The Chess Game

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Nothing is ever what it seems at first, was I being groomed.

Opportunities come at a price that have to be repaid.

I was standing at my room window waiting when Iain’s polished classic racing green MGB GT with its custom bucket racing seats and deep reverberating throaty roar from it’s straight through exhaust, pulled up outside. Iain was my chess tutor and mentor whom I met at my University Chess Club night, where I was a first year Mathematics student and chess was my game of choice. We were driving down to Bowness in the English Lake District for a weekend visit to Sir Harold’s who was a retired Chess Grand Master and philanthropist.

Iain had phoned ahead saying as it was a warm sunny day and his car did not have air conditioning he was only going to wear shorts and trainers for the drive down, inviting me to do the same. I was standing there in my tight new sky blue nylon swim shorts and trainers as I grabbed my weekend case, locked up my room set the alarm and went out to meet Iain, who was wearing matching shorts that we had both purchased the preceding weekend. After putting my bag in the boot I clambered into the front bucket seat, fastening the full harness belts which would hold me firmly in place. I followed Iain’s lead by discarding my top to the back bench seat as we sat there with only shorts on.

Iain gunned the engine as we headed out of Glasgow to the M8 motorway, between the cars low profile reverberations and its throaty noise it was exhilarating sitting there near naked, almost erotic. Iain asked had I traveled dressed down like this before, I said no but found it quite thrilling. Last summer he said, touring the route 500 in the Scottish Highlands in its remote single track areas he drove naked, with a just in case towel nearby. Would you like to try that one day as we could do that together if you like, I said an entheaustic Yes.

We quickly cleared the city traffic and were heading south on the M74 motorway, which is one of Scotland’s most boring arterial routes. We chatted Iain asking me if I had a girlfriend, I said no as I was a bit shy around girls, he said he didn’t have that problem as he was gay and meeting guys was much easier. I blurted out you mean you have sex with guys. What’s that like? I looked it up on the Web after we had our Uni sexual equality lecture but it didn’t really tell you what it was like only what to do. He said you have to experience it to know what it’s really like, can be exhilarating.

My curiosity now in overdrive much like Iain’s MGB as we thundered south, between the low throbbing vibrations that was passing right though me from the sports car seat and its tight restraining harness, what was just said and wearing tight nylon shorts that were now full of static. I was starting to get stiffening arousal twinges, I was so engrossed now I bluntly asked how he knew he was gay and what did it feel like the first time.

He said my first time, I was about your age and it sort of took me by surprise, like you I was studying mathematics and playing chess at club level. My mentor a Grand Master invited me to his study to play a private game with him, first game I was wiped out in less than fifty moves. He said I wasn’t focusing enough and was being distracted by what was around me. He then said take off all your clothes and sit there naked and we will play another game. I didn’t know what to say or do but he was a Grand Master, so I stripped off in front of him and stood there naked as he then stripped off too.

We were both now naked together both focused on each other’s nakedness, soon we relaxed and he invited me over to sit on the couch with him which had a large towel lying on it. We sat together with our legs gently pressing and rubbing at each other, he said recall the chess game we had just completed and study where each of the pieces are and were before each move. Before long I was replaying the game backwards in my mind, he then put his arm round my back with the palm of his hand resting on my shoulder, leaned over and started to stroke me gently. Then said now replay the game again in your mind. I did and was getting more than just aroused from his stroking I was starting feel movement and drips, as I twitched he said focus on the game you are replaying. My mind was now racing as was my body, thinking can I replay the game before I climaxed, I managed to get about halfway.

He asked me if I enjoyed it, I said yes because I really did. He then invited me to do the same to him, I was clumsy at first as I had never done anything like that before, but I could feel his response rising to my stroking. Suddenly he unloaded over the both of us, saying I enjoyed that too. By now my curiosity was looking for more only to be dashed when he said let’s play another game. This time I managed to get to almost a hundred moves before he wiped me out for the second time. Again he had me look at the board and replay the game in my mind while he gently stroked me, this time I remained totally focused on the game but still climaxed with more enthusiasm güvenilir bahis this time before I reached the hundred moves mark.

