The Cop

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I was driving back home with my wife. We’d been naughty…very naughty! And very out of character for us. But a few days back, we’d been watching TV in bed, and a soft-porn flick came on Cinemax. We watched it, and groped and petted each other during the show. It was typical for Cinemax, decent enough looking women, not showing anything besides tits, ass, and an occasional beaver shot, if you are quick enough to see it!

This one had a guy in it that was, according to my wife, pretty hot! I had to agree with her…he did have a pretty toned physique.

“I’d love to watch you suck his cock!” Jamie told me.

“Really?” I asked her, surprised. She’d never said anything like that before. She nodded.

“Really!” she said. “It would be so hot! Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Cause I’ve never heard you utter anything remotely like that before!” I told her.

“Well, you never asked! It’ll never happen anyway, so…”

“Well, you never know…” I teased her.

“Right! Like you’d ever…”

“You know…I WOULD suck his dick!” I told her. “Especially if you were watching, and wanted to see it!”

It was her turn to act surprised. “REALLY?” she breathed, shocked…and turned on!

“Yeah!” I said, deciding I meant it. “Why not? You always tell me how much you enjoy sucking dick…I love eating pussy…I’d like to see what it’s like for you! You’ve eaten pussy before, so you know what that’s like!” She had eaten pussy. And she’d liked it…although it hadn’t happened for a long time.

“Honey, don’t tease me!” She breathed. “If you’re willing, I WILL make it happen! That’s one of my deepest, darkest fantasies! I’d love to see you suck cock, and take a big load in your mouth! I’d love to see you getting your ass fucked and filled with cum, too…”


“OK? REALLY?” she was astounded.

“Two conditions!” I told her.

“What are they?”

“You have to make sure the guy is clean, and I’m not going to be a cuckold! I’ll do it because I love you, and because I want to try it! There won’t be any of this emasculated husband bullshit!”

“DEAL!” she said. “I can’t believe this!”

“I can’t believe you’ve had this fantasy, and never told me!” I told her. “I thought we told each other everything!”

“This just seemed so…unlike you!” She said. “And I already have a guy in mind! It’s a guy I work with…he’s hot! I hope he’ll do it…I’d give anything to see you sucking his dick…or letting him fuck you!” Jamie worked for the police department…she was a 911 dispatcher. I assumed the guy she was talking about was another dispatcher.

We fucked, then, and it was ataşehir escort hard, rough sex…and she even told me she wanted it in her own ass, which we do occasionally, but usually not on the spur of the moment like that. But she was gasping in pleasure as I stroked my whole cock into her ass, and telling me how much I was going to like it! I blew a big load up her ass. I meant what I’d told her, too…if she set it up, I was eager to try it!

Well, her co-worker seemed excited about the idea…but he couldn’t do it until at least a week later. My wife is not a patient woman…and earlier tonight, she’d met me at the door when I got home from the gym with a stiff drink. “Here…pound this down, and hit the shower. There will be another one waiting for you when you get out!”

“Thanks…I think?” I said, questioning.

“We’re going out. We’re going to be bad. You’re going to get a few drinks in you before we leave. I’ll be driving!”

“OK!” I said, shrugging my shoulders. I slammed the 7&7, and it was a strong one. I took a quick shower, and there was another double strength one waiting when I emerged.

“I want you to wear the clothes I put on the bed. Nothing else!” she told me, handing me the drink. I pounded it down, and headed to the bed. She’d put a pair of sweats and a t-shirt on the bed. Those, and a pair of deck shoes were my ensemble for the night. I grabbed my wallet, and drank a third, STRONG drink that had appeared out of nowhere. My cock was semi hard, knowing she was going to get me into trouble.

We drove to an adult shop I’d seen before, but never entered. It looked a little sleazy…I gave her a questioning look. “I found out that this place has a section where…things…are likely to happen without anyone caring!”

“I’m not fucking some total stranger…” I told her.

“Of course not…but if you get the chance to blow one, would you do it?”

“I guess, as long as he looked like he was sane, and clean…”

“Perfect! Let’s go!”

20 minutes later, I was on my knees, and she was on hers, right next to me. And we were both sucking a cock. I was sucking my first one ever…and she was sucking the first one besides mine since we started going together ten years prior. We were in a small room, and the guys we were sucking had come in together…but weren’t a couple. They were just two bored guys that heard that sometimes you could get a blowjob here. One guy wanted a blowjob from a woman…the other guy just wanted a blowjob.

