The Conference Ch. 03

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Day Three – Cumslut on the Prowl:

The next morning, Janet felt a little sore from John’s dick, and excited to think of herself as a fully liberated slut. Tonight, she was going to explore this new wild side of herself.

All through the day, she dutifully went to the sessions, but she was too horny to concentrate. She kept eyeing the young graduate students. She stared at their crotches, picturing big balls full of cum and spurting dicks shooting streams of cum into the air. She imagined them splashing her all over with their hot semen.

At every break, she’d chat up a few of them, asking about their research, but mostly using it as an excuse to get close to them. Some were nerdy and cute, while others were hunky and sexy. She flirted with them all subtly, enjoying their reactions. The nerdy ones were awkward and obviously thrilled to have a pretty woman acting interested in them. Those would be fun, she thought, because they would be enthusiastic, to put it mildly, at being seduced by a sexy woman a few years older. The hunky ones looked more like they weren’t surprised she was interesting. They would be confident and sure, and she got moist thinking of their fit young bodies and throbbing cocks.

She liked the idea that she could have any one of these men anytime she decided, but she wanted something different tonight.

The rest of the day went quickly. When the evening came, she dressed in a revealing tank top and short skirt that Mark would never have approved of. She went down to the concierge desk and was pleased to find Bruce, the young man she’d flashed on the first day, working.

“Hello. Nice to see you again,” he said with a little grin.

“Nice to be seen,” she smiled back, “I remember enjoying you seeing me last time”.

He gulped. “I did enjoy it. What can I do for you tonight?”

“I’m thinking of going out tonight, away from the conference. Can you recommend a lively bar where a girl can have a drink, maybe do a little dancing, and meet some fun people?”

“There’s a place over on 3rd Street where I go with my friends sometimes. It tends to be a little crowded most nights. Lots of young singles go there for dates and hookups, so it’s lively, for sure. I think they have live music tonight.”

“”Sounds perfect. Can you be a dear and call me a cab?” She passed him a $10 bill.

“Not quite as nice as the last tip you gave me, but thanks,” he said with a grin.

She smiled and said, “Maybe I can do a little better. Do you have a private place?”

“Come into the office. Nobody’s there after 5:30”

He called over the bellboy to watch the desk and led her into the office.

She pushed him back against the desk and pressed her body against him. She kissed him on his neck and said, “How about a quick blow job?”

He gulped as she knelt down in front of him and opened his pants. She gasped, “It’s so big!” as she pulled out his semi-hard dick and took it into her mouth. It grew to full erection inside her mouth, which felt novel and exciting.

She used her best technique, trying to get him off as quickly as she could. The wild way she slurped and bobbed her head was driving him mad. He felt his orgasm coming on in just a minute.

“Oh God,” he shouted and started spurting in the back of her mouth. Jet after jet filled her mouth, but she was careful not to lose a drop. She kept stroking him and sucking until he was done. Then she leaned back and opened her mouth so he could see it full of semen, then she swallowed and smiled.


“Best tip I’ve ever had,” he said.

“Funny,” she replied, “I was going to say the same thing.”

Smiling as he zipped up, he said, “I’ll get you that cab now.”

On the ride to the club, she thought to herself, “That sets the tone for the evening…”

When she walked into the club, she saw that it was just the kind of place she had in mind. There were lots of young males and females, kurtköy olgun escort in small groups and clumps, chatting and drinking. They were college types, obviously out on the town to have some fun, looking to find someone for a short term fling. That was what she was interested in.

She saw a group of 5 guys standing around a table, checking her out. She walked over and said, “Hi, guys. Mind if I join you? I’m new here and all alone. Who wants to buy me a drink?”

“I do!” “Me!” “I do!” “I will!” “Absolutely!”, they all shouted at once.

“One at a time, boys. One at a time…”

One of them went over to the bar and brought back a drink for her. “Feel like a kamikaze, tonight?”.

“Do you mean the drink, or that I’m ready to go down in flames for the glory of the Empire?”, she retorted. “I’d skip the flames part, but otherwise it sounds good.”

She sipped her drink, then gulped it down. “I’m ready for another…”

The drinks and conversation flowed for a while. As she got tipsy, she got hornier, and they could tell, from the suggestive things she was saying and the way she’d lean against one or another of them and put her hands on their chests and arms.

“Is it getting warmer in here, or is it just your body heat?” she said playfully, “or maybe I’m just getting a little drunk. Either way, I’m having a great time.”