That’s how it started with me, we progressed each time we played, one day he invited me to his bedroom and our game assignations took on a more adventurist meaning. We became friends and still meet up from time to time. As we continued south Iain tried to explain the feeling he had when he was having sex, it was one of total fulfillment and satisfaction but mainly ecstasy as you climax and afterwards looking forward to the next time. By now I was starting to have problems containing myself and could feel wetness seep through my nylon shorts, Iain did too I think when I saw the sign for the Gretna Services suggested we stop.

As I was getting out of the car I could see a sausage type bulge and wet marks on my shorts, I took my shirt from the back and draped it casually over my bulge as I walked into the Services, which was an erotic walk. I had to go because my excitement was not abating, in a cubicle I ease myself it took me longer than normal, Iain did too I think. I then waited in the concourse for Iain for about another ten minutes, he said bad curry last night, I smiled at that.

We had a Kentucky Fried Chicken meal in the concourse eating area, as we ate our meal I asked Iain why did you let him do that to you. Because I didn’t want a boring job, even with a degree in mathematics all I ever would be was a math’s teacher or a number cruncher in some office. He could and did give me a break into competitive chess playing on the exhibition circuit and had the contacts to get me sponsorship too. Within a year I was earning ten times what I could expect in an office also had high end sponsorship cars and a five star living style. I worked that circuit for over twenty years, now I am a mentor and talent scout for upcoming stars like you.

I didn’t know what to say, was he saying I needed to be gay too or just that he was to make that leap up into fame and fortune. I think he could see that I was confused, tapped the table with both hands, time to continue our journey, onwards and upwards. As we headed back to the car I could feel eyes watching us, was it because the way we were dressed or had they overheard us talking or was I just thinking do I have to do this to make the leap into the exhibition circuit. Back in the car we continued our journey south down the M6 to junction 36 where we left the motorway and headed down to Windermere and Bowness.

This part of the journey took just over an hour during this time I asked Iain did he like being gay. Yes, never regretted it, met a lot of people who accepted me as I was, my parents were a bit reserved at first but remained fully supportive. Particularly when homophobic comments were made offensively or inadvertently but you get that no matter what you are. My dad a retired miner and ex-wartime soldier decked someone in his miners club because what he said about me. I had just treated my mom and dad to a two week cruise in the Mediterranean, their first real holiday other than visiting my mom’s sister in Skegness.

We drove down through Windermere onto Bowness then up the lake to Sir Harold’s house. It was one of those grand big Lakeland stone two story houses with turrets and ten bedrooms on the lake shore, it had a fantastic secluded patio overlooking the lake. As Iain’s car roared across the crunching pebbled driveway up to the house Sir Harold came out to greet us.

He was tall and thin mid late sixties, snow white hair and goatee beard reminding me of the Col Saunders character. As I clambered out of the sports car even before I had time to pull my shirt back on, he warmly greeted me with a combined hand shake and intimate hug. Saying he had heard a lot about me and looked forward to playing with me, the game of tactics, deception and skill. Iain came round and received a similar greeting being told not make his visits so far apart. I was then introduced to Phillipe Dregmire who Iain knew from previous visits.

We took our cases as Sir Harold showed us up to the guest bedroom, to say it was palatial would be an understatement. It had two large single beds not far apart and a large sofa, antique furniture and a grand fireplace. The walk in shower and bathroom was big enough to have a party in, must admit I was looking forward to trying it out. We unpacked and headed down stairs for a light lunch and drinks on the terrace.

The spread was impressive and we were handed glasses of Pims. Sir Harold said let’s all introduce ourselves, for my benefit, I led off with my studies and love of chess, Iain followed, Phillipe introduced himself as Sir Harold’s partner and retired CEO, I wasn’t quite sure if that was a business partner or what? Sir Harold introduced himself as a Chess Grand Master, retired, and philanthropist, still very active, following on from a successful business career. I later found out that Phillipe’s company was initially funded by Sir Harold’s career as an international Chess Grand Master. türkçe bahis After we had finished lunch Iain and Phillipe excused themselves, they were going to meet a friend in Bowness which would allow Sir Harold and me time to get acquainted over a game of chess.

