The Clinic Boss Ch. 02

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It has been a while since picking this story up, but due to the good feedback I finally decided to write the second part to this series. I have ideas in mind for Part 3 but feel free to comment and give suggestions. Thanks!

Since our quick but very intense encounter, it was hard for me to see Sara in the clinic the next few days. All I could think about were her moans and screams while she rode my cock on the table downstairs, and her tight little body fully naked. True to her word, she kept up her usual demeanour when anyone else was around, making sure that they knew she was the boss of the place and that I was simply a renter who was lucky to be able to use her facility. In the mornings she would still come downstairs wearing workout gear, but had also toned it down without being really sexy and seemed to always make sure she disappeared before I had finished with any clients so that we were never alone. I was worried that she had a problem with our encounter after all.

My only problem was that we had never talked about what happened, so one morning about four days later after my client had left I decided to see if I could talk to her just to make sure that our relationship was okay. Sara had gone upstairs and after finishing with my client I decided to head up and see if I could talk to her before the receptionist arrived. Walking up the stairs I heard the sounds of something in the back where there was a bathroom with a shower and laundry facilities as well for sheets and towels. I had bare feet, so I could creep slowly back there without anyone hearing. As I walked up to the slightly ajar bathroom door I saw some movement inside and heard her voice.

“Oh…yes…please fuck my pussy hard…mmm” I instantly sprang to attention and quietly looked through a crack in the door. There she was with her tight workout pants pulled down and bending over outside of the shower. Her legs were spread and she was stroking her pussy from the front, but giving me an incredible view mostly from the back of her ass cheeks and tight pussy lips while her fingers and hand moved up and down. Her fingers moved around her lips and occasionally one slipped inside of her while she continued to moan very softly. “I love that…yes…mmm” as her fingers slipped inside and she started to really play hard with her pussy. My cock was rock hard by this point, but inside I was wondering if I should walk inside, or simply stay here and watch. I didn’t think this was for my benefit, but it also made me realize that this icy queen who normally bit people’s heads off had a lot of sexual energy pent up that needed releasing, even first thing in the morning. Through the door I noticed that she had a small vibrator within reach of her hand. She lightly grabbed it after a couple of minutes and started to run it up and down her pussy and ass crack. She was facing away from the door so I knew that she couldn’t see me at all. It made me even harder to see her masturbating, hopefully thinking about me, without her knowing that I was there. “I love that cock…” she moaned after slipping the vibrator inside of her and starting to move it quickly in and out of her pussy. I could see her juices on the toy and her wetness around her pussy walls as she fucked herself. She slid a finger around and started to play with her tight asshole as well. My cock was ready to explode at this point and I was tempted to pull it out and start stroking it while I watched her fuck herself.

Suddenly I heard the front door open and the chimes go off. The only problem with that was here I am in the hallway with an obvious hard cock in my pants, and basically peeping on my boss in the bathroom, which is all the secretary would see. Sara’s eyes flew to the door and we suddenly locked gazes through the small crack. She went bolt upright and gave a small scream and immediately pulled her pants up. My heart flew into my throat and I turned and started walking down the hall, quickly grabbing a towel off of the rack so it would look to the girl coming in that I was just upstairs to get one, plus it did double duty at covering my hardness as I quickly walked downstairs. I wasn’t sure how getting caught watching my boss masturbate would be dealt with. I’d probably get fired in the next 24 hours though. My heart was pounding as I made my way downstairs to wait for my next client. At lunch I headed up to go out to pick something up, and Mandy behind the desk made me stop.

“Sara said she wanted to see you before you left to go anywhere. She’s in her office.” I gulped and wondered what was going to happen to me. This arrangement was too good to screw up over a small sexual fling but getting caught peeping was something totally different. I walked down the hallway to the back of the clinic and knocked on the door of her office.

“Come in.” I entered and she was sitting at her desk, her glasses on and her blonde hair pulled up into a tight bun, looking very severe. She had her lab coat on as well, but in my mind that just made her look even hotter. I tried to look as submissive as possible under the circumstances that a few days ago my cock had been inside her. “Shut the door please.” This was definitely not good.