His cock was clean, and straight, and about the same length as mine. His head was wider, though, and the shaft was smoother…less veiny. He was a kadıköy escort decent enough looking guy…If I’d been sure he was clean, I’d have let him fuck me. As it was, I figured a blowjob was safe enough! He started moaning as his orgasm approached…and this triggered his friend’s orgasm. I was just tasting the first squirts of his cum when I felt the wet splatter of cum hit me in the face. Jamie had taken one squirt herself, but after that, she’d aimed her guy’s cock at me, and he’d given me a couple good shots across the right side of my face!

I slurped and sucked the cum from my guy’s cock, and found I liked sucking dick, making him cum, and I sorta like swallowing his creamy jizz!

They left in a hurry after we finished them. I made a motion to wipe my face, but Jamie stopped me. “David, honey…please leave it! If you can stand it, please leave it there, and when we get home, I’ll lick it from your face right before I fuck you with the strap-on I bought when we came in here!”

I love my wife. I’ll do anything for her…so I agreed, and we got to our feet. I walked out with two streaks of cum boldly stuck to the right side of my face, and it did not go unnoticed by the rest of the patrons as we left. Jamie wasn’t any less obvious…although she didn’t have any cum on her face, her hair, makeup and lipstick left no doubt that she’d very recently had a mouth full of cock!!

SO, we were driving home. She was stone sober, and I had a heavy buzz. I was in the passenger seat, and she was reliving it. She told me about watching me as she was sucking her guy. My cock was pulsing, and a large wet spot was showing through the grey sweats as the precum leaked from my dick.

She was trying to play with that dick when she swerved a bit. And wouldn’t you know it, there was a cop car right there, seeing her. Of course, he instantly pulled us over…as he should have! To anyone else, it appeared she was drunk!

“Ma’am, you were swerving back there. Have you been drinking?” the young officer asked. Jamie had told me not to wipe my face, so I sat there unmoving, hoping the cop wouldn’t look closely at me.

“No, officer, I have not. But yes, I did swerve a bit back there! I was goofing off, trying to tease my husband, and that’s when it happened.”

“I need you to step out of the car, ma’am!” Jamie wasn’t an idiot. She knew he was only doing his job, and she also knew that once he verified she wasn’t drunk, the worst that could happen was she’d get a ticket. So she cooperated fully!

He took her to the space between the vehicles, and gave her an impromptu test. Satisfied, I could see her relax when he told her he bostancı escort bayan believed her. Then they talked for a moment, and she returned to the car. So did he…returned to our car, I mean…only this time, he came to my side. “Sir, would you roll down your window?”

I did. “Sir, is that cum on your face?” he asked.

“It sure is!” I said. Yeah…I was embarrassed, but I wasn’t breaking any laws, and so I didn’t really care if he had a problem with it.

“Are you in the habit of going out in public with cum on your face?”

“Actually, it’s my first time. My wife and I were sucking off a couple guys, and she pointed her guy’s cock at my face when he came!”

Jamie turned bright red. I knew goddamned well that she’d put the cop up to this…so I figured two could play that game.

“Oh…is that what happened? Ma’am?” he asked, through the window. “Is that what happened?”

“Yes, it is!” she answered, quietly. “I couldn’t resist…I wanted to see him with a facial! It was his turn…he’s seen me with them about a hundred times!”

“She’s got a point, sir!” he said.

“I’m not arguing! She asked me to suck a dick, so I did it. She asked me to leave the cum there, so I did that too! Whatever she wants, she gets!”

“What if she wanted to see you get another huge load of cum sprayed on your face?” he asked!

“All she’s gotta do is find someone willing to provide it, and I’ll take it!” I said, starting to get comfortable with the idea.

“She already did!” the cop said, and I turned to see him pulling a monster of a cock from his uniform pants. I didn’t need to be told…I started sucking that cock with enthusiasm, and after only a few minutes, I had him moaning. I felt him cumming…I got a big swallow of cum before he pulled his dick away and shot two or three more huge streams into my open mouth and onto my face. Finished, he zipped up, and leaned down to the window. “How was that, Jamie?”

“It was perfect, Joey! What do you say…you wanna fuck him?”

“Fucking A!” he replied. “My shift ended about 10 minutes ago. I’ll drop my car and meet you at your place! You might want to give him a few more drinks though! If his ass hasn’t ever had a dick before, this one might be…uncomfortable…at first!”

“See you there, babe!” and we were moving.

“What the fuck was that?” I asked.

“That, my love, was Joey! He’s my co-worker. I lied when I said he couldn’t do it till next week. I set this up, thinking it would be funny! It wasn’t though…it was way too fucking hot to be funny!”

“His cock is nice!” I said. “But it’s big!”

“I’m going to use the strap on on you before he gets there. He’ll be probably half an hour behind us…you should be all loosened up and lubed up when he gets there. And while he’s fucking your ass, you’re going to be eating my pussy!”

“I can’t fucking wait!” I told her. “Drive faster!”

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