her.

Jason was turned on beyond belief but he waited with Kira for Tessa to recover. He hoped to lose some of his edge by waiting a little bit. Otherwise he feared he would pound poor Kira wickedly. His stiff cock stuck out in front of him like a lethal weapon. Kira held it as they watched Tessa slowly escort yenimahalle stand, only to lean against the wall.

“Whew,” Tessa finally said. “That was unbelievable, even better than last night.”

“My turn,” Kira exclaimed, moving in front of Jason.

He picked up Kira, the smaller of the two, and held her to his chest as he leaned against the end wall of the shower. Kira kissed him as he lowered her until his cock was nudging up against her sex. Tessa saw what he intended and moved to help him. She positioned his cock at Kira’s opening and held it there for him to lower her. Kira felt the huge head stretching her pussy hole to gain entrance.

“Oh, god, it feels huge,” Kira stated as her eyes widened.

“Just relax,” Jason said.

“That’s an easy thing for you to say. You’re not the one about to get stuffed full of huge cock,” Kira chided.

“No, I’m just the stuffer,” Jason answered and let her drop a little more.

Jason’s cockhead popped inside and eased deep into Kira. She had been turned on watching him fuck Tessa and her pussy was ready but even so he was big and she was tight. He let her slip once more allowing another inch or two to invade her tight snatch.

“Oh, geez,” Kira gasped. “You feel gigantic inside me.”

“You got a little more to go,” Jason said letting her drop even further causing a few more inches to burrow inside.

“Good, god,” Kira effused.

Jason started bouncing her on his lap. His knees and thighs were performing all the work while his strong arms easily held her small frame tight to his body. Jason tried to catch one of Kira’s cute small pink nipples in his mouth each time he bounced her up and down. He felt Tessa, standing beside him, with her hand palming his hanging testicles and teasing them. It was extra simulation he loved but didn’t need if he hoped to get Kira off before he did.

“Urgh,” Jason moaned as Kira’s tight pussy gripped his cock like a warm, wet velvet hand.

“Mmm,” Kira hummed as the licks of pleasure from each thrust sent her closer and closer to cumming.

Tessa kissed Jason’s cheek and ear as she continued to play with his nuts. He was sure she could feel them getting tighter against his body as his own orgasm built. She licked his ear again and whispered.

“Make her scream as you pump her full of your sperm,” Tessa said wickedly low.

‘Oh, my god,’ Jason thought to himself. ‘Tessa is really getting naughty.’

“Oh, fuck me, Jason,” Kira shouted, bringing Jason back to the moment.

Jason concentrated on fucking Kira and his legs were starting to grow weary. His arms even began to tire but still he bounced her even harder.

“I’m going to squeeze your cum right into her from your balls,” Tessa whispered to him again mischievously as she applied steady pressure to his nuts.

‘Motherfucker,’ Jason groaned to himself as Tessa continued her dirty talk.

Fortunately for Jason, Kira had reached her peak and threw her head back and howled with her release. Her body shook on his imbedded pole as Jason fought to keep fucking her. His arms and legs were on fire now and Tessa’s squeezing off his balls added to the exquisite feeling of Kira’s incredibly tight pussy.

“Give it to her,” Tessa whispered into his ear again, her hot breath adding to all the sensations assaulting his body.

“Fuck,” Jason roared and thrust up hard into Kira one last time.

His cock shot a blast of hot cum deep into Kira’s womb. Jason growled with the exquisite bliss as he felt the pressure of Tessa’s hand massaging his balls. ‘Where did this near virgin learn this stuff?’ Jason questioned himself about Tessa as she manipulated his nuts and sent more thick pulses of cum deep inside Kira.

Jason held onto Kira as he pumped her full of his seed. He could feel and hear the sloshiness of her cunt now as he filled her to overflowing with his cum. Tessa’s hand still milked his balls and she still whispered in his ear.

“Good, boy. Give it all to her,” Tessa breathed into his ear. It tickled from the closeness.

Jason couldn’t believe how sexual and hot Tessa was sounding. He held Kira with her head on his opposite shoulder from where Tessa stood on his right. Her heavy breathing matched his as he felt his dick stop pumping cum and started to go soft inside her. Kira was just finishing her orgasm as well.

“Shit, Tessa, that was hot,” Jason growled.

Kira heard him mention Tessa and sat back in his arms to look at him questioningly. She wondered why he had said Tessa since he was fucking her. Jason saw her reaction and realized what she must be thinking. He leaned forward and kissed her to make her think he was talking about her, as he finally let her slide down his body.