After they left Sir Harold led me to a low game table on the patio with a classic Napoleonic chess set and game timer on it with two, two seater wicked basket bench seats facing each other over the table. Sir Harold said we will start with your concentration under stress, take off your shirt and trainers and sit there with only your shorts on, I will put on a formal dinner jacket and will see if I can distract your concentration. Must admit I did feel dominated and inferior by our appearances, but, Iain had subjected me to this type of training before where I sat with only my underwear on while he was fully dressed. Although I didn’t know he was gay at that time, it made me start to wonder about Sir Harold and Phillipe.

The game timer was set at a very short 30 minutes, within twenty moves and five minutes I was out, Sir Harold said I lost my concentration being distracted by my surroundings and him making me feel inferior. Let’s play again! This time after 10 minutes and just 50 moves I was out, he said that’s much, much better let’s try again. He stood up removed his jacket shirt and trousers, said this time I will sit here with only my shorts on and we will allow our naked feet to touch, we will also hold each other’s hand, with one hand free to play. It was strange at first I could feel his warmth and affection, it was like energy passing from him into me that traveled up my arm down out through my feet into his. Like in the car with Iain when he told me he was gay, I could feel I was getting aroused by the erotic nature of it, possibly a bit more seriously this time. This time we managed more than 75 moves in less than 15 minutes before I was knocked out.

Sir Harold said to me that’s very good you have some real potential, let’s do it once more, this time we will sit alongside each other playing across the board but without any clothes on. Before I could respond he stood up and removed his shorts, I felt obliged to comply and removed mine. We sat alongside each other naked, touching, by now he had his arm round me, I was twitching and feeling erotically hot. We started the next game playing across the board which demanded unbelievable concentration, as we sat there the sweat was running down my back. I could feel an uncontrollable sexual rush that I had never experienced before, the more I concentrated the more surreal it was. The game lasted under 50 moves and 10 minutes before I was out, he said we will have to work on that, I wasn’t sure what he meant.

He then said that was a very good test of how your mind and body works, enough work for today, let’s go and soak in the hot tub. We walked together across the patio naked with his arm round my back holding us intimately together to where the hot tub was, I was scared to look down at my anatomy as I was sure it was starting to show. We sat in the hot tub intimately together at least that’s how it felt. My silence trance was broken when he asked me, if I was gay too, the question went through me like an electric shock, I hesitated, stammered and said, I don’t think so. His reply instantly put me at ease when he said, we can work on that. I said spontaneously without thought I have never had sex like that before and wouldn’t know what to do. We can work on that too if you like, I seemed to relax with his reply.

We sat there in silence, I was in some sort of never never land trance when he put his hand under water on my leg and started to rub it very gently. Although we were still sitting intimately together he leaned over to me and asked what I was looking for in life? I had already thought that answer through and said to be a chess Grand Master like you. At that point I thought that I had regained control until he said, you know there is a price in life to pay for that. All I could say was yes I know. At that point I could hear Iain’s car throaty roar and the gravel driveway announce their arrival as the car slew to a halt. A few minutes later Iain and Phillipe came into view and walked over to us, Iain glancing at my discarded shorts at the chess table.

Phillipe said can we join you, Sir Harold response, the more the merrier, a few minutes later they both appeared with only a towel over their arms and clambered in beside us. No mention was made of what we or they had been up to, we just talked away, I mainly listened. Inevitably the discussion, four guy’s naked in a tub, turned to sex. It was clear that they were all openly gay and I was their invited guest or prodigy, I felt I was important and part of this tryst.

Our evening meal tonight was to be served on the terrace, courtesy of a local restaurant that Sir Harold had shares in. We all retired to a communal shower adjacent to the hot tub, it was the first time that I shared a shower where we all soaped and washed each other. güvenilir bahis siteleri To me it was one of those first time bonding moment experience were we all equals. Even drying each other off was a collective activity, I had a belonging experience.