The flirting was getting bolder now. One of them, Bob, put his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. “I think you could use a man like me…” Another, Cliff, came in behind her and nuzzled her neck “No, me. I could make you happier than this clod…”. She could feel his hard cock against her ass. Another boy named Dave pushed them away and said, “Unhand her, you barbarians! She’s mine,” laughing. The other two, Elon and Frank, said, “Hey, what about us?”

“Now, now, boys. There’s plenty of me to go around. You just have to wait your turn.”

The drinks made her need to pee, so she excused herself to the ladie’s room. She found it down a hallway in the back. There were 6 unisex bathrooms, all private. “Hmm, that’s perfect,” she thought. Then she saw a couple coming out of one of them looking flushed and realized they were private for a reason.

When she got back, the boys were still vying for who got to be closest to her. She said, “Come on guys. You’re all too cute. I can’t choose among you. Maybe I need to conduct personal interviews.”

Choosing randomly, she took Frank by the hand and led him back toward the bathroom.

Once inside, she came close and kissed him. Then she said, “Now what have you got to offer a girl?” as she squeezed the bulge in his pants.

She slid down his chest to her knees and undid his pants. She pulled them down and saw his cock straining against his boxer shorts and a wet patch where his precum was leaking. She pulled those down and his cock sprang out, almost hitting her in the face. It was a nicely shaped, average sized cock.

“Oh, that’s very nice,” she breathed. She took it in her hand and took the head in her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. She loved the smell and taste of it and the groans he made as she began to suck and stroke. She was after cock and cum tonight and didn’t want to waste any time on subtleties.

“I bet I can make you cum in under 3 minutes,” she said. She played with the tip and then tried to see how deep she could take it. Sucking and slurping, she worked his cock, cupping his balls, rubbing his ass, and basically going wild to get him off. He responded, moaning, groaning, and thrusting into her mouth.

Soon, she could tell he was getting close, so she pulled away to look at his cock and said, “Give me your cum…”. She stroked his cock faster and faster, licking the head when he pushed it close. When she saw the first spurt coming out, she put her mouth on it and caught blast after blast of thick cum in her mouth. tuzla escort She used her tongue and hands to coax out the last drops, then smiled up at him and swallowed.

“Oh, my God. That was fantastic,” he said, breathless. “Did I pass the interview?”

“Remains to be seen,” she said, “Go back out and send in Bob.”

A couple of minutes later, there was a hesitant knock on the door. She unlocked it and let Bob in.

“I suppose Frank told you I wanted to see you?”

“He didn’t say much, in fact. He was kind of red and out of breath. Is this what I think it is?”

She kissed him hard and deep, and he could taste the salty cum on her tongue when she Frenched him. “Indeed, it is,” she whispered.

She knelt down again, and undid his pants. The cock that popped out this time was much bigger. It wasn’t in a class with John from yesterday, but it was long and thick.

“Ooo, very, very nice,” she said, “You’re about to get the blow job of your life.”

He caught his breath as she brought it close to her mouth. She ran her lips up and down the shaft, then took as much of it into her mouth as she could without gagging. Her head bobbed up and down.

He reached down to fondle her braless tits through her shirt. The feel of his hands on her nipples sent a thrill through her whole body. She squirmed, feeling her pussy starting to get wet. It was nice and she wanted to have him touch her there, too, but tonight nothing was going to stop her from making him cum in her mouth.

She picked up her pace of licking and sucking. She ran her hands over his ass and thighs, noticing his hard muscles as she sucked his hard dick.

Suddenly and without warning, she felt her mouth start to fill up with cum. It was a lot and some leaked out around his pistoning cock and ran down her chin. She noticed that it had a sweeter flavor that Frank’s, and she swirled it around in her mouth before swallowing.

After they both caught their breath, she said, “Wow, that was nice. You eat a lot of fruit, don’t you?”

“I aim to please, ma’am.”

She gave his dick a little squeeze and said, “Send in the next one”.

Less than a minute later, Elon opened the door and slipped inside. He was the tallest of the group and really towered over her.

She dropped to her knees and she started rubbing his crotch. “This is the position I’m interviewing you for. I think you’ll be able to handle the duties. It’s a hands-on interview…”

“I’ll be glad to answer any questions or perform any tasks you may require,” he said hoarsely.

Smiling, she dropped his pants and took out his cock. Without any preliminaries, she started sucking it. It was long, but on the thin side. It was oozing precum, salty and slick, which she lapped up with glee.

