The Corporation_(1)

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Chapter 1

There I was, as always, trying to make my way through the crowded halls of Crawford College, eventually bumping into somebody from time to time. You’d think that a prestigious college such as Crawford, which has one of the largest incomes in the US would at least have large hallways, and spacious areas for students to sit and talk, but it didn’t.
Finally, after what almost seemed like forever, I was able to escape the swarm of students as I stumbled into the library. Damn, I truly hated the transition between classes, it was almost like trying to survive a stampede, and even though I’m a tall guy, standing at 6 ft., I was still somewhat slim since I had the physique of a swimmer, so pretty much I was always easily man handled. As I regained my posture, I passed my hand quickly through my short caramel colored hair. Thankfully, it didn’t get tousled along the way.


I quickly turned toward the voice and noticed it was Brent Morris, my best friend since kindergarten. As he walked towards me with that cocky smile of his, I couldn’t help but actually analyze him for the first time. He was about 5’10”, with a thin but toned body due to long hours of soccer practice. His medium sized jet black hair was tousled around the edges, giving him a somewhat laid back expression. His large green eyes were centered on me as he extended his fist out to me, I bumped it with my one fist and gave him a friendly smile.

“You damned prick, I thought you weren’t going to come” he said as he slapped by back.

I arched my back in pain, even though he hadn’t hit him hard, he had a heavy hand.

“Well I’m here now” I said as I gently rubbed my back with my hand. “Now tell me, what was so important that I had to cancel my date with Celine”
“Fuck Celine, this is a lot better” he said as he reached into his pockets and took out a photograph. “Here, take a look”

Holy fuck, I thought as I looked at the photo. I had never seen such large breasts on a girl of my age, neither had I seen such a perfect body.

“Damn, who is this?” I asked without taking my eyes off the photo.
“It’s Cheryl Mason, the new girl”
“She’s hot as hell, but what does she have to do with me?”
“Well, if you want she can blow you”

I looked at him surprised.

“Blow me?”
“Yeah, she already did me, and it was fucking amazing, the best I’ve ever had”
“How’d you get her to do that?”
“Easy, I went to the glory hole in the west side bathroom”
“There’s a glory hole in the bathroom?”
“Yeah, Tyler told me about last week, I’ve gone at least three times now”
“Tyler Cymbal?”
“Yeah, who else”
“Isn’t he missing since last week?”
“Supposedly, he probably just ran away, and I wouldn’t judge him, his mother’s a bitch”
“Guess your right”
“So, want to get blown?” he asked with a cocky smile as he wrapped his arm around my neck.
“Obviously, she’s hot as fuck”
“Atta boy” he said with a smile. “She’s rarely there at this time, but I asked her to be there for you today. Just go to the third stall in the west side boy’s bathroom and take off the toilet paper holder, and then, just stick your cock in there” he said as he pat my back and gently shoved me towards the door.

I opened the door and stepped out in to the hallway, it was surprisingly empty, but I guess it was always like that, people stampeding through the halls in order to get to their classes, and eventually the halls would become an empty and lonely place.
As I walked through the halls, I couldn’t help but wonder if what Brent had said was real, but I guess my libido was at its peak, since I really couldn’t think straight about the consequences, all I thought about was getting my cock sucked by that fucking hot girl.
I stood before the bathroom, with the cold metallic handle in my hand. My breath was heavy, and my heart was beating fast, I couldn’t really understand why I was so bursa escort nervous, it wouldn’t be my first time getting a blowjob, but for some reason I was uneasy. I took a deep breath and pushed the door, the bathroom was brightly illuminated and empty. I slowly walked over to the third still and walked in, making sure to lock the stall door behind me.
I looked down at the floor and noticed there were white cum stains covering it. Guess many people come here to relieve themselves. I nervously placed my hands around the black plastic toilet paper holder and took it off, leaving a large hole in its place. I undid the button and zipper of my pants, and just barely took down my jeans and boxers, leaving only enough room for my 4in. flaccid cock and balls to be free. I took my cock in my hand and placed it in the hole, a few seconds passed before a soft warm hand grabbed my cock gently and began to stroke it. At first it felt strange, not knowing who was stroking my cock, but eventually, I found myself breathing heavily in pleasure. My cock was rock hard, and her hand felt perfect on my cock, but I wanted to get blown.

“Suck me” I said between breaths.