“What’s bahis firmaları up? We haven’t had a chance to talk about…well, you know.” I offered her a smile trying to lighten up the mood but obviously she just wasn’t interested.

“We’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about my employees peeping on private activities.” Lowering her voice to a softer tone, she said “I could have been in the shower or doing something completely naked.” I was having a hard time not just blurting out that I already knew what she looked like naked. However, knowing her the way that I did I knew that the only way to save myself was to just agree to anything.

“I’m really sorry about that.” I lowered my eyes to the floor. “I came upstairs, and heard a noise and just wanted to see what was going on. I didn’t mean to see anything and I’ll forget all about it.”

“If you want to keep working here, then I have to be able to really trust you.” Suddenly I realized what this was about. She needed to know that I wasn’t going to brag about my conquest to anyone and make her look bad. That’s what she was really worried about. Not surprising considering she was a business owner at a good place.

“Listen, I have two main rules in life.” I said, quoting one of my favourite movies. “Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut. I would never say anything to anyone. You can trust me. I wouldn’t disrespect you like that.” And I meant it. Even though things were very confusing to me right now I didn’t want her to think that I was suddenly going to go crazy. I could handle having only one sexual encounter with her, but I also didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

“Okay then. I’m glad we understand each other.” In the back of her eyes I could see relief as well as maybe a little bit of affection. “Go ahead and have your lunch, we’ll talk more another time.”

I left her office a bit confused, but also relieved that I didn’t get fired on the spot. I had placed myself in a bit of a strange situation because I had no idea how she felt about the whole thing. Over the next few days we didn’t see each other very much. She stopped coming downstairs to work out in the morning much to my dismay, and when I saw her it was strictly upstairs while she was with clients. I resigned myself to basically chalking it up to a one time thing but secretly hoped for more. Then the following morning while just starting to work with a client she came bouncing down the stairs before work dressed almost like she was almost a week before. Her tight black shorts again clung to the curves of her firm ass and she was dressed in a racer back blue sports bra only, showing off the lines of her midsection and her small breasts were clearly outlined. My client, who was also a male actually had to stop what he was doing and openly gaped at her because she looked stunning. Her hair was again done up in a high ponytail and she hopped onto the treadmill and started bouncing away at a medium pace. I suddenly had a very hard time concentrating on what I was doing because all I could think about was what could happen again after my client left for the morning. She finished her run and started to stretch across the room while I kept my client moving through his paces, and he was happy to take in the view as well while we both tried not to admit how distracted we were that this gorgeous creature was mostly naked about ten feet away. However, Sara barely glanced at me the whole time. She finished up quickly and went back upstairs without any comment, which really disappointed me. Perhaps she was just trying to tease me now. Or did it mean that she was actually interested again enough to try to seduce me? I had to find out.

Once my client left I knew that there was about half an hour before anyone else would show up, so I decided to take a chance and crept upstairs again. Moving quietly towards the back of the building again, I heard the shower running, but saw a crack of light from the door being slightly ajar. Was this a test? Was she checking to see if I would peep on her again and if I did, would she give me what I wanted or would she just fire me? They always say that you only have enough blood for one head at a time, and unfortunately the one between my ears wasn’t controlling my actions. I crept slowly towards the open door, hearing the water so that I knew she was definitely in the shower. Putting my eyes against the crack again, I caught my breath. There she was completely naked under the water, and it was cascading down her naked body. Her hair was down and wet and flowing over her shoulders down her firm perky breasts and down her flat stomach to drip off of the small amount of hair on her pussy. But that wasn’t what made me catch my breath. She was facing the door letting the water run over her body and had her hand between her legs, masturbating again. One hand ran over her breasts and tweaked her nipples while the other was buried between her thighs, feverishly rubbing her pussy and clit. However, her eyes were open and watching the door. As soon as she saw movement she smiled, knowing that I couldn’t resist watching her. She moaned loudly, still looking at the door.