She was getting good at these quickie blowjobs and it didn’t take long before he was ready to cum. This time, she pulled back and jacked him off into her mouth so she could watch his jizz shoot out. Most of it went in her mouth but some of it splashed up by her nose and onto her chin. When he was done, she took his still throbbing cock in her mouth and sucked out the last drops, then swallowed.

She left the cum on her face where it was. It made her feel extra slutty, so she said, “Go back out and tell the last two to come in together.”

While she waited, she took out her phone and snapped a couple of cumfaced selfies for her growing collection.

In a couple of minutes, Dave and Cliff came in.

Dave said, “Hi gorgeous. You called for us?”

Cliff pointed to the cum on her face and said, “We heard there’s a party in your mouth and everybody’s cumming.”

She grinned and said, “That’s right. Whip them out, studs.”

She took her top off and they took the cue to take their pants and shirts off so they were completely naked. They stood in front of her, dicks erect and pointing right at her.

She reached up pendik escort to take one in each hand. They were nice, big dicks, well matched for size. She stroked them and said, “The one who cums first gets to cum first,” with a wicked little chuckle.

They came closer and she began to suck first one, then the other. She’d stroke one with her hand while sucking the other, then switch. As they became more excited, she pulled them down to rub their dicks on her bare tits. Soon she was glazed with their precum.

She pulled them back up to her mouth together so the heads were touching and began to lick them both at once. They seemed comfortable with the contact and tried to both go into her mouth at once.

She couldn’t quite fit them, so she began suck one while rubbing the other against her cheek. They liked this and began to thrust faster.

She picked up the pace and tried to sense who was getting closer to cumming. She wanted to control it so they’d both cum at once. In another minute, they were both in a frenzy and it was clear they were ready.

Cliff was in her mouth when he started to shoot. She pulled it out and aimed it at her face. His semen came out in powerful spurts that sent ropes splashing on her cheek and up to her forehead. The sight of that set Dave off and he started to squirt thick jizz on her lips. His was less powerful but thicker, and it covered her cheeks and dripped down her chin.

She was completely glazed and she’d never felt sluttier, sexier, or hornier than she did right now.

“Get dressed and let’s go back out,” she said. She pulled her tank top over her head slowly, being careful not to touch the cum on her face. When they were ready, they opened the door and walked back to the table where the other guys waited.

Some people noticed her jizz-smeared face as she went by, but didn’t say anything. “Maybe they just can’t believe what they’re seeing is real,” she thought to herself.

When she got to the table, the guys were stunned to see her casually walk up covered in semen. They had a tray of kamikazes waiting for her and she downed one, then a second.

“After intensive interviews, I’ve decided Bob is the winner,” she announced. Without another word, she took Bob’s hand and led him back to the bathroom.

This time, she didn’t kiss him and didn’t hesitate. She pulled her panties down, turned around and pulled her skirt up. “I want that big dick inside me… Tell me I’m a cumslut”

He pulled his dick out and bent her over. “You’re one incredible cumslut and I can’t wait to fuck you.” Her pussy was sopping wet and he slid in easily. He started pumping away.

His dick was the biggest of the lot (though not as big as John’s had been) and she was so worked up after sucking off 5 guys in the last half hour that it didn’t take more than a minute for her to start cumming. She pushed back against him and held onto the counter as she shuddered and stifled a cry. Her orgasm was HUGE this time. Her body convulsed as Bob struggled to stay buried deep inside her, and then began to tremble all over

This was too much for him. “I’m gonna cum…”

“Wait! I want it on my face!” she said, still gasping for breath. She quickly pulled away, and got on her knees in front of him just as he started to cum for his second time. She grabbed his cock and jerked him right onto her face. His first shot went across her face and into her hair, then she aimed the rest into her mouth. She let him fill her mouth, then put her mouth on his cock to suck out the last bit.

She released his dick with a ‘pop’ and he stepped back shakily to admire her. She smiled, then swallowed with a gulp.

“Whew! That was intense.”

“Am I slutty enough for you?”

He looked at her cum covered face and at the cum dripping down her chin and onto the floor, and pointed to the mirror where she could see herself. “You tell me. When have you ever seen a bigger cumslut?”

She did look like something out of the end of a porn movie. She had the jizz of six cumshots in her belly and on her face. Slutty enough, indeed, she decided.

She cleaned up and went out to have another drink, then thanked the guys and headed back to the hotel. Tomorrow was another day.

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