Instantly, I felt her soft humid lips kiss the tip of my cock, and by jolted as a wave of pleasure ran through my body. I kind of felt unprepared when she wrapped her lips around my cock, because I bucked my hips forward, sending my 7in. hard cock into the back of her throat, activating her gag reflex as I heard her grunt a bit, I was about to apologize when I felt her lips wrap around my cock again, but this time, she was sucking my cock even faster, and not only that, but she was fondling my cock with her tongue. My breath got heavier by the second, and my heart almost seemed to burst out my chest. I had never been given such an amazing blowjob in my life.
I was enjoying it so much, that I didn’t even notice I had begun to thrust my hips. With every thrust, I could feel a wave of ecstasy run through my body, and soon enough, I felt my abdomen get tight as my cock began to throb, I was going to cum soon.

“I’m about to cum” I moaned.

As soon as those words came out of my mouth, she began to suck me even faster. I moaned in pleasure as my balls stiffened, and string after string of cum squirted into her mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed it all as I heard her gulp it down.
I gave a step back and pulled up by boxers and my jeans. I lowered myself a bit, hoping to get a peek at her, but she had covered the hole with her hands.

“Thanks, that was great” I said.

There was no response, instead, a small white card slipped into the stall. I reached down and grabbed it. It read: -At 7pm go to the picnic area in Nero Woods with Brent. We’ll have a blast xoxo-

“I’ll be there” I said excited as I unlocked the stall and walked out of the bathroom.

As I left the bathroom, I noticed the school was surprisingly quiet. I looked down at my silver colored watch, it was 2:50 pm. I had been in that bathroom for 40 minutes, and to make matters worse, school was going to be closed at 3:00pm. I ran as fast as I could towards the exit and ended up crashing into Brent on the way out. Both of us fell to the ground, unfortunately for him, I fell on top of him.

“Get off of me!” screamed Brent as I tried to get up.
“Sorry dude, didn’t see you there” I said as I helped him up.
“Sure dude. Now tell me, how was it?” he asked as he wrapped his arm around my neck.
“It was fucking amazing, and I have great news dude” I said excited.
“What news?” he asked curiously as he took his arm off me.
“She wants us to see her at the picnic area in Nero Woods at 7, I think she’s going to let us fuck her” I said with a cocky smile.
“Cool, well I guess I’ll see you then, need to get ready for it” he said as he ran off.

Nero Woods

Brent and I walked towards the picnic area. Everything was poorly illuminated since bursa escort bayan the sun was setting, but we were still able to see someone sitting at one of the tables. As we approached the table, we noticed something strange, the person sitting there wasn’t a woman, but a man, more specifically, a guy our age, probably a bit older.

“Hi there, I’ve been waiting for you” said the guy as he stood up.

Now that we were only a couple feet away from him, I could see he was about 21 years old. He had a strong muscular build, dirty blonde hair and green eyes.

“Who the hell are you?” asked Brent angrily.
“You really don’t remember?” asked the guy in a sarcastic tone. “But I guess your cock does remember my mouth”
“What are you talking about?” I asked confused.
“I’m the one who sucked both of you, and might I say, you’re both some fine ass young men” he said with a smile.

Before we could say or do anything, our arms were grasped from behind while 2 other men covered our mouths and nose with a white cloth drenched in chloroform. In a matter of second my vision began to get blurry, and no matter how much I struggled, they wouldn’t let go of me. I took one last glance at Brent, he was no longer moving, and soon enough, it all went dark.


As I woke up, chills ran down my spine, it was fucking cold. I looked down at my body, I was completely naked on a white tile floor.

“You finally woke up” said Brent from behind me.

I turned around, he was also naked, but he didn’t seem to be cold since he was sprawled on the floor. Even though I had showered with him many times, I hadn’t really noticed how chiseled his body was. He had a well-made six pack, bulging pectorals, firm arms and legs, and a surprisingly round bubble butt since his back and legs arched around it.
Before I could say anything, the sound of a loudspeaker turning on echoed through the mostly dark room.

“Hello there boys, I’ll be brief, if you want to live, you need to fuck each other like there’s no tomorrow, because if you don’t give us a great performance, you won’t have a tomorrow”

Brent and I looked at each other in disbelief, how where we supposed to fuck each other, we aren’t even gay.

“You must be pretty messed up if you think will be listening to you” screamed Brent angrily.
“If you don’t do as I just ordered, you will die, just like your friend Tyler”
Instantly, Brent’s eyes were filled with fear, and I didn’t blame him, I was scared too, I still couldn’t comprehend how we ended up here.
“It’s truly simple boys, one of you spread your legs, while the other fucks him”
What the hell were we supposed to do, neither of us wanted to die, but we also didn’t want to have to fuck each other. Before I could even finish thinking, I felt a warm hand begin to stroke my cock. I looked down at Brent, his eyes seemed empty, lifeless even because of the fear that had now consumed him.
“Don’t stop me, let’s just do as they say, I don’t want to die” said Brent as leaned towards my cock and wrapped his mouth around my cock.