I knew then that kaçak iddaa it was okay that I was there so I stepped into full view. Her hand still moved quickly down her body and I saw her fingers disappear inside of her while the water cascaded down her naked torso. My cock was rock hard and since I knew we were alone I thought that two could play at this game. I stripped my shorts and underwear down and let my hard cock spring into view. Turning slightly sideways so she could see how hard she made me I started to stroke my cock slowly while never taking my eyes off of her. She closed her eyes once she saw that and started to move her hand faster. As she moved, my hand moved faster on my cock. I knew that if we had enough time I would just rip my clothes off and join her in there for a really hard fucking session under the water, but I had no idea how long we had before the morning girl walked in. Her clothes were within my reach so I decided to give her a souvenir to remember this morning. I moved forward and picked up her panties I saw lying on the stool just inside the door and wrapped them around my cock, still stroking it hard. Her eyes got wider but she smiled again and rubbed her breasts for me, swaying under the shower. Her show was enough after a few more strokes and I felt my balls tighten and my cock swelled as I shot a load of hot sperm into the crotch of her panties. After another pulse I showed her how much she was turning me on as my final pulse shot out about two feet and landed on the floor. My hand left my deflating cock and I heard her laugh inside the shower.

Again I suddenly heard the noise of the front door opening. Damn that girl and her bad timing! I grabbed my pants and pulled them up while quickly pulling the door shut as Sara looked surprised behind the glass shower. I again walked out from the back, trying to look like nothing had happened while smiling at Mandy walking in. She gave me a funny look, hearing the shower running in the back but I quickly engaged her in some small talk and she softened up. Heading back downstairs my heart was still pounding in my chest after seeing Sara masturbating in the shower and me blowing my load all over her underwear. Knowing that she had to put those on and would feel the wetness of my come on her pussy all day long gave me a bit of a smile on my face. The remainder of the day passed fairly uneventfully, and the next morning it was back to Sara being absent in the morning for her workout. I started to wonder if when she came down to work out in the morning that was her signal that she was ready for some fun. I had a massage booked for that day in the afternoon during a not busy time for me, so I was looking forward to that. However, when I went upstairs after lunch, my usual massage therapist was nowhere to be found. I asked Mandy what was going on and she said that Room

was reserved for me still, so she didn’t know what was going on. There were other people around, but my therapist wasn’t among them.

Walking into the massage room to look for some idea of where he was I heard a voice behind me.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” It was Sara. She quickly moved in behind me and shut the door. She was dressed in a long skirt and a light coloured blouse, and her blonde hair was down around her shoulders. She looked far prettier than she normally did at work, a lot less severe and her eyes sparkled. I moved behind the table.

“Sure. Um…what’s going on?” I wasn’t sure what to say after everything that had happened recently. It was all I could do not to just grab and kiss her, which is probably why I subconsciously moved behind the table.

“Your therapist isn’t coming today. As a reward for all of your hard work I’m going to do your treatment this afternoon.” That was strange, although I knew that she was a therapist before she opened the clinic as well. However I couldn’t help but smile knowing where this might lead.

“Great. I’m looking forward to relieving some tension after a long week.” I was trying to hint about how hard it was to be tempted by her all week and what had happened yesterday.

“Okay then. Get undressed and under the sheets. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.” She put on the soft music and left the room. Eagerly I stripped completely naked which I normally wouldn’t do but if she was going to be touching me then I was going to make it fun for me. Climbing under the covers face down I heard her knock and told her she could come in. She walked into the room, locked the door behind her and grabbed the bottle of oil lying beside the table.

“So what do you normally have worked on?” She asked.

Deciding to see how much she wanted to play, I answered: “My groin has been really tight this week actually. I think I’ll need a lot of work there.” She laughed.