Before we left to go to our rooms to dress for the meal, Sir Harold presented us all with matching kilts to wear tonight in my honour, they were of a lightweight red tartan type with a snow white Ghillie shirt and we were to wear the kilts in the traditional Scottish way. Iain and I returned to our room to get our shoes, it was there that Iain asked me what I thought of Sir Harold. I said I thought he was very nice and I liked him very much, why? Sir Iain and Phillipe are prepared to sponsor you for the upcoming chess tournament and exhibition circuit, are you still interested now that you have met them and know all that goes along with it. It was a dream coming true, I said yes and I know what it entails, I didn’t. I said you were Sir Harold’s prodigy weren’t you? Yes, and now I am his friend and his talent scout.

On hearing the caterers arrive we went down to the terrace where Sir Harold and Phillipe were, who both looked at me with a knowing look. It was a warm night with a gentle breeze off Lake Windermere, we all took our places at the table I sat opposite Iain and alongside Sir Harold. As I sat there I could feel a gentle breeze blow under the table and right up my kilt by opening my legs allowed it to flow freely, between that, what had already been said and happened today it all felt so surreal. Sir Harold put his hand down on my leg gently squeezing it which gave me a sudden erotic rush, as he welcomed me as his new chess prodigy, Phillipe and Iain congratulated me by toasting my good fortune, insisting that I give a speech as they banged the table in the age old tradition.

As I stood there thinking of what to say, Sir Harold put his hand slowly up my kilt between my legs rubbing my leg until he reached up and touched me intimately. It may have been a stress test but it felt so, so erotic I could feel myself rise to his overtures as his hand held it down. I felt like the preverbal pen knife trying to close as I said my thankyou’s, I have still no idea what I said as I stood there talking with Sir Harold holding me down adding to the erotic thrill of it all, at one point I thought I was going to cum in his hand. Speech over I was allowed to sit, still fully aroused I sat there as though nothing had happened. Sir Harold then asked the caterers to serve us and it was a wonderful meal.

The caterers had long left by time we had finished talking about chess game we had all competed in. Sir Harold closed the proceedings by saying bed time I think. Iain and Phillipe said they were going to have a game of pool, before I could say anything Sir Harold touched the back of my hand and whispered, come with me. We left and went through a concealed door up a spiral staircase into a turreted room best described as a red velvet boudoir with an eight foot diameter Bukkake couch in the middle, windows all round and various what looked like sex toys hanging on the wall with piped music playing and subdued strobing lights. He said I call this my relaxation and contemplation room.

I didn’t expect this and stood there in awe of my surrounding’s, Sir Harold came over to me, put his arms around me and pulled us both together. Before I could react he kissed me on the mouth seductively and touched my tongue with his, it was an electrifying feeling that I had never experienced before, instantly I became aroused as I pressed on him. He responded by reaching down to my kilt buckles and undid the velcro below them, with its rasping static sound, my kilt dropping away. He moved his hands to my Ghillie shirt lifted it up as I raised my arms and pulled it over my head letting it drop. I reached down and undid his kilt letting it drop then lifted his ghillie shirt up over his head letting it drop too. We both kicked off our shoes in unison sending them halfway across the room.

Both naked and fully aroused intimately touching and pressing on each other he led me backwards onto the large Bukkake sex couch with scattered positioning pillows as I sat down he lay me gently back on it. He started to massage my now fully aroused shaft with his oiled hand as he leaned over kissing and gently biting my stomach, wasn’t long before he had brought me fully on and I felt myself build and without warning unloading over both of us.

Without saying anything he reached over and placed pillows under me pushing my knees up and legs apart, then I felt him apply oil with his fingers which was sublime, he started to then caress and prod me with his very aroused penis. My first experience of the unknown as I lay their in anticipation, suddenly felt it slide in slowly but firmly, then withdraw and return, before long I was willing and demanding it more and more. Both of us started to harmonize our movements, I could feel my deep breathing and hear his, don’t know how long this lasted but felt like forever. Then, a warm climax feeling as he unloaded and slowly withdrew allowing it to drain as we both disengaged frozen like statues in time. We parted and lay there red faced with exertion with satisfaction in our faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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