I looked at him, I was truly surprised of how scared he was, because in no other situation would he have ever done something like this, but I guess what mostly surprised me, was that I actually liking it.
My cock got harder every time he bobbed up and down my shaft, just as in the bathroom, I began to breath heavily, I couldn’t believe I was actually enjoying my friend sucking my cock. His warm tongue swirled around my cock, sending a tingling sensation of pleasure up my spine, causing my back to arch.
I placed my hand on his head, and ran my fingers through his soft hair, I grasped his hair gently as I guided him onto my cock. There was something about this situation this that truly excited me, and I couldn’t really understand why, but I only knew I wanted more of that pleasurable sensation, it felt intoxicating. Soon enough, escort bursa without even realizing it, I was almost pushing Brent all the way onto my cock, activating his gag reflex a couple times.
Once again, the sound of the speaker turning on echoed through the room.

“Good job boy, but you’re getting carried away, we need you to fuck now”

As soon as the speaker went silent, Brent backed away from my back and laid on his back, lifting his legs and spreading them out, leaving his smooth round ass and pink hole exposed.

“Go ahead, let’s get this over with” said Brent in a serious tone.

Even though this was all strange to me, I could feel a sexual urge bursting from deep within me. My heart was racing at the thought of just doing it, but I also felt horrible for wanting to fuck my best friend.
I crawled over to him, and got on my knees before him. I lined by cock towards his hole and pressed the tip of my cock against it. I looked into Brent’s eyes, and could see fear in them.

“Sorry” I said as I slowly pushed my cock into his tight ass.

Brent grit his teeth in pain as I made my way into his ass. I slowly began to pump my cock, trying my best not to hurt him. Once I felt that his ass had adjusted to my cock, I began to thrust faster. Brent grunted in pain, and yet, I couldn’t help but thrust even faster, his hot, tight ass was driving me crazy, I just wanted more of him.

“Eric, please slow down” moaned Brent in pain as he dug his nails into to the floor.

I ignored him completely, my mind had gone blank, leaving behind my sense of reason. Instead, libido had begun to override my body and mind, causing me to leave behind our friendship in order to give into the pleasure I was feeling.
Thrust after thrust sent waves of pleasure coursing through my body, the feeling was almost divine, I had never felt anything like it before, his tight ass was almost like heaven to me.
As I felt my abdomen tighten, and my balls stiffen, I began to pound into him like if there were no tomorrow, I no longer cared about Brent’s desperate screams of pain, all I wanted to do, was satisfy myself. I moaned in pleasure as string after string of my hot cum filled Brent’s ass.
I backed away from him and fell on my back, my breath was heavier than ever, my heart was racing, and my body was hot. I looked over at Brent, he was still sprawled on the floor as cum ran down his ass, and tears flowed out of his eyes slowly.
Once again, the sound of the speaker turning on echoed through the room.

“Very well done, you truly surprised me Eric, thanks to you, I’m sure both of you will live”

As soon as the speaker went off, dozens of lights began to turn on around us. Because of it, I noticed we were inside a glass room, and around us, were many people seated, all of them wearing fancy suits or dresses.
From the corner of my eye I saw the guy from the park standing at a podium.

“Ladies, and gentlemen. My name is Thomas Firer, and I will be the host of this auction tonight. As you could have seen, we have two very fine boys. The active one, Eric, will start at $5000 dollars, and the passive one, Brent, will start at $1000. Do we have any bidders?” asked Thomas will a large smile.

One after another they placed their bids on us, I felt like an object. I was scared, I didn’t know where I would go, but I knew I didn’t want to go alone. Horribly, no one was willing to take both of them.

“I’ll take both of them for $30000 dollars” said a man dressed in a fancy royal blue suit in one of the back seats.
“What a generous offer, does anybody want to bid higher?” asked Thomas with a smile.

There was complete silence coming from the audience.

“Well then, sold to Mr. Beckett. Congratulations” said Thomas as he signaled a group of muscular men to take us away.

As they carried us away, I looked over at Mr. Beckett, he looked very serious as he watched them leave. Somehow, I didn’t know how to feel about him, I felt uneasy but hopeful, but I guess, only time will decide what would happen to me.

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