“Tell you what, why don’t I work on the back and then we’ll get to your front.” She removed the sheets from one of my legs, stroking my leg gently with her small hands. I felt her hand travel up under the sheet and barely stroke my balls as well. My cock immediately stiffened but was pushed down into the bed because of my position, so I tried to stop squirming. The next twenty minutes was pure torture. kaçak bahis She let her hands travel up and down the backs of my legs, my hips and my back, stroking just gently enough to keep my cock rock hard and every now and then slipping her hand between my legs to play with my balls and sliding her finger up the crack of my ass. Every time she did I moaned softly, telling her that it was fine to play with my ass if she wanted to. She leaned into me for a second. “One thing is you need to make sure that you’re quiet. There are people right outside that door and next to us in the other rooms. If you want to have fun just make sure you’re quiet about it.” I nodded and smiled into the table, spreading my legs wider for her to access me. Taking the hint, she started to massage my ass and then gently slid a well lubricated finger up my asshole. Feeling that almost sent me right over the edge right away. She slowly slid it in and out, and I could feel her other hand on my balls stroking gently.

“Sara…” I moaned softly. “You need to stop that or I’m going to lose it.” And I meant it. She giggled and gently slid her hand out. I heard some rustling and then she asked me to turn over. Flipping over I was treated to quite a sight. She had stripped her top and skirt off and was standing beside me in just a small purple bra and panties. Her tight body glowed in the candlelight and with her hair down she looked like a goddess. I started to get up but she pushed me back down onto the table.

“Don’t worry.” She said softly. “Let’s take our time. We have half an hour left.” With a smile I lay back down. My cock was at full hardness and stuck up from the table like a staff. She applied more oil and started to rub down my front, starting at my legs and then sliding up to just graze my groin, which twitched whenever she went near it. Moving up she applied some oil to my chest, but this also put her within my reach. I moved my hand to her legs and started to stroke them gently, moving up slowly to her firm ass, which I massaged lightly while she rubbed my chest. Her panties were a simple lace thong so I had access to her round ass completely. I could see that she was aroused too because there was the slightest hint of wetness on the front of her. As she rubbed me, I started to rub her, moving my hand up to stroke her pussy. She bit her lip and softly moaned. My cock still stood up proudly but she made no effort to touch it.

Finally I pulled her panties down to expose her pussy to my hands. She didn’t day a word and just stepped out of them. As she moved down back to the other end of the table she unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor so she was naked in front of me. The light of the candles cast small shadows across her perfect naked body. Knowing that there were people right outside the door also made this incredibly erotic. Her nipples were hard and stood out proudly, and I already knew that her pussy was very wet. I hoped that this would finally reach a big climax. She walked around the side of the table and squirted another load of oil into her hand. Finally grabbing my cock with her hand, she coated it with oil and started to gently pump my cock. I sat up slightly, knowing that it would only take a couple of dozen strokes before I exploded. I think she did too. After only about thirty seconds my cock shot a massive load of come into the air. It was all that I could do not to scream, so I put my hand in my mouth and bit down hard while my hips rose off of the bed and I bucked them hard, letting my hot load burst out over and over again. There was a huge amount because I was so turned on. My body twitching lightly, I lay back on the table and moaned.

Now it was time to finally do what I had been aching for over the past week. I sat up and grabbed her hips, guiding her back towards me. She must have read my mind, because she threw her leg over the table and climbed on top of me. The table shook a bit and I hoped that it wouldn’t collapse under our combined weight. Sliding her body up mine, she moved her wet pussy over my face, right where I wanted it. I grabbed her tight ass and pulled her pussy down, finally penetrating her with my tongue and rubbing her pussy all over my mouth. She grabbed my chest and sat up so that I could easily tongue her dripping slit. Her body started to move slowly back and forth so that I could fuck her properly with my tongue. She started to moan very softly while she rocked back and forth on my face. She tasted amazing and I just continued to bury my face in her, using my tongue to lightly trace her lips and then occasionally flick her clit. Every time I did she gave a small whimper. I knew that she was trying to be quiet due to the situation we were in. Anyone who opened the door would see the owner of the clinic riding my face completely naked while I was coated in my own sperm and massage oil. After a little while she bent forward and grabbed my still slick cock in her hand, pulling on me in order to get me hard again. After this situation it didn’t take much, and we slowly moved into a sixty-nine position, her warm mouth on my cock while I hung into her ass and continued to suck on her wet pussy. Her mouth sliding up and down on my cock and her hands on my balls quickly got me rock hard again and I knew that I had to have her right away this time. We only had about ten minutes left before people would start to wonder why we were going over time.

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