Jason gave Tessa a quizzical look as they re-showered quickly. They exited the bathroom to a fairly crowded hall. Jason was embarrassed by all the knowingly smiling faces he saw, including Casey’s again. This time she stuck her finger escort eryaman in her mouth in a well understood implied motion.

Back in the room, they dressed and Jason waited while the women did their hair. He wished he had fresh clothes but the ones from the day before weren’t bad. The girls had promised to go with him to find Jillian on the third floor. It was ten after eleven by the time they were done.

Fortunately, when they exited the room the hall was fairly clear. They made the steps without being really noticed and ascended to the third floor. Jason found Jillian’s door and knocked. She answered within seconds.

“I thought you might have forgotten,” Jillian said and then spotted the other two girls.

“No, just running a hair late is all,” Jason replied.

“That’s okay,” Jillian said, her eyes moving questioningly from Jason to Kira and Tessa.

Jason noticed and introduced them, “Jillian, this is Kira and Tessa. They are friends of mine and live on the second floor. I told them about you and they wanted to meet you.”

“Hi,” Jillian responded.

“Hi,” Tessa and Kira said as they entered Jillian’s room with Jason.

The four of them sat in Jillian’s room and talked for a little bit. Tessa and Kira asked questions of Jillian and acted friendly towards her. Jillian gave Jason a knowing smile as she knew why he had invited Tessa and Kira. After a little while, they all left and walked down to the second floor. Tessa and Kira showed Jillian their room and told her to stop by anytime. After that, Jason and Jillian left for the mall.

At the mall, they shopped for swimsuits for Jillian. She was too embarrassed to model them for him, so he basically just sat while she tried several on. They didn’t find anything she liked in the first two stores and Jillian kept complaining she was too fat to go swimming and be seen in a suit. Jason just reminded her that was the purpose of the suit in the first place. She needed to exercise and lose weight, starting with the twenty pounds she had put on since the beginning of the school year.

Finally, in the third store Jillian found a one piece suit that she liked and didn’t make her look like a horse she said. It surprised her completely when Jason stated that he was going to buy it for her. She appreciated that since money was also another problem she had. Her folks were not rich and could barely scrap together the money for room and board plus tuition and books. She had worked the summer at home but that money had to last her until May.

From the mall, they drove back to school and to the Aquatic center to go swimming. Jillian protested the whole way that she still wasn’t sure she could handle anyone seeing her in the swimsuit. Jason just told her flatly, too late, as they pulled into the parking lot.

Jason showed Jillian where the ladies locker room was, and told her he would meet her by the pool when she was dressed. He ducked into the men’s dressing room where his locker was. He was dressed in his suit in three minutes but had to wait ten more for Jillian to appear. She walked tentatively towards him with her arms folded across her stomach. Jason watched her coming towards him with a disarming smile. He noticed she had attractive legs and large breasts from what he could see above her arms.

“Ready for your first lesson?” Jason asked, as she approached.

Jillian had looked around the pool and was delighted that only one other woman was swimming laps at the moment. She stopped before Jason, still with her arms crossed.

“I guess so,” Jillian replied.

“Okay let’s get wet first,” Jason said and held his hand out for hers.

Jillian reluctantly and with near panic in her eyes extended one arm to him while leaving the other trying to block his view of her tummy. Jason took her hand, careful to just look at her face. He pulled her along like a little sister to a swimming lesson by her big brother. He took her right down the ladder into the shallower end of the pool away from the diving boards.

Jason watched her descend the ladder from the water and noticed her butt was one of the areas where she had gained a little. Her ass was still shapely though and with toning, he realized would look quite good. Once in the water, despite it being warm, Jillian’s nipples protruded from her swimsuit top as if she was cold.

“Burr,” Jillian complained.

“You’ll warm up in a minute,” Jason stated but couldn’t help his eyes from dropping again for a quick glance at her nipple protruding breasts.

They were in about four feet of water right near the ladder. Jillian’s arm had gone right back to blocking the view of her tummy once she didn’t need it any longer to descend the ladder. Jason held out his hands for both of Jillian’s. She reluctantly complied.

“Now, how much swimming have you actually done?” Jason asked.

“Well, I took some lessons as a young girl. I’m not that bad, I think,” Jillian added.

“Let me see you kick while I hold your hands,” Jason instructed.

He ran Jillian through a series of tests and was glad to see she had some basics of swimming down. Jason had her try freestyle swimming across the pool width wise. Like most novice swimmers, she lacked the ability to breathe properly and just swam with her head up.

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